For Father’s Day!


How can I celebrate Father’s Day when I stare out through these bars?
And here I am in a foreign land on a mission for our stars.

Today is Father’s Day and these streets I’ll walk all day.
I am a father without a home, I’m like a dog that’s now a stray.

This nursing home ain’t great but I guess I can’t complain.
Today my kids might visit me and may they help me forget my pain.

My wife and kids are gone now and this house is empty of laughter.
I drink to fulfill a need, could my life be any sadder?

There are so many lonely fathers who could use a lift today.
Won’t you help to bring some joy and life to a dad on this holiday?

Yes, bars and stars will keep hugs at bay and we don’t wonder why.
Only the lucky ones will enjoy this day and all others can just get by.

Those locked up and in foreign lands won’t enjoy this day at all.
It’ll cast a spell of longing and it’ll also cast a pall.

Give a thought to them as you open your gifts and look up with a smile.
Don’t be quick to leave dear dad, your needs can wait awhile.

Think about those in nursing homes, too sick to raise their head
and remember the ones who walk the streets just like the living dead.

There is a dad out there that’s lonely and trying to drink ’til he forgets.
Give a thought to all the dads who can’t live with their regrets.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote the above poem because there are so many dads out there that won’t get to enjoy this Father’s Day for various reasons. Some are behind bars and some are serving our stars(flag)in foreign lands and some are homeless and there are others in nursing homes and still others who are alone and drinking to forget. Here’s to all the fathers out there who want to be with their children but can’t. And this is also for the children whose fathers are deceased.

I Heave A Sigh!


I heave a sigh for the hungry children,
who will go without a meal tonight.
I heave a sigh for the sick, old man,
who’ll be dead before morning’s light.

I heave a sigh for those who are jobless.
And for the ones who are out on the street.
I heave a sigh for those who are in cages
and for whom the word freedom, is obsolete.

I heave a sigh for a world in distress
because the needs of the many aren’t met.
I heave a sigh for the broken and forgotten
and for the homeless Vietnam vet.

I heave a sigh because my pen runs dry.
My voice is silenced by a deafening snore.
I heave a sigh because I don’t understand
why we cannot help the weak and the poor.

…..I heave a sigh!!!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Food stamps have been cut AGAIN! The hunger problem in America is about to get even worse as food shelves are already stretched. The programs that help those in need, including children, are being gutted every time there is a new budget deal struck between America’s two sets of thugs, the DemocRATS and the ReTHUGniCONS! The military budget is more important because killing will always remain America’s top priority. And for those who are caught up in a never ending struggle for survival amidst all the lavishness and decadence displayed by the ‘powerful’, who grin at your plight and spit in your face, I heave a sigh and my pen is drained from bemoaning your fate!