Silence is not Golden, It is Acceptance

I have come to the realization that I am never going to be quiet and unobtrusive, shy and reticent, easily intimidated, overwhelmed by the outrageous and staggering wrongs that are perpetrated against people each and every single day all over the world to the point that it would make me just want to throw my hands up in the air in defeat. I will not accept that there is nothing that I can do. There is something that we all can do. For one, we can collectively realize that when others are being persecuted, mistreated, humiliated, killed because they are the wrong complexion and wore the wrong apparel, tortured and wrongfully imprisoned, we should no longer ignore what is going on as if it will never impact us. I ask you to take a look around you. Do you not see anything that is going on today that will never have the potential to affect you? Look really, really hard if you have to. Although, you shouldn’t have to because what is in store for us is already all up in our face. We cannot continue to pretend that what we see is just a passing phase, an anomaly that will soon right itself. Have you not heard that a disease does not get better with time just because it is ignored? It festers and worsens and if not treated will eventually destroy the body sort of like a parasite that eats its way through the system of the host and eventually kills it by sucking the very life out of it, leaving an empty shell.

When we allow ourselves to be taken in and taken over by what is fed to us, be it from the government, from the mainstream media which is controlled by corporations that have amassed fortunes by sucking the lifeblood out of people all over the world, we are allowing the parasite in. We are allowing the disease to take over with impunity and we are trying to ignore the symptoms by going on as though nothing untoward is happening. Even when it is right before our very eyes, we don’t question. We just accept because we have been brainwashed into not thinking for ourselves. We think ‘Survivor’ is a reality tv show and is not indeed, a reality for people, the world over. Many of us just blindly accept the mindless drivel that is shoved down our throat that passes for entertainment and so the disease of silence, doing nothing, ignorance and apathy spreads. The parasites suck another host until it is dead and moves on to find another one, crossing oceans, transcending borders all the while sucking the lifeblood out of every host. Sucking up everything in its path until eventually nothing is left, just an empty, hollow shell.

Let me put it another way. Are we not always at war? Is there not always a riot somewhere, a deposed government official somewhere? chaos, pandemonium, bedlam? That is happening because the people know that the disease of abuse, misuse of them is rampant. They understand that a parasite is eating away at their rights, their liberty, their very existence and they are doing whatever it takes to destroy the disease, kill the parasite before it takes them over completely. People all over the world are starting to see, to understand and to realize that to defeat the enemy is not to become like the enemy but to push back against the enemy that is common to us all, those select few who are the parasites, the takers, the abusers, the users, the callous, the depraved. Those of us who live in the United States cannot point fingers at China or anywhere else and get outraged over human rights abuses when we have the same thing being played out here. We have people wrongfully imprisoned for merely shedding light on lies, people who get away with murder while others languish in prison because we have a racist criminal ‘justice’ system, a rollback of the Civil Rights era, segregation by incarceration and inequality in education, pay, housing, and the list goes on and on.

I am ever hopeful that we can come together and unite in a world that is controlled by a select few who exploit the many and sacrifice us for their privilege. I will stand by silently no more. I will not host the parasite nor will I let the disease run rampant. With every breath that I take, I will stand in solidarity with others who are oppressed. I will be concerned and vocal about human rights abuses not only in America, but in India, in China, in Bangladesh. I will condemn my government for committing atrocities not only here, but in other countries as well. I will not sit in silent complicity when what I see is wrong.

And lastly, some question, “just what can I do?” Organize, galvanize, energize your community! Remember, the ripple in the pond began with one small stone and a movement was born. Will you continue to concede to host the parasite until all that is left is an empty, hollow shell to be fed mindless drivel and constantly lied to or will you too, throw a stone in the pond? Never stop writing! Never stop thinking! Never stop questioning! Never just accept and most of all never remain silent! Silence is not golden, it is deadly acceptance!

The American Mindset:Complacency And Apathy

What I cannot understand is what happened to the American Spirit, the American Drive, that great American Force that was to be reckoned with. Where has it gone and can we get it back?

I am going to be brutally honest here. We Americans have nothing to be proud of because we have become a nation of ‘wusses’. We have sat idly by and watched the erosion of our rights. With barely a whimper from anyone, we are now radiated and ‘felt-up’ in order to board a plane. We are wire-tapped, our emails are checked. Our every move is recorded and we never even raised an eyebrow. What that says about us is that our complacency and apathy is the rule and not the exception. We love to speak of how and why this country was founded. We will talk until we are blue about how the War for Independence was fought by mostly farmers with some muskets, pistols, rifles and bayonets. How the British were driven from our shores and how the American Colonists declared their independence from Great Britain. I cannot tell that the Americans of today are even remotely related to the firebrands of that era. Would they have stood for this mess? Highly doubtful. Would they even recognize the attitude that is prevalent in the American mindset of today? I don’t think so. We simply do as we are told because we are a fearful group of people. We fear everything. We have become so soft, that without our creature comforts, what the hell would happen to us? Many of us think that we are struggling, but we don’t really know what struggling is. Not yet, but we’re getting there!

Our government continues year after year to play games with fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, government shutdowns, sequestration and we re-elect these fools every year to the point where we have ‘career politicians’. Then we in turn, whine when we cannot tour the White House? You want to know why we cannot take a tour of the White House? Look in the mirror and say this, “I voted for that shit that represents me and who is getting not a damn thing done in Washington that is for the benefit of this country. I am to blame for the sad lack of leadership and the irresponsible behavior of the thugs I helped to elect and sent to Washington, DC and who have taken my tax dollars and spent them irresponsibly to the tune of more than $16 trillion dollars, add interest on that and I am so screwed and loving it because why else did I vote for that shit?” I am serious! Please do just that. All of us. We are all guilty, even those who do not vote. It is also our fault that we have let our election process get so out of control, that money is the deciding factor in who gets elected, it is not based on the merits of the individual running for public office, or because he or she is devoted to the wellbeing of ALL Americans, he or she is elected because they raised the most money, had the biggest corporate backers, the most ‘on air’ time. For us it is business as usual. Playing with our smartphones, ‘liking’ each other on Facebook, tweeting, texting, sexting and driving around in our SUVs being distracted because we’ve got our toys so we don’t sweat the big stuff.

Let me state it more plainly: When you didn’t speak up when they hauled that man away because he refused to give up his right to peacefully protest, when you didn’t speak up when they hauled that woman away for protesting about unfair labor practices on her job, when you didn’t speak up when a man was jailed because he had no where to live and urinated up against a building since he was denied entrance to use a restroom, when you didn’t speak up when you saw people who were lined up at a soup kitchen being turned away, when you didn’t speak up after seeing a cop beating, stomping and kicking a handcuffed woman, when you didn’t speak up after you saw an elderly lady being abused in a nursing home, just who do you think is going to be left to speak up for you? Apathy and complacency? And how well do you think you will fare when those two come to your rescue?!