I Am Sick Because I Don’t Want To Fuck!

sex it up2

Seriously? Yes indeed! If you are female and your mate says, “honey, let’s fuck!” And you say, “fuck off!” THAT is an ILLNESS!!!

“A drugmaker working to develop a pill to boost sexual desire in women says regulators are demanding more studies on the experimental drug.”

Apparently, psychiatrists have determined that females not wanting to fuck are diagnosed as having, “hypoactive sexual desire disorder, described as a lack of sexual appetite that causes emotional distress.”

Ain’t that sweet? I get so emotional when I can’t service the cock! And that shit should qualify more females for disability because if a lack of sexual appetite causes emotional distress, how the fuck(no pun intended)can I go to work and fucktion? My mood swings are just so fucking off the charts, a pendulum has nothing on my mood swings due to my inability to hype up some damn desire for a cock. I want a check for that shit! And I want it now, goddamn it. Can’t you see how emotional I am over all of this shit? I can’t fuck! I can’t work! I can’t sleep! My mate is trying to crawl all over me and I am having none of it see, ’cause my libido is no mo, Joe! Didn’t you hear me the first 25,000 times I told you that? Tell the FDA to approve ‘flibanserin’ so that I can service that there cock of yours because my non-existent libido has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I am tired out of my goddamn mind since I’ve worked a double shift, drove the kids to soccer practice, picked up the dry cleaning, cooked a sit down dinner, washed three loads of clothes, balanced the checkbook, walked the dog, fed the cat, gave the kids a bath, read them a bedtime story and then dragged my tired ass into the shower and then proceeded to crawl to my bed, only to have to get up in two hours and press the damn repeat button while the only thing YOU did was work an eight hour shift, head home and pop Viagra.

Doctor, doctor, I am emotionally distressed at the fact that I just cannot find my libido! Give me a pill for that. There must be something that I can take to make me want to sexually satisfy my mate who is just so ‘put out’ by my inability to have sex and when I can’t have sex, I turn into a she-devil and we all know that I suffer from PMS, so now throw in ‘hypoactive sexual desire disorder’ and that makes me, a basket case, for damn certain and THAT is disabling!

Oh, indeed, it is most definitely an illness that I am suffering from and not just my ass being so goddamn cross-eyed tired that I can’t even see your damn cock much less have anything to do with it. Are they for real? Women are having to do it ALL and when we are perceived as ‘falling short’, in one particular area and when that area is in the region of a man’s holy and sanctified place, ‘cocksville’, why we’d better get a pill for that and get well quick, goddamn it! If my man takes Viagra, well hell, it should not be a stretch for me to be needing all up and down on some ‘flibanserin’ for my libido no show.

Now, if they could only make a pill to relieve my fucking loss of ‘desire’ for doing the dishes, grocery shopping, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, bathing the kids, running errands and for everything else on my never ending to-do list because we all know that life doesn’t just stand still because my libido left the goddamn building. So, ladies…not servicing the cock is now an illness. We’re mentally ill! Go to the doctor and claim that shit as a disability and sit your ass down and say, “AHHHHH, this is the fucking life!” And when your mate asks you if you’re feeling all frisky and shit after having taken your meds to increase your libido, open up your nightstand and show him the wear and tear on his replacement, the ever so handy and perfectly ‘fitting’, dildo!

For the love of…!!!!!


The Devolution of Evolution


There are those who say that we must wait for human evolution

and that we are just as wrong if we start a revolution.

Humans have devolved into what you see today.

There are those who glimpse the suffering and they simply turn away.

They care not for the hungry, no tears shed for the sick.

They beat them down and shame them, it usually does the trick.

Must they take another look; no glasses hued in rose

and speak to me of what they see with eyes that do not close.

There is a war throughout the land in one form or another.

We do not love our sister and we hate our foreign brother.

There are those who walk the streets, they have no home at all.

They were sold out by the bankers who never take a fall.

The rich have all the power and the poor are in a bind.

If you fail to see the problem, there is something on your mind.

Or could it be you just won’t see because you would reject

that we have not evolved and are stuck in retrospect.

The ones who see and understand that something must be done

are those who care for all and not just care for one.

If ever we evolve, and there is no sign we have

the future looks too bleak if what we use is salve,

to staunch the flow of blood from those who are in pain

and never hold accountable, the ones who wield the chain.

Alone, we cannot act, we need you all onboard

as this is not a game, and we can ill afford,

to not join in the fray nor start the protest march

nor arm ourselves with nature’s tools and branch out like the larch.

Where once we stood alone, we now stand arm in arm

And those who are the enemy are those who do us harm.

Violence begets violence and this I understand

but power will not yield with just a reprimand.

Those with much to lose will crush us if we try.

They must hear our roar, they must heed our cry.

For peace can never reign without a show of might.

No matter who is wrong, no matter who is right.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland




Life And Love Everlasting


Trapped in a useless body without the strength to feed myself.

Sitting alone, frowning as muddled thoughts flutter through an ancient brain.

There is no one to visit me as I have nothing to offer youth.

A burden, that I am and don’t I know it when once I loved and was loved.

To look at me now, no one could countenance the carefree spirit I used to be.

The years, they take a toll, pressing upon me how quickly time does fly.

Treated with indifference, rough hands sponge me; not concerned if I should die.

Without comfort, no cheer to lift my spirits on each new dreary day.

I am at the mercy of a disinterested staff; who fails to understand that their day is yet to come.

Would that I could but leap from this wasted body and dance and twirl to my heart’s delight.

In my salad days, a veritable virago was I and as bubbly as the finest French champagne.

I sung to my heart’s content, met many a dashing fellow; stayed true to only one.

When my time has come, will I see him? Will he hold out his hand to me?
As I stand on the final threshold, teetering on the brink and afraid to cross over,
will I see my darling love or does life just simply end?

That tune I hear; it was our song. We often danced the night away.

Is that you, my Angel? So it is true! There is love; eternal, everlasting.

Together again, hand in hand; I am on the dance floor with you.

The years have dropped away as I look deep into your eyes.

That smile I knew so well is stretched across your handsome face.

Kiss me, my love and hold me. We are together once again.

Oh yes, there is love; true love, eternal and everlasting.

Arm in arm, we step unhesitatingly into a brilliant and heavenly light.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Those of you who have loved ones who are residing in nursing homes, please take the time to visit them. They are lonely and many of them are ill treated by the staff. Not only that, but they have most likely had the love of their life pass on and are even that much more lonely. I know that we are all busy in this helter-skelter world, but a few hours a week would help a lonely soul to get through another day when the only people they see on a daily basis view them as just a paycheck and not as a human being. Those lonely souls have feelings and scattered memories of days long gone. Love our seniors. They loved and cared for us and those whose memories have faded altogether would still appreciate a loving hug.

The Seasons of Life

'The eternal flow of life'.
‘The eternal flow of life’.

Will you love me when I’m old and grey?
Will you love me when my beauty fades away?

Just as the seasons change from summer to autumn to winter to spring,
a rose cannot in full bloom cling.

The petals soon wither and fall to the ground,
making nary a whisper, nary a sound.

So, too must a tree shed its leaves,
at the touch of a brisk autumn breeze.

Winter’s scene, so stark and bare,
snow white drifts and cold, crisp air.

The seasons do change, they come and go.
We are part of the cycle, part of the flow.

As we come full circle to the final act.
Every life must end and that is a fact.

Live long, love true and age with grace.
For The life of the rose, we too shall face.

‘Ashes to ashes and dust to dust’.
We’ll return to the earth as everything must.

The cycle renews, the phoenix takes flight.
Life is reborn at the Angels delight.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Opposed to Abortion? Fine! Start Adopting!

There are many reasons why women seek abortions. And it is not up to us to determine whether we think their reasons are relevant or not. However, with that being stated, for those who are against abortions, why are there so many children in America, awaiting adoption? Why are you only concerned with a ‘fetus’ but are no longer concerned when they are outside of the womb and need clothing, an education, food, health care, housing, etc.? Why are they less important after they are born?

With the vast number of abortion opponents running around screaming and yelling against abortions, when a woman does give birth as opposed to aborting the child, why then are the children sent to one foster home after another? Shouldn’t you put your money where your screams are and adopt these living children because you are so glad that they were not ‘aborted’? Why, after they are born, are they no longer a concern to you? You shout down ‘hellfire and brimstone’ to all and sundry, but when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is and step up to the plate and adopt them, you’re found sadly lacking. You know what that makes you? A pompous, blowhard with no substance. So the next time you’re camped out at an abortion clinic, hold a sign up stating that “if you do not abort, I will support” and head on down to the local adoption agency and actually put your money where your mouth is and shut up about your tax dollars going to feed and house these children who were not aborted because after all, you are so very glad that they were born or are you?

‘Life Is A Battlefield’

Sometimes life throws us such a curve.
We cannot outrun it, nor can we swerve.
Hits we must take and yet, dare to stand.
Life is vitality and dreams are never bland.

Ride life like the wind and when the dust settles,
chaos still reigns, there are just so many battles.
We fight our way through life, we have no choice.
Seek peace and harmony, but always give voice.

In this battle of life, there’ll be many a foe.
There’ll be memories of glory and tales of woe.
Life is not a game that is meant to be played.
Life is often rocky, the way not paved.

Never look back, the past we cannot change.
Accept not defeat when victory is within range.
Failure is not an option. We must endure.
With our eye on the prize, there is no detour.

We are wounded warriors as our battle scars do tell.
At times, we suffer greatly and wonder will we fail.
Have faith, strength will find us as life will never end.
There’ll be a new beginning. Another battle to transcend.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland