“Poverty Is A State Of Mind!” Said Housing And Urban Development Chief, Ben Carson

Poverty is a state of mind
because what does it really matter
to Trump’s new housing chief
who is really the Mad Hatter?

You can’t fool yourself into believing
that your hunger pangs aren’t real.
You just keep telling yourself over and over
that on your empty plate is a meal.

The thing about mind over matter
is that it really doesn’t work.
When you lose your job and home,
Ben Carson is gonna smirk.

You see, it’s really funny to him,
he who has no brains at all
that your mind can’t make you rich
like that brain dead Neanderthal.

But what really takes the cake
is that this fool is the head of HUD.
He’s responsible for housing the poor,
I guess in houses made of mud.

This supposedly brilliant brain surgeon
says that “poverty is a state of mind.”
How in the hell did he operate on brains
when he is so obviously blind?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

“I think poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind,” said HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

For the love of !!!!! Let me get this straight. If I lose my ‘good’ paying $7.25 an hour minimum wage job at Micky Ds because of automation and I told my landlord that I’m really not of a mind to be poverty stricken and homeless and so could he please accept my ‘great state of mind’ as payment for rent due, who in unholy hell thinks that my ass would not be sitting out on the streets in no time flat??!!!

If I lost my ‘great’ paying job at GM due to robotics taking the job and I could no longer afford the mortgage on my house, how about I go to the bank and tell them that I’m not of a mind to be poor and homeless and so could I just ‘bank’ on that mindset to get me to be able to stay in my home? What the hell is the banker going to say to that? “Get the hell out of my office with that bullshit and start packing!” That’s what the banker is going to say.

What the hell is wrong with us when we can hear this type of tripe and there not be an uproar? It is already bad enough that I’ve had to hear of Donald Trump’s budget proposal that guts food stamps, Medicaid and he’s even going after the disabled which should surprise no one seeing as how he made fun of the disabled on the campaign trail. But as usual, the apathetic and complacent Americans just sit back and wait until the shit hits the fan for their ass in particular in order to get to wailing and moaning. And we had the nerve just a few months ago to post some shit about, “When first they came for the Muslims, but I wasn’t a Muslim and blah, blah, blah…” And now, they’ve come for the food insecure, the sick and disabled and what are we doing about it? The usual. Not a goddamn thing, the apathetic and complacent shits we are! GEEZUS Goddamn Christ, I fucking give!!!

Oh and before I forget, Ben Carson also stated that people who have to make use of HUD public housing and Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers should “not live comfortably!” Believe me, they are doing anything but. And I have the pictures to prove it!

This was the result of a serious roof leak. I toured this apartment complex and 6 roofs caved in and management did not evacuate the people in the affected apartments because who the fuck cares about those people? These people did not have a ceiling left. But I suppose in the eyes of Ben Carson, this HUD Section 8 apartment was still too comfortable.
The leak in this apartment was so bad, the carpets had to be removed and the tenants had placed buckets down to capture the water. But of course, this is ‘comfortable living’, according to HUD Secretary Ben Carson


This is what was left of the sink and the kitchen. The pipe. Real ‘comfortable’ isn’t it? I’d want to live here! I’m sure Ben Carson would.
Great ceiling lighting. Not much ‘mood’ lighting. But who needs to be ‘comfortable’?
Here, we have ants coming from a panel in the hallway. ‘Comfortable’ living for ants anyway.
This ceiling leak is in a bathroom. You can ‘comfortably’ take your shower or bath knowing that the upstairs tenant’s filthy bath water could cascade down on you at any time. This feature will never appear in ‘Better Homes And Gardens’. For sure!


Does your bathtub come with a ladder? This one does. Will this bathroom get featured in ‘Better Homes And Gardens’? Never fucking mind. We ALL know the answer to that one! Fuck Ben Carson!

So, there you have it folks, ‘comfortable living’ as established by HUD Secretary, Ben Carson. He’s ALL heart, don’t cha know! Each picture here was taken in a HUD approved housing complex of some sort. Each had passed inspection and was deemed safe, sanitary and decent. This is what is considered living extremely well to the point of being ‘too goddamn comfortable’ by Ben ‘asshole’ Carson’ Fuck that house negro!

Black Lives Don’t Even Matter To Blacks!


blacklivesmatter and bernie sanders



Bernie Sanders leaves Seattle stage after event disrupted by Black Lives Matter protestersSanders was the final speaker on a long program held at a city park. Shortly after he took stage, a small group of protesters from a Seattle chapter of Black Lives Matter took the microphone and demanded that the crowd hold Sanders “accountable” for not doing enough, in their view, to address police brutality and other issues on the group’s agenda.

After sharing a few local grievances with the crowd, including school disparities and gentrification in Seattle, the protesters asked for a period of silence to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown being shot and killed during a confrontation with a police officer in Ferguson, Mo.

I will believe in the legitimacy of the #BLACKLIVESMATTER ‘movement’ when I see concrete evidence that according to the group, Black lives really do matter, but to-date, I have seen no evidence of that.

Disrupting Bernie Sanders as he speaks at an event in Seattle is not going to prove that this group really believes that Black lives do indeed, matter. Au contraire! When the group, instead of disrupting political events,  begins to focus on SOLUTIONS to the problems that plague Black lives in America, then and only then will I take the group seriously and again, as of yet, I see nothing to make me take this group seriously. Au contraire!

When #BLACKLIVESMATTER begins to hold Blacks accountable for the $1.1 trillion dollars that flows through our hands each and every year straight to the whites, Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, etc., and to hold Blacks accountable for instead of pooling our money together to build and open our own grocery stores, banks, medical institutions and start other businesses that are Black-owned, Black supported and that lift up Black communities, we take that money and AGAIN, give it to the whites, the Koreans, the Chinese and every other group and then we wonder why we need Section 8 vouchers, I will start taking the #BLACKLIVESMATTER group, seriously. We wonder why we need food stamps. We wonder why we need Medicaid. We wonder why we need someone to wipe our nose for us. If we didn’t take our money and run right out and buy that new pair of Timberland boots, run out and buy the latest Nikes to come down the pike, run right out and buy designer label after designer label, run right to the Chinese Carryout, run to the Korean liquor store, run to the Korean nail and hair salon, and instead invest our dollars in building up our own communities as in starting food co-ops, housing co-ops, credit unions and the like, we would have something. We would not need to show our ass to get attention from those that we insist should do our fighting for us. We have got to fight for ourselves. It should be crystal clear by now that no one is going to fight our battles for us. No one is going to make us matter until we start acting like we matter. And we are not doing that. We are doing the opposite. All Black people are not ignorant. We have the potential to become doctors, lawyers, judges, bankers, franchise owners. It is not that other groups are smarter than us. It is just that we look to movements and marches and groups and organizations like the NAACP to do for us when that is SO not happening.

A ‘movement’ is not a hash tag, nor is it spouting off at the mouth and displaying your ignorance. The group’s collective ignorance is not hard to see. This group is nothing more than a joke and not a very funny one at that; it is a travesty and the tragedy is that many Black people are falling in line with this joke because #BLACKLIVESMATTER is just a diversionary tactic, set in place to divert Black people from what really matters. If Black people woke up to what they could collectively do on their own, they would be a force to be reckoned with but if ‘the powers that be’ continue to write the script and pound it into us daily that if instead of realizing and recognizing what we should be doing, we instead allow ourselves to be sidetracked by some made up hash tag with a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with Black people making gains in America, we will continue to never realize our potential. And this is all done by design. Find out who is sponsoring the group; financing the group. Find out why the group is only making noise, but is lacking in any substance. Why is the group focused not on building up Black people, but instead seems hell bent on solely getting a message to, I really don’t know who, that #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Black lives are never going to matter to the whites, that should be well understood by now. It is time that Black people took a stand and stood up and came together to help Black people. No one can solve all of our problems for us. We have to take some responsibility for what becomes of us. We know the white man is hell bent on trying to eradicate us and since that is a fact, why would a group, #BLACKLIVESMATTER continue to tell Black people to march to the same whites that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and all the other Black people marched to in the 1960s? What has been accomplished if Black people are still to this very day, marching to the same group that they’ve been marching to for over 50 years? What is wrong with you? Why is it that the Koreans can come to America and work together and open up their own businesses? The Pakistanis do it. The Chinese do it. Every other group can get their act together, but we cannot. I do realize that we got our start in America as slaves, but our ancestors had it worse than we do and we know this and yet, we make a mockery of their memory because if they could see how far we have not come as a race of people, they would be outraged and ashamed because as many of us that the white man kills, we are also on the streets doing his job for him. Is this really necessary? By now, we should not still be marching to the white man, begging for some relief or joining some jumped up ignorant screaming fools that simply crave attention and only manage to make themselves appear ridiculous and yes, ghetto. Will we never get it?

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, you cannot expect to get different results by continuing to do the same thing over and over again. You are going to get the same results. Stage another protest and what has that accomplished? Petition City Hall to close down some more streets and parade all up and down the streets of America and what has that accomplished? I’ll tell you what it has accomplished. It has accomplished tired, aching feet and shoes with worn down soles and that is all. Your limp ass protest signs dating back to the 1960s are just as irrelevant today as they were back then. What has changed? Jim Crow? Jim Crow is throughout this land. Where do you live, Black folks? Are you rubbing shoulders with the whites? Or are you segregated in Black communities? Are your children rubbing shoulders in school with their white counterparts? How many Black-owned businesses are you entering? Can you not easily tell when you have entered a so-called ‘white neighborhood’? And why is that? It is because you are still just as segregated today as when Jim Crow laws were first put on the books. Still think that you can drink out of any water fountain? Take your Black ass inside an exclusive country club asking for a glass of water and see what you get for your troubles. Walk by a ‘gated community’ and see how fast the cops show up either before or after some vigilante has mucked up your day or night.

Black lives will only matter when Black people finally decide that their lives really do matter. We should not need Black lives to matter to the whites. That is never going to happen. We as Black people must first matter to ourselves and we don’t. We don’t like our hair. We don’t like our own people because their skin is too dark or their skin is too light or they talk too ‘white’ or too ‘Black’ or they don’t have the ‘cool’ clothes  or the ‘cool’ smartphone or some such nonsense. When will that shit cease to matter? When Black lives really matter and not just junk that we buy, then and only then can we go about the business of accomplishing something worthwhile. And the #BLACKLIVESMATTER group matters not, nor is it helpful or relevant to the awakening that must first take place in the heart of each and every Black person in America. You’ve got to matter to you. It is not about how much you matter to someone else. Matter to yourself and maybe then, you will change your perception of what is important and realize that it is not about Timberland boots and Nikes and rims and fake nails. And remember, the reason why we are doing so poorly as a people in America is because we are divided. And you know the saying. “Together, we stand, Divided, we fall.” And that is why Black America, we are falling. It is because we do not stand together!

#BLACKLIVESMATTER cannot stop you from falling. That movement will not catch you because that is not what #BLACKLIVESMATTER is all about. Do your own research. Educate yourselves and stop listening to the lies. Stop reading the script of others and write your own. Make your life matter and in the process, maybe then, you will understand that if your life matters, then so does your neighbor who is also more than likely Black, and together, you can start a ‘constructive’ movement. You will not need a Section 8 voucher that pays some unconcerned white landlord hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to house you in the poorest section of town, the “Black section.” Is #BLACKLIVESMATTER addressing this issue? Is #BLACKLIVESMATTER addressing the inner city school-to-prison pipeline? Is #BLACKLIVESMATTER addressing the Black child poverty rate? The Black unemployment rate? Is #BLACKLIVESMATTER using its donations to build safe, decent, affordable housing because that government backed HUD mess certainly isn’t working. HUD doesn’t give a damn where you live or even if you live. Why do you think congress takes more money from HUD each year? It is because HUD is a failure. It is a gigantic black hole that swallows taxpayer money and there is no return on that investment. Don’t believe it? Don’t take my word for it. Read this!

I say, “Black Lives don’t even matter to Blacks!” Make a liar out of me, I dare you!

This Apartment Has Lots Of Am’ant’ities

ants 1 As you can see, this HUD subsidized apartment comes complete with its own ‘ant’ colony. All set up and waiting for you. It even passed inspection, so you don’t have to worry if they are those nasty, vicious ‘fire ants’. These are just your harmless, garden variety type.

bathroom ceiling one< Here, we have an extra bonus! A detachable bathroom ceiling just in case your water pressure is not enough, the upstairs tenants have no problem sharing their bath water with you. As it cascades down on you, enjoy the exhilarating feeling of someone else's filth. Just keep plenty of soap handy and remember this did pass inspection, so I'm sure there is nothing to worry about as far as infectious diseases from the upstairs tenant is concerned.

tub with ladder< This unit also comes with a ladder in your tub and according to the tenant who was in the unit, they did not know whether to treat it as a 'Wisconsin Dells' water splash adventure or what. They just know that it took over a month to turn their bathroom from a 'theme park' like atmosphere into a bathroom again.

In all seriousness, this is not how people should live. This unit did not have a 'Certificate of Occupancy' which is required in order for a HUD Section 8 Voucher to be issued, in other words, this was an 'unlawful occupancy'. The tenant who occupied this unit has paperwork from the City Inspections Division and Tenant Landlord Court declaring the unit unsafe due to electrical hazards and serious plumbing issues.

So HUD, is this really the best that your agency can do to ensure that people who are clients of your program are in safe, decent and sanitary housing, not to mention passed 'Housing Quality Standards' and is this the best that you can do with regards to making sure that taxpayer money is not ending up in the coffers of slumlords? Because from where I sit, it doesn't look like it.

Footnote:I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who are sharing their Housing and Urban Development related stories with me. I will continue to keep this in the spotlight.

“Attention! HUD(Housing and Urban Development)Employees, Do You Live Like This?

buckets of waterno kitchenroof collapse 2roof collapse 1
The pictures are extremely revealing as to how taxpayer money is being thrown at slumlords who are receiving subsidies and who are not keeping their units up to code. This is just one instance among millions. HUD employees would NOT live like this and yet, they have no problem with others who must. Partial roof collapses are serious and to have this occur shows a lack of preventive maintenance inspite of escalating rent.

The people who lived in the unit were not forced to leave until after another tenant contacted the Fire Department and apprised them of the situation. They were dispatched, went through the building and not only condemned that unit, but condemned nine others. The management of this apartment complex had no problem with the tenants living in this unit not having a kitchen sink and half of their apartment destroyed. As you can see, buckets were still capturing the water that was seeping from the roof leak. The floor coverings had to be taken up as it was carpeted and drenched. Management should have known better and yet, it took the Fire Department to condemn the units and initiate repairs which included new roofs for not one, not two, but six buildings in this particular complex. Each building was receiving HUD subsidies.

After reading the bio of Shaun Donovan, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development about his…well..I’ll let you read it for yourself…

Secretary Shaun Donovan

On January 26, 2009, Shaun Donovan was sworn in as the 15th United States Secretary for Housing and Urban Development.

He has devoted his career to ensuring access to safe, decent, and affordable housing, and has continued that effort in the Obama Administration. Secretary Donovan believes that America’s homes are the foundation for family, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and job creation.

His tenure as HUD Secretary has reflected his commitment to making quality housing possible for every American. Sworn in at a time when the foreclosure crisis had devastated American families, under Secretary Donovan’s leadership HUD has helped stabilize the housing market and worked to keep responsible families in their homes. The agency has instituted reforms that have solidified the Federal Housing Administration’s financial position and protected the taxpayer

…looks really good in print, but the reality is anything but and those who work at HUD, including Secretary Donovan know this.

This is really good PR!
I am sure that the homeless person in this photo op for Public Relations was warmed and comforted by the knowledge that Secretary Donovan deigned to notice him without a home. Although, to be fair…maybe, just maybe..Secretary Donovan was about to offer him an apartment just like the one shown in the pictures above. After all, the homeless person would be INside, well..wouldn’t he?
shaun & homeless

…and so I ask of HUD employees, are you willing to trade YOUR homes for the safe, sanitary and decent dwelling pictured at the top of this blog? I didn’t think so!

A Housing Problem? What Housing Problem?

bank 2bank 1
Seriously? We have a housing problem? The only reason why we have a housing problem is because of greed! Plain and simple!! We have bank-owned and government owned houses just sitting vacant while homeless people are sitting outside with ‘vacant’ expressions on their faces. We have people rotting in ‘warehouses’ called homeless shelters when houses are just waiting for someone to enter them and make them a home. The only reason these houses are empty is because of sheer, unmitigated greed and we all know that. Wall Street is making a killing while Main Street is reeling.

We have an agency that was created to house the poor, HUD(Housing and Urban Development)and yet those who work at HUD cannot figure out how to match houses with those who need them. The concept is already there. Thirty percent of a person’s income and the balance subsidized by HUD. Yet, HUD would rather throw taxpayer money away on slumlords who then laugh all the way to the bank when people could eventually get off the program through ‘Supportive Home Ownership’. It is not a novel concept. Let’s take a look at something:

Mortgage amount: $ 100,000
Mortgage term: 30 years or 360 months Interest rate: 4 % per year Mortgage start date:03/10/2013
Monthly Payments: $ 477.42

The homeowner’s payment would be 30% of their income and the rest subsidized by HUD(this is how Section 8 works), thereby giving the homeowner the ability to put aside funds for upkeep and taxes. Although many would most likely qualify for tax relief. This would build better neighborhoods, prevent boarded-up houses from being used by drug dealers and would keep people in homes where they would want to take care of them because of buying as opposed to renting. Residential neighborhoods where the majority of houses are owner occupied are in much better shape than rental-based neighborhoods.

Since many families never leave HUD subsidized housing, and subsidies just continue ad infinitum, why not focus more on home ownership? This would eventually drop people from the HUD subsidized list as the home would eventually be paid for. The system is not working now, so why continue with that which is broken and is not really solving the huge problem of homelessness and housing the poor? It makes no sense. In many cases, landlords are paid by HUD anywhere from $700 a month to well over $2,000 a month, year after year.
Again, why should this be the scenario?

MIAMI — Officially, there are 3.5 million homes for sale nationwide. But there are millions more lurking in the shadows — hidden neatly away on banks’ balance sheets, stalled in foreclosure court proceedings or simply occupied by nonpaying owners as lenders wait months or years before taking action.

The housing market’s ballooning shadow inventory — buoyed by a yearlong foreclosure slowdown — stands as the most menacing obstacle to the recovery of the residential real estate market.

Clustered mostly in hard-hit cities and states, there are more than 4.5 million homes either owned by lenders or headed for foreclosure. In Miami, for example, there are about 200,000 shadow homes, dwarfing the 30,000 properties that are listed on the active market.

Bank of America has owned a small two-bedroom on Northwest 80th Street in Miami since August 2008, when it repossessed the home from the estate of Lucile Moore. Three years later, the property isn’t listed for sale on the open market, part of the bank’s growing collection of unlisted properties. Bank of America didn’t respond to a request for comment about this property.

The bank hasn’t paid last year’s $2,000 property tax bill. That’s an occasional side effect of having behemoth financial institutions as property owners. In foreclosure-riddled Cleveland, financial institutions owe millions in overdue property taxes and grass-cutting fees for vacant and abandoned homes.

“I’ve seen plenty of cases where the banks don’t take care of the homes and we have to take them into court to try and get them to pay the fees,” said Mark Parks, projects manager of the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office in Ohio.
Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2011/10/16/127042/millions-of-homes-lurk-on-bank.html#storylink=cpy

Obviously, there is a serious problem when banks are not paying the taxes on bank-owned property, nor are they keeping the property in good condition for resale. So, keeping the properties on the bank’s balance sheet as an asset(albeit, a non performing one) is just plain greed as opposed to working with people in order to help them stay in their homes or help people buy a home. And who is profiting by this and who is being adversely impacted? Once again, greed rules the day!

And yet, we have a housing problem? Only because we WANT to have a housing problem due to greed because it is so much better to ‘warehouse’ people in filthy homeless shelters and slumlike rental units than to help poor people obtain ‘home ownership'(that they can afford), well..isn’t it?

HUD(Housing and Urban Development)Taxfunded and Broken

section 8 housing
HUD is a program that was implemented to assist low income families, seniors, and disabled people, to find decent, safe, sanitary, AFFORDABLE housing. Through the use of Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, a ‘voucher’ holder can find an apartment/house that is being rented by a landlord who will accept it and all the requirements that go along with accepting this taxpayer funded subsidy. Once the tenant locates a landlord willing to accept the voucher, they enter into a contract(lease)for one year. The unit must first pass inspection before HUD will start making payments. If the prospective tenant moves in before HUD inspects the unit and the unit fails, the tenant is then responsible for the full of amount of the rent. The unit must pass a HQS(Housing Quality Standards)inspection. If the unit does not pass inspection, the prospective landlord and tenant are informed and the tenant must continue the search. Landlords are not required by law to accept the subsidy.

I have spent some time, tirelessly trying to get tenants who are living in HUD subsidized housing to speak out about their living conditions. Many people think that just because a poor person is being housed, they should have no complaints. My advice to you would be to ‘walk a mile in their shoes’ then talk. I have observed serious roof damage, cave-ins of ceilings, rodent infestation, broken appliances, serious electrical problems and the list goes on and on.

Posted is a picture of a HUD subsidized apartment that had a partial roof collapse and the resulting damage. The people who occupied the unit were not told to leave by the landlord even though the collapse caused such damage that they no longer had a kitchen, closets or faucets and water was dripping from the ceiling in numerous places, it was completely unsanitary. Safe and decent? Please! The landlord never missed a HUD payment. However, when notified by the city inspections department, the city cited the landlord and the tenants were then told to leave as the unit was condemned.

HUD can and should do better than this. Eradicating homelessness by providing decent, affordable, sanitary and safe housing should be THE number one priority of HUD, but from what I have observed, it is anything but.