A Little Advice For The Negro In America!

secretly record everything

Surveillance, surveillance, surveillance! And just what is surveillance? Well, let’s see:

close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal.
“he found himself put under surveillance by military intelligence”
synonyms: observation, scrutiny, watch, view, inspection, supervision;

Now, what I mean by ‘surveillance’ is, keep the Caucasoid under CONSTANT surveillance. Since you are under his surveillance, then have him under yours and believe me, you WILL get paid because those racist motherfuckers ARE going to hand you a titanium-coated lawsuit; several, quite actually. And your case WILL be settled out-of-court because the shit will hit the fan, otherwise.

This is what you do. Search for spy gear stores in your area and if you come up empty, there are plenty of online spy gear sites with some shit that James Bond007 never even heard of.  Since you were going to waste your money on Timberland boots, rims, bling and big flat screen TVs anyway, why not put some of that money into making money for you? Call it an investment on future gains because you will gain and gain big time!

Have you ever been on the job and some Caucasoid cocksucker called you a “Nigger?” Sure you have, but you didn’t have the motherfucker under surveillance and so it was your word against that Caucasoid cocksucker. But if you had been wired for sound, you would have been paid! Case settled! Case closed! Next! Because there is going to be a next time; you and I both know it. Now, if you work at a job that requires you to put all personal belongings into a locker, no problemo because there are recording devices that are so small, they cannot even be detected. Some are as tiny as the tip of a needle. There is a recording device for every occasion and don’t forget, have a backup recording device on hand at all times, just in case. Protect your rights because those Caucasoid cocksuckers sure won’t.

I consider this to be the equivalent of that forty acres and a mule thing that we were promised but those cocksuckers just never got around to delivering to us, you know, for slavery and all. There is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. There is not a Negro in AmeriKKKa that has not had their civil rights violated or been discriminated against at some point and in some way. Can you just imagine how much bank we could have had if we’d only taken up their habits? I have been telling you, time and time again that you have got to fight fire with fire. Limp ass protest signs don’t work. Marching down the goddamn street, decade after decade did not work. Hell! The motherfucking FBI had “I am all for peaceful protesting,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. under surveillance. Interrupting the lying politician Caucasoid cocksuckers will not get it done. Begging the bastards to stop discriminating against us has not worked. Attempting to assimilate hasn’t worked and so that is why we must up the ante.

Hey! Negro sell-outs! Yeah, you! You are still considered a “Nigger” by the Caucasoid cocksucker and so this is for you as well. Since you’ve most likely brown-nosed, kissed ass, sucked up to and sucked a white cock to get into your nice little window-less office in the basement of the police department, hospital records department, insurance claims files department and so forth and so on, you wanna get a promotion to paid? Purchase some spy gear and plant listening devices all over the place while making your rounds, delivering the mail, files or whatnot.

To those of you who are janitors, hotel housekeeping and the like, since you blend in in the background as ‘The Help’, start helping yourself to getting paid. Get ta spying.

Once you have evidence of corruption, civil rights violations and some more shit, get a lawyer and don’t forget to spy on his/her ass as well because lawyer is synonymous with liar and it is no coincidence that both begin and end with the same letters.

So, to ‘all my peeps’, hit me up and let me know when you start getting paid and if you’re not convinced, keep reading.

Texaco Settles Race Bias Suit for $176 Million

“In the glare of scandal, Texaco Inc. on Friday signed what may be the largest settlement of a racial discrimination lawsuit, agreeing to pay an immediate $115 million in damages plus pay raises of at least 10% to about 1,400 black employees.

An unusual aspect of the settlement, valued by plaintiffs’ lawyers at $176 million in all, calls for Texaco to form a seven-member “equality and tolerance task force” that will give the plaintiffs a say in hiring and promotion policy at the giant oil company.

“The era of the ‘good ol’ boy network’ at Texaco is coming to an end,” plaintiffs’ lawyer Cyrus Mehri said, adding: “It’s going to be a new Texaco.”

After dragging on for 2 1/2 years, the case was settled in 10 days of urgent negotiations that began Nov. 12, the day after the disclosure of secret recordings of senior Texaco executives denigrating black workers and plotting to destroy incriminating evidence in the lawsuit.

“Glued to the bottom of the bag was exactly how I felt,” Roberts said, alluding to a taped remark by one of her superiors who joked that “all of the black jelly beans seem to be glued to the bottom of the bag.”

The uproar resulting from the tapes forced Texaco to the negotiating table and led to threats by civil rights groups of a national boycott of Texaco products and a stock-divestiture movement.”

Continue reading because Caucasians are calling out to other Caucasian cocksuckers to not get caught like Texaco did. So, Negroes, that is why I am calling out to YOU to keep in mind that the system that is all up on your ass like flies on shit is still at it.

Don’t Make Texaco’s $175 Million Mistake
Texaco’s executives had used racial slurs—including the “n” word—and poked fun at Kwanzaa, an African-American holiday. These affronts were in addition to plotting to destroy documents demanded in the discrimination suit.

What happened at Texaco also serves as a wake-up call to every other business in the United States. Good intentions aside, it’s clear Corporate America has a long way to go in creating companies that truly value and support diversity—especially racial diversity.

” especially racial diversity”

‘Value and support racial diversity’? Get the fuck outta here! Seriously? And just where the fuck might that be because I’m as sure as the Ashley Madison hack that you’re not working for a company that ‘values and supports racial diversity’!? The only thing that the Caucasoid values is the dumbing down of the Negro, incarceration of the Negro, glaring income inequality between the Caucasian and the Negro, subjugation of the Negro and looking forward to the death of the Negro. So, my advice to you is to get paid before they plant your ass!

Hey! NSA! CIA! FBI! Listed Are My Search Engine Terms..In Case Ya Missed ‘Em!






Shelby Courtland’s search engine terms for April 3rd, 2015 are as follows:


where can I find a Big Black monster dick

now that I’ve eaten, where can I find fresh out-of-season strawberries

where can I find edible underwear

my vibrator broke, where is the nearest repair shop

I’m out of whipped cream, where is the nearest farm

how to join the CIA/ISIS

how to make a bomb in 3 easy steps

how tall is the fence at the White House

where does Dick, The Torturer live

how can I get past airport security with a Glock

where on my body would they not check for Cuban cigars

I may be on a terror watch list, how do I find out for sure

how to make counterfeit money in two easy steps like the Feds

what is the balance in my offshore account

who do I have to blow to stop an IRS audit

how do I start my own pyramid scheme and not get caught

how to launder money like the big banks and get away with it like the big banks

how to start a for profit prison

how to start a tax exempt bullshit religious cult

So, NSA! CIA! FBI! Did ya miss anything? Now, come and pick my ass up! I fucking dare you!






You Rotten Ass Dirty Bastards! Fuck You!!!!


I just bought this goddamn brand new ass computer and the spying motherfuckers are at it again, attempting to crash and burn this one. Well, here’s some news for you spying ass motherfuckers, I got fucking backup! Blow this shit up and another one is waiting in the wings and believe me when I say this, I’m not a goddamn overzealous ass consumer and so therefore, I’ve put a bit put aside and if you fucking blow up the replacement to this one, well guess the fuck what! I’m going to get replacements for the goddamn replacements motherfuckers! Keep trying to shut me the fuck up and though you may make it expensive for me to push back on you spying motherfuckers, push back I will!! I ain’t fucking backing down without a goddamn fight!

It ain’t my motherfucking fault that you(the FBI) fucking look clueless with your calling for American citizens to snitch on each other because some have gotten fed up with your shit stirring and jumped the goddamn fence and joined some motherfuckers that the CIA trained and let loose. Just because you didn’t think those motherfuckers would turn on their own goddamn trainers is no reason to make a go at me just because I got the balls to put it out there how stupid all of you clueless fucks look! You ain’t fucking gotta like it.

Don’t fucking fuck with me and my shit just because the U.S. government looks more and more clueless, inept and stupid by the day. It’s not hard to figure out that the U.S. ain’t about shit! I live in this motherfucking shithole and I know firsthand that this shit is sinking like a stone. The only thing we got going on is the military because the cannon fodder ain’t got the sense God gave a goat and will still rush off to bully some helpless country that can’t fight back! The world now knows that we stand for not a goddamn thing but shit. We couldn’t bring goddamn freedom and democracy to an ant farm. We’d airstrike the ant farm, kill everything moving and take every goddamn thing the poor ants managed to build, grow and store.

Our fucking power grid is shot to shit! The western half of the United States is as dry as a vulture picked carcass. What money Americans have still managed to ‘earn’, they’re hoarding and even keeping it out of banks. The high cost of food has decreased Americans ability to spend on other things and so to compensate and do damage control, the U.S. government had to invent ‘terrorists’ so that that would give the military cannon fodder, a goddamn job to do as opposed to sitting around the bases going hungry because they ain’t got enough food stamps coming in and like I’ve stated, the fucking price of food, even on military bases, has risen.

So now, the stupid military grunt shits are fighting terrorists in Iraq and Syria that were trained by the CIA with complete knowledge of the NSA and of course to get the stupid American sheeple behind the carnage, Hollywood style videos were released of white men getting beheaded. Here’s an idea, if you want to make it all so believable, why didn’t you ship my Black ass over and have ISIS aka IS aka ISIL aka the Khorasan Group aka al-Qaeda aka al-Nusra Front aka Jabhat al-Nusra aka Jabba the Hutt aka The Backyard Barbeque Gang aka Beheaders Anonymous aka Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and insert next excuse to war on another country’s terrorist group here—>_____________ behead me? Your stupid shit is as transparent as glass if only people will wake the fuck up, take their goddamn rose colored glasses and blinders off.

And it is quite obvious that my blinders ain’t on and I’ve stomped the shit out of my rose colored glasses. I see quite clearly the deliberate destruction that the U.S. is perpetrating all across this planet on innocent people all in the name of fighting terrorists that the U.S. government fucking trained. Well if there are any terrorists, fucking U.S. government, your nasty ass, vile CIA made them. And the FBI ain’t no better. Asking people to spy on each other when we’re paying for the goddamn NSA to spy on us already, and now we are to do their job FOR them. Are you fucking kidding me? For real? Every goddamn FBI agent must use Velcro ’cause it would appear that none of you have the fucking brains to know how to tie your own goddamn shoestrings. Don’t like people pointing out this fact, then cut the bullshit and get with the program that all Americans ain’t on some simple ass foolishness like you motherfuckers apparently think we are! I didn’t just fall off the goddamn turnip truck, you fucking useless, clueless bastards!

Once again motherfuckers, I am going to continue to call your bullshit, “Bullshit!” You ain’t got to like it and you damn sure ain’t got to appreciate it, but there you have it. You can blow my shit up, and believe this, my shit will be back up and running, you nasty, vile, depraved, filthy, corrupt, perverted degenerates!! Fuck you!

ISIS Is On YouTube!

ISIS video

ISIS is on YouTube
and they’ve got a Twitter feed.
The NSA can’t find them,
but they know I’m smoking weed.

When al-CIAda palled last year,
another scapegoat did they need.
So here comes ISIS to the rescue.
They’ll fill the bill indeed.

Who’ll be next, I’m not sure,
but I know they’ll make it good.
They’ve got to fan the flames,
like with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s lost his mind,
he and McCain are bat shit nuts.
They’ve got a trigger happy finger.
I wish they’d bang some nasty sluts.

Oh we’ll pay the price, we will
for the criminal minded whores,
when Putin turns off the gas,
the EU won’t toast no s’mores!

So, terror has a new name.
What will they think of next?
Why can’t the NSA find them?
Because with me, they are obsessed!

Oh, I’m flattered, yes I am
but that don’t cut no ice.
The bad guys get away
and someone’s head just paid the price.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland



I haven’t posted for awhile because I am just too afraid. Can you imagine that? Me! Afraid?

Well, you see, I had my computer blow up on me and I’m not trying to have that happen again. Apparently, I’ve been a very, very bad girl and since everything we type on a computer is going to spy central, and every telephone call we make is also going to spy central, what the hell! Nothing is secure. Nothing is safe from the spies and so I am afraid of being considered a domestic terrorist and sent off to Guantanamo or some unknown prison hell in some other country and denied due process. I am afraid that I will become like Edward Snowden, a person without a country. I am afraid that I will end up like Chelsea Manning, locked away for 35 years without a hope of early release.

We are not to stir the pot. We are to fall in step and not question. We must not question authority. Our government will not hurt us if we do as it dictates. Never question governmental authority. Accept what is being shoved down your throat and remember to always wave a flag as that is what the true patriot does. The true patriot is loyal to her country and would never think of her country as in the wrong. America does no wrong. America can do no wrong because America stands for freedom and democracy and human rights and peace and justice. America is a benevolent and giving country. It has never harmed even a fly. Its people get along. There are no homeless, hungry or poverty stricken people in America. Everyone has access to decent health care. No child is inadequately educated. No child is left behind. America is a christian nation founded on the belief that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, AS LONG AS YOU ARE A RICH, WHITE MALE!”

America is the land of freedom.

We came, we saw, we conquered, peacefully.
We needed laborers and we stole them, peacefully.
We thirst for oil and we bomb for it, peacefully.
We are the torch bearers for war, peacefully.
We create conflicts everywhere we go, peacefully.
We desire peace, our brand of peace, peacefully.
We love the world and we show it, peacefully.
We are the world’s benevolent benefactor, peacefully.
We demand that you bow to America, peacefully!
We are ‘exeptional’. We are Americans!
Oh and we are full of shit!! Didn’t you know?!!
Peace to the world from America! “Peace? Out!!”

Damn! Am I full of shit or what?! Fucking peace!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Are We Really Free?

"Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"...from spying and collecting our data.
“Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”…from the government spying on us and collecting our data.

Progression to transparency? Guess not!
Progression to transparency? Guess not!

Why is my government spying on me?
Am I not in the land of lady liberty?

And what about ‘freedom and justice for all’?
That’s long gone, there’s been a recall.

They stomped the constitution and the bill of rights to death.
Got caught up in the act of secret, undercover stealth.

“We the people,” have freedoms nevermore.
When government officials are knocking down our door.

We look the other way when the government is wrong.
And never stop to think that we shouldn’t go along.

They play on our ‘terror’ fears to keep us all in line.
Gather data on our phone records; yes, yours and mine.

They say that they’re our savior, but is it really true?
Who are the terrorists? Could it be me and you?

We gave up our rights to keep the ‘bogeyman’ away.
I guess we all did promise to do everything they say.
Never question why. What do we know?
There’s the snooping NSA and don’t forget Guantanamo!

Doubting their intent? That’s not patriotic.
Trust in your government no matter how despotic.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

“Trust in the U.S. government? That’ll be the day!”
Apparently, Ecuador is standing firm against the U.S. government’s threats to cease preferential treatment and trade agreements.
Alvarado, who called threats from the US over trade arrangements a form of “blackmail,” said Ecuador’s government would not only willingly accept the loss of approximately $23 million in trade benefits, but in addition would offer a gift, in the form of an aid package of the same amount, that would be directed to provide human rights training in the United States.
source:http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2013/06/27-2 Ecuador to Us:We Won’t be ‘blackmailed’ over Snowden

Now, the U.S. government is engaging in what amounts to ‘blackmail’ in order to get Ecuador to deny asylum to the alleged ‘spy’ who spied on the U.S. government spying on its citizens and became a ‘whistleblower’. Ever one to take the high road, aren’t we? “Ecuador, it seems that the U.S. government could indeed use that ‘human rights training’ that your country is so willing to provide, quick, fast and in a hurry.” Not that it’ll do any good. We are talking about the U.S. government you know.