Say It Ain’t So! Black Folks Caught Up In PPP Loan Fraud Which Basically Means “Po People in Prison Loans”

…and yes I do understand that whites have been arrested for using PPP loans to buy multiple multi-million dollar homes, Lamborghini’s and other high end purchases, but I had high hopes that Black folk would know that this was a COMPLETE SET UP! We are ALWAYS being set up because we don’t have shit! You can’t understand that??!!!

Watch the video. Dude looks a little crazy with that hairstyle, but he’s making sense in the video.

I am literally shaking my head because, seriously, are you people THAT dumb?

PPP loan fraud could result in numerous federal criminal charges including wire fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, and identity theft depending on the circumstances of your case. The federal government has already been aggressively prosecuting individuals who have engaged in illegal conduct on their PPP loan applications. – Hubbs Law Firm

For the love of!!!!

PPP loan fraud schemes ran wild as government doled out billions; at least 120 charged

This week marks one year since David Adler Staveley faked his suicide before going on the run from the law for almost two months after he and a co-conspirator were the first in the nation to be charged with fraud in the Paycheck Protection Program in May 2020.

Last week, Staveley pleaded guilty in a federal court in Rhode Island to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and failure to appear in court.

Also last week, federal prosecutors in California and Texas secured convictions in PPP fraud cases where defendants tried to bilk taxpayers out of millions in forgivable loans meant to save jobs and keep businesses afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. The major convictions within a span of two days underscore how the Justice Department is cracking down on fraud cases from COVID-19 relief.

Black folks, please read this next line.

The Justice Department has charged more than 120 defendants with fraud related to PPP loans. Some cases are substantial.

Read it again! It says, THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT has charged….. It does not say, the country sheriff’s office or the Columbus police department or Barney Fife and the Keystone Cops got anything to do with this, it is THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT which means that you are going to go to FEDERAL PRISON! So, is it going to be worth losing your children, your freedom and all over some superficial shit you purchased just to show off with?

I know that I am talking to myself because the reason you are going to go to prison is because you DON’T READ ANYTHING if it is not scrolling down your ‘smartphone’ which has taken the place of your brain. I have heard about so many people who lied on applications to get those loans, it should just be unbelievable. One Black woman, on her application, stated that she was a real estate agent/broker and the fact of the matter is she has been evicted multiple times, even when she was getting RAP(Rent Assistance Program)money, is a convicted felon several times over, forged her mother’s signature on a lease because she cannot rent an apartment in her name and so no realtor in their right mind would EVER hire her and yet, she applied for a loan for a business that she is going to be laughed out of court and straight into a prison van over. She, hurriedly, signed up for real estate courses as though that is going to be enough to keep her ass out of prison. Another Black woman claimed her daughter’s hair salon as her business and has been buying furniture, a new car, jewelry and taking trips. Someone told me the other day that Atlanta, GA is filled to the brim with Black folks, all of a sudden, driving brand spanking new cars and throwing money around, left and right.

Folks, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is!! What part of, if the federal government is locking up whites for PPP loan fraud, then they are most definitely going to come after your Black ass even for a $10,000 or $20,000 loan, don’t you get???!!!! When have Black people EVER gotten away with ANYTHING???!!! Name one thing!!!

Black people ALWAYS fall for the okie doke; the setup and what’s more, you’re never going to stop because you’ve got to front. You’ve got to buy, buy, buy wigs, nails, bundles of hair, designer shoes, designer clothing, new cars and all while owning nothing that is of any real value or that is making money for YOU. You are too busy handing money over to everyone else and even if you fraudulently obtain money, you still do some dumb shit with it.

And PPP loan fraud is so out of control that it has actually become a joke over on Twitter.

We’re not sure why people are not taking the government seriously.

Or why they think they can get away with lying about businesses and employees when there are so many ways to easily invalidate their loans such as:

payroll taxes and
previously filed business returns

You cannot claim to have a business that you don’t have because you have to pay taxes on that business and you have to have filed business tax returns. So where are YOUR previously filed tax returns for that business you claim to have when you applied to get a Paycheck Protection Program Loan? You are giving false information to various lenders in order to qualify for loans that you are really not qualified for and you believe that when the shit hits the fan, you’re ‘good’? You are so not good. And instead of listening to ‘Pookie’ tell you that he can get you the hook up, you need to tell ‘Pookie’ to take a hike and open a book and educate yourself or at the very least, read up on what qualifies a person to actually take out a PPP loan because actual businesses that needed that money are not going to get approved because the money will have been spent on non-existent businesses.

Black people, you make it too easy for the government to set you up, seriously!!! Why oh why must you always fall for the setup? When will you EVER learn?

Credit Reporting Agencies, Credit Scores And Identity Theft

title loanspayday loanscreditcredt agencies
We are all just credit scores which determine how ‘credit worthy’ we are. Unfortunately, with the advent of credit reporting agencies, we now have identity theft problems. Sigh..!! We Americans! We create problems that create more problems.

I have spoken to countless numbers of people who have had bad experiences with credit reporting agencies and the top three are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. We are encouraged to check our credit reports for inaccuracies, but when we find them, it is extremely difficult if not next to impossible to resolve the issues. I know, because I have tried.

So, was the reasoning behind the introduction of credit worthiness, an instrument for the people or an instrument designed against the people? And if so, who is most negatively impacted by credit reporting agencies? The poor. People whose credit worthiness nosedived due to job loss, medical bills, the ‘life tosses you a curve’ people.

When we are looked at as a number and not as a ‘human’ being, we are then categorized into worthy, less worthy and worthless, hence the recent subprime loan mortgage mess. Our ability to find a job may be impaired, to find a decent home could be impaired and we’re fine with this. If not, why no hue and cry? Why do we have no problem with this? Is it because it hasn’t happened to you? Is it because those who are impacted adversely by credit reports are considered ‘worthless’ anyway?

I remember when cellphones first came out. The company would check your credit and if you were deemend ‘worthy’, you’d get a great deal, if not, you had to pay a deposit in order to get a phone. Years later, apparently, many people were deemed worthless and thus the beginning of ‘pay-as-you-go cellphone plans. You see, even the worthless can be worth something because big business came to the realization that it was losing out on a potential customer base, so let’s see how we can bring the worthless back into the fold. Aha! Pay-as-you-go plans.

Next, we have furniture stores. Everybody needs furniture, but our credit worthiness is not so worthy, so what are we going to do about it? Aha! Furniture rental stores. Yes, even our ‘unworthiness’ can get us a big tv, sofa, dinette table, but for an exhorbitant rate and what would normally take a few months to pay off because of high interest due to our ‘unworthiness’ will take 2 years before our purchase is officially ours.

Then we have the payday loan companies. If we’re a little short of cash between paydays, they’ll hook us right up, and add a nice hefty interest rate on top of it. Now, we just need to give them our banking information.

Not to forget the Title Loan companies. Same premise as payday loans except that we must leave the title of our vehicle with them and if we can’t pony up the payment with added, outrageous interest rates, well..they got ‘towboy’ on standby.

You see, having a population of abject poor working stiffs is big business. If not, why would there be so many businesses that are making a profit hand over fist despite the fact that many should not be qualified for ‘loans’ due to their credit ‘unworthiness’. Are they doing these people a favor? Maybe, maybe not, but let me put it this way, if there was no money in it, would they be in business?

Lastly, we have the people who are victims of identity theft. What’s to be done about this since it is so prevalent? You figure it out because the last time I checked, it was up to the indivdual who was a victim to get it straightened out and in the meantime, suffer the consequences of the inability to get credit or rent an apartment, get a job and settle for an overblown interest rate and fees on top of fees, oh but we can still get a ‘pay-as-you-go phone and rent-to-own furniture, but try to stay away from the ‘Title Loan’ company, we might just need that car to live in.