Republican Senator Mitch McConnell Calls to Cut Social Security, Medicare


Actually by doing this, McConnell is engaging in great strategy right before the Midterm elections. You see, by calling for cuts to Social Security and Medicare, this is sure to get the baby boomers in an uproar which will likely lead them to head to the polls in record numbers to vote for Democrats, which will then give the Democrats control of the House. This will in turn aid the Republicans by the time 2020 gets here and Donald Trump is up for re-election because then McConnell and his GOP cronies and Donald Trump can say that they got not a goddamn thing accomplished because Democrats dug their heels in and refused to pass any legislation. That is excellent strategy because why else would you stand up and loudly proclaim your intent to cut Social Security and Medicare a mere two weeks before the Midterms? You wouldn’t unless you wanted the opposite party in control of the House so that then you could claim that the Democratic party was holding up Donald Trump and the GOP from making any headway in passing bills because otherwise, this would be considered, “political suicide.” And even though baby boomers are dying off, there are still enough of them left to vote and make a difference at the polls because if there is one thing baby boomers will do, and that is to vote if they believe that Social Security and Medicare is being threatened.

After instituting a $1.5 trillion tax cut and signing off on a $675 billion budget for the Department of Defense, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that the only way to lower the record-high federal deficit would be to cut entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

“It’s disappointing but it’s not a Republican problem,” McConnell said of the deficit, which grew 17 percent to $779 billion in fiscal year 2018. McConnell explained to Bloomberg that “it’s a bipartisan problem: Unwillingness to address the real drivers of the debt by doing anything to adjust those programs to the demographics of America in the future.” The deficit has increased 77 percent since McConnell became majority leader in 2015.

The republicans just implemented a $1.5 trillion tax cut for the rich, increased spending on the military which already has a bloated budget and yet, Mitch McConnell is stating that Social Security and Medicare are what is needed to be cut? Talk about outrageous lies, that right there is one hellacious outrageous lie! And to make it seem even worse, Social Security and Medicare are considered ‘entitlements’. Another play on words since who could be more ‘entitled’ than members of Congress who enjoy designer health care and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of a salary FOR LIFE for doing fuck all? You see Mitch McConnell can destroy Social Security and Medicare because he knows that he will never NEED to make use of those programs of which millions of Americans pay into their entire working lives. So how can Social Security and Medicare be considered an ‘entitlement’ by ANY stretch of the imagination when people are paying into both programs? It cannot. But just as ‘liberal’ has been declared, a ‘dirty’ word, so has Social Security and Medicare been given designations as ‘entitlements’ to make people feel ashamed when they apply for the very programs that exist because they worked and put their hard earned money into. Republicans are shameless reptiles when they can attempt to reduce workers into shameful slogs to be used for their agenda and that agenda in this case being that they intend to cause a “Blue Wave” during the Midterms so that they can indeed, point fingers at the Democrats and call them, “OBSTRUCTIONISTS!” This same, tired old playbook never grows old. They just expect the American people to continue to be bamboozled by their shenanigans. And if we continue to fall for this GOP dog and pony show, then we are indeed, fools.

Both parties have tried their damned best to cut Social Security and Medicare for years but since the republicans are now at the helm and people are getting frustrated with “flaming orange 45’s antics,” it is time to up the ante and mix the shit up, thereby allowing for a “Blue Wave” to take the pressure off Trump and the GOP. They know their shit is raggedy and so they are attempting damage control by galvanizing the baby boomers to give seats to the Democrats. Watch what happens. If the Democrats take the House, which is why Mitch McConnell is calling for cuts to Social Security and Medicare, then the GOP is going to jump up and down in political advertisements come 2020 and exclaim that because the Democrats refused to engage in bipartisanship, nothing was accomplished and so vote a straight republican ticket in 2020. And if that happens, you can best believe that we ALL will be sitting out on the streets, dripping typhus and hookworm, which is already making the rounds in homeless encampments and in areas that are so severely poverty stricken to the point, they are likened to a third world country, which is exactly what the politicians in Washington have in store for ALL of U.S. Don’t believe it? Then bookmark this post and if this is all put in motion, try and find a Wi-Fi signal and pull this page back up in 2020 and I will make a believer out of you.

People, don’t fall for the okie doke AGAIN. Don’t play the fool for these politicians who think of you as less than bugs to be squashed on the sidewalk. They don’t care about any of us and that includes white, Black, middle class, poor, homeless; it makes no difference. Left to them, we shall ALL end up the same way; homeless, sick, broke and dead! America is being destroyed by America’s politicians. We don’t need an overfunded military because no outside force is seeking to destroy America. America is being attacked from within. It is an ‘inside job’. America’s politicians are out to feather their nests at the expense of ours. They are corporate-owned and corporate controlled. They fill you with fear about some shadowy bogeyman in Afghanistan or somewhere when in reality, those people just want Americans out of their country. We would not stand for usurpers from another country to come here and take over and so why should they? Those people had nothing to do with your 9/11. Fear mongering is a strategy both political parties have engaged in because it works. They control us by telling us who our enemy is when we have no greater enemy than worthless, corrupt, criminal politicians and that is why they are busy pointing the finger at others, to get the focus off what they are doing to us all. This November, tell them to shove it up their ass! You are not falling for their lies and that Social Security and Medicare are not the problem, are not the reason there is a huge budget deficit and that no, those programs are not ‘entitlements’. They are there for you because you paid for them. Those ‘entitled’ asses in congress need to get voted the fuck out. Those are the ‘entitled’ assholes! Why do you  think they are called, “career politicians?” There should be no such thing since ‘term limits’ should apply to ALL members of Congress. Wake up and vote that shit out!

Oh Bloom Of Youth….!


Oh bloom of youth, where are you,
when in a mirror, I do see,
stooped shoulders and a wrinkled face?
Is that image really me?

It was not so long ago,
when my body was young and strong,
and now, I walk so slowly,
one leg, I drag along.

The pains, they lay me low.
And this old heart of mine is weak.
It was only yesterday,
when we danced, cheek to cheek.

Though my body creaks and groans,
and tells me to slow down,
Mabel, come with me,
let’s take a drive around the town.

Sit close to me, my darling,
just as you’ve done through all these years.
And when I turn and look at you,
you’re lost in a haze of tears.

You’ve changed so much my love.
I know every line and wrinkle.
They adorn your beautiful face,
but you’re still my little Twinkle.

We’ve been together for fifty years,
and not many will be that lucky.
The young stare at us with pity,
not knowing that youth ends so abruptly.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

This one is for all of the ageless wonders out there, who stuck in there with each other, through thick and through thin. You didn’t head over to divorce court which basically means, “trade her/him in for something else.” Of course, I do realize that there are other reasons why the divorce statistics are so staggering, but this society that we emulate hasn’t helped. “Throw out the old and in comes the new!,” is today’s mantra.

Well here’s to the ones that bucked the trend. I ain’t among you, more’s the pity. But nevertheless, keep the flames of passion and love burning bright and hold on tight to one another!

To Russia, With Love and to China too!


First of all, I am letting it be known that I am so very glad that Russian President Vladimir Putin is standing his ground despite the threats from the U.S., because they really don’t matter and Mr. Putin knows this because he knows what so many Americans hate to acknowledge and that is that this ship is about to sink without any help from him. Mr. Putin is well aware of the devastation that the elite fucks have wrought here in this shithole called America. How our representatives can even find the time to shout to all and sundry about what Mr. Putin is doing with Ukraine is absolutely mindboggling considering the seriousness of the economic situation in America. How despot Obama can even weigh in on the Ukraine issue when the ground is about to fall out from beneath his very feet, shows just how much he doesn’t give a fuck about what is going to happen to everyday Americans. How any American official can concern themselves with anything other than attempting to right this lopsided barge shows exactly what is NOT important to them and that is of course, the health and welfare of America.

Those shits are the very ones who scream and shout and dance up and down about patriotism and yet, those shits are the ones who are dooming this Titanic and on purpose. Our infrastructure is crumbling beneath us. Our drinking water polluted. Our people are dying from lack of health care. Our children’s education is for the most part, neglected. Schools lack even the very basics in what is needed to educate and prepare children for what they will eventually go up against. Our prisons are overflowing. Our seniors are fighting a never ending battle over food or medicines and the fact that our representatives are hell bent on attempting to end Social Security as we know it. Homelessness is rampant in every city and state in America. Jobs are so scarce that there are thousands of applicants for every one available job. Retail stores are shuttering doors in unprecedented numbers so that even the fallback low paying jobs are soon going to be a thing of the past. And if not for the fact that people must eat, fast food restaurants would be headed that route.

Another sad fact is that the mainstream media is still attempting to make light of the seriousness of this situation in America. We still get bombarded with Hollywood filth and scandals and who the fuck went into rehab for the three-thousandth damn time. We don’t have time for that stupid shit when the light’s about to go out on so many Americans all across this country. And even though mainstream media has tried its damndest to keep us in the dark, it didn’t work. Many Americans are clued in. The sad part is that there is just nothing that can be done about anything at this late date. If a person cannot trade in their greenbacks for gold, well…then, there’s nothing to be done because other countries have the power to take us down even faster than at the rate we’re already going, down. The dollar could be made obsolete and the shits that are at the helm of this barge are well aware of that and THAT is the problem, because you see, they’ve covered their ass and covered it well. US not so much!

So, Russia poke us ‘til we bleed because we deserve it. China, join with Russia and stick it to US because we bought your junk and ran out and bought some more to the detriment of our own skin. Almost everything we own is made in China. So, yes, we love you too China. We love you more than we love America because we love cheap shit and so we sold ourselves out for your cheap shit, so we do indeed love you. But now, we’re bellyaching about it, but we’re still buying it. At least, while we still can.

Oh yes, we here in America, we will bleed! Oh, yes indeed because those in Iraq are bleeding and we did that. People in Yemen are bleeding and we did that. People in Pakistan are bleeding and we did that. People in Afghanistan are bleeding and we did that. People in Vietnam are still bleeding and we did that. People all over the world who have done U.S no wrong are bleeding because of U.S. and now it’s our turn! Sweet, ain’t it? HA! And about damn time, I say!

And don’t come in here with no bullshit because I believe in dictatorship. I learned it from America’s despot. This here blog(like America) ain’t no democratic republic, see! So, don’t even bother castigating me and telling me how wrong I am because I am glad of what Russia is doing and what they have the capacity to do and I am glad that other countries now have us over a barrel. It’s about damn time that we get what’s coming to U.S. Do I mind that I am going to be included in the shit storm that’s due? I sure as hell do! But I chose to bury my head in the sand, the same as the rest of you and now that the shit is about to hit the fan, we want to whine and complain. Too fucking late! Suck it up! This shithole ain’t never meant a goddamn thing to me because I ain’t never meant a goddamn thing to this shit hole. And one thing about falling, when you’re already on the ground, you don’t have far to fall. The shits that are living the high life, kiss your soon-to-be worthless ass goodbye because you’ll soon be jumping. I don’t have to because I’m already on the ground!

Here’s to Russia, with love! And to China too!

It’s fucking economic war, motherfuckers! So Jump!

The Cost of Pumping Peter Piper’s Pecker!

Nothing is more important than pumping that pickled pecker up!
Warning: Pickled pecker plumper

Peckercare paid a pack to pump plenty Peter Pipers’ pickled peckers.
A peck of pickled peckers Peckercare pumped.
If Peckercare paid a pack for pumping pickled peckers,
Who got poked by the pumped pickled peckers that Peckercare pumped?

This is a quite a pickle. Apparently, Peckercare was over-priced for pumping pickled peckers and why is pickled peckers in need of pumping? Now, I understand that people’s peckers are living longer and the pumping mechanism gets puckered out, but to pay double for the pumping of pickled peckers just seems perplexing to me. From what I understand, no one has ever died because their pickled pecker puckered.

Peter doesn’t really NEED a pecker pumper, but Peter’s pecker was pumped to the tune of $172 million. Weee willy, thatsalotsa pumpin’! But get this, Peckercare doesn’t pay for dental work, but Peckercare will pay for Peter Piper’s pecker pumper. So, when Pops pokes you with his pumped pecker, thanks to Peckercare paying double what the going rate is for a pecker pumper, don’t look in Pop’s puckered mouth, his pecker is more pumportant.

Department of Health and Human Services said Medicare, the government health insurance system for seniors, paid nearly 474,000 claims for vacuum erection systems, or VES.

…and just when I thought I’d heard it all…..Peter Piper’s pecker’s pump appears and pisses in my Puffa Puffa Rice cereal. Sorry granpa, but you gotta look elsewhere, this lady ain’t having none of your Peckercare paid for pickled pumped pecker! Fuck off!

The Reverend Is Back From The Spa! “Hallelujah!!!”

Reverend Give Me All You Got's Palace of Worship

“Good afternoon everyone! I find it hard to believe that a month has gone by. I must say that the time that I spend at the spa has a most rejuvenating effect. Most relaxing, calming and it just lulls me into a great mood to get me ready to preach the good word. Word up!”

“Now then, we have a lot to cover this fine Sunday afternoon and I shall get on with it in just a moment. But first, I would like to hear from my flock today. Are there any concerns that you may be having? You can tell me anything. That is what you pay me for. Hands please!”

“Yes, Sister Senior?”

“Reverend, I would like to say that I am so glad that the government ended the shutdown and raised the debt ceiling because I was wondering just how I was going to pay my tithes today if they had not ended their partisan bickering and decided to do the right thing.”

“Thank you Sister Senior for that most heartfelt concern and it is very ‘concerning’ to me also. I was unaware of a government shutdown since I was at the spa and told everyone that I was not to be disturbed unless a fire broke out. Now, you say that the government shutdown?”

“Yes, Reverend ‘Give Me All You Got’ Courtland, the government shut down for 16 days and it pains me to be the first to inform you. I hope that it does not interfere with the calming effect that your stay at the spa had on you.”

“Hold up just a minute, Sister Senior, I have got to place a call!”

“Obama!!!!” “What the hell is YOUR problem? Don’t you know that I have a flock of heathens who need to hear the good word as preached by me? I don’t have time for your games and your shit, do you hear me? The next time I come to Washington, the House and the Senate had best be in good working order or I will instruct the devil’s own minions to take his own!!!” “How the hell am I suppose to fleece this here flock if they fail to receive the money that they have paid into Social Security their entire working lives? If you think for one damn minute that I am going to sit idly by and watch while you steal from me, I mean, from my flock, you’ve got another think coming. The hell with you and your right leaning, anti-help the people, looking out only for your bullshit propagandist stance. I am the only one who can assume THAT stance and I’ll put up with no usurpers. Do you fucking hear me, you godless bastard!!!!????” What’s that? Guantanamo is still open? What the hell? You threatening ME??!!!! You fucking threatening me???!!! Look here!!! Just because your thugged out wife has become too hoity-toity since graduating from Harvard to give you a piece of her damn mind, don’t think that I won’t. I preach the good word every damn month and I have no problem filling your big ears with some much needed sermonizing. Now, listen and listen good, my flock are MINE to fleece, you got that? I don’t give a hot damn what you do with your own money, but if Sister Senior here cannot pay her tithes because of some bullshit about you withholding her funds, we got problems and I can tell you right now, you little shit, fuck with Sister Senior’s check again and I will show you that hell hath NO fury! Oh, it is a well known fact that you know that you are a hell bound hound, but just because you already know that hell has your cell ready, that ain’t all you got to worry about because I am all in the know. The deepest pit of hell would be too good for the likes of you. Don’t mess with my flock’s tithes and don’t mess with me! The hell if I’m scared of your ‘Guantanamo is still open’ threat! Kiss my holy ass, you lying, depraved twit!!”


“Now then, Sister Senior, if you have any more problems with hearing about how the government is going to confiscate your tax dollars, I would suggest that you and the other seniors who are members of this palace of worship, band together and take a damn stand. I cannot be everywhere at once. If I am at the spa, I am in no position to know what is going on outside those doors because when I am getting my massage, Edward Soothinghands just takes me to paradise. Hallelujah!”

“Is there anyone else who would like to apprise me of a situation that they think is so beyond the pale as to be untenable? Hands, please?” Yes? Is that you Brother Pimp?”

“Yes, Reverend, your honor. As you know, I’m a business man and you can appreciate how hard It would be to remain in business if my clients don’t have any money to pay for uh…certain services? I would like to state that many of my clients are Federal workers and because of the government shutdown, they were furloughed and many contracts were rendered null and void. Something has just got to be done. Thank you for your time.”

“Brother Pimp, now you know what the ‘buybull’ says in regards to your ‘business’ and though I must uphold what is in the ‘buybull’, I do however, understand that when it comes to paying the bills, somebody’s got to do it. Now, you just heard my conversation with Puppet Obama. Is there anyone else who was behind the shenanigans of shutting down the government that I should know about?”

“Yes, Reverend. Speaker of the House John ‘can’t get a boner’ was part of the problem. And since he is always drunk and can’t get it up anyway, he is not a client and has no wish to see anyone else get their freak on.”

“Brother Pimp, you mean to tell me that that pissy, crying ass Speaker of the House was helping to hold hostage you and Sister Senior’s ability to pay your damn bills?”

“Yes, Reverend, your honor!”

“Congregation, hold on just a minute. I got to place another phone call. Operator!! Get me Speaker of the House Weeping Eyes ‘can’t get a boner’ on the phone. Hey WeepSop, what the hell is wrong with you now? I realize that you’re a fucking drunk and a limp cock son of a bitch, but that is still NO excuse for playing games with my flock’s money. Get your pitiful act together and learn how to piss straight and piss their money right into their damn empty ass pockets. Did you fucking hear me??!!! What? A drone strike? What the hell do I care about a drone strike? I didn’t even think you spoke to Obama, much less ordered him to drone strike! Just who the hell do you think you are? Let me tell you one thing! Don’t mess with me! And don’t mess with my heathen flock! They need their money to pay ME! Did you fucking get that through that besotted, liquidized, Scotch soaked brain of yours? Come up out of that damn gaseous cloud of noxious alcohol fumes and get your fucking act together, you lazy asswipe!!”


“How in the hell am I supposed to get on with the sermon when I had no idea that my money, I mean, my tithes, uh..this palace’s tithes were being held for ransom by those who are supposed to make sure that this ship sits securely in her berth? I am afraid to ask, but is there anyone else who thinks that there is something that I need to be made aware of? Yes, Sister WorkTooHard?”

“Reverend, my little boy was kicked out of Head Start and…”

“Hold up, wait a minute!!! Do you mean little TearHellUp? Of course, HE was kicked out of Head Start, hell! I’m surprised that they put up with him for a whole day. He’s even now giving Brother Mafio and Brother Thlug a run for their money. Thanks to him, I am going to have to spend more money on bouncers up in here! For the love of…..!”

“No, Reverend, it’s not that. You see, the government when they shut down, they ceased funding to the Head Start program and also my WIC checks were held hostage and so I could barely feed little SoHungry here!” “Sob!”

“There, there now, we’ll figure something out. Sister Burnathat, get up and help Sister WorkTooHard with some tissues! Not with my box, you fool,  that box of tissues that feel like brillo pads rubbing your damn nose! Sister WorkTooHard, just what did YOU do about the fact that you failed to receive your WIC checks?”

“Nothing, Reverend, I was waiting on you to solve the crisis for me.”

“Waiting on me??!!! Didn’t you hear my sermon four months ago on apathy and complacency? Where were you when I was speaking of the need for all of us to come up out of this fog of materialism and to stop wallowing in self-fulfillment to the detriment of all else and all others? Why did you not take heed when I spoke of giving up material things and of helping one another? Did you not hear my sermon five months ago regarding, ‘Am I My Brother’s Keeper?’ Did not Cain get banned for killing Abel, claiming that he was not his brother’s keeper? Ye know not the scripture! Ye heed not the teachings, nor display the sense the Almighty gave to a goat! You look to me? Are you serious? Get some back bone and stand up for yourself! If you continue to lie down and take an ass whooping, are you not then going to continue to get one? I rest my fucking case!”

All right, now who else was behind this government shut down shit?”


“Yes, Deacon LukeDamFine, what is it?”

“Reverend, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas was, pardon my French, but he was hell bent on attempting to try and see to it that the government went into default and has vowed to not lose in the next government debt ceiling showdown which should take place in about three more months. We basically just got a three month reprieve. I just thought that you should know.”

“Well, well, well. Ted Cruz, eh? That teafuck was also responsible for this shit storm that was a direct result of this government shutdown bullshit? Hmmmmm! Operator!! Get me Teafuck Cruz on the phone! Now! Teafuck, I heard about your big display of arrogance, and while I was waiting on the phone, I was able to pull up a great deal about you and your actions that added to the injustices suffered by my flock because of your grandstanding and your tedious 21-plus hour quasi filibuster on the Senate floor. Even I don’t talk that damn long and I am from the South. Yes, I understand that in Texas, y’all do everything big, but for fuck’s sake, you have gone too damn far this time! You forget that I have some tapes on you! Remember those? You start some more shutdown shit in three months and I promise you that I will make them public property. I’ll hand your ass to you on a silver platter, literally. I got the goods on you, you little Teafuck prick!!!! Start some more shit and then read the damn news. Of course, you know firsthand what’s what. Again, start some more shit and your sins are gonna sit your ass back down! Hallelujah!!! 21-plus hours, indeed!”

“Now, then! On with today’s sermon. Flock, I know that I come across as crass and callous and all about money and yes, that is me. But I also care. I care when your tithes are held hostage by some crass, callous asshole who cares only about money. That is why I have hidden cameras in places only myself and one other person knows about and that is why I can pick up the phone and Obama and crew will answer because they know that I’ve got the ‘goods’ on them, so to speak. Because, trust me, what I’ve got on them is anything but ‘good’! I am going to break away from my former policy of not being ‘contactable’ while at the spa, but don’t think that you can take advantage of this new opportunity to reach me because if I find the reasons are foolish, again, hell hath no fury!! Do you understand me? Alrighty then!”

“Let me take this opportunity to state that for those of you who believe in the goodness of humanity, take those damn rose colored glasses off and take a good damn look around. Everyone is out for themselves, myself included. Now, my being a Reverend would make you think or believe in my inherent goodness, think again. I am a self-satisfying, self-centered, self-indulging hypocrite. But the difference between me and those whom I placed a call to is that they believe themselves to not be hypocritical. They do not hold themselves to the same high standards that I hold myself to. You see, I don’t lie to you. I know that my shit stinks and I am not afraid to admit to it. The Obamas and No Boners and TeaFuck Cruzs of the world will tell you that they don’t even shit, much less smell it. Wrong! They shit the most and it has the stench of sulfur. They are the evil oppressors of the world but they will tell you that what they are doing is for your own good. Don’t believe them. It’s hype and it is smoke and mirrors. They are worse than I am. They are worse than the devil in hell. Make no mistake, they do not have your best interest at heart. They only have the interests of their masters at heart, those who pull their strings. They are mere puppets who are controlled. Never think for a minute that what Obama tells you is an epiphany from him. It is not. He has been bought and paid for, the same as all the rest who would dare try and sell you a bad bill of goods that you’ve already paid for, twice. Remember, the Wall Street thugs were never prosecuted and now you know why. Because those who are in Washington are in bed with those who are Wall Street. At least I am an honest pickpocket, them, not so much!”

“And that concludes the monthly sermon of the ‘Church of the Holy Rollers’ Oktoberfest special edition. Amen!” “And don’t forget to hand me all 36 collection plates ushers! Ushers, did you hear me? Hot damn! Ass kicking is about to commence regardless of whether I want it to or not. Let me take my high heels off and…….!!!!!!”

Exit Stage Left AND Right!

exit stage left and right1


They can exit stage left and right, these clowns must be replaced.

The world stares in shock while America is disgraced.


Our house is not in order and the senate is a mess.

Obama’s in the garden where he’s lying to the press.


Exorcise these demons; someone please go get a priest!

Was it only last month, they were going to strike the East?


Congress is insane or they need some holy water.

Round them up and lock them up, don’t let them cross the border.


These lunatics are dangerous and hell would hesitate

in claiming them for sure since the devil closed the gate.


The fools are on this ship, bravely holding up a sign,

Saying, “open up the zoo or we will start to whine!”


The seniors and the sick were thrown beneath the bus.

And the parks are back in business since the fools put up a fuss.


Either this is an asylum or Titanic never sank.

We just might be both and you can take that to the bank.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

“It’s hard not to believe lunatics have taken charge of the asylum in Washington,” the newspaper The Australian.”

America is diminished by the standoff,” the editorial continued. “Government shutdowns, debt defaults and the shenanigans witnessed in Washington have no place in the world’s superpower.”

China, which is America’s largest creditor with $1.28 trillion in U.S. treasuries, went as far as calling for a new world order — a “de-Americanized” model.

“World leaders are saying, ‘Get on with it and get this resolved. It’s not just about you,'”

“This isn’t the time to be tap dancing to the mid-term elections in the U.S. This affects everyone.”


Countries all over the world are exclaiming over these pompous assholes playing their games while the stupid peons whine about visiting the parks and the zoo. Those in other countries are wondering if it is time to look to other countries for leadership and sanity because we just ain’t it, we’re just shit!




Strike ‘Terror’ In the Hearts of Senior Citizens


In a government  shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time. In an economic  shutdown — if we don’t raise the debt ceiling — they don’t go out on  time,” Obama said. “In a government shutdown, disability benefits still  arrive on time. In an economic shutdown, they don’t.”

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Now, let me get this straight. ‘Terror’ has already been struck in the hearts of children who were enrolled in head start programs all across the United States. ‘Terror’ was also struck in the hearts of working mothers who need WIC(Women, Infants and Children Program)to help them feed their hungry babies even though they are working at companies that make billions in profits but refuse to pay them a ‘living wage’ for an honest day’s work. Apparently, this ‘terror’ was not deemed sufficient and we come to the seniors and the disabled.

Uh…AARP…where are you when the seniors need you? Poor nana and grandpa worked hard for so many years and now it is THEIR turn to get thrown underneath the ‘government shutdown tug-of-war debt ceiling show down bus’. The Obama Administration has played a ‘trump’ card in attempting to strike ‘terror’ in the hearts of poor seniors and disabled people by stating that there will be no checks mailed out next month. Seniors, Obama is saying to you that he is going to use his leverage against you in a ploy to get what he wants and that your hard work and sacrifice never counted for much. Just because you paid into Social Security your entire working life does not mean that you can now rest easy in your golden years because you are to be used as a pawn in this back and forth struggle for the ultimate power in Washington. Those of you who are disabled and unable to even care for yourselves because of traumatic brain injury, well, that is just too bad. You need to get your act together and realize that just because you are unable to pull your weight, your disability benefits are going to be held hostage in this debt ceiling crisis bullshit because Obama did not get his way with bombing Syria, but he damn sure will get his way with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(PPACA). Obama said, “by golly if I have to deny the sick, their disability benefits to get them health care, then I will do just that!” “I am going to deprive you of a roof over your head so that I can make you feel better!” “Take this placebo, but don’t call me in the morning because that is when I’m golfing!” And even though businesses have been given an additional year before they must comply with the PPACA, individuals are not to have this option. By all means, we must ignore the fact that during Obama’s first two years in office, the democrats had control of both the House and the Senate. They should have put that to good use, but it was not to be. The ‘pee party’ was voted in and that was that.

Now, we have ‘terror’ here and ‘terror’ there, ‘terror, ‘terror’ everywhere! It is quite obvious that no one is to be spared when this ship sinks. And it looks like women and children and seniors and the disabled go first, no not into the lifeboats, but into the cold, frigid waters of a made-up debt ceiling crisis. Yes, I said, ‘made-up because has the military shut down? No! Have drone strikes ceased? No! Is the CIA still training rebels? Yes! Has the NSA shut down? No! Is Guantanamo closed? No! Are all the troops out of Afghanistan? No! However, if you are in the military and you die, no telling how long you will have to wait for the funds to be made available for your military burial. Your country can get nothing else out of you, so you are of no use. Join the children who were in head start. Join the mothers who need the WIC program and join the seniors and the disabled.

Is a clear picture developing here? Is the writing on the wall? The most vulnerable in society are once again to pay the price for the disgusting and immoral behavior demonstrated by those who were voted in to represent them. Some representation, eh?

“Here’s to terrorizing kids and making anxious seniors fret.

I’ll stomp on all the poor and destroy the safety net.

They’ll all be held for ransom ’til I get what I decree.

And discard them at a whim like some smelly ole debris.

Don’t mess with me, I’m not the one and everyone should know,

I’m the bully of this playground; I’m the lowest of the low.

Congress leave my shit alone; you’re trying my fucking patience.

Initiate my healthcare act; protect these goddamn patients!”

Barack ‘Insane’ Obama

Note:You do not ‘protect’ someone by first destroying them! For years, there have been so many attempts to weaken Social Security to the point of destroying it. For decades, each Administration has raided the Social Security Surplus and spent it as if it were their own personal credit card. They’ve even attempted to balance the budget on what they’ve ‘borrowed’ from Social Security. Social Security would be solvent if the government thugs had left the program alone, but no, like I stated, they used it for their own nefarious purposes and now with an aging population retiring or about to retire, this is a new attempt to get rid of this program that people paid into their entire working lives and because assholes pissed the money away, the people who paid into it are now to be told that your money is not there and there is not a damn thing that they can do about it. Make no mistake, this is not about a fiscal cliff or a government shutdown, or even an ‘economic shutdown’, this is about gutting the hell out of programs that were put in place to help those who paid into it. If the fight over the  PPACA was all this was about, then why did the focus quickly turn to shutting off the program that is keeping some of the most vulnerable citizens, the elderly, afloat? Why not curtail military spending? Why not shutdown the drone program? Why not defund the spying program, the NSA? Why not shutter Guantanamo? Why not cease funding to U.S. funded ‘terrorists’? Why not shut down the CIA’s program of training terrorists?

The U.S. government continued to kick the Social Security can down the road, knowing that it had been wiping out the program’s trust fund while at the same time being well aware of when the babyboomers would start reaching retirement age. So, it is now time to make those who are innocent, pay for the shenanigans of those who were elected to do the right thing with our tax dollars and since they didn’t, again, the innocent must be forced to pay.

An Open Letter to Barack Obama


Dear Puppet Obama,

I am going to try and keep this letter to you, as disrespectful as I possibly can. First of all I would not like to take this opportunity to inform you that I foolishly voted for you not once, but twice. I voted for you the first time around because I protested the war in Iraq and the second time because the only alternative(other than not voting at all) was Mitt Romney. I knew that the Iraq war was based on lies long before the truth that it was indeed based on lies, ever came out.  So here you come along all fresh and new and young and spouting off about how you are against dumb wars. I sigh a huge sigh of relief because I’m thinking that finally, here is a person that is truly just as war weary as I am and so I went to the polls and voted for you. Many thought that I voted for you because….and wait for it…you’re Black! No, that wasn’t it. I’ll even let you in on a little secret. Since I was in Minnesota at the time and Minnesota is just overflowing with white folks and I am just bumping into them all the time, I was privvy to many conversations by those whose skin pigmentation is much lighter than my tan one. Many of them were voting for you and not because of your complexion but because they were thinking the same thing that I was, that you would be so war weary and would understand that we are too, that you would not get us embroiled in another conflict, another war that is. Others stated that they voted for you because John McCain was just too damn old!  How innocent and trusting we were. How completely naive we were to believe that you would be different, that you hadn’t lied and sold your soul to the puppetmasters. Oh, yes, you tricked us and you tricked us out.

But I digress. We watched while you decided to ensure that there would be health care for all and then we watched when you caved-in on the public option to the republicans. We watched and took note when you failed to do anything about the Bush bailouts that bailed out the biggest fraudsters in history, the Wall Street bankers, a bailout paid for by us and again, we watched those same crooks push bad loans on to people who were trying to realize the ‘American dream’ by seeking to become homeowners. We watched as report after report came out stating that those who were actual prime borrowers were steered into taking out subprime loans and we watched as churches were foreclosed on. We watched dreams shrivel and die. We watched the creation of homeless tent cities resulting from the criminal behavior by those beloved ‘too big to fail’ fraudsters on Wall Street who after we bailed them out, turned around and rewarded themselves with multi-million dollar bonuses.

So, I ask when will the statistics of the poor and the homeless, the uninsured and the hungry, the seniors who must choose between medication and food, when will their numbers, their statistics demand that they are too big to be left to fail? When will you concentrate on the little children in this country since you have so much compassion for the little children in Syria that you had decided to strike the hell out of them to prove it? You see, there was a child by the name of Deamonte Driver, twelve years old who was here in America, writhing on some floor in Prince Georges County, Maryland who died because an infection from a tooth spread to his brain and killed him. Yes, yes, I know, it was before your time in the White House, but we both know that there are thousands of Deamonte Drivers who are at this very moment dying or ‘writhing’ in pain because their parents cannot afford needed medical care even with the passage of the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act(PPACA) because many remain unemployed and if they have medicaid, there is often a wait of several months to be seen. I know this because in a little town in Virginia where I was born, I spoke with parents of children who had serious dental issues and they were waiting months to be seen. Adults who had worked until retirement and saved for it are waiting for medical services from ‘free clinics’ because they cannot afford health insurance. Many times, it took a herculean effort from me to even look these people in the face because of how bad their teeth were. What about those people? Do they even matter? Every single one of them voted for you, stood in long lines to do so. What are you doing for them now?

As you know, the Black community overwhelmingly voted for you and even now, the majority of them will not hear one harsh word uttered against you. You are undeserving of such loyalty as you have done nothing to earn it. You have ignored their plight. You have spit in their face. How little did they know that you had nothing in common with them. Your skin color does not make you Black, only the white man’s ‘one drop’ rule made you check the box, “African-American” on your census form. You have nothing in common with the descendants of African slaves, that is not your heritage, but it is mine and it is theirs, the ones who voted for you, myself included. What did we expect from you? Certainly not what we got, total and shameless contempt for us. With every speech you have given about the Black community, you have deliberately pointed the finger at us and blamed us for not hiring ourselves. You have blamed us for the double digit Black unemployment figures.  You have blamed us for the disintegration of our families and our neighborhoods due to unmitigated poverty, drugs and crime and gang violence. You have blamed us for the discrimination that we face on a daily basis. You have blamed us for the mass incarceration of our young Black men when they cannot get a good education and instead turn to criminal activity. You have blamed us for a poor public education system that is found in inner cities all across America. You have blamed us for not following in your lofty footsteps. You have accused of us of not working hard enough. You have chastized us, disrespected us, blamed us, degraded us and denounced us and to make matters worse, you went so far as to do this when speaking at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.  The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was so above you in stature, in integrity, in honor, humility and compassion that there is no comparison and you defile him when you even so much as utter his name. He would be ashamed of you! He would chastize you! He would have nothing to do with you! And as to why? We both know the answer to that!

Finally, you have your place in history, of that you are assured. But history will not look favorably upon you and neither do I. History will show that you were undeserving in being called the first Black president of the United States of America because that, you are not. Your history is not our history. You are the first  Kenyan/Caucasian American president of the United States because the so-called ‘African-Americans’ born in this country are the descendants of slaves and that, you are not. When you stated that you would be a “president for ALL Americans”, you did not include ‘African-Americans in that statement because your subsequent actions demoted that statement to a lie. And just as you lied about your reasoning behind military strikes on Syria, we have found that we cannot trust you as you are a proven liar. You even lied when you ran as an anti-war candidate and now you want to engage us in a war based on fabrications, lies and chemical weapons. You know the history of this country and you know that this country has used chemical weapons on numerous occasions and had no problem doing so. You are dropping drones on people as I type this. You are eradicating more of our rights. You are shredding the constitution. You? Anti-war? In the words of South Carolina’s republican representative Joe Wilson, “You lie!”

Wishing that we could impeach your sorry, worthless ass(but who of any worth could take your place?).


Shelby I. Courtland

What the Hell??!!!! A billion in aid headed to Egypt?!!!

f16fighter jetsegypt militarysuez canal
President Barack Obama has delayed the delivery of four U.S. F-16 fighter jets to Egypt.

Now, let me get this straight! All hell broke loose in Egypt. The U.S. has already sent eight fighter jets to Egypt because…let’s see…because every country should be armed by the U.S. because it is the ‘humanitarian’ thing to do? Fighter jets feed people, food is not necessary? War is good, peace is not? Destruction is good, sound infrastructure is not? The U.S. is in such great shape that we don’t need the money that U.S. taxpayers paid for those jets that were already sent to Egypt and the ones that they will eventually get depending on if and when the U.S. government can figure out just who is in power in Egypt and whether or not they will remain in power what with the ongoing conflict in Egypt and can they keep it together since we cannot quite figure out if Egypt’s democratically elected President Morsi was ousted by a military coup? Are you with me so far? Because, this is deep! The Egyptian military has stated that elections will be held(although, I don’t think that means much since Morsi was ousted and he was democratically ‘elected’)and Egypt has already received more than 200 F-16 fighter jets anyway! So, why the hell not just send the four slated for Egypt to Egypt? What difference is four going to make compared to the over 200 that have already been delivered? What is the point?

Washington’s annual $1.5 billion aid to Egypt has been under the spotlight since the July 3 ousting of elected President Mohammed Morsi by the country’s military.

Apparently that $1.5 billion in aid that the U.S. has been sending ‘annually’ to Egypt must have been for the military, it could not have been aid to help ‘feed’ the people of Egypt since….

Regardless of who runs Egypt, the country’s economy is in desperate need of support.
The country has less than two months’ supply of imported wheat left in its stocks, Morsi’s minister of supplies told Reuters on Thursday – revealing a shortage more acute than previously disclosed.

Unbelievable! The people of this country through our tax dollars have sent an annual gift of $1.5billion to Egypt in the form of fighter jets and this is called ‘aid’ and yet Egypt is running out of food because fighter jets are more important than feeding the people of Egypt???!!! The people of this country, the United States of America are in “desperate need of support” and we’re not getting it because we have to send fighter jets to Egypt? We have to supply the rebels in Syria with arms? We have to make sure that our nose is in every country in the oil rich middle east regardless of the fact that American citizens are being seriously, adversely impacted by the ongoing sequester, food stamps are being cut so that even more children will go to bed hungry and seniors are already feeling the effects of program cuts. Those who were homeless were told that there was no funding to help them with housing due to the cuts and yet the Obama Administration is flip-flopping over whether or not to send four more fighter jets to Egypt??? What the hell??!!!!!! We’ve just got to be in on that oil even to the detriment of the most vulnerable of our own because even though Egypt does not produce much oil, it controls the Suez Canal, the quickest route to get that oil out. So, yes…give Egypt the remaining four fighter jets because even though the people of Egypt need ‘wheat aid’, since they are short on wheat, fighter jets are what they are going to get! As for the citizens of the U.S., we need more program cuts because we just ‘ain’t’ suffering enough!


More Aid to Syria? What about ‘U.S.’?

Not a problem folks! Nothing to see here or is there?
Not a problem folks! Nothing to see here or is there?
Since air traffic controllers were not furloughed, we can still 'fly' that $815 million to the Syrian people. No problem.
Since air traffic controllers were not furloughed, we can still ‘fly’ that $815 million to the Syrian people. No problem.
"My fellow Americans, the sequester affects you, not the people of Syria. So let me be perfectly clear, Syria will get almost $815 million in aid and somebody shut those moaning cancer patients up!"
“My fellow Americans, the sequester affects you, not the people of Syria. So let me be perfectly clear, Syria will get almost $815 million in aid and somebody shut those moaning cancer patients up!”

The Obama Administration announced that it would send an additional $300 million in aid to Syria bringing the total to nearly $815 million in aid since the conflict began.

Is not Syria in the ‘oil rich’ middle east? I ask because of this…
Saudi billionaire prince eyes world cities for mile-high tower

Would not the people of Saudi Arabia have an interest in coming to the aid of the Syrian people especially since….
Syria Is Now Saudi Arabia’s Problem
Qusayr is arguably the first battle in Syria to be completely sponsored by Saudi Arabia, marking the kingdom’s first foray outside its sphere of influence along the Jordanian border. Riyadh has now taken over Qatar’s role as the rebels’ primary patron: In one sense, the Saudis can also claim a victory in Qusayr, as they have successfully put various rebel forces under the command of their ally in the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Chief of Staff Gen. Salim Idriss.
So, if a Saudi prince can throw money around looking to build a ‘mile-high’ tower, why not spend it on Syrian relief aid since the Saudis are already involved in the Syrian conflict?

I’m worth more than a measly $20bn, Saudi prince tells Forbes

Alwaleed bin Talal says he is worth at least $30bn
In that case, you definitely should have no problem in contributing aid to the people of Syria. Tell Obama that since the American people are going through sequestration where cutbacks are hurting seniors, Head Start education for children, funding for housing for the poor and homeless, cancer clinics have turned away thousands of patients, furloughs have begun for employees from the U.S. Park police to the EPA, we cannot afford to send aid to Syria. Oh, but we already have while our people are homeless, sick and dying. Since we are going through ‘austerity’ then how the hell can we aid any other country? We refuse to help the people here. What? We’ve got to look good to the rest of the world by showing how ‘benevolent we are to others’ while the people in this country suffer and die? And yet, just one Saudi Prince is upset that Forbes got his net worth wrong, he’s not worth a measly $20billion, he’s worth at least $30billion and yet the U.S. is over the fiscal cliff and drowning in debt. What the hell!!!!

Not to forget that FEMA denied an appeal for millions in aid to help West Texas recover from a fertilizer plant explosion.

“We’ll be there even after the cameras leave and after the attention turns elsewhere,” Obama said during the memorial. “Your country will remain ever ready to help you recover and rebuild and reclaim your community.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s all heart!
Sorry Texas, you’re not in Syria! Sorry cancer patients, you’re not in Syria! Sorry Head Start children, you’re not in Syria! Sorry, you seniors who are eligible for Meals-on-Wheels, you’re not in Syria! Sorry those of you who are concerned about the polluting of our environment, the EPA is not in Syria! Sorry…..never mind. I could go on and on and on. Middle eastern countries are too important not to help because after all, ‘thar’s oil in them thar countries, doncha know’!!!! Wake the hell up people of the U.S.! The sequester is affecting us, but it sure as hell ain’t affecting the Obama Administration’s agenda. Seems like they can pull millions out of their ass to fund what suits their own nefarious motives and agendas. Funding to help resolve the problems of the disenfranchised in the U.S.? Not so much!

©2013 Shelby I. Courtland