After police unions threaten Nike with boycotts, black officers insist they stand with Kaepernick — Moorbey’z Blog

by Jessica Sutherland Daily Kos Staff Those who despise Colin Kaepernick—for his originally-silent and always-peaceful on-field protests against law enforcement’s rampant racism and unchecked brutality against people of color—are always quick to hide behind baseless accusations about what they believe are Kap’s real motivations. “He hates America!” some say. “He hates the military!” others shriek. All ignore the […]

via After police unions threaten Nike with boycotts, black officers insist they stand with Kaepernick — Moorbey’z Blog

This is an excellent read on Moorbey’z Blog that so succinctly points out the fact that white cops don’t even consider those who work on the force and are Black to be of any importance or consequence because they never even sought out the Black cops on the police force for their opinion before sending a letter to the ‘head honcho at Nike basically stating that, well read it for yourself:

“The inclusion of Mr. Kaepernick in Nike’s “Just Do It” ad campaign also perpetuates the falsehood that police are racist and aiming to use force against African Americans and persons of color. In reality, officers across the nation risk their lives not only protecting the athletes featured in Nike’s various campaigns, but also serve aspiring athletes across the country who use the Nike brand, through the thousands of Police Athletic Leagues, Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brother/Big Sister programs where our officers donate their time and energy. They deserve to have the respect and full support of corporate citizens like Nike.”

Black cops participate in “Police Athletic Leagues, Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brother/Big Sister programs” as well as “donate their time and energy,” and so what the WHITE KKOPS are saying is that THEIR time and energy is more important than Black cops’ time and energy simply because they are ‘white supremacists’ and Nike should act accordingly. How dare Nike disrespect ‘white supremacists’ by hiring a half-breed to promote their product who has stated that he took a knee in protest for, well, read it for yourself:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

“This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,” he said. “I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.” – Colin Kaepernick

There is NO pride in that racist emblem; the flag. It is drenched in Indian and Black blood and I would not stand and honor that shit any more than I would give a sip of water to a dying white man in the middle of the Sahara Desert. His depraved and thirsty ass would end up being deader than dead can ever be dead! There is no pride in joining the military to kill people who have personally done you no harm. You are in the military keeping war hawks and warmongers laughing all the way to the bank. There is no pride in being a racist cop who gets his/her jollies off on brutalizing and murdering people because their skin tone is dark.

And this brouhaha over Kaepernick and Nike is ludicrous seeing as how no one can really take the ‘high road’ because Nike’s products are made in overseas sweatshops. But then, whose fault is that? It is the fault of those who murdered the Indians and who dragged my ancestors to this shithole to serve as slaves to the most demonic, depraved, psychopaths ever to have crawled and slithered all across this planet and who are involved in doing the same exact filthy and depraved shit to this day but who absolutely foam at the mouth when called out on the atrocious shit they do. You sick and twisted deviants know what you are and so do us all a favor and drop dead!

You fucking white-assed KKKops have surely played your racist hand, this time! But believe me, we already knew how sick, twisted, depraved,  sadistic, racist, brutal and barbaric you are. So you are telling us nothing new! We already knew that your fucking twisted job was to fuck us up because when have you ever “PROTECTED AND SERVED” Black people? Not fucking ever! And we certainly don’t expect you to start now! We fucking know where we stand and that is NOT with you! Fuck you!

And though no whites are interested in what the National Black Police Association had to say, I’m posting an excerpt anyway:

It is with great dismay that we were made aware of a letter that you received from the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) regarding your use of Colin Kaepernick in your new “Just Do It” advertising campaign. The National Black Police Association (NBPA) is not in agreement with NAPO on this matter, and we strongly condemn their call for police officers and their families to boycott Nike and its products.

The NBPA believes that Mr. Kaepernick’s stance is in direct alignment with what law enforcement stands for—the protection of a people, their human rights, their dignity, their safety, and their rights as American citizens. NAPO has shown an adeptness at maintaining the police status quo and the tone in their letter further validates Mr. Kaepernick’s concerns, as it undermines the trust that is needed by law enforcement in order for the profession to maintain its legitimacy. That NAPO has chosen this matter to take a stance only perpetuates the narrative that police are racist, with no regard, acknowledgment, respect, or understanding of the issues and concerns of the African-American community.

But seriously Black cops, I cannot believe how you can expect something white to ‘watch your back’ when in your own letter, you are denouncing the white cops for not even acknowledging your existence or what you may have had to say before the white cops penned their letter to Nike. You even state that their letter “further validates Mr. Kaepernick’s concerns” as it relates to the facts of racism, bigotry, prejudice, hatred and brutality that is initiated against Black ‘citizens’ in AmeriKKKa by white-assed KKKops.


And there you have it, the truth at last, directly from the POLICE. The white cops don’t even respect the Black cops and so how in hell are we to expect them to respect the everyday Black person in their homes, out on the streets or at work and play? We don’t! But this is the system we are MADE to live under! So don’t even act like you don’t know why Black people are getting gunned down daily by racists in KKKop uniforms and who get off with “I feared for my fucking worthless ass life!”


Protesters Shut Down Convenience Store After Video Shows Owner Kicking Black Woman

What the hell??!!

Protesters in St. Louis gathered to shut down a convenience store and block the exits after a video emerged of the store’s owner and another employee attacking a woman, prompting people who viewed the assault on social media to actually do something about it.

Around 10 a.m. this morning, Shemika Russell recorded an employee of Gas Mart confronting a woman outside the store. As the woman and the man from the store argued, another man, alleged to be the owner of the gas station, came outside and kicked the woman to the ground.

After the first kicker goes back into the store, the other man, apparently jealous of his boss’ racist kung-fu, decides to join in on the treat-a-black-woman-worse-than-Putin-treats-Trump festivities and kicked the woman again.

“One of the workers, an Arab gentleman, kicked her in the stomach like she was a dog,” said Jermaine, one of the protesters and residents of the community. “So we’re here to shut it down. No more business for these people. They’re going to understand that we feed them. That they live off our community.”

That fucking Arab, wasn’t no gentleman and don’t even bother correcting my fucked up English. I’m public school taught and was lucky enough to not get caught up in the school-to-prison pipeline that was put in place just to send Black students into prison. But back to the subject at hand. It would seem that a Black woman was in a ‘heated’ discussion with one of those foreigners who come here to AmeriKKKa and who the United States gummint promptly hands money to to start up convenience stores, liquor stores and hair weave shops in Black neighborhoods for the express purpose of taking money from the poor Blacks who occupy said neighborhoods where the Arabs and cow-loving Indians and Pakistanis, Asians and the like set up shop, but who then take their ill-gotten gains at the end of the day and head to their neighborhoods or gated communities because just where the fuck do Arabs, those shits from India and Pakistan and the Asians live? Because they are certainly not rubbing shoulders with those whom they make their money off of.

And why aren’t those fucked up foreign shits sat smack down in ‘white’ neighborhoods? I have lived in ‘white’ neighborhoods and I can tell you, there wasn’t one single tinted skin motherfucker with a turban on ringing up a damn thing for white folks, not a bit of that shit was going down. But you go into ‘The Hood’ and that’s all the fuck you see. And all you hear is some deeply accented piece of foreign filth behind the counter, falsely smiling while overcharging Black folks for every damn thing in the store that has mostly gone bad because the prices are so damn high and I know this for a fact because a few such stores had to be shut down in Baltimore, MD for serving bad food to the people in the neighborhood who were ALL Black, down to the very last one.

In Baltimore, on every fucking corner, there is a liquor store and a Chinese take-out, not to mention a convenience store run by some Arab and make no mistake, they ALL hate the very people they make their livelihood off of. Lexington Market is filled with stall after stall of Korean shopkeepers and back in the mid 90s, those stalls were kept by Black folks, but whites decided that the Baltimore Inner Harbor pavilions were going to have shops in them owned by ‘whites’ and so they ran the Koreans to Lexington Market, increased the rents at Lexington Market which then ran the Black folks out. But whites have told those foreigners and in no uncertain terms just where they can set up shop because you see, the whites get their money from Black folks in the form of banks, white landlords, payday loans, furniture rental stores, title loans, supermarkets, department stores and car dealerships. So, the few dollars left to Black folks, those Arabs, Asians, Pakistanis and Hindus receive.

Black folks! Are you paying attention to this? They’ve got you handing your money to everyone else but to each other and though you have tried to keep your money in your community since we did indeed have a Black Wall Street, the whites burned that down. Where once we supported each other in our segregated neighborhoods, the whites came along and put an end to that and since desegregation and the introduction of HUD(Housing and Urban Development), how is Black America doing? It’s fucked up and by design!

So, this is why that Black woman got herself kicked about by some turban-headed piece of Middle Eastern garbage because that garbage from over there hates Black people just as much as whites do, but like I’ve stated, the whites have told them where they are going to set up shop and they have no choice but to do so or those damn visas will be ripped up and they will be sent back from whence they came. It is a setup and we are the losers, as always!

Look at this video! The woman in the video finally gets it. It takes her awhile, but she eventually gets what needs to be done. Run those foreigners out of there and open your own shops even if it has to first start with selling a few peaches on the sidewalk. Let ‘Permit Patty’ call the cops on you. But don’t let that stop you from continuing with what you need to do. Start in a flea market setting if you have to. That is actually quite easy to do. But stop handing your money over to foreigners who hate your guts, have nothing but contempt for you and who are trying to kick your ass while at the same time, robbing you blind while selling you overpriced, outdated garbage and who then send their kids to exclusive schools and colleges on your dime while your children are dumbed down in order to send them directly to prison.

Merely protesting events such as this one will do you no good. Something lasting and concrete has to come out of this. Just because you live in this community and you don’t have a vehicle, if you all act as though you live in the same community, those with cars should be giving those who don’t have cars, rides to grocery stores where their neighbors will not have to deal with this shit! We have done this before. Educate yourselves on what can be done that will work. Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott and why that was so successful. If it worked for buses, it can work for anything. Try it! At least you can then say that you tried something other than useless protesting. And you just might find that helping each other is catching and is just what is needed to run those foreigners out of your neighborhoods. Come together and run them the hell out!


The Hard Hitting Truth!




As many of you may know, I recently moved from the Midwest back to the East Coast and apparently, I was living in a bubble seeing as how the Midwest does not have that many Black people. Since moving back to the East Coast, what I thought I knew, I did not know because I’ve taken up for Black people, time and time again. But no more! What I have witnessed with my very own eyes is just beyond the pale.

I always wondered why Black people call each other “Niggers!” Now, I don’t. I know why. It’s because you are niggers, almost every single one of you and that is a sad ass fact! I have witnessed more ‘niggerfied’ behavior in the four months that I have been living in Baltimore than in my entire existence on this planet and believe me, I no longer consider myself, young. Au contraire! What you niggers are is a different species altogether and you’re not worth a damn!

I am no longer against gentrification because I don’t want you heathens living next door to me. I don’t want to even see you because then I’d have to smell you and I hate the odor of skunk weed. Now, I am not suggesting that other groups don’t smoke weed, but if I’m going to be honest about it, by far, I’ve smelled more weed around Blacks than I’ve ever smelled around anybody else and yet, you want taxpayers like myself to pay your rent(Section 8) while you sit somewhere high as the proverbial kite? You have got to be kidding. I now know why Blacks receive no outpouring of support from other countries when the police shoot your ass eight ways to Sunday on any given street in America on any given day, it is because the people of other countries already knew what it took me to live in Baltimore to find out and that is that you Black folks are just some nasty ass, no account, weed smoking niggers!

I have watched and listened to Black men cuss Black women out without even blinking. I was attempting to get on an elevator with another Black woman and a Black man was getting off the elevator. The Black woman was in a wheelchair and I was pushing my walker and when the doors opened, the Black man just stood there as though we were blocking the exit. The Black woman in the wheelchair asked him if he could please get off the elevator before the doors closed so that we would not get caught between the doors, he called her everything but a child of God. He cussed that woman out so bad, I blushed! When the lady and I had gotten on the elevator, she turned to me and said, “Miss, what did I say that was so wrong?” I replied, “Miss, you said nothing wrong and that is why I say nothing to these people because I would have to shove this walker up somebody’s ass every single damn day! What in the world is wrong with the Black men of today? You have no respect for Black women at all.

The other day, I was in Rite Aid and a Black piece of filth was standing in line in front of me and he was on the phone talking just as ‘niggerfied’ as he could. “Yeah my nigga, I’m at Rite Aid and this bitch ignoring me like she don’t know me. Hey bitch, tell my nigga why you acting like you don’t know me!” For the love of!!! The cashier looked at me and I looked at her and we both rolled our eyes at that piece of Black filth, otherwise known as a ‘nigger’! When he had got out of her face, she asked me who in the world would answer to “Bitch” and I said, “A bitch!” She told me that they obviously need prayer and I said, “They are past prayer. No amount of praying could help that mess!”

Outside Rite Aid, while waiting for the light rail, another older lady was also waiting and I was telling my cousin about how Black people have come a long way and in the process, have come the wrong way because we did not talk to one another back in the day like we do today, we did not treat one another with such contempt and disrespect. We were not shooting other Black people down like dogs; like niggers. The other lady spoke up and said that she also can recall a time when we had not become what we had been called for hundreds of years, “Niggers!” But we are there now and we have no one to blame but ourselves. My cousin got to cussing and carrying on about how bad the weed smelled when someone passed by us and after he went across the street to check on the price of a coat he saw in a store window, the lady that was waiting at the light rail stop asked me what was his relationship to me and I explained that he was my cousin. She asked because he was out in public acting a fool and she probably thought that I had picked him as a boyfriend; not hardly! Unfortunately, you cannot pick your family because he would not have been picked either. Truth be told, not one nigger in my family would have been picked by me and believe me, they’re all niggers because that is what they call each other.

Never in my life, have I seen a group of people have such a blatant disregard for the wellbeing of one another. Families don’t act like families. Children are out-of-control. And this is the norm and then we wonder why Black children are getting body slammed in videos by the police. I’d body slam your ass too because you need to be slammed; you beg for it. What’s deplorable is the behavior displayed every single day by little Black niggers! The U.S. mint could print enough money for one year, hand it over to me, and I’d not take it if I had to take it for working as a teacher. No wonder whites are pulling their children out of schools that’s got niggers sitting up in them, acting out, fighting and otherwise acting just like niggers. You’re not civilized! You’re heathens! And I wouldn’t even want to be around you! And if I were to be honest about it, I had some idea of how bad you niggers are even when I was in the Midwest because I did indeed board a bus in downtown Minneapolis and regretted every single second I was on it because, true to form as you niggers are, you proceeded to act just like niggers; cussing and yelling and screeching all over the damn bus as though you had no home training whatsoever and of course, you didn’t. But you’ve got to be a flagrant nigger; you have just got to make sure that everyone knows without a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed, the baddest nigger to ever live! You’re not! You’re just one of millions. Take a number!

Now, I know that I am going to get a lot of flak for this post and I don’t really give a good goddamn because this is the truth as I see it and I don’t pull no punches, I tell it like I see it and damn the consequences and you can have a hissy fit over this until the cows come home, go back out and come back home again, but it won’t change a damn thing. Look around you. Who is shooting each other in every major city in America by the thousands and then get bent-out-of-shape because the kops are helping you in your quest to kill each other off? Who was fighting in malls all across this country after the holiday shopping season was over? When you pass by a group of niggers, you know it because they’re all calling one another, “niggers!” So, how can I be wrong when Blacks are calling other Blacks, “Niggers!” every day? And Black people have the nerve to pretend to worry about Donald Trump and some of his supporters. What the hell for? Because you are far worse for each other than any racist or bigot could ever be because if you were united instead of divided, clueless and niggerfied, you would have gotten it together by now and figured out that if you come up off that gangsta shit that you live by and personify, you wouldn’t need to worry about how Donald Trump’s policies would impact or affect you. You would not need a Section 8 Voucher. You would not need food stamps. You would not need welfare. You can get your nails done, sport some Air Nikes, possess a smartphone and a Gucci handbag, but can’t pay your subsidized rent??? Stores like Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s Rentals were opened up just to deprive niggers of their money and yes, I know, a nigger has been defined as an ignorant person. Well, that’s true because only an ignorant person would pay someone 800% interest and eventually pay $2,849.00 for a TV that if purchased from Wal-Mart would have cost $209.00. Only a nigger would hand over the title to their paid for vehicle to a Title Loan Store. Only a nigger would need cash so fast that they wouldn’t wait for their tax refund to be mailed to them from the IRS but would instead, opt for a quick loan after hundreds of dollars has been shaved off of their tax refund. Only a nigger would place more value on material things than on an education and then wonder why you can’t get up out of the projects. It’s because you’ve just got to be a pretentious nigger; pretending that you’ve got something when you strut around with your ignorant ass sporting your Gucci bag, smartphone, Air Nikes, fake nails and fake ass European hair. Every week, you’re handing money over to the Koreans, the Chinese, the whites but never investing it in each other or yourself and then wonder why you’re fucked up. This is why, nigger! It is because you’re a nigger and proud of it!

In one of the first articles that I posted upon coming to Baltimore, in it, you can see that Black folks are buying ‘soul food’ from the Koreans in Lexington Market. By now, you could have opened your own stalls and been selling food that got its origins from us. But instead, you stand there nodding over some food sold to you by the Koreans who hold you in complete and utter contempt. I just recently read where a Lexington Market Korean stall keeper when responding to why she does not sell healthy bagels at her Lexington Market stall had this to say, “Look at my customers! They have no teeth! They can’t even eat a bagel!” She was talking about you toothless nodding methadone addicted niggers whose teeth have all fallen out to the point where a Korean will not even sell bagels because she knows you can’t eat them. Was she talking about white folks? Hell no! Was she talking about other Koreans? Hell no! Was she talking about Pakistanis? Hell no. She was talking about you, nigger!

Another sad fact is that the niggers who need to be reading this, won’t be. They’re busy standing around somewhere pretending to be something they’re not while continuously being something they are, niggers. This is also why I hardly blog anymore because my readers are not niggers. They know what’s what and they know why the Black race in America is doing so poorly and it’s not so much do to racism but has everything to do with a group of people who have taken up the most derogatory word in history, applied it to themselves and who is hell bent and damned determined to live down to that word, each and every single day! So niggers, have at it!

I Owe You Nothing!

Colin and Jesse

Colin, I too, sit!
Not only do I sit,
but I also spit
upon a flag
that I perceive
to be nothing
more than
a worthless rag.
No one fought
to free me,
for I am
still, a slave.
If not,
then why,
why am I
in jail?
I am
making money,
not for me,
but for
my white masters.
In this arena,
I am,
a spectator sport.
I am admired
for my prowess
on the football field,
on the tennis court,
on the hip/hop stage
and for the NBA.
I sit because
I cannot stand,
not with these
iron chains
that drag
me down.
Tired, though
I am,
you want
me to stand
and salute
my slavery;
your hypocrisy.
I owe you nothing;
not my soul
nor any allegiance.
You want me to leave?
Tell that to my ass
and kiss it good
for you know
why I am here.
So, hate me!
That’s nothing new.
Denounce me
for I could care less.
When are you
going to leave?
No one
invited you here.
Ask an Indian man
just what the fuck
your white ass
is doing here!
Me? Disrespecting
the troops?
The troops
can kiss my ass!
How’s that
for disrespect?
Killing the Vietnamese
did not set me free.
Killing Iraqis
did not set me free.
Killing Iranians
did not set me free.
You are the Nazis,
on my blood,
infesting it
with your diseases,
but you want me
to stand and salute
my annihilation
by your hands.
Suck it motherfuckers,
and go to hell!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has willingly immersed himself into controversy by refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he deems are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States.

His latest refusal to stand for the anthem — he has done this in at least one other preseason game — came before the 49ers‘ preseason loss to Green Bay at Levi’s Stadium on Friday night.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

And before you get started on the questions, “Why are these bi-racial people taking such public stands against oppression of Black people in Amerikkka? Is it because they are insulated due to the fact of their having a ‘white’ parent and so therefore, they feel as though they’ll not suffer much from the condemnation of their stance?,” ask yourself, does it really matter who is taking a stand? We all remember Jesse Williams speech at the 2016 BET awards.

“Now, this award, this is not for me. This is for the real organizers all over the country, the activists, the civil rights attorneys, the struggling parents, the families, the teachers, the students that are realizing that a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do. All right?” he explained. “It’s kind of basic mathematics: The more we learn about who we are and how we got here, the more we will mobilize.”

And ‘white’ Amerikkka, right on par, went nuts, being ‘post-racial’, of course. “There’s a Black man in the White House! What more do you ‘people’ want?” I am sure that is tame in comparison to all that was said and all that is being said because Colin Kaepernick had the nerve to sit and by doing so, dishonored the troops. Who the fuck cares about the ‘troops’ when the ‘troops’ are needing all up and down on some medical care and some anti-suicide help in their time of crisis? You fail to recall concrete evidence that no one gives a shit about the troops until a Black person takes a stand that’s deemed, ‘unpatriotic’ and then, let’s put the ‘troops’, front and center, when the ‘troops’ can’t even get necessary medical care when they need it. The ‘troops’ are homeless, hungry and fucked up in the head, but Colin disrespected the ‘troops’ by not standing during the national anthem; an anthem that is as racist as the day is long and well into the night. As racist as it was from the time this land was ‘discovered’ and illegally occupied by a nasty, syphilis dripping ‘white’ ass! You hypocritical shits take the goddamn cake with your fake ass attempts at outrage; outrage that acts as a shield to cover the filth that hides beneath it. You’re not outraged! You’re a nasty ass blight on the face of this planet and you hate to be shown up for what you are! Well, you can suck it! Because the ‘troops’ don’t mean shit to you and they certainly don’t mean shit to me since not one of those military whores did I ever ask to put a goddamn thing on the line for me and quite frankly, they have not put a goddamn thing on the line for freedom. For when has ‘freedom’ ever been achieved by violence, missiles, drone warfare, torture, war crimes and illegal occupation? It has not!

So, yes indeed, I SIT with Colin and damn the consequences! Now, come on up in here with your fake-assed outrageous patriotic bullshit and see if I don’t sit your hypocritical ass down beside me for the next singing of the national anthem!

Oh and lastly, yeah! This is how much we fucking care about the ‘troops’!

“VA Suicide Hotline! Hold Please!”

The VA, has been swamped with calls since opening in 2007. The volume increased from fewer than 10,000 in 2007 to more than 500,000 last year, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

A 2010 calculation by the VA estimates that 22 veterans kill themselves each day. The VA, which has not updated that estimate, says the hotline “rescues” 30 veterans from suicide each day.

Some workers handle only one to five calls each day and leave before their shifts end even though phone lines have gotten busier, the emails say. As a result, 35% to 50% of the calls roll over to back-up centers where workers have less training to deal with the emotional problems of former service members.

In February, an Inspector General investigation revealed that some of the in-coming calls early last year had rolled over to back-up centers and gone to voicemail.

But we ‘care’ about the ‘troops’???!!! Shut the fuck up! Because if you really cared about the ‘troops’, your ass would be ‘manning’ the suicide hotlines in an attempt to aid those military whores in their quest for some peace of mind that they will never find since they willingly chose to surrender peace to a gun, a uniform and ‘fake-ass patriotism’! I spit on the flag and to hell with your racist ass national anthem! Shove it up YOUR pink ass! I can’t because I’m sitting this shit the fuck out!

Never Regret What You Stand For!

will not conform

Friendships may come and friendships may go.
But at the end of the day, it is all about you.
Because no matter what people say,
to thine own self be true.

Never regret what you stand for.
And if you find yourself, standing alone,
hold your head high and don’t apologize
for staying true to your principles and for what you don’t condone.

You will not be liked by one and all.
And that is not why you are here.
For no one can live your life for you.
And those you thought were friends will somehow disappear.

So who can you turn to
when your friends have feet of clay?
You’re all that you need
to keep those wolves at bay!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

To those of you who are second guessing yourself because you feel the need to conform to the dictates of a fucked up society, don’t! If it is against what you stand for, then stand alone, if you have to. You are not here to please everyone and that can never happen anyway. So please yourself. If what you believe in your heart to be true, then go with it and don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself.

So-called friends will come and go. Hell! Even husbands and wives can come and go, so if that doesn’t tell you that nothing is lasting and that you cannot please everyone, not even the ones who have promised to love and honor and cherish you through good and bad times, then I don’t know what to tell you.  And though people may attempt to beat you down and make you feel bad over your beliefs, pay them no heed because at the end of the day, they must answer to their conscience and you must answer to yours.

I know I am not here to please everyone and I don’t even try. There are many who disagree with my stance on different issues and that’s fine but when I know in my heart that something goes against my principles, I’m having none of it.

And if you come up in here with some crazy mess, know this, I am going to shut it down. You don’t live my life and I don’t live yours. So, don’t even go there with me. I am not the one. Now then, I hope we understand each other. If you cannot put up with what you see in here, then by all means, keep it moving. But I am past fed up with some who think that they are going to come all up in here and takeover. Ain’t happening. If you didn’t know, now you know!

Most of you have your own blogs and if you want to argue against my stance so bad, take it up on your own blog. But I am all about ‘Blackness’, not ‘Blackish’, but ‘Blackness’. Everything else is secondary. So take your cross-eyed mess onto your own blog. Don’t bring it up in here. You are not going to turn my blog into a 3-ring circus. I am respectful when I comment on other peoples blogs and when I see something that I disagree with, rather than get bent out-of-shape, I leave it alone, but I am disrespected on my own goddamn blog and it is not going to continue happening. Am I making myself clear? Because if not, there will be some changes going on all up in here; quick, fast and in a damn hurry!

What Happened To Us Along The Way?


Somewhere along the way we got lost.
We strayed from the path of our forefathers.
And as women, we seem to be no longer aware
that we owe a legacy of love to our daughters.

We never flinched when our sisters were called ‘Hos’.
And we never thought anything of this disrespect.
Our men were not taken to task for their misogyny.
Now, of their daughters, we see only the neglect.

What happened to us along the way?
When did we become so jaded and so lost?
And have we ever stopped to wonder why?
Why we are now being made to pay the cost?

You live in a world of people who hate your guts.
And you give to them the respect you deny your mother.
Never do you stop to think that if the tables were turned,
would a white man ever stand up and be counted as your brother?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

This one speaks to all Black people because we have seriously lost our way when we as Black  women, answer to being called a “Ho!” And Black men, you should be ashamed of yourselves in calling Black women, ‘Hos’.  These women gave birth to you and the least you could do is show them the respect they deserve and what about your sons and your daughters? How are you setting an example for your sons when they hear you disrespect their mother and by doing so, you also disrespect your own daughter because if you can call the mother of your children out of their name, then you won’t mind when someone else does likewise to your own daughter. These issues need to be addressed because we need some unity in the Black community especially with all that is going down every single day. If we cannot depend on each other, who can we depend on?

We’d best wake the hell up because at the end of the day, who the hell else is caring about the Black family?

It’s Been A Hell Of A Ride!

I’ve not been here that long.
But the change is just so wrong.

Why break what is not broken?
As many have thus spoken.

This used to be my hangout.
Where I could give a shoutout!

I’m at the ‘trough’, am I? your bleedin’ eye!

What the hell! I ain’t no sow!
I take my food to go!

Kindly tell me what you mean.
‘Cause I really ain’t so green.

I can see what’s up your skirt.
And no, I’m not a flirt!

If you’re intent on being a jerk!
Then this site for me won’t work!

I’ll take my pen and go!
You’ll miss me, this I know.

No need to ban my ass!
I’ll leave here with some class.

With my dignity intact.
I’m a lady. That’s a fact!

I’ll miss my dear friend Blue.
Erich and Phuggy too.

Charlieb, you stole my heart.
Beej and I, we love our art.

DS, you are the man!
And I’m your biggest fan!

Crackhead, what can I say?
Don’t smoke your life away!

Cheryl, you’re a naughty lass.
But to you, I give a pass.

MsCYPRAH and her fro.
She always steals the show.

I love you one and all!
And so I leave before I bawl!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland