A Poem For Black History Month About The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

For Martin Luther King Jr., Day

People say we’ve come so far.
It all depends on who you are.

There’s been no other to fill your shoes.
Today, you’ll again make headline news.

Would you be pleased at what you see?
Is your dream a reality?

No, your dream is not alive! It crumbled into dust.
And all that’s left to show for it is just another bust.

The vibrant voice is stilled, mere echoes of the past.
Your dream did not live on, a net you tried to cast.

The battle rages on as hate will never rest.
And men who lack in courage will always fail the test.

Who rings the bell for freedom and human rights for all
while men cease to stand and to corporations crawl?

Who will ignite the spark and watch the fire burn?
And who will just sit back and say, “no, it’s not my turn?”

Will there ever be another Martin Luther King
who dreamed that one day, the freedom bell would ring?

“Let freedom ring! Let freedom ring!”
It’s still a dream, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

And realize this, Barack Obama is ANTI everything that Dr. King died for. Dr. King would NOT stand in solidarity with Barack Obama. Do you honestly think that Dr. King would approve of drone strikes and the resulting deaths of innocent people when the target is surrounded by people who have done no wrong? Would Dr. King approve of indefinitely detaining people without due process and who have not been charged with a crime? Would Dr. King approve of torture and sending people who have a conscience, to jail for exposing lies, war crimes, hypocrisy and torture? Would Dr. King approve of the CIA training rebels in foreign lands to overthrow leaders who refuse to kowtow to U.S. demands? Would Dr. King approve of Barack Obama turning his back on the poor because that is exactly what Barack Obama is doing every single time he gives a speech emphasizing “work hard” as though people are not doing enough to get themselves employed when the jobs are just not there? Would Dr. King approve of Barack Obama continuing the Bush era bank bailouts that robbed the poor and gave to the rich who then gave themselves even more in the form of multimillion dollar bonuses? Would Dr. King have approved of the stupid reasons that Barack Obama gave for bombing Syria? Dr. King was well aware of the hypocrisy of the government of the United States. And Barack Obama perpetuates that hypocrisy every single time he opens up his mouth and another lie spews forth.

Black America, take your rose colored glasses off and take a really good look at Barack Obama. He is NOT the fulfillment or culmination of Dr. King’s dream. He is the absolute antithesis of everything Dr. King stood, marched, protested and died for. Dr. King would have shunned Barack Obama because he would have known that he is just another corporate lackey, a willing tool of his corporate masters and bought with blood money.

Just because Barack Obama is Black, does not make him right! And if your pastor or Reverend reveres Obama so much, ask him why. Ask your pastor if Chicago is any better off for having had Barack Obama as a citizen and a senator, not to mention, a community organizer. Ask your pastor why with the horrendous tallies of homicides in Chicago, did it take a school shooting in Newtown, CT before Obama shed a tear and called for gun reform. Ask your pastor why are the schools in inner cities all across America, woefully inadequate in educating Black children and instead of educating them have turned them into a pipeline from the classroom straight into the penitentiary even though Barack Obama is inside the White House. Ask him. Ask him why we have a Black Attorney General and yet over a million Black men are being incarcerated for decades for having been found with trace amounts of weed on them. Ask him why whites are not locked up when they are found with even more drugs on them than the many Blacks who are in prison on mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines. Ask him why with two Black men in powerful positions, is the Black unemployment rate still in the double digits and slavery better known as convict labor is practiced religiously in America today. Ask him!

Black America, it is time that you realized that you’ve been had! Accept it, deal with it and stop making excuses for and revering Barack Obama who is nothing more than Bush in Black face on steroids!