My Father Is Dead And Long Gone!

fathers dayone

My father is dead and long gone
and I was never daddy’s little girl.
He just tossed his children away,
leaving us fatherless in a cold and cruel world.

Oh, he was dead long before he died.
And his death was never even felt.
You cannot miss what you did not have,
and we just played the hand we were dealt.

Now, this may sound like I am jaded and angry,
but it happened so many years ago.
And time has a way of dulling the pain.
Through the years, even little children grow.

And so, without further ado,
I’d like to take this opportunity
to thank my dear old departed dad
for refusing to do his fatherly duty.

Despite the fact that he was not a father,
 as far as I am concerned, I turned out okay.
 But still, every child needs a father,
 and not just for today, but every day!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day celebrations. I thought I would post this late seeing as how it is not exactly a ‘feel good’ Father’s Day post. However, some of us did not have REAL fathers or men who actually took being a father, seriously. My dad loved women and drink more than anything in this world and since he did, we were sorely neglected. Every gift he ever bought me was thanks to my mother having had to threaten him over it and every gift he bought me is still somewhere in my old room in the family home. As far as I am concerned, he could have taken them with him to hell.

But be that as it may, have a Happy Father’s Day and to the dads who still have an opportunity to change the way you are parenting if your particular brand of ‘parenting’ is anything like what I have expressed here, I would get on with it if I were you. Time’s a wasting and your children will not thank you for it, as you can see.

In Memory…….

In memory 2

In memory of the dead, who were sent to war
In memory of the dead, yet to be sent to war
In memory of the dead, who sent them to war
In memory of the dead, who will send you to war
In memory of the dead, who were bred for war
In memory of the dead, yet to be bred for war
In memory of peace that has yet to be the result of war

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Do I really need to explain this???!!!!

What I Am Thankful For On this Day, Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving my ass


I really had no thought of writing anything on Thanksgiving Day because several of my dear blogger friends took the time to post some wonderful Thanksgiving Day blog posts. And I have already re-blogged them to my heart’s content. But I just want to take this opportunity, and this is off the top of my head, to let them know how appreciative I am to know that there are some people that truly think for themselves. It does my heart good to know that there are some who will not simply conform to the dictates of a fucked up society, but who will indulge themselves in a bit of critical thinking. Try it sometime! It does my heart good to know that there are others like me who refuse to ‘like’ all up and down on some lies that are told to us about Thanksgiving Day and because we are too damn lazy, we refuse to do our own research and dig for the truth even if we have to dig underneath a pile of outrageous lies to find it.

We have a goddamn president that is to this very day, hell bent on preaching the vile ass lies about how some pilgrims came to this continent and loved all up and down on the Indians and he even compared the ‘pilgrims’ to the Syrian refugees. This vicious, chronic, habitual liar had the goddamn nerve to call a band of genocidal, homicidal maniacs, “refugees!” My tongue would have twisted so goddamn bad trying to get that lie out, that it would have eventually twisted itself loose and escaped from my lying ass mouth! We are still sitting somewhere swallowing the lies of warmongers and war hawks who are just as bad as the depraved and vile shits that fucked up the Indians and then commenced to hunting down innocent people in Africa and dragged them here to become slaves. These so-called ‘pilgrims’ were not the salt of the earth; they should have been banned from the earth, as barbaric and brutal as they were and their progeny are still at it to this very day.

Kill! Kill! Kill! How can that ever be defined as benevolent, caring, compassionate, concerned and humanitarian? How can breeding and then killing millions of birds for Thanksgiving Day dinner tables ever be considered, humanitarian? How can consuming that which had a beating heart ever be considered, humanitarian? But that right there tells me something. It tells me that we so-called ‘humans’ have never been synonymous with ‘humanitarian’ for how could we be? We send our own offspring to die in wars started by depraved rejects from hell and we don’t have a problem with that. We know that the ‘animals’ that we consume on a daily basis have stood in piles of filth, stood in their own shit inside a hell and then were butchered as though they were never living tissue with eyes, brains, legs, a stomach; the same organs that we possess. Is it any wonder that the ‘human’ race is destroying itself? No, it is not! Because when we can destroy that which has never done us any harm simply because we want a steak; when we can destroy that which would leap gracefully away from us in fright and terror, we are not ‘human’. We shoot deer for sport. We consider this to be ‘hunting’. What a brave soul we are to ‘hunt’ down something that cannot defend itself against cowardly bastards with hunting rifles. You are not some great game hunter and yet you strut around with your trophies as though you have done something to be proud of. You’re nothing but a coward! You’re not fit to stand there looking all prideful beside the body of a dead lion or a dead deer or whatever else you think it your right to hunt down and kill because you are a depraved piece of filth! A cockroach stands heads and shoulders above your worthless ass!

Now, I am speaking to the hypocritical motherfuckers that went on and on about that big game hunter that went out and shot and killed Cecil, the lion. Why are YOU sitting down to a turkey dinner? Your hypocrisy petticoat is showing. I certainly did call it right when I called you all ‘hypocrites in my post, Trophy World because, indeed, that is what you are. How are you any different from the piece of dead shit that killed your beloved Cecil, the lion? Oh, that’s right! You did not actually kill that big, stuffed dead bird that you just carved into. So that makes it alright, doesn’t it. No, it does not! You were complicit in that bird’s death just as if you had killed it yourself because you were silent as the grave you are headed for because you stood by when you knew that millions of turkeys would lose their lives just so that you could display your hypocrisy and fake ass devotion to family and tradition. The next time a motherfucker kills Cecil, the lion’s brother’s brother, shut the fuck up! And don’t put that goddamn shit up for me to read because I fucking don’t appreciate reading about hypocrisy, ignorance and fake ass outrage! Save it! Because you have no cause to feel justified in your fake ass outrage over Cecil, the lion’s death while you sit there and unzip your pants because of your expanding stomach thanks to gorging yourself on a dead turkey! And then head to the doctor so that he can give you another pill because of all your weight-related health issues and then cry me a river!

And this brings me to something else. Our instinct for killing is not just for the so-called ‘animals’. We turn against other so-called ‘humans’ and we hunt and kill them for sport. We self-righteously tell ourselves that because this person’s skin tone is darker than ours, he or she does not deserve to live. They are not ‘human’. They will become just another trophy; another notch on this gun. Oh, this killing thing is sweet. It is so sweet that we can still sit up in church on a Sunday morning and bow our heads and pray about how good, benevolent and kind we are because we just put $100 into the collection plate and we wrote a $50 check out to Goodwill. See? We’re so good and thoughtful. Let us pat ourselves on our goddamn saintly ass back. That’s ‘humanitarian’. Again! No, it is not. That is hypocrisy. You’re a goddamn hypocrite and you are deceiving yourself into believing that you are good and decent when you are just flat out, dead filth. You don’t have a heart and you sure as hell don’t have that soul that your preacher or reverend is going on and on about. You are not going to some heavenly reward for being a humanitarian do-gooder. You are going to get planted and that’s it. Kid yourself all you want, but this is it. Do you honestly think that there is going to be some ‘god’ that is going to grant you the right to murder with impunity in some paradise beyond the stars? Do you honestly think that your filthy ass is going to enjoy the riches in some heavenly mansion? Yeah! Bow your stupid head and continue to pretend that you are the next best thing to a saint. You are nothing but a lying, hypocritical piece of nothing. I don’t care what your net worth is; you are worthless. I don’t care how much perfume you spray on or how much cologne you use, it will never conceal the stench of death because that is what you are; dead. And your ass is not in purgatory; that would be too good for the likes of you. This is it. You’re either a decent ‘human’ because you have got a heart or you are ‘dead’ and most of you are dead and you are the very ones who are posting “Happy Thanksgiving” posts back and forth to each other. You are the very ones that are gathering with the other thankful ‘dead’ pretending and postulating for the benefit of who? Because you have already proven that you are dead. Why else would you just go with the flow? You know what this day called, “Thanksgiving” is all about, but because you have no heart, you go on pretending that it is all about displaying fake ass love with family members you secretly hate and wish were dead so that you can swoop in and scoop up whatever trinkets and baubles and insurance benefits they may have left behind.

So yes, I am thankful because I am not sitting down at a table with a big stuffed dead bird on it; complete with all the trimmings. I am thankful because I am not gorging myself on the remains of a carcass of what used to be a living, breathing, beautiful bird. I am thankful that I am not sitting around the table with people that I detest and loathe all the while pretending that I am pleased to be with them. I am thankful that I am not a hypocrite; who after having prayed for 30 seconds, gorged myself on a dead bird, then immediately headed out the door to get a head start on my capitalism fix. I am thankful that I think for myself and have never felt the need to conform to the dictates of a fucked up society filled with the walking dead(and no, it’s not just a TV show). I am thankful that I can say that I am indeed, human and alive!

And no, I do not wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving” because I know what this day stands for and I have never stood for genocide, theft, lies, slavery, torture, rape, hunting, hypocrisy, corruption, brutality, barbarity, murder and war and I certainly don’t stand for ignorance. And if you are celebrating this day, you are too ignorant for words! And if you have a problem with this, bite me!

A Hovering Mist

hovering mist

Lessons learned of evil
in an old forgotten room,
the darkness is so brutal;
 an atmospheric gloom.

In the air, a melody lingers
of solitude pronounced.
Music set to score,
though no musician was announced.

The dead took center stage
as the curtain went up in smoke.
The door to the chamber opened
and inside, what dared to poke?

A hovering mist, solidified
as a stench did fill the air.
Black magic entered soundlessly
and the dead did turn and stare.

A feast fit for the ghouls
was served to all that came.
The lavish spread of souls
was soon to be set aflame.

Above the haunting melody,
their piercing shrieks were heard.
Tis too late for men to beg
 when their bodies are interred.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Freddie Gray Has Joined The Ranks!

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray has joined the ranks
of those killed by the slave patrol.
His nightmare finally ended
in this here racist ass shithole.

The list just keeps on growing.
When will it ever stop?
One by one, we die,
while the whites, they dine and shop.

Oh, there’s a baseball game in progress.
This is inconveniencing me.
So what? A Black man’s dead!
I’ve got a game to see!

Just dump him in a ditch.
He’s Black, don’t you know.
No one will care at all.
Dead Blacks don’t stop no show!

Go protest somewhere else.
There are things I want to do.
I don’t care if his spine was severed.
Why should that matter to you?

Blacks are not even human.
Just ask the ‘founding fathers’.
They bred them just like cattle
That’s why they wore slave collars.

Freddie Gray won’t need his again.
He’s been effectively neutralized.
I have no need to join a protest
over what’s been dehumanized.

I didn’t make the rules of the game.
But I will follow them to the letter.
Freddie Gray to me was a thing.
A dead Black man, all the better.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

The time before the last time before the time before that, I said, “We will see this again and again and we will protest and we will march and I gave it a month. I don’t even think that much time passed before another, “Here we go again!”, moment takes place!

I have been reading the reports from every source that I can find and for some strange reason, I cannot find out why Freddie Gray was chased in the first goddamn place? This man was treated worse than a dead deer; tossed into the back of a police van and carted off as if he was another hunter’s trophy and in all actuality, he was! Another notch on the belt of the racist patrols that gun down, choke, shoot or sever spines of Black people. And the citizens of Baltimore have taken to the streets just like the citizens of Ferguson, MO and the citizens of Beavercreek, Oh, and the citizens of Cleveland, OH and the citizens of New York, NY and the citizens of insert yet another city here->___.

So, let us continue to march with our signs and seek justice from the shits that are hell bent on killing us. It has been working SO well thus far, hasn’t it? And Obama had this to say, “Move along! Nothing to see here folks! Let’s ALL have a beer! He should be glad he didn’t get ‘friendly’ drone struck!” Yeah, he’s ALL heart, he is, that lying piece of hypocritical filthy ass shit!

…to be continued…..

Officials have declined to provide 911 call recordings related to Gray’s arrest or injury, citing the open investigation, and police have declined to provide dispatch recordings that would contain any conversations between officers and dispatchers while Gray was in custody. The timeline for when and where the van stopped remains incomplete, and no time has been provided for the van’s last stop, back on North Avenue for another pickup before its arrival at the Western District police station.

When Gray was taken out of the van, Rodriguez said, “he could not talk and he could not breathe.”

Beyond damage to his spinal cord, Gray had a crushed voice box.

At 9:24 a.m., officers called a medic to the Western District station, reporting that Gray was in “serious medical distress.”

Paramedics responded, spent 21 minutes treating Gray at the station, and arrived at Maryland Shock Trauma Center — where Gray would fall into a coma and die a week later — at 10 a.m.

Black folks, keep expecting whites to ‘feel’ your pain! They won’t because they are not even human! You better act like you know! This shit ain’t playing with you! Marching and waving signs around ain’t doing you a goddamn bit of good and you can’t understand that by now? What the fuck?

As the breakaway group reached Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles were scheduled to play the Boston Red Sox on Saturday night, they were met by police officers in riot gear. There were reports of damage to some cars parked at the baseball stadium.

As protesters blocked the corner of Pratt and Light Streets, a major downtown intersection, the Baltimore Police Department urged demonstrators to remain peaceful. Its Twitter feed reported “isolated pockets of people from out of town causing disturbances downtown.”

Black folks, remember, you can NOT disrupt traffic for the white motherfuckers trying to reach Camden Yards to see the Orioles and the Red Sox because a dead Black man don’t mean shit to them! Never fucking think it! And don’t forget to look real closely at the picture of Freddie Gray! He was the goddamn big and scary Black man weighing in at a whopping 145 pounds! Oh! And he had a switchblade, so they say! Yeah! Uh huh!

I Put A Single Bullet In My Head!




I stood on the capitol grounds

And I listened to all of the sounds.

I knew what I was going to do

But what I heard was all about you.

You don’t care that people are sick.

Never do you think why she turns a trick.

You’re just there to enjoy the flowers

And stroll for hours and hours

Thinking not of people in pain

But about what you stand to gain.

And so I put a single bullet in my head

I inconvenienced you as I lay dead.

They put the capitol on lockdown

Then you looked upon me with a frown.

I was about to ruin your day

Because my protest was in the way.

So sorry to cause you a delay

and for holding up your great holiday

but I cared too much and it hurt

thinking of those that have lost their shirt

because the rich don’t give a damn

running an endless pyramid scam

and at the top, is the one percent

while I can’t even pay my rent.

I have nothing left to live for

There is war and then more war.

While the bodies of the innocent are putrefying

 the rich, they never do the dying

I guess today was a good day to die.

All the flowers, they bid me goodbye!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

The U.S. Capitol Building was locked down for about two hours Saturday afternoon after a man carrying a gun killed himself near the front steps and a suspicious package was found nearby, officials said.

The suspected shooter was “neutralized,” Capitol Police said, adding that they were investigating a suspicious package found on the lower West Terrace of the Capitol Building.

Ain’t that just some shit! A man killed himself and they state that he was “neutralized.”

So, they ‘disarmed’ a dead man but the reason for his protest and ultimate demise will never be ‘neutralized’. The one percent have carte blanche to continue to fuck us up to the point where people feel that suicide is the only option. This is just wrong in every goddamn way!

Jay Bernard, 20, who is in the Navy and lives at Fort Meade, came up to the scene about 3:30 p.m. He had been in Alexandria earlier in the day and decided to swing by downtown.

“I was hoping to get a closer look at the Capitol,” he said.

Now? “That’s not going to happen.”

Bernard called the incident “a bit unfortunate,” especially with all the tourists in town to see the cherry blossoms.

Police were also vague about the sign, saying only that it related to “social justice.” Bishop said two others who witnessed the shooting told him that it said, “Tax the one percent,” and that he seemed to raise it just before pulling the trigger.

Of course those bastards didn’t want the man’s message to get out because he wasn’t shouting that he was upset that his tax dollars was going to fund food for the hungry or health care for the sick or homes for the homeless. He was upset about the non-existent taxation of the filthy rich one percent while the rest of us bear the burden, drop dead from exhaustion and still it’s not over because we’re in debt even after death. Somebody, somewhere, even now is most likely contacting this man’s family about some debt of his. If this ain’t the fucking end of enough, I don’t know what is! But let us enjoy the goddamn cherry blossoms in bloom! Blow your brains out somewhere less inconvenient for me, why doncha???!! And excuse me while I take this here ‘selfie’!

We are some real shits!

…and I am NOT finished, read what Linda had to say and get a goddamn clue, why dontcha?

Shelby, Tubularsock is absolutely right, you’ve covered this horror most thoroughly, but I can’t seem to leave it there. A man’s suicide is inconvenient? Oh pity the poor tourists! These worthless shallow shameless shits should live to a hundred in pain and fear, in diapers and in direst poverty, and MAYBE learn what the fucking word inconvenient means! Sigh. No, no one should go through that. But I wish we could somehow beat some humanity into our self-involved citizens! And I know not everyone is like that, just more than enough of us to make things way too easy for the real shameless shits, who encourage, count on and profit from our indifference to the suffering of others.

And no one is ever “dead” in police-speak, they are simply “neutralized”? No wonder cops are so trigger-happy — it’s no big deal, as trivial as taking a Rolaids after eating too many doughnuts. George Orwell would be so proud. If he weren’t somewhere putting a bullet in his own head.

According to its loudly-touted self-serving mythology, wasn’t this country started in part because of tax protests, because the British were making us pay unfair taxes without our having any say in the deal? Been there, done that — and now we’re over it, is that it? We’re happy to pay our money and our blood so a few people can wallow in obscene luxury, as they gleefully sneer and spit at the rest of us? We’re happy to let those same people start wars and kill and maim and terrorize billions of people, while they themselves never face any dangers, and in fact gain still more money and power in the process? We’re okay with the same privileged few raping and poisoning our only planet just to pile up still more money and power, though it may kill everything alive here?

What the fucking hell is wrong with us? We can’t be just brainwashed, we must truly be brain-dead. And dead to any human feelings of compassion, respect, or responsibility.

We love to talk a good game, nattering on about freedom, equality and justice. But we must be talking in our sleep. Or in our collective coma. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug on this monstrous, hypocritical mess. This is no way to live, for damn sure.

I’d like to say if we had a functioning mass media, so people knew what happened in this case, that it would help, that people might give a shit and do something about it. And maybe that would help. If we had a functioning press. But I wonder. Thanks for bringing us another nugget of truth, and for letting me add my incoherent rant to your fine post. – Linda

Now, you read what Linda had to say, why the fuck have you forgotten why this country fought a war against Great Britain? You’ve ‘conveniently’ forgotten about ‘taxation without representation’ and the Boston Tea Party and all that shit? And yet this man was protesting over the very ideals that supposedly started a revolution that freed the colonies from the rule of Great Britain but now, we are more interested in some goddamn cherry blossoms and being on lockdown at the Capitol. Are you fucking serious? You patriotic shits out there, this should be resonating with YOU! You forgetful ass fuckers! You ain’t about shit! If it don’t concern your measly hide, and is disturbing your nice little holiday browsing among the blossoms, then to hell with it. One of these goddamn days, a hard row is coming for your ass! Let’s see how YOU deal with it!

….And Missouri Is In The Headlines, Again!

police kill another Black youth

Another police-involved shooting death of black teen sparks tensions in St. Louis

Last night another young Black teenager, Antonio Martin, 18 was gunned down by a cop in Berkley, MO. It has been alleged that he pointed a gun at a cop. And although, the cop that shot and killed Antonio Martin had a body camera, it wasn’t on him. Why not? Nor was his police cruiser’s dashboard camera turned on. Why not? Was that not Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s solution to the killing of young Black men by white cops? It is SO working isn’t it? Well, isn’t it? Quite obviously, they can put the body camera on the cops, but they just can’t seem to get the cops to use them and if the cops have nothing to hide, why not turn the body camera and dashboard camera on? Eh? If I had not a goddamn thing to hide, I’d get to recording every motherfucking move I made. But you see, cops got everything to hide because they’re dirty. They’re on the take, BIG TIME! And they’re on some “Kill as many Black men as you can,” time. How else could they get away with all the shit that they do if it’s coming from their own goddamn body cams?

Is anybody so delusional that they actually think that all the money and drugs that cops confiscate from raids and stings actually end up in the evidence room? I know goodness goddamn well, that there ain’t a cop out there that’s pissing and moaning about their paltry salary because they get their hands on all that non-taxable money they steal from raids and arrests and stings. Oh, they got it SO good. Who wouldn’t want to be a cop? And it ain’t even like they got one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Being a cop didn’t even make the list. It is more dangerous for you to work in the construction field. Ask a cop to trade jobs with a window washer, he’d shoot you on the spot for conjuring up the image of losing out on all that extra money he gets from crime scenes. I remember reading an article about a cop stealing thousands of dollars from an accident victim. Seriously??! Yep, protect and serve is what they do, protect their private stash that they serve to themselves all the while screaming about how they’re the ‘good’ guys. Indeed, signs of that shit are all over the place. There are signs in Ferguson, MO, New York, NY, Cleveland, OH, Berkeley, MO, Beavercreek, OH, and the list goes on and on and on.

But wait! It gets better or worse depending on who you are. We all remember Michael Brown, right? Well, at a retirement party for a cop, they hired a singer and they all got to singing,

“Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin’ with a badass policeman,” “Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese” … his brain “splattered on the floor.”

They’re ALL heart, aren’t they? But when somebody gets fed up and busts a cap all up in them, why it’s time to break out the violins and stop the protests of cops killing Black men for no apparent reason, other than the fact that it’s always been ‘open season’ on Black people.

Oh, but how I digress. Now, about this latest police killing of another Black man.

The Berkeley officer was responding to a call about a larceny when he encountered the two men in the parking lot. As the officer spoke with one of the men, the other walked several steps away and produced a weapon that he pointed at the officer, Belmar said.

At that point, the officer drew his weapon and stepped backward, firing three shots – one of which struck the suspect.

Now, what this man had to say was right on point.

“Mr. Martin either had a gun or didn’t, but by morning he will have morphed into a gun wielding ‘super negro’, firing from bushes with at least two different handguns with his DNA-less hands, displaying his “demon” strength, and “bulking up” before running towards armed police,” Sekou said. “What’s more, we’ll soon know if he ever smoked marijuana, got good grades at school and if he ever took a selfie with a bottle of liquor.”

There it is! Proof positive that there will be a report out about the criminal activities of the Black teenager that got himself murdered and voila, it’s right on time!

“Martin had a criminal record that included three assault charges and others for armed robbery, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon.”

“See, this Martin guy wasn’t no Sunday school teacher, let alone a preacher man. He was just a criminal! Case closed! Nothing to see here folks! No reason to protest, move it along! We’ve got some real hero cops to mourn! Clear the streets! And New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, don’t you dare start in on how you instruct your bi-racial son on how to behave when coming into contact with New York’s finest! We’re all the finest! That’s what you get for messing around with what should be ‘The Help’! Keep ‘em in their place and don’t give ’em no ideas!”

And tomorrow, we ‘celebrate’ Christmas and again, someone, ANYONE, tell me just what the hell is there to celebrate with nothing but killing, killing, killing and torturing going on? Huh? What’s that??!!! Yeah! That’s what I thought! Ain’t a goddamn thing to celebrate! If I had a goddamn Christmas tree up, it’d be in a million fucking pieces by now!

Now, read this shit!

“Connecticut trooper pleads guilty to stealing dying motorcycle crash victim’s jewelry, money

State trooper AJ Huntsman was accused of lifting more than $8,000 in cash and jewelry from a dying man at a motorcycle crash site in 2012. He later lied to supervisors and the dead man’s family about it, authorities said.

A crooked Connecticut cop caught by his dash cam stealing more than $8,000 in cash and jewelry off a mangled motorcycle crash victim.”

Now, how vile is that! Protect and Serve? Right?!!! The man was DYING and the state trooper was stealing from a DYING ACCIDENT VICTIM!!! This is why the cops that are outfitted with bodycams don’t turn them on. This one just forgot that his dashcam was on or who would have known about his crime? But they’re the GOOD guys, remember?! Yeah, fucking ‘good’ guys, my motherfucking ass!

Maybe In Another Life

The banshee screams in the dark of night.
So many souls fly towards the light.

It is a place where no human can go.
They’ll not have to reap what they did not sow.

The troubles of this world will be left behind.
Maybe in another life they will find,
the meaning to why they were ever here,
and why from their loved ones, they must disappear.

Only the lost and the lonely are welcome there,
where they will never carry more than they can bear.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

On Halloween, My Wife Will Die!


If the dead should come back to life,
would they please just take my wife?
I have a mistress that I want to marry,
but they are both so mercenary.

I want a newer, younger model,
one that walks but doesn’t waddle.
Why’d she have to get so old?
She’s gotten too big for me to hold.

I once loved her that is true,
but she’s turned into a shrew.
This sweet young thing is mine,
and hot damn, she’s looking fine!

What is a man to do,
when he’s sick and tired of you?
My wife will take me to the cleaners.
They’re all such goddamn schemers!

Why can’t they just accept it’s over?
Oh how I despise, hate and loathe her.
This would be the perfect time,
with Halloween, I could hide my crime.
Who would know that it was I?
All I’d need is an alibi.

And once the deed is done,
I’d know where to hide the gun.
No one will ever guess,
that it’s me in this wig and dress.

They’ll think my wife is going out.
In this padding, I’m just as stout.
Murder is a nasty business,
but when it’s over, I’ll wed my mistress.

On Halloween, my wife will die.
Among the dead, there she will lie.
They’ll take her hand and that’s for sure,
and be her guide on a graveyard tour.

Yes, I’m merciless and a little cold,
and just maybe, you think I’m bold
But I want what I desire.
You settle for ice, while I take fire.

You think in hell is where I’ll burn.
Well then I guess I’ll take my turn.
I’ll check in and never check out,
and present my card at the devil’s rout*.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Disclaimer!!! Uh..this one is not meant to encourage anyone to do away with their spouse on Halloween. I have a twisted, warped sense of humor these days and it may not be in the best of taste, but what the hell! What is these days? Since we’re all such sinful creatures and hell bent on fucking each other up and over, I simply got into the ‘spirit’ of things.

And ladies, this applies to you too! If your spouse has a paunch and is balding, that is no reason to ‘do’ him in for a younger ‘model’. None of us are perfect, some of us are just ‘airbrushed’. But if he has to take his teeth out and put them on the nightstand, well…uh…that’s unfortunate, but it happens. Like I said, we’re not perfect.

Try to get some enjoyment out of Halloween. I know that it will be difficult but try to get a treat and not a trick. And guys, get your mind out of the gutter. I don’t mean that kind of ‘trick’.
*A fashionable gathering.

When So Many Voices Speak

so many voices speak

I cannot hear to write when so many voices speak.
At first I was a champion of the poor and of the weak.
Treading lightly for fear of hurting you, I reined my conscience in,
but now I find that I care not and so my healing must begin.
Tales of olden days gone by that never will stay dead
and when I think that all is lost, there is more that can be said.

Pray, tell me of your fears and I will seek to write them down,
and at night when I fall asleep, I think that I shall drown,
in the deep and murky darkness of tears that I have shed.
They seep inside my soul and consume me with such dread,
from all the voices I have heard as misery does take hold,
and of days of yesteryear and of a sun of burnished gold.

Oh, I hear you and I see you but not as individual souls
and whatever has been written can be found on parchment scrolls.
Your life was never joined with mine, we have seperate identities
and no matter what our faith is, we both fill the world with cruelties.
Wisdom, we will never learn and so our burdens shall remain.
Was man ever sound and whole or was man just born insane?

Written by
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Michael Lies Dead!

Michael Brown

A heart was beating,
blood coursed through veins
Bullets pierced skin
and now chaos reigns.

Hands raised skyward.
Michael lies dead.
In Ferguson Missouri,
his blood flowed red.

Burn and loot,
tear it all down!
Display your anger,
destroy the town.

His mother cries,
and his father too.
He was their child.
Retribution is due!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I don’t give a damn who will condemn those who burn shit and fuck it up! It is past time that people stopped being polite about murder. Since violence begets violence, what the hell did people expect? I’m not going to continue to meet murder, tear gas and rubber bullets with my hands raised, I’d eventually realize that it is time that I do some fucking up! No, it’s not going to bring Michael Brown back and nor will it bring back all the others who were murdered just as he was, but at the same time, where has peaceful gotten us? Just ask the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., about that. Oh! Right, we can’t! He was murdered but not before he was spied on by his own government. But actually, he had no government because if he did, he would not have had to get jailed, get hosed down with high powered water hoses and get dogs let loose on him for trying to obtain the same rights as whites had just for being fucking white assed! He and many, many others peacefully marched and protested to end racial segregation and discrimination against Black Americans and enforce constitutional voting rights to them.

…and the Supreme Court just recently gutted the hell out of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. So, what did doing it the ‘peaceful’ way get us? Not a goddamn thing! Black people built this shithole and we damn sure as hell shouldn’t have a problem burning it down. To hell with this shithole!