Am I Not Human?

Someone, please tell me just what did I do wrong?
For a little change, I will sing to you a song.

I will entertain u

As I sit here wracked with guilt, this sign does say it all.
I served my country well and yes, I took a fall.
Foreclosure they did call it, when they said I had to leave.
Dazed and bewildered, I had no time to grieve.

homeless vet

I walk the streets alone. My life is now pure hell.
No one even cares that I’m huddled in my shell.

up against the wall

Look at how you live, enjoying happy hour.
Pockets bulged with credit cards. Yes, you have the power.
Sit back, enjoy your life and give no thought to me.
I must not be human since my plight you never see.

happy hour

I heard these words so long ago, what do they mean today?
“What goes up, must come down.” You, too have ‘feet of clay’.
Will you be the next to have your world crash and burn?
And wonder how your life, did take an awful turn.
I dedicate a song to you and hope you’ll never find,
A world that hates the sight of you and where people are unkind.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland