I Watch From The Sidelines!


I watch from the sidelines,
too helpless to do a thing
as a world writhes in agony
and no sparrow deigns to sing.

I watch from the sidelines,
not knowing what to do
as bombs fall on innocence
and the snake strikes right on cue.

I watch from the sidelines,
what is my purpose here
to die by the hands of humans
from which all creatures flee in fear?

I watch from the sidelines
as man destroys this paradise
laying waste to a bounty of blessings
and we shall all be the sacrifice.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Memorial Day!


Men and women died for those who hoard the wealth.
And that is why this weekend, we celebrate their death.

Eat your hotdogs, hamburgers, steak and baked beans
And pretend that you don’t know what war really means.

Display the stars and stripes and lay a wreath on a grave.
Our soldiers fought the enemy, oh they were so brave.

They sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy.
The enemy just won’t die, there’s always someone to destroy.

We celebrate the dead who need not have died.
We gorge ourselves on hate, intolerance and pride.

If the dead could speak to us, we’d not celebrate this day.
They’d question why a death in vain deserves a holiday.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Soldiers, keep fighting the wars started by the rich. Maybe one day, they’ll hand you more than $20,000 a year, food stamps and a flag to drape over your coffin. Yes, keep fighting and keep hoping for more and meanwhile, we’ll celebrate your sacrifice on Memorial Day. We’ll eat a hotdog in anticipation of ‘in loving memory’ of you because it’s only a matter of time before you’re in a flag draped box.

An Inconvenient Theme!

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the point of sacrifice,
when the crooks engage in vice?

And yet, you died for a cause,
they’ve scratched that with new laws!

The hypocrites do honor you,
of course, that’s nothing new.

They profit off your name,
the ones who have no shame.

You’re still a money maker,
and a mover and a shaker.

They’d back the ones who murdered you.
And claim what’s false is true.

You’ll always be a scapegoat,
so that we don’t rock the boat.

We can’t be radical and wild,
they tell us that was not your style.

We tout you out this time each year
And loudly clap and cheer.

They really don’t like your dream,
it had an inconvenient theme.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

We are living the DREAM! NOT!!!!!!!

The Devolution of Evolution


There are those who say that we must wait for human evolution

and that we are just as wrong if we start a revolution.

Humans have devolved into what you see today.

There are those who glimpse the suffering and they simply turn away.

They care not for the hungry, no tears shed for the sick.

They beat them down and shame them, it usually does the trick.

Must they take another look; no glasses hued in rose

and speak to me of what they see with eyes that do not close.

There is a war throughout the land in one form or another.

We do not love our sister and we hate our foreign brother.

There are those who walk the streets, they have no home at all.

They were sold out by the bankers who never take a fall.

The rich have all the power and the poor are in a bind.

If you fail to see the problem, there is something on your mind.

Or could it be you just won’t see because you would reject

that we have not evolved and are stuck in retrospect.

The ones who see and understand that something must be done

are those who care for all and not just care for one.

If ever we evolve, and there is no sign we have

the future looks too bleak if what we use is salve,

to staunch the flow of blood from those who are in pain

and never hold accountable, the ones who wield the chain.

Alone, we cannot act, we need you all onboard

as this is not a game, and we can ill afford,

to not join in the fray nor start the protest march

nor arm ourselves with nature’s tools and branch out like the larch.

Where once we stood alone, we now stand arm in arm

And those who are the enemy are those who do us harm.

Violence begets violence and this I understand

but power will not yield with just a reprimand.

Those with much to lose will crush us if we try.

They must hear our roar, they must heed our cry.

For peace can never reign without a show of might.

No matter who is wrong, no matter who is right.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland




As We Continue To Protest Against Military Action In Syria…

headed to Syria

let us not forget what woke many of us the hell up! Let us not forget Pfc. Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Manning who gave up her freedom so that the world would know what our government is capable of. Let us not forget that there are those who have sacrificed themselves because they knew that ‘without information we cannot make informed decisions’. Pfc. Manning sits in a lonely prison cell this very minute because she exposed what the puppets who serve their masters did not want exposed. She informed the world of the most heinous of atrocities and cover-ups.

The world was made known of our torturing of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Did we cease the practice of torture? Hell no! Are we going to cease the practice of torture? Hell no! We have used chemical weapons and we are still using chemical weapons. Are we going to stop? Hell no! Do not give our government a free pass on its hypocrisy when the U.S. government claims that it is going to bomb a country because of the use of chemical weapons, if that were the case, why hasn’t the U.S. bombed itself? We’re certainly guilty of using chemical weapons. We have no moral high ground on which to stand. We never have and we never will. But we must continue to put the pressure on our government so that they get the message that just because the U.S. government condones atrocities and torture, we do not! Just because the mainstream media looks the other way and refuses to report on the atrocities perpetrated on innocent civilians and citizens by this government, we will not! The U.S. government is under the auspice of a global group that is controlling and dictating and initiating world events to suit their purpose. This is just a game to them. We are all expendable. Make no mistake, the threat to our very existence is real. Just look up from your smartphone and glance across the street. What do you see? There is suffering. There is hardship. There is hunger. There is unmitigated sickness. There is homelessness. There is poverty. There is fear. There is hopelessness. There is loss and there is so much of it that it is an epidemic. We are told that there is no money for seniors, there is no money for head start programs for children, there is no money to shelter the homeless, there is no money to feed the hungry, there is no money to fund the programs that were intended to keep people from falling between the cracks. We are broke, they tell us and yet there IS money to bomb a country in the Middle East that has not threatened us with war. We have the money to send missiles across the seas to kill innocent mothers and fathers and children.

You see, those who pull the strings of the puppets they put in power will not stop until all the world’s people are starving, sick, homeless, broke and hopeless. It will not end if we bomb Syria, it will continue. We must be ever vigilant and aware. We must constantly question what our government says and not take their word as law. They lie! This has been proven, time and time again, they lie! So, to those of you who think that we no longer need to keep shouting and protesting and marching and calling our representatives, think again! We cannot stop because that will mean that we have been lulled into a false sense of ‘all is well’. All is not well and all will not be well if we continue to let this government mislead us, lie to us and continue to lead us down the primrose path. We know what this government is capable of. Remember Pfc. Manning and what she exposed. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Never stop questioning. Never accept at face value what your president and your representatives tell you. Do your own thinking. Don’t let others think for you. Remember, they have an agenda and it most definitely will not coincide with yours if peace is what you seek.

And so, I will re-post a poem that I think is extremely important and appropriate and I will include it from now on in every blog post.

We Are The Terrorists

What rights do we have left? We have watched them fade to black.
There are those who tried to warn us. They’re on the torture rack.

They dared expose the truth; shed light on all the lies.
So many people dead, so many lost their lives.

The West destroyed the East; just look what we have done.
We always cross an ocean to take from everyone.

Wherever we have gone, the people always lose.
There is something that they have; there is something we can use.

We must control the world and all who live there in.
And every place we go, the killing will begin.

Not many we let live, our bloodlust’s never sated.
We will never stop, we’re loathed and we’re hated.

The innocent are the guilty. You’re so easy to deceive.
The truth is hard to take and so you won’t believe.

Do you understand how expendable you are?
Just ask Chelsea Manning, she was a rising star.

She exposed our depravity, let the world know where we stand.
Liberty and justice and freedom have been banned.

Look at what we’ve done to her; we’d do the same to you.
Never doubt it for a minute. Our course is tried and true.

The dead did see it coming; they could not avoid attack.
Children cry for their mothers who are buried in Iraq.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland