Break Free!

break the chains

For something in me was just never satisfied.
I would sit on the porch and stare at the mountains,
convinced that there was something, something calling to me,
beseeching me to “Come, come and drink from overflowing fountains!”

There is another world out there beyond the tall green mountain trees.
No telling what destiny will find for you to do if only you will wander,
wander away from the safety of boredom and the mundane,
and fling yourself into timelessness that only youth can squander.

And so I fled, I fled from the stagnation and strangulation of my nine to five;
and I lived, I lived as only the truly free can live, free from the bonds of society,
free to make my own rules and for this I was punished, held accountable.
 For those who wield the whip will never let the slave break free from his chains of slavery!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

Each day, we are reminded in many different ways that life is just too short. We hear of a loved one who is seriously ill. We hear of horrors occurring daily to others in our neighborhoods and around the world and yet, each day, we go to the daily grind so that we can afford to go ‘home’ and what….’live’? Ask yourself this question, “What does it mean to ‘live’? I don’t mean to suck in air and release it. Are you doing what you truly love or are you doing what you NEED to do just to survive? Are you just going to work so that you can keep up the payments on that house and car and maybe, at the end of the week, you can sit down and have a beer and consider yourself lucky? Is this all you want out  of, dare I say, ‘life’? Is this all there is to ‘life’? Working to make someone more money while you give that same person the money that you ‘earn’ so that you can keep a roof over your head and sit in hours of traffic and think and dream about what it would be like if you could do just what the hell you want? We are all stifled and oppressed by what we have allowed. We have allowed others to tell us how to ‘live’ and if our doctor ever gives us the ‘bad’ news that it’s almost over for us, the only reason we kick up a fuss is because it is expected of us and because we fear the unknown.

Life is to be lived, not merely gotten through. Think about it. Are you living life or are you just waiting until your number is up? And when it is, will you smile and say, “At least I lived,” or will you say, “Damn, in a few more years, I promised myself that I was going to live!” Think about it. Live your life, don’t just go through the motions!

We Waste So Much Of Life!

time as a blur

Everything is make-believe.
What, if anything is real?
We don’t even know the time,
are the days your own to fill?

We wonder why life seems so short,
when an hour of each day they steal.
It is not as if we don’t need it,
as it is, there’s no time to kill.

We waste so much of life,
just trying to beat the clock.
Life is over before we know it.
At death’s door, we all must knock.

Take a moment to reflect,
on all the things you want to do.
Don’t put them off for tomorrow.
What if tomorrow doesn’t wait for you?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Sometimes we should just say, “Fuck what I need to do! I am going to do what I want to do!” I was talking with a lady a few days ago and she was telling me that she lived from paycheck to paycheck and never had the chance to do anything or go anywhere because bills ate up her entire paycheck. She said that she finally decided to say, “To hell with bills, I am going to book a trip!” She had only enough money to get to Vegas but she said she had a wonderful time and was so glad that she had gone and that even though she is now playing catch-up with her bills, it was worth it to her because she, for once, did something she wanted to do instead of the same ole same ole drudgery of a day-to-day existence; get up, go to work, go home and repeat.

It is such a shame that we never get to do what we daydream about and we feel that we can only dream due to our circumstances of being too poor or too afraid to venture beyond our comfort zone. We have allowed others to limit our freedom to act on our dreams and aspirations. We don’t have the time to indulge ourselves in a favorite pastime such as painting or playing a musical instrument or even traveling because we have bills to pay and more bills to pay and we get stuck in that rut. It is all so sad really that when we look up, we find that time and life have slipped away from us and what we have put off for another tomorrow, is no longer possible to do. I wish that I could tell you that all things are possible, but even I am not that naïve. I just wish that life for many of us could have been so much different than what it actually is.


Waiting, waiting, waiting…


We are all waiting, waiting, waiting
for a train headed to nowhere.
We are waiting for something to happen,
something, anything, just please happen.
While we wait, life is passing us by.
While we are waiting to live,
we are forgetting to live.
Whatever is going to happen
will happen and we may not
like it and we can do nothing
about it. So, just live and
stop waiting, waiting, waiting,
for what? You
do not know.
As life is over
in the
Of an eye.
And the
if they
could speak,
would tell
you why.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

It is so very easy to get caught up in the things that make us want to pull our hair out because we feel so powerless. I know that I have participated in the ‘waiting, waiting, waiting’ scenario and hoping and hoping and hoping for something or someone to ‘change’ things. But while I do that, life is passing me by.

I am going to try to not get so caught up in all of the problems in this world. I am not going to stop eating apples because they will kill me. I am not going concentrate on the radiation that is creeping across the ocean. I can do nothing about that. We are bombarded every day with stories of what will kill us and what we should do to become healthy. We are all going to die. Face it. Deal with and accept it. If the pesticides in your vegetables don’t kill you, the polluted air that you breathe will. If the vaccinations that you received don’t kill you, a drunk driver will. If the drone does not strike you, falling airplane equipment will. If chem trails don’t kill you, carbon monoxide poisoning will. There is no way to escape death. There never was and there never will be. I don’t care about some biblical fictitious man called, Lazarus. Have you met him? I didn’t think so. Eat your apples, cross the street, sit outside and look up at the sky, breathe the air, swim in the ocean. Drive to the store. Enjoy that which is killing you. Just stop waiting, it will come.

Now, have I cheered everyone up? Good!

The Seasons of Life

'The eternal flow of life'.
‘The eternal flow of life’.

Will you love me when I’m old and grey?
Will you love me when my beauty fades away?

Just as the seasons change from summer to autumn to winter to spring,
a rose cannot in full bloom cling.

The petals soon wither and fall to the ground,
making nary a whisper, nary a sound.

So, too must a tree shed its leaves,
at the touch of a brisk autumn breeze.

Winter’s scene, so stark and bare,
snow white drifts and cold, crisp air.

The seasons do change, they come and go.
We are part of the cycle, part of the flow.

As we come full circle to the final act.
Every life must end and that is a fact.

Live long, love true and age with grace.
For The life of the rose, we too shall face.

‘Ashes to ashes and dust to dust’.
We’ll return to the earth as everything must.

The cycle renews, the phoenix takes flight.
Life is reborn at the Angels delight.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland


No darkness. Only light.
Nothing’s dim. It’s all so bright.

No one’s hurting. No despair.
No crime. Love’s everywhere.

No tears and not one fear.
No drunks. No bottles of beer.

No heroin and no crack.
No employee got the sack.

No pain and no disease.
No asthma, not one wheeze.

No enemies, only friends.
No open wounds to cleanse.

No earthquakes. No mudslides.
No threatening ocean tides.

No radioactive mess.
No tainted food we bless.

No lies are ever told.
No human being is sold.

No wars are ever fought.
No fossil fuel is sought.

No poverty. Only wealth.
All secure and in good health.

‘Utopia’, where are you?
I wish I had a clue!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland