What Is Wrong IN My Life?


So many temptations to get me high,
Or could it be that I really want to die?

Sell me crystal meth, I’ve developed a need.
This shit is so good, even my demons recede.

When I drink it’s because I want to forget
all the horrible things I’ve come to regret.

And if I shoot up heroin,
don’t I know it’s a sin.

But it takes away the pain
Though, it’s all in vain.

These are the escapes that I do crave.
And yes to some, I give in; I cave.

What is wrong in my life?
Should I end it with a knife?

With so many voices in my head,
will they leave me when I’m dead?

When the pain of life gets too hard to bear,
the soul of man is filled with despair.

Note:I’ve tweaked this abit because those of us who love to write, for us, we can never get it ‘right’.

This one is about the ‘demons’ that many of us try to escape from. Life for many is just too damn horrible to contemplate, sober and in the U.S. alone, escapism by way of drugs has become an epidemic. Regardless of socioeconomic factors, it has crossed all barriers. It is not respective of income or education or even geographical location. People are using/needing drugs to escape from pain of the body, from the pain of the mind.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland


No darkness. Only light.
Nothing’s dim. It’s all so bright.

No one’s hurting. No despair.
No crime. Love’s everywhere.

No tears and not one fear.
No drunks. No bottles of beer.

No heroin and no crack.
No employee got the sack.

No pain and no disease.
No asthma, not one wheeze.

No enemies, only friends.
No open wounds to cleanse.

No earthquakes. No mudslides.
No threatening ocean tides.

No radioactive mess.
No tainted food we bless.

No lies are ever told.
No human being is sold.

No wars are ever fought.
No fossil fuel is sought.

No poverty. Only wealth.
All secure and in good health.

‘Utopia’, where are you?
I wish I had a clue!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland