For Father’s Day!


How can I celebrate Father’s Day when I stare out through these bars?
And here I am in a foreign land on a mission for our stars.

Today is Father’s Day and these streets I’ll walk all day.
I am a father without a home, I’m like a dog that’s now a stray.

This nursing home ain’t great but I guess I can’t complain.
Today my kids might visit me and may they help me forget my pain.

My wife and kids are gone now and this house is empty of laughter.
I drink to fulfill a need, could my life be any sadder?

There are so many lonely fathers who could use a lift today.
Won’t you help to bring some joy and life to a dad on this holiday?

Yes, bars and stars will keep hugs at bay and we don’t wonder why.
Only the lucky ones will enjoy this day and all others can just get by.

Those locked up and in foreign lands won’t enjoy this day at all.
It’ll cast a spell of longing and it’ll also cast a pall.

Give a thought to them as you open your gifts and look up with a smile.
Don’t be quick to leave dear dad, your needs can wait awhile.

Think about those in nursing homes, too sick to raise their head
and remember the ones who walk the streets just like the living dead.

There is a dad out there that’s lonely and trying to drink ’til he forgets.
Give a thought to all the dads who can’t live with their regrets.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote the above poem because there are so many dads out there that won’t get to enjoy this Father’s Day for various reasons. Some are behind bars and some are serving our stars(flag)in foreign lands and some are homeless and there are others in nursing homes and still others who are alone and drinking to forget. Here’s to all the fathers out there who want to be with their children but can’t. And this is also for the children whose fathers are deceased.

What Is Wrong IN My Life?


So many temptations to get me high,
Or could it be that I really want to die?

Sell me crystal meth, I’ve developed a need.
This shit is so good, even my demons recede.

When I drink it’s because I want to forget
all the horrible things I’ve come to regret.

And if I shoot up heroin,
don’t I know it’s a sin.

But it takes away the pain
Though, it’s all in vain.

These are the escapes that I do crave.
And yes to some, I give in; I cave.

What is wrong in my life?
Should I end it with a knife?

With so many voices in my head,
will they leave me when I’m dead?

When the pain of life gets too hard to bear,
the soul of man is filled with despair.

Note:I’ve tweaked this abit because those of us who love to write, for us, we can never get it ‘right’.

This one is about the ‘demons’ that many of us try to escape from. Life for many is just too damn horrible to contemplate, sober and in the U.S. alone, escapism by way of drugs has become an epidemic. Regardless of socioeconomic factors, it has crossed all barriers. It is not respective of income or education or even geographical location. People are using/needing drugs to escape from pain of the body, from the pain of the mind.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What About We Don’t Forget?






Forget about the Alamo.

What about the Arapaho?


Forget about the Civil War.

What about the need for more?


Forget about the stars and stripes.

What about the stripe that bites?


Forget about the three-fifths rule.

What about the vote, you fool?


Forget about the constitution.

What about our destitution?


Forget about our tainted food.

What about our lust for crude?


Forget about the brave and free.

What about the bombs you see?


Forget about how bad you lie.

What about your reasons why?


Forget about the maimed and dead.

What about the ones who’ve fled?


Forget about the call for peace.

What about corrupt police?


Forget about the military.

What about a sanctuary?


Forget about the middle class.

What about the corporate ass?


Forget about incarceration.

What about an education?


Forget about the nation’s debt.

What about the homeless vet?


Forget about the golden arches.

What about the protest marches?


Forget about atrocities.

What about democracies?


Forget about a Ponzi scheme.

What about al-Qaeda’s team?


Forget about a missile launch.

What about the wounds we staunch?


Forget about a global threat.

What about a child’s neglect?


Forget about the global bank.

What about our earnings shrank?


Forget about the wars we’ve fought.

What about the truth is taught?


Forget about what’s yours is mine.

What about we draw the line?


Forget about the poor who struggle.

What about the arms we smuggle?


Forget about the isolated.

What about we stop the hatred?


Forget about what we regret.

What about we don’t forget?



Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2013 Shelby I. Courtland