This Is Exactly Why I Got The Fuck Out Of Baltimore!!!! This Shit Goes Down Every Single Day!!

As many of you know, a couple of years ago, I left the Midwest and headed for Baltimore, Maryland. It was my hope to become a part of the solution as opposed to continuing to do nothing about the plight of Black people who have basically been abandoned since anything that counts towards achievements is null and void. Black people are being allowed to fail and it is deliberate. Black people are being pushed to fail and there is no greater evidence of that than in Baltimore, Maryland. And when I saw this article and the accompanying video, it just took me back to Baltimore and re-started my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from having lived through not even a year in Baltimore.

Baltimore cop on paid leave after viral video shows him beating a man

A Baltimore cop was suspended with pay Saturday after a viral video showed him beating a man to the ground.

In the video, an officer is seen pushing Dashawn McGrier, 26 up against a wall. McGrier appears to push the officer’s hand away. The officer then repeatedly punches McGrier, who does not appear to strike back.

The punches continue until McGrier lands onto rowhouse steps before finally falling to the pavement. The officer then pins McGrier down. A second officer is present but does not appear to partake in the beating.

This ONE time, we cannot blame this shit on white KKKops! And white folks, don’t even start grinning because like I said, “This is only ONE time that we cannot blame this shit on white KKKops! I did not say, EVERY TIME!”


However, I will state this, Black cops are no better than white cops and many of them are just as bad and will fuck other Black people up just for the hell of it. I don’t know whether or not it is their intent to try to impress whitey pink ass or for some other reason; maybe they are just filthy ass dirty cops. But know this Black cops, there is not a goddamn thing  that you could do to impress whitey pink ass because he wrote the book on how to be a lying, deceitful, depraved, corrupt, soulless bastard who will turn on your ass in a New York nanosecond. You Black cops mean no more to a white cop than the Black folks that you beat up, kill or arrest because don’t think for a minute that if some shit was to go down between cops, that they wouldn’t shoot your ass and claim some Black suspect did the deed. It has certainly been done many times before. But back to the subject at hand.

The Black cop in the video is beating the shit out of another Black man. The cop even knows he is being taped because you can clearly hear the man who is taping this state that it is being taped. So, what does that tell you? It tells you that cops have been told that they can do whatever they damn well please and only be relieved of duty pending ‘no investigation’, so just sit back and wait for the public flak to die down, while receiving your full pay and then it is back to busting heads for the sheer joy of getting your fucking jollies off. That is how it goes, folks! That is the system. That is the setup.

If I had walked up to someone and beat them down like that, where would I be? Still in jail if I was unable to make bail and we ALL know this. But with cops? It’s a different story. They get to walk around free as a bird while getting paid for beating someone down to the ground and I saw no provocation, but then they don’t need any provocation. They’ve got those badges and a gun and the “I feared for my life” bullshit excuse that gets them off the hook every time!

When I lived in Baltimore for those few short months which seemed like an eternity, I witnessed this type of shit all the time to the point where it sickened me. The Black people in Baltimore are treated worse than animals being led to slaughter.  Healthcare in that city is a joke, but I am SO not laughing. The food is something to die from. Streets exploded sending asbestos into the air. The public transportation system is so badly managed, it is damn near useless. The bus drivers will not even get out of their seat on the public buses to use wheelchair restraints so that wheelchairs don’t rock back and forth. The people in the wheelchairs have to raise an arm to hold onto the strap above the wheelchair to keep their wheelchair from teetering forward or backward. I never saw such shit in my life. People were shot on buses all the time.

Entire neighborhoods are empty and the buildings are boarded up and then there are the neighborhoods whereas three buildings are inhabited and the rest are boarded up. Then there are those neighborhoods where a Korean liquor store and a Chinese take-out is on every corner and the people look like walking zombies.

And don’t even get me started on the Lexington Market area. A white cop walked by me who looked like he couldn’t have been more than 22 and who had horrible looking tattoos all up and down his arms and who was telling another cop that he will pull over every car with a Black person in it that has decals. He then parked his patrol car on the light rail tracks and when the light rail train approached, the guy driving the light rail had to blow the horn several times before this nasty piece of KKKop shit moved his patrol car out of the way. The shit I have seen and heard would curl your toes.

Lexington Market is filled with people who are nodding on methadone or who are swilling beer and liquor from a liquor store that is located inside Lexington Market. How convenient. I saw how the Koreans just stood back, gazing at their Black customers with looks of raw contempt on their faces even as they took their money and used it to feed, house, clothe and send their children to expensive schools and universities while the poor Black residents are being herded to prison or to Johns Hopkins for experimentation because I saw that too. I saw Black people being injected with anti-psychotic drugs. I even saw a Black nurse stand in line to get her injection. I saw a Black woman pleading with a Black receptionist to ask the doctor, “Why after all these months is she still getting injections? They hurt!” I saw not one white person in line for those injections and every single nurse or doctor that came from the back was white. Something is wrong with that. Something is seriously wrong that is going down in Baltimore, MD and in every city that is predominately Black.

I have never considered myself to be a conspiracy theorist, but something is most definitely NOT right. The only thing that I can say to Black folks is this, “Be on your guard at ALL times. Never think that what someone wants to do to you is okay. Ask questions. Know your rights and even if you are in a two-party consent state, tape the motherfuckers. Maryland is a two-party consent state for a reason; the reason being that the entire state is corruption central. You see, one-party consent states allow for you to tape conversations with just your consent. You don’t need the consent of any other party and so this allows for the politicians and the police in Maryland to get away with so much and they do because it is a two-party consent state. They can imprison you for up to 5 years for taping their ass in Maryland. I know, I’ve been there. I’ve lived there and I would never go back, ever! And I include in this blog, many of the reasons why!

The neighborhood I resided in was considered a ‘nice area’ but I am going to post pictures of what my bathroom ceiling looked like for three months and I was paying over a thousand dollars a month. This is what $1,300 a month gets you in Baltimore, MD.

This is right outside my dining area window. I was supposed to sit and eat and watch dogs shit or so I was told by management.
Again, right outside my dining area window.
I would expect all of the above if I was living in this section of Baltimore, Maryland. But I wasn’t.
Where that Korean guy is standing, there used to stand Black people selling food to other Black people but the whites didn’t want that and so they gave the Koreans the heave-ho at the Inner Harbor, raised the rents at Lexington Market, the Black stall keepers had to leave and were replaced by Koreans now selling ‘soul food’ to Black folks.
This is ALL you see at Lexington Market; Korean-run stall after Korean run stall. All selling some type of ‘soul food’ and Asian food to mostly Black customers.
Some of the Korean stall keepers gave me the ‘evil eye’. Most likely because they knew I was pointing out the obvious.
This Korean bitch actually told me to get away from her stall. And Black people actually give those skanks their hard-earned money? For the love of !!!

Black people otherwise known as descendants of slaves, wake the hell up! No one is our friend! Not even many Black people. Know who your enemies are and treat them accordingly and if other Black people are treating you like shit, they are your enemy as well. Believe me, I know how tough it is out there. I am living through this hell as well, so I know what you are going through. But it took me moving all across the country to finally know where I fit and that is back in my hometown. I know this town like no other and I have found where I can do the most good and that is why I know who my friends are and who my enemies are because I know these people like I know no others on this planet.

I have managed to come back to my hometown and start a volunteer agency of driving people to their doctor appointments and to churches to pick up food to keep them through the month and to drive them to the grocery store. We must get back to community involvement because our communities are what we are going to need when the shit really hits the fan. I have found a piece of land that’s dirt cheap and we are going to plant a garden and it is in a neighborhood that really needs some fresh vegetables. You can start small like I am doing and just go from there.

And finally, if where you live right now is kicking your ass, MOVE! Sometimes, you may not be where you want to be, you just might have to go where you NEED to be! Think about it!

Black Lives Don’t Even Matter To Blacks!


blacklivesmatter and bernie sanders



Bernie Sanders leaves Seattle stage after event disrupted by Black Lives Matter protestersSanders was the final speaker on a long program held at a city park. Shortly after he took stage, a small group of protesters from a Seattle chapter of Black Lives Matter took the microphone and demanded that the crowd hold Sanders “accountable” for not doing enough, in their view, to address police brutality and other issues on the group’s agenda.

After sharing a few local grievances with the crowd, including school disparities and gentrification in Seattle, the protesters asked for a period of silence to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown being shot and killed during a confrontation with a police officer in Ferguson, Mo.

I will believe in the legitimacy of the #BLACKLIVESMATTER ‘movement’ when I see concrete evidence that according to the group, Black lives really do matter, but to-date, I have seen no evidence of that.

Disrupting Bernie Sanders as he speaks at an event in Seattle is not going to prove that this group really believes that Black lives do indeed, matter. Au contraire! When the group, instead of disrupting political events,  begins to focus on SOLUTIONS to the problems that plague Black lives in America, then and only then will I take the group seriously and again, as of yet, I see nothing to make me take this group seriously. Au contraire!

When #BLACKLIVESMATTER begins to hold Blacks accountable for the $1.1 trillion dollars that flows through our hands each and every year straight to the whites, Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, etc., and to hold Blacks accountable for instead of pooling our money together to build and open our own grocery stores, banks, medical institutions and start other businesses that are Black-owned, Black supported and that lift up Black communities, we take that money and AGAIN, give it to the whites, the Koreans, the Chinese and every other group and then we wonder why we need Section 8 vouchers, I will start taking the #BLACKLIVESMATTER group, seriously. We wonder why we need food stamps. We wonder why we need Medicaid. We wonder why we need someone to wipe our nose for us. If we didn’t take our money and run right out and buy that new pair of Timberland boots, run out and buy the latest Nikes to come down the pike, run right out and buy designer label after designer label, run right to the Chinese Carryout, run to the Korean liquor store, run to the Korean nail and hair salon, and instead invest our dollars in building up our own communities as in starting food co-ops, housing co-ops, credit unions and the like, we would have something. We would not need to show our ass to get attention from those that we insist should do our fighting for us. We have got to fight for ourselves. It should be crystal clear by now that no one is going to fight our battles for us. No one is going to make us matter until we start acting like we matter. And we are not doing that. We are doing the opposite. All Black people are not ignorant. We have the potential to become doctors, lawyers, judges, bankers, franchise owners. It is not that other groups are smarter than us. It is just that we look to movements and marches and groups and organizations like the NAACP to do for us when that is SO not happening.

A ‘movement’ is not a hash tag, nor is it spouting off at the mouth and displaying your ignorance. The group’s collective ignorance is not hard to see. This group is nothing more than a joke and not a very funny one at that; it is a travesty and the tragedy is that many Black people are falling in line with this joke because #BLACKLIVESMATTER is just a diversionary tactic, set in place to divert Black people from what really matters. If Black people woke up to what they could collectively do on their own, they would be a force to be reckoned with but if ‘the powers that be’ continue to write the script and pound it into us daily that if instead of realizing and recognizing what we should be doing, we instead allow ourselves to be sidetracked by some made up hash tag with a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with Black people making gains in America, we will continue to never realize our potential. And this is all done by design. Find out who is sponsoring the group; financing the group. Find out why the group is only making noise, but is lacking in any substance. Why is the group focused not on building up Black people, but instead seems hell bent on solely getting a message to, I really don’t know who, that #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Black lives are never going to matter to the whites, that should be well understood by now. It is time that Black people took a stand and stood up and came together to help Black people. No one can solve all of our problems for us. We have to take some responsibility for what becomes of us. We know the white man is hell bent on trying to eradicate us and since that is a fact, why would a group, #BLACKLIVESMATTER continue to tell Black people to march to the same whites that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and all the other Black people marched to in the 1960s? What has been accomplished if Black people are still to this very day, marching to the same group that they’ve been marching to for over 50 years? What is wrong with you? Why is it that the Koreans can come to America and work together and open up their own businesses? The Pakistanis do it. The Chinese do it. Every other group can get their act together, but we cannot. I do realize that we got our start in America as slaves, but our ancestors had it worse than we do and we know this and yet, we make a mockery of their memory because if they could see how far we have not come as a race of people, they would be outraged and ashamed because as many of us that the white man kills, we are also on the streets doing his job for him. Is this really necessary? By now, we should not still be marching to the white man, begging for some relief or joining some jumped up ignorant screaming fools that simply crave attention and only manage to make themselves appear ridiculous and yes, ghetto. Will we never get it?

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, you cannot expect to get different results by continuing to do the same thing over and over again. You are going to get the same results. Stage another protest and what has that accomplished? Petition City Hall to close down some more streets and parade all up and down the streets of America and what has that accomplished? I’ll tell you what it has accomplished. It has accomplished tired, aching feet and shoes with worn down soles and that is all. Your limp ass protest signs dating back to the 1960s are just as irrelevant today as they were back then. What has changed? Jim Crow? Jim Crow is throughout this land. Where do you live, Black folks? Are you rubbing shoulders with the whites? Or are you segregated in Black communities? Are your children rubbing shoulders in school with their white counterparts? How many Black-owned businesses are you entering? Can you not easily tell when you have entered a so-called ‘white neighborhood’? And why is that? It is because you are still just as segregated today as when Jim Crow laws were first put on the books. Still think that you can drink out of any water fountain? Take your Black ass inside an exclusive country club asking for a glass of water and see what you get for your troubles. Walk by a ‘gated community’ and see how fast the cops show up either before or after some vigilante has mucked up your day or night.

Black lives will only matter when Black people finally decide that their lives really do matter. We should not need Black lives to matter to the whites. That is never going to happen. We as Black people must first matter to ourselves and we don’t. We don’t like our hair. We don’t like our own people because their skin is too dark or their skin is too light or they talk too ‘white’ or too ‘Black’ or they don’t have the ‘cool’ clothes  or the ‘cool’ smartphone or some such nonsense. When will that shit cease to matter? When Black lives really matter and not just junk that we buy, then and only then can we go about the business of accomplishing something worthwhile. And the #BLACKLIVESMATTER group matters not, nor is it helpful or relevant to the awakening that must first take place in the heart of each and every Black person in America. You’ve got to matter to you. It is not about how much you matter to someone else. Matter to yourself and maybe then, you will change your perception of what is important and realize that it is not about Timberland boots and Nikes and rims and fake nails. And remember, the reason why we are doing so poorly as a people in America is because we are divided. And you know the saying. “Together, we stand, Divided, we fall.” And that is why Black America, we are falling. It is because we do not stand together!

#BLACKLIVESMATTER cannot stop you from falling. That movement will not catch you because that is not what #BLACKLIVESMATTER is all about. Do your own research. Educate yourselves and stop listening to the lies. Stop reading the script of others and write your own. Make your life matter and in the process, maybe then, you will understand that if your life matters, then so does your neighbor who is also more than likely Black, and together, you can start a ‘constructive’ movement. You will not need a Section 8 voucher that pays some unconcerned white landlord hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to house you in the poorest section of town, the “Black section.” Is #BLACKLIVESMATTER addressing this issue? Is #BLACKLIVESMATTER addressing the inner city school-to-prison pipeline? Is #BLACKLIVESMATTER addressing the Black child poverty rate? The Black unemployment rate? Is #BLACKLIVESMATTER using its donations to build safe, decent, affordable housing because that government backed HUD mess certainly isn’t working. HUD doesn’t give a damn where you live or even if you live. Why do you think congress takes more money from HUD each year? It is because HUD is a failure. It is a gigantic black hole that swallows taxpayer money and there is no return on that investment. Don’t believe it? Don’t take my word for it. Read this!

I say, “Black Lives don’t even matter to Blacks!” Make a liar out of me, I dare you!

My Heart To Heart!

black folks

Today, I am going to have a heart-to-heart talk with Black folks. Everybody else, this does not apply to you. So, you can move along. Now then, Black folks, have you taken a really good look around lately? Have you noticed what is happening to Black folks? We’re getting arrested in record numbers and we’re being fed to the prison industrial complex and that means that some real nasty shits are making a killing off of us. This is the modern day version of slavery and it ain’t going nowhere, not unless you learn what to do to mitigate your chances of being caught up in some real foul ass shit and since you can’t cite affluenza as a defense and I’ve already tried using povertenza and that didn’t get it done., well, now…you know the old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” Now pay close attention to what’s coming next.

If you find yourself driving down the street and the next thing you know, you hear sirens and you look in your rearview mirror and low and fucking behold, racists in uniform are gunning for you. Don’t panic. Here’s what I want you to do. Before you go anywhere, ask your great grandmother to go to the store for you. And here’s what she needs to pick up, the biggest package of Alka-Seltzer tablets that she can find and a small bottle of water. Next, ask her to pick you up some ice pops and finally, ask her to buy you a mini-recorder. Once you have these, keep them on your person at all times, even when walking and I’ll get to the reason why next.

Now that you’ve got what you need, if the police stop you, quickly insert 6 Alka-Seltzer tablets into your mouth followed quickly by the bottled water and open up an ice pop and no, don’t freeze them and only use the red ones. Quickly tear open the red ice pop and squirt it in and around your mouth. By now, the Alka-Seltzer tablets should have produced foam and with the red ice pop, you should be foaming pink shit from your mouth. When the officer comes up to your car window, he’ll see that you need immediate medical attention and he SHOULD call the paramedics. Now, remember to turn the mini-recorder on so that when the paramedics arrive, everything gets recorded.

Don’t say a word, just roll your eyes around and keep foaming at the mouth. Once they get you to the emergency room, the doctors are going to try and figure out what it is that made you foam pink at the mouth. But of course, by now, the racist ass cops will have gone through your vehicle and found the Alka-Seltzer tablets, the water and the ice pops. Don’t worry about that because at this point, just be very glad that you’re still alive. Before the racist ass cops arrive at the hospital, tell the doctors that you have ‘arresticitis’ and that this is an allergic reaction to being arrested for the serious condition of ‘Blackacitis’ of which there is no known cure because you can’t help having been born of Black parents. I know that this seems like a lot to go through and believe me, it is. But the alternative is a long stint inside a FOR profit prison on some bullshit ass charges of which whites don’t get the ridiculous sentences that you get for the same damn thing. If the racist ass cops find anything in your vehicle, at least you’ll get your day in court as opposed to an almost automatic death sentence on side the road. Remember, there have been reports of suicides of suspects while handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser. If they can get away with that shit, do you really think that doing what I suggest is any more wacked out than what they’re doing AND getting away with? Exactly! Do whatever you can to stay alive and at the same time, try NOT to get fed into the new version of slavery. You’ll never escape it because even if by chance you get out of prison, you can’t find a job. You will be denied housing and public benefits even though at some point in time, you paid taxes in this shithole called America.

Next, I need you to understand something Black folks. The white motherfuckers have figured out a way to get us hating on each other. When other Black people come to America as refugees, they are given homes and vehicles and an income and free health care. They are told that they should stay away from the Black folks who are born in America. These refugees are also told that Black people who are born in America ain’t no good. They do this to initiate hate and it is working. I’ve seen it myself. For instance, people from Somalia are brought here as refugees and they are given carte blanche in many cases and here in my state, I have to drive a lot and there are so many Somalis driving while Black people who were born here are standing on the corners waiting on buses. There are so many Black people who were born here and who are homeless while the Somalis are living in townhouses paid for by your tax dollars. They don’t pay any taxes for at least six years after they first come to America. To be fair, this does not just apply to them but to other people who immigrate here as well. The Somalis do not interact with the natural born Black citizens of America. They form their own organizations and they have their own communities. This goes back to the ‘divide and conquer strategy’ which is so simple but yet, so effective.

Another thing I want you to think about Black folks is that we have a tremendous amount of purchasing power and yet what do we do with it? Do we buy up real estate and open up laundromats or dollar stores or convenience stores? No! We go out and buy up FUBU and NIKE and Louis Vuitton and Coach bags and Carharrt jackets and so forth and so on. We just love to hand our hard earned dollars over to the rich whites or the Chinese or the Koreans or those people from India because how many soul food restaurants are in your neighborhoods? How many Chinese takeout’s? You go to the Koreans to get your nails done. You hand money over like it ain’t no tomorrow to those people from India who come over to America and promptly open up convenience stores in your neighborhood. When was the last time you opened up the door to a shop or a neighborhood takeout place and Black folks was standing there waiting to take your order, cook it and ring it up? Those people that are taking your money hate you, but they want your money. When was the last time you opened your door and found a Korean living next door to you? Exactly! How about a Chinese person? Jewish? You fucking feeling me? Yeah, that’s some shit that’s on us because we are feeding these motherfuckers our hard earned money and they are laughing all the way to the bank and to their gated communities that are far away from the stores that they open up in OUR communities. Think on that shit for a while. Let it marinate.

Finally, Black people when are you going to start thinking for yourselves? When are you going to stop believing everything you hear and see on some fucking ‘reality’ show? When are you going to understand that you should know how to read and not just fumble some almost incoherent text shit? Pick up a book! Go to a library. It’s free and you educate yourself at the same time. Learn to do your own thinking. It’s not all about hair and nails and booty calls and fashion shit! What is that getting you? Not a goddamn thing worthwhile. Use your purchasing power to enrich each other and not some shits that hate the very sight of you but who will fawn all over you while you’re getting your nails done and then spit after the door closes on you.

….and to my readers who think that I am pro-gay, I am SO not! Yes, I wrote a poem about Michael Sam who got drafted by the Saint Louis Rams in the NFL and I wrote that because Black folks need to see what is happening to Black men and either get disgusted by it and do something or just continue to get assimilated. Yes, I believe in live and let live but even I have my stopping point and the picture that I posted with my blog post, disgusted me because I’ve said many, many times before that the Black male is deliberately being emasculated. But it’s falling on deaf ears see?, and so shock therapy is the next step. Will it work? We’ll fucking find out! But know this shit! Massa ain’t fucking fooling me! And I ain’t fucking buying what Massa is selling! And neither should you! Black folks, wake the hell up! The goddamn coffee has been perking to wake your ass up and you ain’t fucking smelling it! You better hope that it ain’t too goddamn late IF and or WHEN you do wake the hell up!! Massa is making it more and more difficult for you to live and if you don’t wise up, your ass is gonna be toast, one way or the other. Make no mistake on that! Massa ain’t hardly playing with us Black folks! From MY HEART straight to my PEOPLE!!! Wise the fuck up!!