Black Medusa!

medusa 2

She will bewitch you, if you stare.
Behold her beauty, if you dare.
She’s a sultry, Grecian mystery
 straight out of Greek mythology.

Her hair of entwined snakes
 ensnares all the men she dates.
She watches you intently
 from eyes that are unfriendly.

Come closer, she won’t bite.
Never look at her in fright.
They call her Black Medusa
claims she hails from Tuscaloosa.

Though she came from across the sea,
she’s a morbid curiosity.
Do not let her near your heart,
 and don’t stay with her after dark.

She’ll spin slowly in the wind
and her serpents, she’ll defend.
You’ll become her sacrifice
 as the cobra’s strike’s precise.

Turned to stone by Black Medusa
who they say is from Tuscaloosa.
But we all know that not’s true.
She’s just a myth that grew and grew.

But is she?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

I dedicate this one to HungLikeJesus or as I like to call him, “HLJ!” It was born from another poem of mine titled, “To All The Men I’ve Never Loved!”

HLJ called me a “slow motion Medusa” and so this one is for you! HLJ, you said that I could send you my love as long as I stay far, far away from you. So, I’m sending this poem to you, with my love! You were my inspiration!

That Brazen Hussy! (Warning!!! Highly Sensual Adult Content)

brazen hussy

She’d do anything to steal your man.
Her flawless skin wore a permanent tan.
Her big brown eyes would challenge him.
He couldn’t look away, he’d drown in them.

She was no insipid, tame little thing.
She could hold her own in a boxing ring.
She’d mete out punishment, he’d ask for more.
He knew she wasn’t his, but she was no whore.

He wanted to own her; body and soul.
To get her in his bed was his ultimate goal.
But she was always just one step ahead.
She vowed, he’d never take her to bed.

The battle was joined, who would win?
Love or lust? A line so thin.
Her cupid bow lips; the curve of her thigh.
When she danced before him, he could only sigh.

Her every move was meant to entice.
She was molten lava. She was liquid ice.
Her body swayed to a timeless rhythm.
Lust and love for her was already in him.

The music slowed to a sultry beat.
She was a beauty from her head to her feet.
Her breasts bounced and jiggled and hypnotized.
Those rounded hips swayed from side to side.

She parted her lips and whispered his name.
He was on fire; his body, a flame.
His manhood stood up; she could not fail but see.
She would be his release, only she held the key.

She walked towards him, held out her hand.
He got to his feet, he could barely stand.
She peeled off her dress, it fell to the floor.
He picked her up and got as far as the door.
He kissed her lips, suckled her nipples and groaned.
She was wet, she was ready, threw her head back and moaned.
There was no turning back. There was no way they could.
He held her in his arms and right where he stood,
he thrust deep inside her and knew he was home.
That brazen hussy would never again roam.
He had made her his, no other would do.
It is love. It is lust. It will forever be you.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

This is a step away from my usual, but I thought I’d try something different, something from my ‘provocative and risqué’ side. Ooolala!