…Swarming Like Killer Bees!


I know I said I was a good girl gone bad,
but I didn’t know that I’d eventually go mad.

The white-coated men can just haul me away.
I’m too far gone and ain’t nothing I can say.

One minute, I’m all about flowers and trees,
and the next I’m swarming like killer bees.

Who the hell knows what will happen next?
I often leave my readers quite perplexed.

Maybe, I’m the female Jekyll and Hyde
and it could be that I’m quite certified.

Who couldn’t go crazy in this fucked up world,
where madness reigns and evil’s flag’s unfurled?

If I doubt my sanity and wonder if I’m sane.
it’s because I see a world suffering in pain.

And when I feel sorry and sad for me,
I’m not getting bombed like those across the sea!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Sometimes I’m good and sometimes, I’m MAD!!! And sometimes, I’m just goddamn BAD!!!

‘Black Agenda Report’, This Time, You’re Wrong!



First of all Black people are no more ‘mad’ than any other ethnic group in America. In fact, Black people would come in as more sane than most, given the fact that since Black people ‘enjoy’ more poverty than any other group besides the American Indians, and have had to cope with a lot more shit heaped on them than just about any other group of people in America. Middle aged, middle-class white males lead when speaking on the subject of madness seeing as how they are the usual suspects when a story breaks about a murder/suicide and the inability to tolerate poverty or an economic downturn is usually at the center of it. But, that’s another blog in and of itself.

Black people may have overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama(and we certainly could not have gotten him elected all by our lonesome) but that does not mean that he is given a free pass to do whatever he pleases and that he can rest assured that he will continue to have the full and unfailing support of the Black community. We are not stupid despite all of the attempts being made to ‘dumb us down’. By polling a thousand people and coming to the conclusion that the majority of Black people are ‘mad’ because this particular poll suggests that the majority of ‘Black’ people who were polled are not upset at all with the NSA spying on them, nor were they upset and angered over Obama’s stupid excuses for bombing the hell out of Syria is just plain, ridiculous. Black people opposed the bombing of Syria just as vehemently as others. We have not collectively gone insane just because Barack Obama was elected and re-elected President of the god awful United Snakes Of Amurderer.

I understand that perhaps Glen Ford feels that with the U.S. being hell bent on either dumbing down or incarcerating the Black populace, and with education being what it is in inner city schools, this has led him to believe that Black people cannot think for themselves or lack common sense and have therefore, gone ‘Obamacrazed’ simply because one poll suggested that Black Americans overlook Obama’s many faults thanks to his skin tone. Oh, yes Glen Ford, we put two and two together and we know when we have been bamboozled. I cannot speak for ALL Black Americans, but I do know that there are millions of us who are not ‘madly’ in love with Obama’s policies. Polls have stated that people ‘like’ Obama’s personality but that they dislike his policies. It would do well for you to focus on what that says, if you want to make blanket statements on an entire ethnic group based on one poll. I think that that was extremely disingenuous of you.

Black people have more reasons to despise Barack Obama with each passing day as he has yet to address any of the many issues that plague Black communities all across this country. Even though Obama’s home is in Chicago, it took a school shooting in Newtown, CT to get him to step up and speak out against violent shootings even when he knew of the daily shootings that take place damn near right out side his home in Chicago. It is quite obvious to Black America that Obama doesn’t give a goddamn about them. So just why would they support, en masse his Administration’s spying on not just Black Americans, but all Americans and apparently, everyone else all around the world? We are not stupid, nor are we ‘mad’, at least not in the way that you imply.

Many Black Americans are well aware that Obama does not represent them as his history has nothing whatsoever to do with theirs. He is not a descendant of African slaves. Obama’s daddy wasn’t lynched for messing around with his white mama. That is our history. It is not his. He has nothing in common with us. His skin tone doesn’t automatically make him a Black American, only the white’s one-drop rule made him check ‘African-American’ on his census form. And I don’t make the rules because as far as I am concerned, Barack Obama is nothing more than a willing puppet of his white masters who are pulling his strings and anyone with more than two brain cells connected, regardless of their skin tone can see that.

So, in essence, stop generalizing and categorizing because Black Americans are not marching lockstep with Obama on the NSA spying, nor on his stupid reasoning behind bombing the hell out of Syria. We are not giving him a free pass on his failure to take steps to staunch the flow of Black Americans into for-profit prisons. He is not getting a free pass on the fact that he knows that the unemployment rate for Blacks has increased under his dubious leadership and has been in the double digits since the end of slavery. He is not getting a free pass when it comes to drone striking innocent people in foreign lands who have done nothing to warrant it. He does not get a free pass when it comes to his CIA backed rebels tearing unholy hell out of just about every country in the Middle East. He doesn’t get a goddamn free pass just because he has a damn permanent tan. That is a mere triviality compared to what he stands for and what he stands for most definitely does not coincide with what Black Americans stand for, at least not this one!

Yes, goddamn it! I am mad, mad as hell. Can’t you tell? Or do I need to hand you some poll results first?