My God Is Color Blind!

burned church

I sing that old Negro spiritual
every time they come for me.
They drag my tired old body
down yonder to the lynching tree.

We pass by that old church
where we worshipped in your name.
They burned it to the ground.
All that’s left is just the frame.

I see that old confederate flag.
Sometimes I forget it’s there
But when they call me ‘nigger’,
I know it ain’t going nowhere.

Lest I do forget
let me recall to mind
that old Negro spiritual
“My God is color blind.”

I’ve lived through slavery and Jim Crow.
And I’m tired and in need of rest.
Take me in your arms Lord.
You know I did my best.

I sing this song, a song of love,
I won’t be burdened by hate no more.
The Lord will welcome me home.
I’ll be glad to see heaven’s door.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Investigators Probe Fires At 6 Black Churches In 5 Southern States

Fires damaged Glover Grove and some other black churches in the days following the murders at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, raising concerns that the incidents were hate-inspired arsons.

Glover Grove Baptist Church is nestled in a woody, quiet part of Warrenville, S.C., surrounded by trailer homes and old cars. The congregation is small, about 35 people, according to local reports. You have to look hard online just to find a phone number or an address.

Hours before President Obama spoke to a packed house in Charleston last Friday in another black church, delivering the eulogy for state Sen. Clementa Pinckney, Glover Grove Baptist Church burned to the ground.

It is one of at least six black church burnings in the South, all of which have taken place in the week-and-a-half since nine people were killed in Emanuel AME Church.

Whatever the cause of the Glover Grove fire, Adonica Simpkins says she will still be afraid. We asked her what it’s like to be a black person in South Carolina.

“I tell you what, I wouldn’t walk down this road. I wouldn’t walk down this road,” she said, sighing as she pointed down the road where Glover Grove sits. “It’s so much hate. You might walk down the road and hear the word n*****, for nothing. People used to be riding by, and just throw bottles at black folks.”

Less than half a mile from the church and Simpkins’ home, a Confederate flag waves on a front porch.

“We had another church that burned down, over across the woods there,”

And while we are busy celebrating same-sex marriage and worrying over fast tracking of the TPP, it is business as usual for Black people in this hellhole and I am supposed to give a damn because someone else feels that their rights are being violated? Seriously? Once again, walk a goddamn mile in MY shoes and then come talk to ME!

Black folks, I sincerely hope that there is indeed a heaven for if there is, you have certainly ‘earned’ your spot and my sincere hope also is that you need have no fear that you will meet up with those that have spewed nothing but hatred towards you because of the color of your skin and because you were dragged, unwillingly, to this shithole.

God Damned America To Hell!

Religion? In America? Hell nah! Because God damned America to hell!
Religion? In America? Hell nah! Because God damned America to hell!

Oh, so, you went to church today and got ‘religion’, did you? Fuck if you did! Ain’t no goddamn religion in these here Divided Snakes of Amurderer because God damned America to hell! You’re a lying piece of filth if you even think that you’ve got an inkling of what religion is all about. You’re fucking clueless because you think that if you bow your head and listen to some stupid ass prayer from some simple ass reverend that you’re good. You ain’t good! In fact, you so ain’t good! Your happy ass is hell bound, motherfucker! You see, you’re just another piece of worthless filth who is trying to pay their way through the pearly gates. Your reverend is a goddamn piece of shit ‘cause you’re paying him or her for services rendered; the service of assuring your worthless happy ass, a permanent spot in paradise once you blow your last breath out. Haven’t you heard? You can’t ‘buy’ your way into heaven motherfucker, oh no! You either get there on your own merits or you don’t get there at all. You go in the opposite direction. And I’ll save you some dough! You ain’t going to heaven, oh not at all. I don’t care what you do. The reason why you ain’t going to heaven motherfucker, and you know why, but you don’t want to admit to it, is because you’re a sorry, worthless, complacent, apathetic, useless piece of shit that ain’t even worth the dirt underneath your Louis Vuitton shoes and what’s more, you ain’t got a merit to stand on. That ant that you stepped on on your way into your ‘holy’ worshipping palace has a guaranteed spot in God’s holy place, but your ass won’t see it because you’ve already been rejected and don’t even act like you don’t know it.

Nothing can save your worthless ass from the hellfire that your reverend, is going on and on about. Oh that’s right, you’re listening so intently and hanging onto every word because you need that hope that once you’ve paid your tithes and bowed your head and repeated after the good reverend, that that is all you’ve got to do. Hell nah, motherfucker! You see, when was the last time that you gave a shit about anybody or anything other than your own worthless hide? I’ll tellya. On the twelfth of never! You more than likely drove by a homeless mother and child and spit and if you didn’t do that, then you looked the other way. When was the last time you actually gave a damn about the fact that children are hungry and are going to bed in warehouses? When was the last time you cared enough to call a prison warden and ask why are prisoners on hunger strikes? When was the last time you gave a thought to those who are without health insurance especially since you know what it feels like to be sick? When was the last time you told your representative that you were damn sick and tired of wars being started in your name over some bullshit? When have you ever realized that the reason why America is constantly minding some goddamn other country’s business is because you’re driving an SUV next door to the supermarket? Have you ever wondered why America’s military is stationed all around the world? Have you ever checked and found that the U.S. spends more on military useless shit than it does on anything else? Have you never wondered why drones are still raining down on the heads of people in foreign lands if Osama bin Laden is dead? Have you even thought to wonder why America does not want to get out of Afghanistan? Have you wondered why America is knee deep in starting shit in Venezuela? Hell no, you haven’t. You don’t fucking care because you’re just so goddamn religious, that shit just don’t concern you. You’ can’t be bothered because that would mean that you’d have to look up and see that it ain’t all mood lighting and sunbeams shining in your stupid, clueless face. You just might have to actually DO something about all the horrors that you see unfolding before your eyes that you just don’t want to see.

Church and religion is another escape route for you because then you think that by singing some hymns, that you can keep reality at bay. Sing a hymn and shit don’t look grim. Well, it’s grim, motherfucker, exceedingly grim. And what do you think you’re going to do when the bomb falls into your goddamn lap? You gonna sing a hymn? Is that going to stop your foolish ass from being vaporized? Are you gonna pretend that it’s a big ole smartphone and play with it? Probably, since Americans ain’t exactly displaying any God given sense these days. And you want to know why? Again, God damned these divided snakes of Amurderer. So, motherfucker, keep assuming that you even have a clue as to what ‘religion’ is all about when you don’t know a goddamn thing about religion. Keep telling yourself that religion is what’s keeping people from being homeless. If that were the case, then why are there over a million people walking around homeless in America on any given night? Keep telling yourself that religion is what’s keeping people fed. If that were the case, then why are so many children hungry when they get to school in the morning? Keep telling yourself that hospital emergency rooms are there to treat the uninsured sick. Of course you never heard about poor Anna Brown, a poor homeless woman, who died in police custody because she went to the hospital begging for help only to have the police called on her, taken to jail and died promptly on the jailhouse floor from blood clots in her leg. You didn’t hear about that because you were too busy attempting to buy your way into heaven by handing money to the reverend who will make sure that you pay dearly for your guaranteed spot.

You didn’t hear about the children in Iraq who are now orphans thanks to the good ole USofA. You didn’t hear about the civilians in Afghanistan who have been fucked up by the U.S. military, killed and had their body parts cut off and exhibited for trophies. You were busy trying to pay your way into heaven. You didn’t hear about the drones that have been raining down on innocent heads in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia because you’re just too religious to pay attention! You can’t be bothered by that piddling little shit. What’s that got to do with you? It’s got everything to do with you because it’s done in your goddamn name and what’s done in your name is going to register on YOU motherfucker on judgment day. So, if you think that you are religious, you’d better hop to waking the fuck up, opening your motherfucking eyes and saying, “woe motherfuckers, the shit stops now because I’m religious, SEE and I want my candy ass to get into paradise, I’ve paid enough for it!”

Yes indeed, God damned America and don’t even think that I am going to pretty any goddamn thing up anymore. The time for me to post poems about posies of pansies is long fucking gone, so if you think that you’re going to bring your candy ass in here and read some feel good shit, too fucking bad. It SO ain’t gonna happen. If you can’t handle fire, then stay the hell outta this goddamn kitchen, cause it’s smokin’ in here, SEE! You know about fucking religion, my ass!

“I Believe In Heaven And Hell!”

heaven and hell

The other day, a christian said,
“I believe in heaven and hell.”
I handed him a bag of ice,
and bid him fare thee well.

He thought that I was joking
and he laughed with so much glee,
it got me thinking to myself,
will he enjoy the devil’s tea?

If you want eternal life,
and a stately mansion too,
tell the preacher your desire.
He may promise it to you.

But remember, he is human,
and a sinner all day long.
He must answer for himself.
And his judgment could be wrong.

You say you’re going to heaven.
But that may not be the case.
I’ll keep this ice on hold
since I’m sure you’ll fall from grace.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

‘christians’, LMAO!!! One more week and I’ll leave ya alone!! This has been too much fun!!!

You Need Another Plan!

'Firearms sales rise with weapons a popular holiday gift'. "Another example of the charade of 'Christ'mas!
‘Firearms sales rise with weapons a popular holiday gift’.
“Another example of the charade of ‘Christ’mas!

He came, he saw and then he wept.
Jesus bowed his head and then he left.

The sadness struck deep, he’d given his all.
No one ever saw him; they were shopping at the mall.

He is the star of the show, but not in the parade.
Christmas is a farce; an expensive charade.

The birth of the savior was a savior ignored.
Just like the homeless, Jesus is abhorred.

Think not of others, keep doing what you do.
Go to your church and fill up the pew.

God loved the world and he sent his own son,
so that you can go out and purchase a gun?

Shoot your way to heaven, is that your aim?
If you find yourself in hell, who will you blame?

You love God, but you hate a homeless man?
Better do some thinking ‘cause you need another plan.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

‘A Child Was Born In Bethlehem’

The greatest story ever told

A child was born in Bethlehem, let all the world rejoice.
Go sing the songs of ancient lands; lift each and every voice.

A silent night, a holy night and peace did fill the earth.
We celebrate the dawn of the Christ child’s virgin birth.

Jesus was a poor man who healed the sick and broken.
“Blessed are the meek,” and truer words were never spoken.

He spoke of good Samaritans who should never turn away.
The good book tells his story, but is it how we live today?

No truth outlived his prophecy as he died to save us all.
And though we preach his word, we slither and we crawl.

Not unlike the snake that made Eve and Adam sin,
we turn our back on God and we listen to the jinn.

The Christians say they speak God’s truth and love their fellow man.
They lie, they cheat and steal and their greed; they’ll never ban.

Those who worship idols shall never see the Promised Land.
The Christians do not heed their loving God’s command.

Hypocrites and heathens are not bound for Paradise.
Fool yourself to death with your love of every vice.

Speak not to me for what I see are those whose lies grow bold.
And I will keep my distance from the christian’s evil fold.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Life And Love Everlasting


Trapped in a useless body without the strength to feed myself.

Sitting alone, frowning as muddled thoughts flutter through an ancient brain.

There is no one to visit me as I have nothing to offer youth.

A burden, that I am and don’t I know it when once I loved and was loved.

To look at me now, no one could countenance the carefree spirit I used to be.

The years, they take a toll, pressing upon me how quickly time does fly.

Treated with indifference, rough hands sponge me; not concerned if I should die.

Without comfort, no cheer to lift my spirits on each new dreary day.

I am at the mercy of a disinterested staff; who fails to understand that their day is yet to come.

Would that I could but leap from this wasted body and dance and twirl to my heart’s delight.

In my salad days, a veritable virago was I and as bubbly as the finest French champagne.

I sung to my heart’s content, met many a dashing fellow; stayed true to only one.

When my time has come, will I see him? Will he hold out his hand to me?
As I stand on the final threshold, teetering on the brink and afraid to cross over,
will I see my darling love or does life just simply end?

That tune I hear; it was our song. We often danced the night away.

Is that you, my Angel? So it is true! There is love; eternal, everlasting.

Together again, hand in hand; I am on the dance floor with you.

The years have dropped away as I look deep into your eyes.

That smile I knew so well is stretched across your handsome face.

Kiss me, my love and hold me. We are together once again.

Oh yes, there is love; true love, eternal and everlasting.

Arm in arm, we step unhesitatingly into a brilliant and heavenly light.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Those of you who have loved ones who are residing in nursing homes, please take the time to visit them. They are lonely and many of them are ill treated by the staff. Not only that, but they have most likely had the love of their life pass on and are even that much more lonely. I know that we are all busy in this helter-skelter world, but a few hours a week would help a lonely soul to get through another day when the only people they see on a daily basis view them as just a paycheck and not as a human being. Those lonely souls have feelings and scattered memories of days long gone. Love our seniors. They loved and cared for us and those whose memories have faded altogether would still appreciate a loving hug.

The Price of Greed!


If Hell is where the devil dwells and Angels fear to tread.
Then we are all just zombies in the land of the dead.

Greed destroyed us all and led to our demise.
We turned our back on love, the poor we did despise.

Wars became the tool that led us to this end.
An enemy we made out of what was once a friend.

Who can say we’re good when evil we embraced?
The plaque of human kindness was brutally defaced.

Silently we strode to the chamber of our death.
No whisper did we utter, nor did we take a breath.

We marched in mindless fashion down into the grave.
Defeated without mercy, no white flag could we wave.

Heaven does not wait for us, no pearly gates we’ll see.
If only we had known, greed paid the exit fee.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland