Don’t Listen….


As you place your presents underneath a dead tree,
forget about the homeless and their children who are hungry.

While you laugh and sing over brandy and champagne,
forget about the addicts that are strung out on crack cocaine.

When you visit friends and relatives to exchange your gifts,
forget about the tired workers that have worked two shifts.

Since you can’t be bothered to count one blessing,
forget about the prisoners that were tortured into confessing.

Whereas you are privileged and cocooned in your little world,
don’t listen to the prophecy that a messenger will herald.

Ignorance will no longer be bliss and neither will it shield,
all from what is coming and soon shall be revealed.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Let’s Fucking Celebrate!

Throw a hotdog on the grill for him. It'll end his homelessness.
Throw a hotdog on the grill for him. It’ll end his homelessness.

So, you want to honor the grateful war dead?
But you never put an end to why so many tears are shed.

Stop feeding the warmongers lust for power.
We fight for some shits who sit in an ivory tower.

Why the hell is ‘friendly fire’ such a fucking good thing?
And ‘collateral damage’ has a great sounding ring!

Get that goddamn modified hotdog down.
And wave a ‘made in China’ flag all over town.

What is there really to celebrate?
America’s desperate need to dominate?

Homeless vets walk the goddamn streets.
And here you sit eating Memorial Day treats.

What a goddamn way to memorialize the dead,
by ignoring homeless vets who are fucked up in the head.

You celebrate the rich who are swilling champagne,
while the families of the fallen are living with the pain.

Enjoy this holiday and throw some meat on the grill.
While those who made it home, don’t have a decent meal.

You’re so fucking hypocritical when you celebrate this day.
And tomorrow, a homeless vet, won’t have a place to stay!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Yeah! Let’s fucking celebrate! ‘Cause ain’t a goddamn veteran, homeless, hungry, mentally ill and some more shit! So, let’s fucking celebrate how fucking grateful we are to those who’ve died all over some bullshit and for those who make it back home, we are so fucking fine with their status of being fucked up and homeless. Eat a goddamn hot dog for THEM!! Fire up the grill and then pass some more laws tomorrow to make it more and more difficult for them to be homeless.

America is filled with some stupid ass shits! And I ain’t fucking bragging, I’m just fucking sayin’!!! We are celebrating!!!!

“Russia! Level This Shithole Already!”

Dumitru Duduman-Russian-invasion-of-america-mystery-babylon

I want to thank all the Russian visitors that are reading this here blog! Please make a note that there are at least 25 of us Americans who do know that Russia is not responsible for what is occurring in Ukraine. Those 25 of us also know who IS responsible for the Neo-Nazi shit stirring that was unleased in Ukraine. We also recognize that Crimea has elected to return to Mother Russia and we are most happy with that decision as that is what democracy is all about. You see, here in America, we have no idea what democracy is all about because if we did, we would be wailing and screeching from every dilapidated bridge about the fact that we have no fucking rights left. We should be wailing and screeching in front of every federal, state and local building that was paid for by our tax dollars that those assholes in Washington are pissing away in Ukraine because we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, homeless, jobless and hungry.

The stupid military shits shouldn’t even be manning the torpedoes, so to speak, but they are because those military shits are so stupid that even with their families starving due to the low military wages and a recent cut, AGAIN, in food stamps, the fucking stupid military shits are still going at it. Apparently, they just love fighting for the sake of fighting wars started by rich fucks that sit around making a killing off destruction. I know! I know! Not a bit of this is making sense. You see, that’s the problem. Nothing in America makes sense. We’re not about making sense these days. Hasn’t been a lick ‘o sense being displayed for some time now, at least outside of the 25 or so Americans that are aware of what the hell is going on, but who can’t pry the millions of Americans away from their tools of distraction. I am absolutely certain that at least 98 percent of the stupid Americans couldn’t even tell you where Ukraine is, much less where Crimea is. Yep, we got some real dumb fucks over here in America, never you doubt it. But then, you already know that because why else would we silently go along with what this fucked up government is trying to get started all the way over there where you guys are? You see, Americans like to pop ‘happy’ pills and play all day. Many are just not up to the task of using their brain and many have forgotten that they even have a brain as that is what their ‘smartphone’ is for.

Even though most of our bridges are about to collapse and many of our roads end in sinkholes and our electric grid is antiquated and our water is polluted thanks to fracking, chemical spills and whatnot and even though entire towns have been wiped off the map due to pollution levels so bad the situation could no longer be ignored by the EPA and you should understand that the EPA officials usually just can’t be bothered to concern themselves with the health and safety of the environment. Hell! The environment don’t mean shit to the EPA, but of course, to be fair, the EPA’s hands are tied up, good and tight. But nevertheless, we’ve got so many serious issues that need to be addressed here in America and the thing is, they’re never going to get addressed. Wanna know why? The reason being that since the majority of Americans are pill popping, hypnotized brain dead zombies and filled with American exceptionalism, there’s no hue and cry coming from them, so why should their ‘elected’ officials fucking care about the fact that millions of Americans are hungry, jobless, homeless and sick? We got ourselves a big old case of austerity going on, but we can somehow find money to fund the war machine and to pretend like we’re coming to the ‘aid’ of another country that’s just so hard up and all, you know, like what’s going down in Crimea? America has plunked billions down in Ukraine because Ukraine is so in need and America is so goddamn benevolent and caring and concerned and considerate. And if you buy that load of horse shit, put down the smartphone ’cause you obviously ain’t using your brain! America don’t give shit without some serious ass strings attached.

Make no mistake, we ain’t about no peace and we ain’t about playing fair and square. America never has played fair and square like. Ask the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala, Iran, Syria, and the list just goes on and on and on. And now, what is standing between total world dominance by the fucks that run America? Yep, you guessed it! Russia! If Russia, Brazil, China, India and South Africa decide to do away with the American dollar, well that puts paid to America’s ass and the fucks that run this sinking stinking shithole barge ain’t hardly happy about that! Oh hell no! So now, they’ve got to fuck with Russia and let’s not forget that the Obama Administration is still pissed off over Russia coming to the rescue when Obama drew a redline with Syria and the fact that Russia is harboring Edward Snowden. You guys ain’t making the American elected shits look good and they can’t have that. They’re starting to show cracks around the edges and now that 25 Americans ain’t buying what Washington is selling, the elected shits are thinking that people in other countries are going to realize that America ain’t about shit and can’t even keep its own house in order, which it can’t, but that fact isn’t supposed to be well-known.

So as you can see, we do indeed got some problems here in America, but you wouldn’t think so because we’re not concentrating on what needs to be done to prop up America. We are just too busy inserting our nose in places where it’s not wanted. America’s political shits just got to have their hand in every country’s cookie jar, stealing everything that ain’t nailed down and absconding with it. America is swimming in debt to the tune of $16,787,451,118,147 and yet, America has money to throw around in Ukraine? Yep, because America just creates money out of thin air. The entire economic system of America is a magician’s dream; a magic act and like all magic shows, it must come to an end. And that is why; I beseech you guys in Russia to put an end to this freak show, once and for all. The world is tired of America. The world can’t afford America because what America wants from the world is just, EVERYTHING! Get to the business of ending the reign of this shithole called, America before it ends the world. Would ya? Thank you!

For every…..

Five years and sixty-five days of evil and it shows!
Five years and sixty-five days of evil and it shows!

For every drone strike that you authorize,

For every detainee denied due process,

For every country that you sanction,

For every coup that you initiate,

For every hungry child in America,

For every homeless soul on the street,

For every senior choosing medicine over food,

For every whistleblower imprisoned or in exile,

For every death that is the result of your policies,

For every person who went to the polls and voted

For hope and change and for a better America,

And got screwed, here’s looking at you, MURDERER!

And may the dead continue to plow deep lines into

Your motherfucking punk ass bitch puppet face!

Now Fuck YOU!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I Heave A Sigh!


I heave a sigh for the hungry children,
who will go without a meal tonight.
I heave a sigh for the sick, old man,
who’ll be dead before morning’s light.

I heave a sigh for those who are jobless.
And for the ones who are out on the street.
I heave a sigh for those who are in cages
and for whom the word freedom, is obsolete.

I heave a sigh for a world in distress
because the needs of the many aren’t met.
I heave a sigh for the broken and forgotten
and for the homeless Vietnam vet.

I heave a sigh because my pen runs dry.
My voice is silenced by a deafening snore.
I heave a sigh because I don’t understand
why we cannot help the weak and the poor.

…..I heave a sigh!!!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Food stamps have been cut AGAIN! The hunger problem in America is about to get even worse as food shelves are already stretched. The programs that help those in need, including children, are being gutted every time there is a new budget deal struck between America’s two sets of thugs, the DemocRATS and the ReTHUGniCONS! The military budget is more important because killing will always remain America’s top priority. And for those who are caught up in a never ending struggle for survival amidst all the lavishness and decadence displayed by the ‘powerful’, who grin at your plight and spit in your face, I heave a sigh and my pen is drained from bemoaning your fate!

What Will It Take?

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When times have gotten tough,
words just aren’t enough.

And when congress spits on you,
what if anything, will you do?

If you’re unemployed and old,
you are lazy, so you’re told.

If you’re hungry and you’re weak,
they say, you’re on a losing streak.

If the best that you can do, doesn’t land you on your feet,
the next step that you take will be out onto the street.

When the ones who represent you are well fed and doing fine,
they’re pissing on your children and you still won’t draw the line.

They always make it seem as though your plight is all your fault.
And you just close your ears and starve and keep taking their assault.

When will you learn that things won’t change if you just wish them all away?
Will you ever figure out that hard times are here to stay?

No, words are not enough and though you hold onto hope,
our future looks too bleak for most of us to cope.

What will it take to stir you up and get you all to see,
that those who make the rules will never care about you and me?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

As I continue to ask the same questions relative to what is the American populace going to do about the fact that extreme poverty and hard times are the new norm thanks to their congressional ‘representatives’ pissing on them while insisting that it is merely raining, the American electorate is either in a catatonic state or in a comatose state. In the face of overwhelming poverty that is being inflicted upon millions of Americans, there is not a peep, not even a feeble cry from the afflicted, the affected and the impacted.

Yes, I know that America is the pill popping capitol of the world so that would account for the catatonic state of many and since the general consensus is that many are brain dead, then that would also, account for what’s left to be in a comatose state. So, never mind then, carry on!

“God Bless!”

man put out after Thanksgiving meal

“What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” James 2:14-18

Even though the cameras are not rolling and the volunteers have put the last dish away and the homeless have been sent on their way, the problem remains. That one meal will not take them through tomorrow and the day after that. When the holidays are over, the holidays that shine a light on the homeless and the hungry. What then? Turn out the lights, close the door and the homeless are out of sight and out of mind, once again? Until next Thanksgiving and Christmas? Many volunteers have that ‘feel good’ feeling of an accomplishment because for one day, they actually rolled up their sleeves and dished up some mashed potatoes for the homeless at a shelter and so the hard part is over, right? Nope! Those hundreds of thousands of poor souls who showed up to receive a meal on Thanksgiving Day are out there somewhere, cold, alone, shivering and that Thanksgiving meal served to them yesterday is no longer even a distant memory. Other more immediate concerns have taken the place of the warmth and laughter and filled plate of yesterday. “How do I make it?” “Where will I sleep?” “Who cares about me now?” “Why am I out on the streets in the richest country on the planet?” “How did this happen to me?” “My feet are freezing!” “Lord, somebody, please help me!” “God bless!”

A Mighty Empire Crumbles

When a mighty empire crumbles

A mighty empire crumbles as the peasants all revolt.

The anger of the gods struck like a lightning bolt.

It seared the massive capitol, exposed the bags of gold.

The world watched in awe as this was once foretold.

That evil’s reign would end as the poor would find their voice.

Those weary souls rose up; they knew they had no choice.

They had to stop the beast and right was on their side.

A movement slowly formed; pushed by a rising tide.

Their fury was unleashed and the dam did overflow.

There were those who saw this coming so many years ago.

They stood as one together and faced their common threat.

Not one thought of surrender, it was time to go to bat.

Never did they flinch, nor retreat in mortal fear.

The armor of the righteous was their only battle gear.

They never gave up hope and their course was true and steady.

The time for change is ripe; and yes, we will be ready.

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

It’s Just Another Day!

I feel the cold wind blow.
They’re calling for more snow.
A homeless person stumbles by.
The sight just makes me cry.

Their life is not so great.
No home. No dinner plate.
Just rags and aching feet.
And those like you they meet.

They’ve no island paradise.
No fruity drink with ice.
No glorious sunset to see.
They can’t afford the fee.

It’s just another day,
of trying to make a way.
No place to lay their head.
No permanent, stable bed.

Will I turn my back on them?
Console them with a hymn?
Shall I point out God is good?
I really don’t think I should.

Who knows if they believe.
Or could possibly conceive
of a deity high above,
who shows such lack of love.

I can’t justify my faith
when I see a homeless wraith.
No sermon could you preach.
No belief within my reach.

Tell the homeless about hell.
Don’t you know they live that tale?
With each day that brings defeat.
Because they’re not one of the elite.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland