Who? Do You Really Want To Know?


Who blew up the twin towers and blamed Osama?

Who filled the Middle East with so much drama?

Who trains the rebels and then calls them ‘al-Qaeda’?

Who is spying on us and then collecting our data?

Who deposed Morsi and who killed Gaddafi?

Who despised the airmen but entertained the Nazi?

Who never loses and who always wins?

Who is always around when the killing begins?

Who started a war with the people of Iraq?

Who blows up planes when there is no attack?

Who is trying to bomb Syria to take out Iran?

Who bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan?

Who is helping the Israelis to kill the Palestinians?

Who grounded the plane that angered the Bolivians?

Who ordered the drone strikes in Pakistan?

Who murdered women and children in Afghanistan?

Who mutilated bodies of the Japanese dead?

Who hid the fact that paint contained lead?

Who is poisoning our food, our air and our water?

Who controls the banks down to the last quarter?

Who caused a reactor to melt to the core?

Who is behind the population becoming so poor?

Who always causes pain? Who do you think?

Who will connect the dots and who will follow the link?


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland






So, we want to start a war with another country because we are pissed off because we have ‘alleged’ that their government used chemical weapons? Seriously? We really want to go there? With all of our shit and not a goddamn leg to stand on?!!!!! We need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!

An Open Letter to Barack Obama


Dear Puppet Obama,

I am going to try and keep this letter to you, as disrespectful as I possibly can. First of all I would not like to take this opportunity to inform you that I foolishly voted for you not once, but twice. I voted for you the first time around because I protested the war in Iraq and the second time because the only alternative(other than not voting at all) was Mitt Romney. I knew that the Iraq war was based on lies long before the truth that it was indeed based on lies, ever came out.  So here you come along all fresh and new and young and spouting off about how you are against dumb wars. I sigh a huge sigh of relief because I’m thinking that finally, here is a person that is truly just as war weary as I am and so I went to the polls and voted for you. Many thought that I voted for you because….and wait for it…you’re Black! No, that wasn’t it. I’ll even let you in on a little secret. Since I was in Minnesota at the time and Minnesota is just overflowing with white folks and I am just bumping into them all the time, I was privvy to many conversations by those whose skin pigmentation is much lighter than my tan one. Many of them were voting for you and not because of your complexion but because they were thinking the same thing that I was, that you would be so war weary and would understand that we are too, that you would not get us embroiled in another conflict, another war that is. Others stated that they voted for you because John McCain was just too damn old!  How innocent and trusting we were. How completely naive we were to believe that you would be different, that you hadn’t lied and sold your soul to the puppetmasters. Oh, yes, you tricked us and you tricked us out.

But I digress. We watched while you decided to ensure that there would be health care for all and then we watched when you caved-in on the public option to the republicans. We watched and took note when you failed to do anything about the Bush bailouts that bailed out the biggest fraudsters in history, the Wall Street bankers, a bailout paid for by us and again, we watched those same crooks push bad loans on to people who were trying to realize the ‘American dream’ by seeking to become homeowners. We watched as report after report came out stating that those who were actual prime borrowers were steered into taking out subprime loans and we watched as churches were foreclosed on. We watched dreams shrivel and die. We watched the creation of homeless tent cities resulting from the criminal behavior by those beloved ‘too big to fail’ fraudsters on Wall Street who after we bailed them out, turned around and rewarded themselves with multi-million dollar bonuses.

So, I ask when will the statistics of the poor and the homeless, the uninsured and the hungry, the seniors who must choose between medication and food, when will their numbers, their statistics demand that they are too big to be left to fail? When will you concentrate on the little children in this country since you have so much compassion for the little children in Syria that you had decided to strike the hell out of them to prove it? You see, there was a child by the name of Deamonte Driver, twelve years old who was here in America, writhing on some floor in Prince Georges County, Maryland who died because an infection from a tooth spread to his brain and killed him. Yes, yes, I know, it was before your time in the White House, but we both know that there are thousands of Deamonte Drivers who are at this very moment dying or ‘writhing’ in pain because their parents cannot afford needed medical care even with the passage of the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act(PPACA) because many remain unemployed and if they have medicaid, there is often a wait of several months to be seen. I know this because in a little town in Virginia where I was born, I spoke with parents of children who had serious dental issues and they were waiting months to be seen. Adults who had worked until retirement and saved for it are waiting for medical services from ‘free clinics’ because they cannot afford health insurance. Many times, it took a herculean effort from me to even look these people in the face because of how bad their teeth were. What about those people? Do they even matter? Every single one of them voted for you, stood in long lines to do so. What are you doing for them now?

As you know, the Black community overwhelmingly voted for you and even now, the majority of them will not hear one harsh word uttered against you. You are undeserving of such loyalty as you have done nothing to earn it. You have ignored their plight. You have spit in their face. How little did they know that you had nothing in common with them. Your skin color does not make you Black, only the white man’s ‘one drop’ rule made you check the box, “African-American” on your census form. You have nothing in common with the descendants of African slaves, that is not your heritage, but it is mine and it is theirs, the ones who voted for you, myself included. What did we expect from you? Certainly not what we got, total and shameless contempt for us. With every speech you have given about the Black community, you have deliberately pointed the finger at us and blamed us for not hiring ourselves. You have blamed us for the double digit Black unemployment figures.  You have blamed us for the disintegration of our families and our neighborhoods due to unmitigated poverty, drugs and crime and gang violence. You have blamed us for the discrimination that we face on a daily basis. You have blamed us for the mass incarceration of our young Black men when they cannot get a good education and instead turn to criminal activity. You have blamed us for a poor public education system that is found in inner cities all across America. You have blamed us for not following in your lofty footsteps. You have accused of us of not working hard enough. You have chastized us, disrespected us, blamed us, degraded us and denounced us and to make matters worse, you went so far as to do this when speaking at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.  The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was so above you in stature, in integrity, in honor, humility and compassion that there is no comparison and you defile him when you even so much as utter his name. He would be ashamed of you! He would chastize you! He would have nothing to do with you! And as to why? We both know the answer to that!

Finally, you have your place in history, of that you are assured. But history will not look favorably upon you and neither do I. History will show that you were undeserving in being called the first Black president of the United States of America because that, you are not. Your history is not our history. You are the first  Kenyan/Caucasian American president of the United States because the so-called ‘African-Americans’ born in this country are the descendants of slaves and that, you are not. When you stated that you would be a “president for ALL Americans”, you did not include ‘African-Americans in that statement because your subsequent actions demoted that statement to a lie. And just as you lied about your reasoning behind military strikes on Syria, we have found that we cannot trust you as you are a proven liar. You even lied when you ran as an anti-war candidate and now you want to engage us in a war based on fabrications, lies and chemical weapons. You know the history of this country and you know that this country has used chemical weapons on numerous occasions and had no problem doing so. You are dropping drones on people as I type this. You are eradicating more of our rights. You are shredding the constitution. You? Anti-war? In the words of South Carolina’s republican representative Joe Wilson, “You lie!”

Wishing that we could impeach your sorry, worthless ass(but who of any worth could take your place?).


Shelby I. Courtland

As We Continue To Protest Against Military Action In Syria…

headed to Syria

let us not forget what woke many of us the hell up! Let us not forget Pfc. Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Manning who gave up her freedom so that the world would know what our government is capable of. Let us not forget that there are those who have sacrificed themselves because they knew that ‘without information we cannot make informed decisions’. Pfc. Manning sits in a lonely prison cell this very minute because she exposed what the puppets who serve their masters did not want exposed. She informed the world of the most heinous of atrocities and cover-ups.

The world was made known of our torturing of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Did we cease the practice of torture? Hell no! Are we going to cease the practice of torture? Hell no! We have used chemical weapons and we are still using chemical weapons. Are we going to stop? Hell no! Do not give our government a free pass on its hypocrisy when the U.S. government claims that it is going to bomb a country because of the use of chemical weapons, if that were the case, why hasn’t the U.S. bombed itself? We’re certainly guilty of using chemical weapons. We have no moral high ground on which to stand. We never have and we never will. But we must continue to put the pressure on our government so that they get the message that just because the U.S. government condones atrocities and torture, we do not! Just because the mainstream media looks the other way and refuses to report on the atrocities perpetrated on innocent civilians and citizens by this government, we will not! The U.S. government is under the auspice of a global group that is controlling and dictating and initiating world events to suit their purpose. This is just a game to them. We are all expendable. Make no mistake, the threat to our very existence is real. Just look up from your smartphone and glance across the street. What do you see? There is suffering. There is hardship. There is hunger. There is unmitigated sickness. There is homelessness. There is poverty. There is fear. There is hopelessness. There is loss and there is so much of it that it is an epidemic. We are told that there is no money for seniors, there is no money for head start programs for children, there is no money to shelter the homeless, there is no money to feed the hungry, there is no money to fund the programs that were intended to keep people from falling between the cracks. We are broke, they tell us and yet there IS money to bomb a country in the Middle East that has not threatened us with war. We have the money to send missiles across the seas to kill innocent mothers and fathers and children.

You see, those who pull the strings of the puppets they put in power will not stop until all the world’s people are starving, sick, homeless, broke and hopeless. It will not end if we bomb Syria, it will continue. We must be ever vigilant and aware. We must constantly question what our government says and not take their word as law. They lie! This has been proven, time and time again, they lie! So, to those of you who think that we no longer need to keep shouting and protesting and marching and calling our representatives, think again! We cannot stop because that will mean that we have been lulled into a false sense of ‘all is well’. All is not well and all will not be well if we continue to let this government mislead us, lie to us and continue to lead us down the primrose path. We know what this government is capable of. Remember Pfc. Manning and what she exposed. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Never stop questioning. Never accept at face value what your president and your representatives tell you. Do your own thinking. Don’t let others think for you. Remember, they have an agenda and it most definitely will not coincide with yours if peace is what you seek.

And so, I will re-post a poem that I think is extremely important and appropriate and I will include it from now on in every blog post.

We Are The Terrorists

What rights do we have left? We have watched them fade to black.
There are those who tried to warn us. They’re on the torture rack.

They dared expose the truth; shed light on all the lies.
So many people dead, so many lost their lives.

The West destroyed the East; just look what we have done.
We always cross an ocean to take from everyone.

Wherever we have gone, the people always lose.
There is something that they have; there is something we can use.

We must control the world and all who live there in.
And every place we go, the killing will begin.

Not many we let live, our bloodlust’s never sated.
We will never stop, we’re loathed and we’re hated.

The innocent are the guilty. You’re so easy to deceive.
The truth is hard to take and so you won’t believe.

Do you understand how expendable you are?
Just ask Chelsea Manning, she was a rising star.

She exposed our depravity, let the world know where we stand.
Liberty and justice and freedom have been banned.

Look at what we’ve done to her; we’d do the same to you.
Never doubt it for a minute. Our course is tried and true.

The dead did see it coming; they could not avoid attack.
Children cry for their mothers who are buried in Iraq.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

The Blood of A Million Innocents

peace not bombs

The blood of a million innocents will soon be on my hands.
I look to the sky and weep for those in distant lands.

Let them be, why can you not? They’ve done us not one harm.
They are people just like us who are loving, kind and warm.

Across the sky, my eyes beheld a brilliant shooting star.
I wonder can they see it, those innocents from afar.

Bombs will cloud their night sky, no star light will they see.
They’ll only know the horror of a lie to set them free.

Their hate of me will never end, how could it not be so?
When we fill the sky for them with our bomb’s red fiery glow.

I do not speak their language, but I will understand their pain.
As the bombs sear through their flesh, the ground their blood will stain.

If it were up to me, a star-filled night, there’d always be.
The bombs would not be launched, no guilt would humble me.

We’d sing a song of freedom as we look towards the sky.
Peace would rain on us and no child would need to die.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

“Bombs Bursting In Air!”

syrian flag and american bombs2

The air strikes in Syria are soon to commence.
People of Syria, do not take offense.

We are striking to save you; you will thank us one day.
That pipeline you’re building, there’ll be some delay.

Israel is our friend, so please understand.
We’re like lovers on a beach; walking hand in hand.

Those chemical weapons that were used on you,
were made by us and we’ve used them too.

We really don’t care that you’ve suffered so much.
The Israeli’s are rich, their wealth you can’t touch.

We will defend their right to exist.
For your sake, fight the urge to resist.

When we bomb you, Iran is next.
With both destroyed, we’ll feather our nest.

It is written in stone, the dye is cast.
The first bomb will strike; it will not be the last.

“And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,”
“will give proof through the night that ‘your’ flag won’t be there.”

“O say does your star-spangled banner yet wave,”
“O’er the bombing of your land, and the homes you can’t save?”

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am totally AGAINST the bombing of Syria. I have made that quite clear to those who claim to ‘represent’ me. They do not listen to us. This war that is soon to be fought against Syria will not stop with Syria, it will continue as there will be yet another excuse to war with Iran and who knows what country will be next. All that I can say to the countries in the Middle East that are on our ‘war’ list, you have my deepest and sincere sympathy, for all its worth. There are millions of us who are against this and we would stop it if we could. But we are as powerless as you are to stop it.

We claim to be a ‘Christian’ nation and yet this ‘Christian’ nation was founded on war and has been at war of some sort ever since. We will not stop. We shall not stop. We are war mongers. We are not saviors. We are destroyers. We are the hypocrites that are spoken of by Jesus in the Bible. We are not the ‘Christians’ who followed Jesus. We follow the almighty, that is true, but we follow the almighty dollar. We never send aid unless we will get something in return. We always have an agenda. As I’ve said in my poem, “We Are The Terrorists,” ‘where ever we have gone, the people always lose, there is something that they have, there is something we can use’. Once again, we are NOT humanitarians so please do not ever ask help from the U.S. as you will only die and regret it!

With a heavy heart,
Shelby I. Courtland