This Is Just Side-Splitting Funny! Well…Isn’t It????

Dutch Facebook Page Aims To Save ‘Black Pete’ Tradition That Features Clowns In Black Face. See:

zarte pieten

Apparently, this is a tradition and is not deemed ‘inappropriate’ by those who participate or by the majority who uphold this caricature depicting whites in Black face with afro wigs and clowning around, playing the fool as they celebrate SinterKlass/Zwarte Piet.

SinterKass on his horse

SinterKlass surrounded by his Black clown subjects as he rides into town on his pure white horse with his so-called white skin and in all of his pure ass purity. For those whose skin is actually Black, think nothing of this, just get into the spirit of things and ignore the painful images. We are finally recognizing you, be grateful and thankful because for the most part, you are all but ignored except when we call you “allokhthon”, and means “found in a place other than where they were formed”. But no non-Dutch white person living in the Netherlands is referred to as allochtoon, only non-white people, Dutch and otherwise.”

Yes, SinterKlass or Santa Claus is coming to town. He is the jolly white man bearing gifts to all children, Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands and Black children in America and all around the world. He is the benevolent saint who loves all children, even the ones who are the brunt of jokes, it is all in fun. And to think that Black people embrace this shit that white people have shoved down our throats for centuries. Just as we have taken to believing in their white, blond, blue-eyed ‘god’ which was never a belief of those who were in Africa. Not one Black person in America would be worshipping some false fake ass idol depicted as a white man hanging on a cross if not for the fact that the so-called ‘Christian heathens’ dragged their ancestors across oceans to become slaves. Yes, let us celebrate the coming of the oh so benevolent jolly white man bearing his goddamn gifts that Black people have to work so much harder for to provide for their children then whites do and then turn around and have their children give praise to the white man for their hard work and struggles. No fucking thank you!!! Let us sing the Christmas songs, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful!” “Silent Night!” “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem!” Again! No fucking thank you! Black folks, you better wake the fuck up and realize just what the hell you’re doing. You are doing exactly what the white man wants you to do, give him ALL the goddamn glory that you worked too damn hard for and earned through blood, sweat and tears. Not only your forefathers who slaved to build this godforsaken ‘godless’ country, but those who followed are still being worked to death or starved to death while these ‘godless’ heathens profess to spirituality and to love and kindness. Piss on that!!

And now, one good turn deserves another. Who will find this to be funny?

Well now, isn't this perplexing? Shampoo for a dog or a white female model?
Well now, isn’t this perplexing? Shampoo for a dog or a white female model?
Dog hair or human hair? Doesn't matter! Use Sleeky Dog Shampoo and get the same results as your dog!
Dog hair or human hair? Doesn’t matter! Use Sleeky Dog Shampoo and get the same results as your dog!
On one side, I used Sleeky Dog Shampoo and on the other side, I used Pantene. Can you see and feel the difference? No! They both work wonders for the hair. Love your hair with Sleeky Dog Shampoo!!
You and your dog can get this hair using either Sleeky Dog Shampoo or Pantene
You and your dog can get this hair using either Sleeky Dog Shampoo or Pantene
Can you believe it? All three of us can use the same shampoo!
Feature me in the next Pantene shampoo commercial. Such luxuriant hair just gets you noticed!
Feature me in the next Pantene shampoo commercial. Such luxuriant hair just gets you noticed!

Funny yet???!!!! Don’t forget to check out the video. You’ll really think that’s funny.

Aren’t All Religions, The True Religion? Actually, There Is No True Religion

Religion! What is it? Is it a belief of an omnipotent being who supposedly created heaven and earth and who craves adulation from us for doing so? If this is the case, then why aren’t the animals(also made by ‘God’)required to worship this omnipotent being, this ‘deity’? Is it in your ‘religious’ book that they must either be good or otherwise be thrown into the fiery pits of hell? Your ‘pets’ aren’t intelligent enough or is it that they lack the money in which to prop up the so-called palaces of worship that are required in order to head to the rapture in the hereafter?

Which religion is THE true religion? The christian religion which includes the Baptists, Methodists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Seventh-Day Adventist, Anglican/Episcopalian, Lutheran and what about Buddhism and Islam, and any non denominational ‘religion’?

Religion is fiction! Plain and simple. It is a fantasy designed to give those who need it the hope that there is more to life than just death. Some religions believe that we are reincarnated because there simply has to be a form of ‘living’ after we’re pronounced dead, right? Wrong. When you cease to breathe and your heart stops beating. You are dead. Get over it. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is no seeing your loved ones again. This is it folks. So, instead of worrying about paying your tithes and saying your prayers(to an idol of some sort), you should spend what time you have just living and enjoying life to its fullest and be kind to each other because it is the right thing to do, not because you will be rewarded in some ‘heaven’ for your good deeds.

We humans have always needed something to push us to behave, to be good. We’ve also always needed an excuse for our ‘bad’ behavior. Because whether we wish to face it or not, evil is our default position. That is why we have laws and forms of punishment. It is because of our inherently evil nature. We are not inherently good. If we were made by a divine entity that was good and thrived on good, then why are we so evil? Take a look around you? When has man not been engaged in war of some sort. Hell! There have been so-called ‘Holy Wars’. If Eve and her oh so tempting apple is why we are inherently evil and in need of ‘religion to save us’, then why are we still eating apples? And why is ‘Adam’ still marrying ‘Eve’? Why have we not declared that the apple is off limits? Is it because it’s too late, and so then we shrug and just take another bite(and another ‘Eve’) because, really…what more do we have to lose?

Why was Santa Claus invented? Weren’t you told as a child, “be good or Santa will put coal and ashes in your stocking and won’t bring you any toys?” Or, “behave yourself in church today or the Easter Bunny will not leave an Easter basket for you?” What does ‘God aka religion’ ‘Santa’ and the ‘Easter Bunny’ all have in common? An inheritance. You know, something passed down through the years. I went to a Baptist church because my mother took me to a Baptist church because her mother took her to a Baptist church. I believed in Santa Claus because my parents drummed Santa Claus into me as they had had it drummed into them and so forth and so on. It is like passing the silver down from one generation to the other. We just accept it. On the other hand, we celebrate Halloween(another inheritance) by going door-to-door and receiving goodies, and just what is this holiday based on? Witches, ghosts and magic? You can’t have it both ways folks. You’re either in this religion based on all things good(lest ye be tempted) and staying away from the ‘dark’ side or you’re not really ‘religious’ at all, you’re just playing the game. But it really doesn’t matter because you’re being played anyway. You don’t want to know that you’re being played because then you would have to come to the realization that there is no ‘life after death’ and so you cling to your hope and faith that there really is a ‘God’ and a ‘heaven’. Not to mention, there’s BIG money to be made in religion, all tax free. Wow! No wonder you religious people love your ‘religion’, you get to worship in palaces, continually build, buy land and you have a ready made flock of those who are willing to pay any amount of money if you will just promise them one thing, everlasting (good)life after death. A win, win! Now, if that ain’t a sin!