Silence is not Golden, It is Acceptance

I have come to the realization that I am never going to be quiet and unobtrusive, shy and reticent, easily intimidated, overwhelmed by the outrageous and staggering wrongs that are perpetrated against people each and every single day all over the world to the point that it would make me just want to throw my hands up in the air in defeat. I will not accept that there is nothing that I can do. There is something that we all can do. For one, we can collectively realize that when others are being persecuted, mistreated, humiliated, killed because they are the wrong complexion and wore the wrong apparel, tortured and wrongfully imprisoned, we should no longer ignore what is going on as if it will never impact us. I ask you to take a look around you. Do you not see anything that is going on today that will never have the potential to affect you? Look really, really hard if you have to. Although, you shouldn’t have to because what is in store for us is already all up in our face. We cannot continue to pretend that what we see is just a passing phase, an anomaly that will soon right itself. Have you not heard that a disease does not get better with time just because it is ignored? It festers and worsens and if not treated will eventually destroy the body sort of like a parasite that eats its way through the system of the host and eventually kills it by sucking the very life out of it, leaving an empty shell.

When we allow ourselves to be taken in and taken over by what is fed to us, be it from the government, from the mainstream media which is controlled by corporations that have amassed fortunes by sucking the lifeblood out of people all over the world, we are allowing the parasite in. We are allowing the disease to take over with impunity and we are trying to ignore the symptoms by going on as though nothing untoward is happening. Even when it is right before our very eyes, we don’t question. We just accept because we have been brainwashed into not thinking for ourselves. We think ‘Survivor’ is a reality tv show and is not indeed, a reality for people, the world over. Many of us just blindly accept the mindless drivel that is shoved down our throat that passes for entertainment and so the disease of silence, doing nothing, ignorance and apathy spreads. The parasites suck another host until it is dead and moves on to find another one, crossing oceans, transcending borders all the while sucking the lifeblood out of every host. Sucking up everything in its path until eventually nothing is left, just an empty, hollow shell.

Let me put it another way. Are we not always at war? Is there not always a riot somewhere, a deposed government official somewhere? chaos, pandemonium, bedlam? That is happening because the people know that the disease of abuse, misuse of them is rampant. They understand that a parasite is eating away at their rights, their liberty, their very existence and they are doing whatever it takes to destroy the disease, kill the parasite before it takes them over completely. People all over the world are starting to see, to understand and to realize that to defeat the enemy is not to become like the enemy but to push back against the enemy that is common to us all, those select few who are the parasites, the takers, the abusers, the users, the callous, the depraved. Those of us who live in the United States cannot point fingers at China or anywhere else and get outraged over human rights abuses when we have the same thing being played out here. We have people wrongfully imprisoned for merely shedding light on lies, people who get away with murder while others languish in prison because we have a racist criminal ‘justice’ system, a rollback of the Civil Rights era, segregation by incarceration and inequality in education, pay, housing, and the list goes on and on.

I am ever hopeful that we can come together and unite in a world that is controlled by a select few who exploit the many and sacrifice us for their privilege. I will stand by silently no more. I will not host the parasite nor will I let the disease run rampant. With every breath that I take, I will stand in solidarity with others who are oppressed. I will be concerned and vocal about human rights abuses not only in America, but in India, in China, in Bangladesh. I will condemn my government for committing atrocities not only here, but in other countries as well. I will not sit in silent complicity when what I see is wrong.

And lastly, some question, “just what can I do?” Organize, galvanize, energize your community! Remember, the ripple in the pond began with one small stone and a movement was born. Will you continue to concede to host the parasite until all that is left is an empty, hollow shell to be fed mindless drivel and constantly lied to or will you too, throw a stone in the pond? Never stop writing! Never stop thinking! Never stop questioning! Never just accept and most of all never remain silent! Silence is not golden, it is deadly acceptance!


The screams are from my soul.

My body burns with a fever.

I shake from head to toe.

My fury knows no end.

An age old wisdom did not come easily.

I see the stark reality of the horror of our lives.

Crimes have been committed in the name of those who lied.

Cruel intentions are often met with violent reactions.

When have we not been at war with one another?

Have we never realized that we share a common bond?

Light filters through the darkness, contrast in stark relief.

We cowered in the night, hidden, trapped and waiting.

Until the cold morning light shown with a staring glare,

cruelty that was hidden from all the world to see.

No judgment cast on us will blight our giving nature.

We are bound by no contract. We only seek to aid.

Do not believe it. We do not come in peace.

We are the hunters. We are the beast.

We tear down and we rebuild that which we have destroyed.

We are benevolent and we mean you no harm.
Believe this not for we come like the greatest storm.

The helpless are worn down, we seek to build them up.

We are lovers of freedom, join us. We insist.

Global poverty is what we strive to end.
You will not go it alone, on this you can depend.

We are in your corner. That is where you want us to be.

If you are not with us, our wrath you must then face.
We insist you follow us and always know your place.

The world is ours and we make the rules.

We can force you into submission, this you do not want.
Your fields will be let fallow, your people crushed and gaunt.

My soul cries out in horror as we take and take and take.
I see a nightmare of suffering. Why can I not awake?

Cease the torture you do in my name!

I am shunned the world over and only you know why.
Powerless to break the war machine, I stand helplessly by.

I weep for you, and for those whom you will lose.
Our government will take from you everything it can use.

You will be left without a home, your birthplace destroyed.
While tears stream down my face when the missiles are deployed.

This is not done in my name, and yet I gave assent. I stood aloof.
I am defeated. I do not stand in glory. My broken body is the proof.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland