blood dripping from a rose

There is nothing in my soul but torment!
I look around at what is happening in total bewilderment.
Beautiful and deep poetry from my soul is dead
thanks in part to the fact that each new day, I dread.
For what is there for me to look forward to?
Only anguish, tears and bloodshed do I see
and this does not for a moment, set me free!
Torment is in my soul and there it shall remain!
 The song I sing is a lament and so too is its sad refrain.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Run Wild And Free!


Search deep inside your soul.
Unlock the purity of your spirit.
Watch it spread its wings and soar,
as you let go of hate and fear.
Turn the tide and embrace love
And watch the darkness fade away.
Peace will be yours to know.
The light of love will begin to grow.
And the child you used to be,
shall once again, run wild and free.

This one forced its way out and I for one am glad that it did because it is needed FOR me. Recently, I have written much on hate and blame and the horrors of what many people are facing, but I must also realize that only ‘love’ can bring us all together. We must strive for love. We must look inside ourselves and find that purity that we were all born with. We were once so innocent and we were taught hate and evil and all things dark. We must somehow find our way out of the darkness. I know only too well that when we look around, all we see is darkness but it should not consume us. As long as we are alive, there is always a chance at new beginnings. If the rulers of this world refuse to look for love, then we will.

Peace and blessings to each and every one of you and please, try and spread love!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Calm These Troubled Waters!


Where is Moses when we need him?
If he could but part the sea again
and calm these troubled waters,
thus freeing the tortured soul of man.

Oh, mine eyes have seen the pain
and felt the suffering of the poor.
No Promised Land for them,
just an endless, barren shore.

Oh Lord, look upon your servant
and give sustenance tonight.
Heal the sick and feed the hungry.
Set the many wrongs to right.

Throw the moneychangers out.
And give the widow back her mite.
Judge the wicked and the heathens,
may they never see your light.

Not a religious being am I,
And though I sin and come up short,
The devil owns the rich,
So let Hell be their resort.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I don’t even want to hear it PEOPLE!! I have tried everything!

So, I call upon the Lord to hear my plea! Intervene and deliver us from the evils of capitalism, greed, vice, corruption, fracking, filthy water, Monsanto, politicians, disease and a world in chaos! Amen!

The Truth Just Gets Ignored

"My guess is that they heard that 'Jesus' was inside! Nah! It's NOT all about HIM!"
“My guess is that they heard that ‘Jesus’ was inside! Nah! It’s NOT all about HIM!”

My bed is in a manger,
to the cold, I am no stranger.

I’m the shivering, aching poor,
a ‘thing’ that you deplore.

I am in good company.
You see, Jesus died for me.

He was poor and homeless too.
Didn’t he also die for you?

The truth just gets ignored,
while you buy the things you hoard.

At the mall, did you find a soul?
I doubt that was your goal.

With credit card in hand,
the world’s at your command.

You’ve got the means to buy,
all that glitters to catch your eye.

But what you need the most
is not on what you’ve overdosed.

The things that money cannot buy
and what merchants can’t supply,
is the essence of humanity
and love expressed, unconditionally.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

As the shopping season wraps up, people have no idea why we even celebrate this so-called ‘holiday’. When will you hoard what is important? When will you stand in lines that snake around the homeless, demanding housing? When will you trample on bullshit laws that are passed to take away our human rights? When will you stampede the offices of legislators who craft bills to harm the poorest of the poor? When will you stop selling your soul for all that a plastic card can buy? What do you do with all of the shit that you scream over and grab for in stores every single Christmas? Where is all of the shit that you bought last year? In your basement? In your closet? In your garage? Collecting dust? And so you need more worthless, fake shit to impress who or whom? Me? Your neighbor? Yourself? If you are a ‘christian’ is Jesus impressed? Never mind, I am talking to myself as you’re still at the mall buying last minute impressions.

Wigs knocked off, ass hanging out! That’s what it’s ALL about! This IS the ‘essence of humanity’!

Embrace Evil!

embrace evil

I hardened my caring heart and filled my soul with ice.
No longer will I try; I embrace a life of vice.

I surrender to the evil that has plagued man through the years.
The devil’s home is in my heart and for that, I’ll shed no tears.

To cry is for the weak and I am stronger than I think.
I’ll seek the pleasures of this world and lift my cup to drink.

Life is short and to the point; I want rapture all day long.
I will live to suit myself, and care not if that is wrong.

Who needs wings or crowns of thorns or delights of paradise?
I’ll take my chance that this is it, I’ll pay whatever price.

Judge me not and if you do, I’ll toss my head and shout.
“Give evil just one chance; you see, the devil’s got the clout!”

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Yield Not To Temptation!

yield not to temptation

Our capacity for love will flee the human spirit,
if instead we shelter hate inside a heartless billet.

Hate will fester in our soul and corruption soon will follow.
The results are what we see, a deluge of human sorrow.

From every human heart, love should flow in perfect rhyme.
What is past should not return, but it does so every time.

The breath of love should whisper softly and become a gentle breeze.
As we peer inside the forest ; we only see the trees.

No light touch doth we feel, and not a hint of love’s sweet scent.
For love we have not earned, not one dime on love was spent.

With hardened hearts, we turn and toss hate into the wind.
It spreads its wings as it takes flight to steer us towards our end.

Crossing oceans, climbing mountains and plunging into valleys,
hate slithers on the ground and crouches in dark alleys,

An all-encompassing plague that will consume the human race
if we yield to hate’s temptation and forego love’s sweet embrace.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland



When the whites call me a “nigger,” it makes me want to kill.

When blacks call me a “nigger,” what the hell? Are they for real?


Rappers use that word and they claim it steals the sting.

But you know that you are lying, the white man pulled your string.


The money that you make from rapping to their tune,

Does it comfort you at night when you’re staring at the moon?


Black children buy your songs and they hear you rap that shit!

And then, there you go; you’ve scored another hit.


Is it really worth the selling out and to know your soul is dead?

Or do you even care because you’re bringing home the bread?


Pull up your sagging pants and go get an education.

Stop rapping about niggers; get off the white plantation.


They sold us just like cattle and called us all a “nigger.”

And now you do their dirty work; that’s just like us, go figure.


When ‘Massa’ calls you “nigger” and you answer to that word.

Remember what you are to him; an animal in his herd.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland


Those who use the word “nigger” are ignorant! And it does not matter who uses it. That word is hideous! It is THE worst word ever uttered and the history behind that word is an abomination. Black people of today who use that word, seriously need to get an education, because you are indeed, ignorant. You are ignorant of your history in this country. If you seriously think that by repeating that word, over and over and over, that it will somehow lessen the sting, then you are also delusional! Keep buying into the bullshit and by all means, continue to sell yourself to the highest white bidder. The white man sits back and laughs over all of the money that he is making off of your ignorance and your lust for’ bling’.



We Are Not A Christian Nation!

"This is worse." ....indeed it is.
“This is worse.”
….indeed it is.

We are not a Christian nation.
We are an a’bomb’ination.

We are not holy and sanctified.
We are clueless and hypnotized.

We walk around all glassy-eyed,
Vain and proud and full of pride.

We value glitter and golden rings.
We sold our soul for material things.

We preach about Jesus, and turn our back
to build the bombs we use to attack.

No psalms are read, only palms to grease.
We talk the talk and then do as we please.

So many churches and yet, no peace.
They amass a fortune from the flock they fleece.

Their God’s commandment, “thou shall not kill,”
is all but ignored while they seek a thrill.

Love they neighbor? They love them not.
They’ve a soul in decay and a body of rot.

The victims of war are not their concern.
Helping the poor is not a lesson they learn.

If you’re weak and broke, no Christian you’ll see.
They’re building more bombs to send over the sea.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland


The screams are from my soul.

My body burns with a fever.

I shake from head to toe.

My fury knows no end.

An age old wisdom did not come easily.

I see the stark reality of the horror of our lives.

Crimes have been committed in the name of those who lied.

Cruel intentions are often met with violent reactions.

When have we not been at war with one another?

Have we never realized that we share a common bond?

Light filters through the darkness, contrast in stark relief.

We cowered in the night, hidden, trapped and waiting.

Until the cold morning light shown with a staring glare,

cruelty that was hidden from all the world to see.

No judgment cast on us will blight our giving nature.

We are bound by no contract. We only seek to aid.

Do not believe it. We do not come in peace.

We are the hunters. We are the beast.

We tear down and we rebuild that which we have destroyed.

We are benevolent and we mean you no harm.
Believe this not for we come like the greatest storm.

The helpless are worn down, we seek to build them up.

We are lovers of freedom, join us. We insist.

Global poverty is what we strive to end.
You will not go it alone, on this you can depend.

We are in your corner. That is where you want us to be.

If you are not with us, our wrath you must then face.
We insist you follow us and always know your place.

The world is ours and we make the rules.

We can force you into submission, this you do not want.
Your fields will be let fallow, your people crushed and gaunt.

My soul cries out in horror as we take and take and take.
I see a nightmare of suffering. Why can I not awake?

Cease the torture you do in my name!

I am shunned the world over and only you know why.
Powerless to break the war machine, I stand helplessly by.

I weep for you, and for those whom you will lose.
Our government will take from you everything it can use.

You will be left without a home, your birthplace destroyed.
While tears stream down my face when the missiles are deployed.

This is not done in my name, and yet I gave assent. I stood aloof.
I am defeated. I do not stand in glory. My broken body is the proof.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland