Life Is Just Too Short!

man was on death row

For thirty long years, I was a prisoner of the state.
Some, I spent on death row in contemplation of my fate.

I knew that I was innocent and that my brother was too.
But who listens to a Black man and I repeat the question, “Who?”

Can you imagine thirty years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit,
all the nightmares of my murder and the needle in me, they’d stick?

My family did what they could but their pleas were just not heard.
I thought I never would be free and now they say, my sentence’s served.

We were two scared teenage boys, wide-eyed and not real smart.
And then the white men screamed at us and they tore us both apart.

So, today there’s some technology that proved we did no wrong.
There’ll be no tears from those who kept me from where I did belong.

My family’s glad to see me and my brother hugged me tight.
I’m off to tell the kids today to always do what’s right.

I know I did no wrong but prison is no resort.
And I must steer the young away because life is just too short.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

NC half brothers freed after 3 decades in prison

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s longest-serving death row inmate and his younger half brother walked out as free men Wednesday, three decades after they were convicted of raping and murdering an 11-year-old girl who DNA evidence shows may have been killed by another man.

“I knew one day I was going to be blessed to get out of prison, I just didn’t know when that time was going to be,” McCollum said. “I just thank God that I am out of this place. There’s no anger in my heart. I forgive those people and stuff. But I don’t like what they done to me and my brother because they took 30 years away from me for no reason. But I don’t hate them. I don’t hate them one bit.”

What a big heart you have Mr. McCollum to forgive the taking of 30 years from you that you’ll never be able to get back and they know who did the crime but because you are Black and that automatically makes you guilty no matter how much you plead that you did no wrong, you were found guilty nevertheless, even after the person who allegedly committed the crime told the white officers that you and your brother were innocent. You were on death row, Mr. McCollum and you could so easily have been put to death and it is no thanks to the criminal justice system, no thanks at all. I am not as forgiving Mr. McCollum and so maybe, I have not learned one blessed thing from your big hearted forgiveness and your lack of anger because I am consumed with rage for what was done to you. And not just to you, but to so many, many others who are just like you, innocent and yet guilty because they are Black!

I Feel Your Pain! LMAO!

White supremacist house was spray painted, "Black Is Back!" LMAO!
White supremacist house was spray painted, “Black Is Back!”

Robert, thanks for posting this one as I have just got to have some fun with it. This message is for the ‘white supremacist’ dude who found out that he has African DNA. LMAO!!!

Dude, I feel your pain! As you can tell from my picture, I thought that I was Black and at one time, I defined myself as a Black supremacist, that is until a family reunion turned up so many white folks, I thought that I had mistakenly found my way to a ‘skin head’ rally. I was shocked and I wrote to the ‘Sopra Dimfrey Show’ and requested DNA testing because I no longer knew who I was. I had gone on for so many years, thinking that I was Black, a member of the superior race of people who hate anybody not looking like us. I denounced white folks day in and day out. I even donned a black sheet with eye slits and paraded up and down the streets shouting, “down with ‘crackas’, up with Black pride.” I went so far as to spray paint a neighbor’s house with the following message: “get out, we don’t want no ‘crackas’ here!” I moved into a ‘gated community’ to get away from those trashy whites who were bringing down the neighborhood and would you believe it? Those nasty ass whites followed me into my exclusive gated community. Unbelievable! How could they let such trash into gated communities? That was beyond the end of enough. I decided that I was going to take matters into my own hands and form a Black supremacy group that would go out and terrorize white folks and show them how hated and despised they were. I put up signs stating that this town was a “‘Blacks only town’ white trash get out!”

Nothing worked! Those nasty ass crackas just kept on moving in and destroying my Utopian neighborhood with their Starbucks on every damn corner and a goddamn dog park. Seriously! I’m like, “you crackas take better care of your dogs than you do most patients at a hospital.”

So, after going on the ‘Sopra Dimfrey’ Show, the bad news came back. DNA proved that I was, gasp! White!!! To say that I was shocked is THE understatement of the year! Every belief that I had held about myself as being superior was gone. When I got back to my community, someone had defaced my property with graffiti stating, “white trash, get out!” I was stunned! The next thing I know, I get a new census form and a letter accompanying it advising me to check all appropriate ethnicity boxes. What the hell!!! I couldn’t believe this shit! Someone had even checked the box ‘Caucasian’ for me.

Dude, my life ain’t been the same. Since DNA proved that I was white, I get credit cards in the mail. My credit score shot through the roof. I was invited on the Rush Limpballs show. John Mayer wants to date me. I was offered a job by George W. Bush, paying seven figures and the work was so easy, I was suspicious because how many people get paid seven figures to just listen to their boss say, “I did not commit war crimes.” I even met Twit Cheney and guess what, he shook my hand. Now, when Twit Cheney shakes your hand and introduces you to his friends at Haliburton, you just know that you got to be all THE shit! Male models are vying to ride shotgun with me. I get into the VIP section in restaurants. I’m invited to join country clubs. A whole damn world opened up for me that I had never known existed and all because of a goddamn DNA test that proved I was ‘white’. Damn! I guess I should not complain that I am no longer accepted by my brothers and sisters in the Black Supremacist Group. They said that I am just too damn white for them! It still hurts, but I gotta say, the perks I get for being ‘white’ more than make up for that shit. So dude, I know that you are ‘Black’ now, but hey! Since I’m in this great position, I’m gonna help you out. You can be! Hey! Don’t cry! It beats plantation life!

And Dude, remember this excerpt from a poem I came across!

“Why hate me for MY complexion?”
“This could have been YOUR reflection!”

Oops! Damn! My bad! I forgot we traded places. You’re now Black and I’m white! I guess it’s something to ‘what goes around comes around’ after all, eh? Now, stop crying, willya??? Just because you got my credit score and I’ve got yours, you’ll still be able to buy a car. Just go to this website.

Buy Your Dream Car—for Less Than $6000

I’ve already called ahead for you. I got you the hook-up! The dealership, because I sent you, is gonna throw in a brand spanking new 8-track tape player, a steering wheel AND brakes! Life is getting better for you by the minute! Now, buck up!