How I Spent My 4th of July While Black Folks Was Getting Gunned Down!

latest pics 035We were having so much fun, we camped at the fireworks site!

latest pics 003Oh yes, while KKKops were killing other Black folks, we was enjoying ourselves. Oh yes, we were!

latest pics 029And here, we had a front row seat to a little volleyball while waiting for the sun to set and the fireworks display to begin.

latest pics 048Oh looky there! Fireworks, everyone!

latest pics 053And more!

latest pics 059And some more and y’all have to excuse these bad pics because I was doing twelve things at once, while imbibing also.

latest pics 090These are my patriotic fireworks. They are supposed to be red, white and blue! But damn, I was deep into my champagne flute by this time! Lawd, was I having fun!

latest pics 067Not bad. What do you think?

latest pics 068“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies…..lalalalalaladeedah!”

latest pics 135Excuse me again, a little off, was this one!

latest pics 142Yeah, I know, this one is sad. I was just turning back to the fireworks when the camera went off, accidental like, you understand.

latest pics 201But anyway, hope you enjoyed your patriotic 4th of July day!

So, there I was, just a sitting somewhere enjoying myself while Black folks were getting shot up by the dozens before, during and right after my merrymaking. I should be ashamed of myself, but there it is, in ‘living color’, my unabashedly, unashamedly merrymaking while horrendous shit was going down and now, I want to sit somewhere and whine about racism, police brutality, KKKops murdering innocent Black folks and some mo shit. I know. I know! I am such a hypocrite!