“So, You Want A Living Wage? Too Damn Bad!”



Have you read the latest? Hell! It may not be the latest, but seeing as how it takes me awhile to crank up my computer to get it running, months may go by before I find out the latest. But now that I have my computer cranked up, what the hell? It appears that Wendy’s is going to fire workers and replace them with kiosks. Those overpaid workers who have been working for an hourly wage of $7.25 just did not know when  they had it so good! Why can’t they just enjoy coming to work with ‘pink eye’ and then upon finishing their shift, have a nice, relaxing nap inside a cardboard box underneath an overpass? Why must they need health insurance and a ‘living wage’?

“Oh, so you’re going to shout and jump up and down that you need a ‘living wage’? Okay! We’ll see about that! Out you go and in with automation! No need to pay you $15 an hour. Why can’t you get a ‘real’ job anyway? Too dumb? Too lazy? This job was for kids, so why are you 49 and working here at Wendy’s?”

This is wrong on so many levels, it is unreal. Jobs have been outsourced for decades and the fallback jobs have always been in retail and in the fast food industries. These jobs, at one point in time, were touted as jobs for kids who were just starting college and I know this to be true because when I was in college, I worked in retail. But suffice it to say, there were more older workers on the sales floor than there were college students. I was only working to put gas in my car for the purposes of partying and having a good time. But the majority of the workforce was there because it was their only source of income for the necessities of life, i.e., mortgage/rent/ lights, telephone, medical bills; the whole nine yards.

And here we are with this scenario still playing out all across this country and the fast food industry seems hell bent on shaming workers who are attempting to make a living. These workers are not asking for wages that would have them eating caviar and sipping the finest French wines every night. These workers are fighting for their  survival and they are fighting for the survival of their children. Not to mention the fact that if they simply gave up and got on welfare, we would be shaming these people.

We need to, for once, let go of the me, me, me selfish attitude and try to put ourselves in these workers shoes. How would we like it if our good paying job had been outsourced to Mexico or Bangladesh and we had to turn to flipping burgers at Wendy’s? There goes the mortgage payment. There goes the health insurance. There goes the means to getting to a job. Have you forgotten the man who walked 20 miles to work for 10 years because his $10.55 an hour job did not cover the cost of keeping a roof over his head, not to mention the $15,000 a year in insurance premiums for I guess, driving in Detroit? And the lamestream media refused to concentrate on the ‘elephant’ in the room; the fact that a man had been walking to a job for 10 years and after 10 years, he was only ‘earning’ $10.55 an hour. That is not just completely and totally ridiculous and ludicrous, it is a travesty! But this man’s plight, according to all news outlets was solved when a stranger came to Mr. Robertson’s rescue and raised money for him so that he could purchase a vehicle to get him to and from work. Did the news media concentrate on the low wages the man was receiving after having worked at the same company for at least 10 years? Of course not! Because what is in charge of what news we get? Corporations! And according to one corporation, another corporation can do no wrong.

If you think that the workers who are fighting for a $15 minimum wage are crazy to ask for this, try to keep in mind that your job could be the next to get replaced by either automation or by getting outsourced. Where will you find employment? At Wendy’s? Not so fast! A kiosk will have taken that job. People need to understand that what affects one, has the potential to affect all. And the people who are not working, are either too sick to work any longer, are too old to work or are too rich to need to work. Which category will you soon fit in? And I do not believe that it will be the latter and another sad fact is that Wendy’s is not alone in replacing humans with machines. Pretty soon, machines will be making your burger and when that happens, tell the machine to eat the goddamn burger it prepared. But before it gets to that point, we all need to send a message to Wendy’s and McDonald’s and to any other fast food restaurant that is replacing workers with kiosks that when confronted with a kiosk, out the door, we go! It is not that these corporations aren’t making any money, it is just that their greed is boundless! Corporations would not lose a beat by simply paying workers, a living wage.

My favorite restaurant is Fogo de Chao because their salad bar is like no other, but if they were to replace their workers who are absolutely fantastic with kiosks, I would never set foot inside a Fogo de Chao ever again. It is high time we stop taking this affront to our right to a decent wage, up the ass and instead, give these greedy ass corporations, a goddamn taste of their own medicine. Without us buying or consuming their product, their bottom line will look like the paycheck of a Wendy’s employee. Something to think about.

Wal-Mart’s Shit Is Backed UP!


Wal-Mart has flung so much shit at customers and employees that when both threw the shit back at Wal-Mart, the piles of shit and bullshit caused massive plumbing problems that were felt in Wal-Mart stores from California, Texas, Oklahoma and as far away as Florida and the shit abruptly closed five Wal-Mart stores.

Employees were notified via a shitty letter from Wal-Mart’s corporate office that the stores were too knee-deep in bullshit and shit to remain open. Employees are aghast, not only over the stench but over the fact that Wal-Mart may in fact be lying as to why the shit hit the fan resulting in closed stores. Employees should know that ‘corporations NEVER lie! They just ‘shy’ away from the truth. It is not the same thing. *wink* *wink*


Word on the street is that Wal-Mart employees have been staging sit-ins for a living wage and that Wal-Mart’s official word is, “To hell with THAT shit!” “Close the goddamn stores and hang a ‘toilet is out-of-order sign on the goddamn door, NOW!” Something stinky this way comes. I suspect foul play because when the shit hits the fan, everybody should know to duck!


Employees of Wal-Mart lined up at Motel 12 to await further instructions from Wal-Mart management on the plight of the plumbing unknown bottom line corporate profits problems. Wal-Mart has assured all 4 full-time employees that they will be transferred to other Wal-Mart stores in Bangladesh and Madagascar. They must, however, pay their own travel costs and other expenses related to relocation. Thousands of part-time employees are on their own. Never has this much shit been known to close 5 stores in 4 states. Simultaneous massive plumbing problems of this magnitude are off the Richter scale! Even California is shocked and they are used to shitshock waves!


Seriously? How in the hell does Wal-Mart get away with closing 5 stores, simultaneously in 4 states and state that it is due to plumbing problems? According to reports, there have been no requests for permits for plumbing issues at any of the 5 closed Wal-Mart stores. The stores will be closed for at least 6 months. Also, at least, 2,200 workers are affected by the closures and at the Pico Rivera, CA Wal-Mart; the employees had staged a Black Friday protest over wages. And let us not forget that this was not such a jolly season for retail stores and they have been reeling ever since despite the bull roaring on Wall Street as we all know that that is just a magic act of smoke and mirrors and no substance.


Was it only a couple of months ago that Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy and most of those stores will close? JC Penny is barely holding on as is Sears and Kmart. I cannot wait to see how the government is going to skew the employment figures in the coming months and how economists are going to downplay Wal-Mart’s bullshit plumbing problems. Plumbing problems, my ass and pun intended!

“In Midland, Texas, where another store was closed, a plumbing inspector was turned away when he visited the store and offered to help secure construction permits.”

Does that sound like Wal-Mart has a ‘plumbing’ problem?














What A Wonderful Holiday!

what wonderful holiday

The NSA is shuttered.
And the drone strikes have ceased.
Peace doth fill the land.
The CIA has left the East.

Snowden is not in exile,
and Manning is free to go.
No war crimes are committed.
Obama closed Guantanamo!

Sequestration’s off the table.
and no benefits are cut.
On the homeless and the poor,
No door is to be shut.

Corporations pay a living wage.
They love their employees.
Weary workers take vacation,
and get sick time when they sneeze.

We need clean air and water,
so they put an end to fracking.
Fukushima never happened.
And the glaciers are not cracking.

Netanyahu grew a heart.
and so the Gaza Strip is fine
US soldiers left Afghanistan,
and Iran is now in line.

Bush and Cheney are in prison.
They are tortured every day.
‘Twas a miracle of Christmas.
What a wonderful holiday!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Yeah, I fucking wish!!!

Striking For Fair Wages(A Living Wage)


I punch a clock and stand all day and never get ahead.
I’ve barely got a home and I never see my bed.

I’m trying to pay my bills while struggling to survive.
I really need to make it; God knows how hard I’ve tried.

My children need to eat and there are many bills to pay.
Something’s got to give; I’ve got to find a way.

Yes, I am flipping burgers and I’m fifty four years old.
You say that this is shameful, how I could I be so bold?

Take a look around; good jobs are all too scarce.
With global competition, the market’s pretty fierce.

Wouldn’t you have a fit if I was in the welfare line?
While CEOs we work for are getting by just fine.

We’re striking for fair wages and for benefits we need.
Corporations rake in profits and it’s time to stop their greed.

You don’t have to join us; we know just what you think.
We will keep on fighting ‘til the corporations blink.

I pray you never lose your job and stand here next to me,
flipping endless burgers and handing out iced tea.

You’ll find that you can’t win no matter how you try.
They’ll see that you flip burgers and then they’ll ask you, “Why?”

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote the above poem because I’ve read that fast food workers are striking in New York and in other parts of the country. This is my way of showing my support for the workers and their plight. Corporations are raking in billions while these workers are barely eking out an existence. It is not right. I’ve also read hateful comments from some who have the bloody cheek to state that those who are older workers at fast food companies should not be expecting a fair wage and benefits since they are working at what should be an entry level position for teenagers. The economic meltdown and the fact that many older workers once held down good paying jobs in the manufacturing sector and those jobs are now gone, play a huge role in why so many older people are finding themselves working at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. People are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they’re not working and are receiving welfare benefits, they are denigrated. If they are working at McDonalds, they are still denigrated because there are people who are just cold, cruel, vicious, mean and hateful since they’ve obviously got nothing better to do then to try and put people down who are doing what they can to survive. To those of you who get your ‘jollys’ off in being mean and vindictive, bugger off!

And to those of you who have had more than you can take of poverty wages, lack of benefits, stay strong!! There are those of us who are with you. We may not be there in body, but we are there with you in spirit and in hopes that things will get better.

Fast-Food Workers Uniting to Strike on August 29th

Willietta Dukes, 39, of Durham, N.C., a mother of two, told The Washington Post she plans to walk off her job at Burger King on Aug. 29. Her highest salary after working for 15 years in the industry is $8.65 per hour. Rarely is she scheduled for a 40-hour week.

“I am good at what I do,” she told the paper. “Yet after working all day, I do not earn enough to even pay for the basics. I don’t want to be in poverty forever.”

That is totally SHAMEFUL!! A 39-year old mother of two who has worked at Burger King for 15 years is only earning $8.65 an hour???!!! For the love of …!!!!! And if you read the article, those who have no problem with this outrage are maintaining that it is mainly teenagers working these fast food jobs. This 39-year old woman makes a lie out of that claim. And what’s more, she’s not the only one!!! Some retail store employees will also be participating in the strike. These hard workers should earn a ‘living wage’ and nothing less. The corporate bigheads can afford it and we all know it! For what it’s worth, striking workers, I’m with you all the way!!!!