All Hail, The Mighty Supremes!

supreme court justices



The Supreme Court has blocked Obama administration rules designed to sharply limit the hazardous air pollutants that spew from the nation’s power plants.

The justices by a 5-4 vote agreed with the coal industry and Republican-led states that said the forced cutbacks were too costly and could lead to power outages.

Justice Antonin Scalia, speaking for the majority, said it was not reasonable for the Environmental Protection Agency to proceed with the new rules without weighing their cost, estimated to be about $9.6 billion a year.


So, let me get this straight, we can only have clean air, water and food if it is cost-effective to do so and if it is not cost-effective, then to hell with clean air, water and food. We are certainly in good hands thanks to those ever so environmental-friendly Supreme Court justices. The planet which sustains life is being destroyed as are we because it is not cost-effective to reduce the pollution that is killing the planet and all living things on it. This leads me to ask a question. When will someone figure out that the Supreme Court justices should be locked up in a psychiatric hospital? I ask this because it is extremely clear to me that they are insane and what is equally clear is that they are receiving bribes and kickbacks from the coal industry and every other polluting industry and that this in turn has rendered the Environmental Protection Agency, impotent. There is to be no protection of the environment because to hell with the environment, only bulging pockets should be protected. I suppose the Supreme Court justices all live in a bubble and do not breathe the same air that we do, they must not eat the same foods that we do, nor drink the same water that we do since it is quite apparent, that they are not at all concerned about what goes in their pie hole and up their goddamn nose. Let us all celebrate our imminent demise.


And speaking of imminent demise, the Supreme Court also decided that those who are on death row can just writhe in agony as they are put to death thanks to their support of a drug that has been known to have no efficacy in controlling pain during surgery and cannot be used, but this drug is acceptable to be used on those who are cooling their heels on death row when the time comes for them to be put to death because killing people always solves everything. It brings ‘closure’ to the victim’s family, I suppose. There is no ‘closure’ more final than death, but to take a life for a life could never make it right. State-sanctioned killing should be as unacceptable just as if I walked up and killed my neighbor.

The conservative majority ruled that to prohibit the use of midazolam, a sedative that has left some death row prisoners seemingly able to feel pain from the next two drugs in a three-drug cocktail, would have unfairly tied the states’ hands.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote the 5-4 decision for the argumentative court. All four liberal justices dissented vehemently; two said capital punishment is probably unconstitutional and urged the court to consider a broad challenge in the future.

WOW! Two Supreme Court justices stated that ‘capital punishment is probably unconstitutional’ but the law of the land still calls for capital punishment by means of a drug that doesn’t even work. The Supreme Court is on a roll, indeed.

And so we come to the greatest ruling of all, same-sex marriage; now the law of the land. Get out the banners, march in the parades and line up at city hall or whatever church will have you and join in ‘wholly’ matrimony. Those of you who are celebrating same-sex marriage, don’t breathe too heavily a sigh of relief because the air is filled with toxins, thanks in part to those same Supreme Court justices that granted you the right to marry also deemed it too expensive to keep you healthy, while allowing death row inmates to writhe in agony. Enjoy your time with each other while you can for death creeps ever closer and if by some chance, your love fades for your lover, try to desist from killing him/her, especially in a state that still allows for the death penalty because again, the same Supreme Court justices that granted you permission to marry also maintains that there does not have to be put in place, a way to send you off to your reward, humanely.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…


We are all waiting, waiting, waiting
for a train headed to nowhere.
We are waiting for something to happen,
something, anything, just please happen.
While we wait, life is passing us by.
While we are waiting to live,
we are forgetting to live.
Whatever is going to happen
will happen and we may not
like it and we can do nothing
about it. So, just live and
stop waiting, waiting, waiting,
for what? You
do not know.
As life is over
in the
Of an eye.
And the
if they
could speak,
would tell
you why.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

It is so very easy to get caught up in the things that make us want to pull our hair out because we feel so powerless. I know that I have participated in the ‘waiting, waiting, waiting’ scenario and hoping and hoping and hoping for something or someone to ‘change’ things. But while I do that, life is passing me by.

I am going to try to not get so caught up in all of the problems in this world. I am not going to stop eating apples because they will kill me. I am not going concentrate on the radiation that is creeping across the ocean. I can do nothing about that. We are bombarded every day with stories of what will kill us and what we should do to become healthy. We are all going to die. Face it. Deal with and accept it. If the pesticides in your vegetables don’t kill you, the polluted air that you breathe will. If the vaccinations that you received don’t kill you, a drunk driver will. If the drone does not strike you, falling airplane equipment will. If chem trails don’t kill you, carbon monoxide poisoning will. There is no way to escape death. There never was and there never will be. I don’t care about some biblical fictitious man called, Lazarus. Have you met him? I didn’t think so. Eat your apples, cross the street, sit outside and look up at the sky, breathe the air, swim in the ocean. Drive to the store. Enjoy that which is killing you. Just stop waiting, it will come.

Now, have I cheered everyone up? Good!