I’ve Been Down The Darkest Road!

darkest road

A land more kind than home,
I exchange for a cold nowhere.
There is danger at the border.
And I haven’t got a prayer.

I sense thunder in the distance,
to the cliff, I must draw near.
My back is to the edge;
eyes wide in watchful fear.

The final truth, I seek,
taking secrets to the grave.
The priest must stand alone.
My confession, to him, I gave.

The gods of guilt are here
from the City of Countless Lies.
My tortured soul seeks shelter.
Death takes me by surprise.

A cry, I hear so close
from my lips of icy dread.
I am lost to all of earth
and must walk among the dead.

On cursed ground, I stand.
No proof of life, I see.
The innocent all lie sleeping.
I have met my enemy.

Oh mirror to my soul,
I request respite tonight.
I’ve been down the darkest road.
Pray, lead me towards the light.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Bin Laden, My Precious Darling!

will the real osama please stand up

The tender sweetness of love, I once thought of as mine

And limbs that were apart were rapturously entwined.

But my love did play me false, not one word of truth, he spoke

And now I am alone again, his cock in me, he’ll never poke.

The delights of love and lust were oh so gratifying

And to be shunned by one and all, I thought was worth defying

But our love did not withstand the wholesome light of truth

A spinster, I shall remain until I am quite long in the tooth.

Bin Laden, my precious darling, I did not know that you were dead.

They tried to kill you many times and I must accept the truth with dread.

You were a dead man in my bed that I cared for so very much

The thrills I felt when in your arms, did have an icy touch

But I never concerned myself with the stiffness of your limbs

Since you wordlessly fulfilled all my wishes and my whims.

They’ll bury you a hundred times and you’ll always come back to me

We were made for each other so come back from beneath the sea!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Forget all of the conspiracy theories surrounding my beloved for I mourn him still!





A Torn And Bloodied Flag!



The eyes of men behold

A torn and bloodied flag

They lied unto themselves

That it was more than just a rag.


You satisfy its thirst for blood

Not theirs per se, but yours

And gladly will you die

In endless, senseless wars.


Unfurl that hated symbol

Of the oppressed and of the dead

Pledge allegiance to your slavery

Upon your blood, that flag is fed.


Salute the stars and stripes

But know what it is you do.

Those stars are bombs and drones

And the stripes are a slave’s tattoo.


Its tattered tales of glory

Are shredded by the truth

And as its seams are ripped apart

You feed to it, your youth.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Keep feeding a symbol that stands for stolen lands and lashed backs and for the spilled blood of all the other innocent human beings that have been murdered, all over a lie! The lie IS America! This country was never about freedom and democracy and justice. Look at its history. When has freedom, democracy and justice ever reigned in this hell hole? It never has. You are fed patriotic bullshit. You are made to stand and salute a tattered and bloodied symbol that symbolizes everything that his country stands for; rape, genocide, torture, war crimes, hypocrisy, enslavement and all things vile, obscene and barbaric. There has never been one shred of decency that IS or WAS or WILL ever be America. Salute that blood stained and tattered shit of a flag, if you will, but count me the hell out! I spit on it!




We Turn A Blind Eye!



Drones strike nearby

Innocent children die

Widowed mothers cry

Missiles cross the sky

Our bloodlust, we satisfy

Treaties, we nullify

Israel, we gratify

Torture, we justify

The truth, we classify

Countries, we occupy

The innocent, we vilify

Murder, we glorify

The media prints the lie

Their bullshit, we gladly buy

The world, we terrify

We don’t question, “Why?”

Silently, we comply

We’ll eat our apple pie

on the fourth of this July

and drink and just get high

since freedom does not apply

And justice has no ally

We turn a blind eye

to the horrors,  we can’t deny.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Recognize yourself in this one? I am sure you do! Now, you can look away from the truth of this one if you want, but the shoe fits and you are wearing it; stupid, clueless Americans! And while I am at it, let me disabuse you of the notion that there is anything, ANYTHING at all exceptional about you, ’cause there ain’t! I do realize that since there is nothing but air in the space between your ears, you’re finding this hard to absorb. Let me make it more clear for you. You are a stupid, useless fuck! You think the world revolves around you because you are an American. Newsfuckingflash, it SO doesn’t and you are simply a piece of shit that just refuses to get flushed down the goddamn toilet despite my many attempts to flush the lot of you, down! You ain’t getting flushed for lack of my trying and that is for damn sure!


Swallow It Down Whole!


Oh damn! You used to ‘follow’ me,
and now I’ve pissed you off.
Come on back in here.
Bend over, no need to cough.

I kicked your ass right out the door,
it wasn’t hard to do.
When I tell the truth, it hurts.
But then, that’s nothing new.

Swallow it down whole,
as I give it to you good.
I don’t beat around the bush,
but I bet you wish I would.

I am never one to place nice.
That is simply not my style.
Bullshit don’t stand a chance,
not here in this domicile.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Malcolm X, How We Need You!


Malcolm X, how we need you.
The movement now is dead,
and the slaves are in the pen.
Black power has all but fled.

What’s left are Uncle Toms,
and coons that play the fool.
They bow down before ole Massa,
and for his scraps, they all but drool.

There is none throughout this land
that can spit your fire and truth.
And the sad fact of the matter is,
we refuse to protect our youth.

With a half and half in the White House,
the movement is tagged and bagged.
And with bootlicking in the halls of justice,
the Black man’s voice is bound and gagged.

They all stand idly by,
and watch their numbers dwindle.
There is no man among these men,
that could a movement, kindle.

They look around and wait,
for a savior to light the way.
And when they’re shot or sent to jail,
they just stare in mute dismay.

Oh Malcolm X, we know you’re gone,
and we will never see your like.
Today, our men tremble in fear,
while the militants are out on strike.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

“Any time Uncle Sam, with all his machinery for warfare, is held to a draw by some rice eaters, he’s lost the battle. He had to sign a truce. America’s not supposed to sign a truce. She’s supposed to be bad. But she’s not bad any more. She’s bad as long as she can use her hydrogen bomb, but she can’t use hers for fear Russia might use hers. Russia can’t use hers, for fear that Sam might use his. So, both of them are weapon-less. They can’t use the weapon because each [country’s] weapon nullifies the other’s. So the only place where action can take place is on the ground. And the white man can’t win another war fighting on the ground. Those days are over. The black man knows it, the brown man knows it, the red man knows it, and the yellow man knows it. So they engage him in guerrilla warfare. That’s not his style. You’ve got to have heart to be a guerrilla warrior, and he hasn’t got any heart.”

“It takes heart to be a guerrilla warrior because you’re on your own. In conventional warfare you have tanks and a whole lot of other people with you to back you up—planes over your head and all that kind of stuff. But a guerrilla is on his own. All you have is a rifle, some sneakers and a bowl of rice, and that’s all you need—and a lot of heart.”

– Malcolm X

And ‘heart’ is exactly what we are losing even though we know that America ain’t about shit when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and that is why drones were invented because whites can’t fight up close and personal and win. And even with using drones, ISIS is still kicking ass and will continue to do so while Black bodies pile up at the morgue in America and Black women will continue to moan and wail over the demise of their sons and daughters. We don’t have what it takes and now, we never will. We should be fucking shit up over here but all we do is raise our hands in the air and march down the goddamn street begging some white motherfucker to give us the same goddamn rights that are afforded to the whites by the Constitution. So, do you still think that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights pertain to you, Black man and Black woman? And since they don’t apply to you, they sure as hell don’t apply to your children. But go ahead! Sign up to go and fuck with ISIS or fuck up the Iraqi people some more and continue to disturb the goddamn peace in Afghanistan and if they send your ass to Libya, you’re in for it ’cause it’s off the goddamn chain, thanks to the good ole red, white and blue and bully NATO.

You are marching because some white motherfucker shot and killed your son or daughter because the whites are afraid of you. That is why they don’t bother to get up close and personal, they just shoot you from 300 yards away. That is why police departments all across this shithole have requested and received militarized weaponry from warzones because they want to launch a grenade all up your ass from miles away. Next, they’re going to be drone striking your ass because that’s what the whites are doing to every other Black and Brown body all across this planet. Malcolm X warned you in ways too numerous to count and when he died, all of his fire and spirit and truth and action died and was buried with him and now, we just quote him and protest and march against the next murder of one of our own by racist ass cops. That’ll show ’em!

As I Kick 2013’s Ass To The Curb…

"Vive la Champagne, France!...uh, I mean, Happy New Year!"
“Vive la Champagne, France!…uh, I mean, Happy New Year!”

I want to take this opportunity to say that I started blogging in February and as this is a relatively new blog, it has seen a lot of action; some good, some not so good. But after the dust settles from dust-ups, set-backs, moves(criss-crossing the country and almost into Canada)tears, laughter, anger(a damn helluva lot of anger), frustration, screams, moans, groans, 50 million “I quits!,” and that’s just the GOOD! Just kidding. It ain’t ALL been bad! This ‘good’ girl gone bad nevertheless! Hell ya!

I would like to say that there are so many great people on WordPress that I have ‘virtually’ met and no, I did not say, “virtuously” because most of you know that you’re not ‘virtuous’. Don’t even try it! My bullshitometer is working on overdrive. But be that as it may, you guys are the best of the best. We’ve created our own press releases, our own hot-off-the-presses, our own awards and ceremonies We’ve recognized the creative genius in each other and we’ve had no problem sharing the fact that we’ve all learned and been inspired by one another. In this crazy, wacked-out cyber world we have here, we’ve somehow managed to find a little corner where we all come to connect and see what each of us are up to; what our hopes and thoughts are for a better world for everyone. We’ve had some fun many times because without humor, seriously…how would we make it through these hard times.

Mainstream media’s lies, half-truths and flat out contempt for the truth is what is spurring most of us to continue into 2014. If they refuse to be a voice for the voiceless; for the innocents who are slaughtered on a daily basis, for those who are detained without due process, for those who commit no crimes, but are incarcerated, for those who are homeless, jobless and lacking food and healthcare, then we will. Mainstream media has turned its collective back on the poor souls who are fucked and fucked up. We will not let their plight go unnoticed. We will continue to point out the disparities in income, education and incarceration. We will continue to shed light on corruption. We will continue to call bullshit, “bullshit!” We’re not slackers, we’re attackers of the lies. We want the goddamn truth! And by god, we’ll stomp a mud hole in some lying politician’s ass; quick, fast and in a hurry to get at the truth. Hell no! We don’t half-step, not a bit of it!

And so, as we head into 2014, we are all aware that the battle is not over. This year is going to be a pivotal one as this is the year for mid-term elections in god awful US of Amurderer. Guantanamo is still open, drones are still raining on the heads of innocents, our rights have fled the building and we are under assault, every day. Yet, we have not given up. Yes, we are fucked(I am SO eloquent, not to mention..nice)but even as we acknowledge this, we also acknowledge the fact that though we may be fucked, we’ve still got some semblance of fight in us and with what little we have, we will strive to push the fuckers back!

Get your pitchforks ready, sharpen your pencils, put your helmet on and let’s go get ’em!

Love and power to the peons!!!

Every voice counts and is needed and guillotine the motherfuckers!!!

Happy productive New Year!!!!

(Oh, and just call me “Madame Shabela!” I tell fortunes and give advice to the lovelorn and the fucked up) and business is booming, ‘doncha’ know!

The Sad, But Undeniable Truth

broken people

Recently, I wrote a poem, “Join The Movement.” The purpose behind my writing that poem was to galvanize those of us who are suffering, those of us who see the suffering of others, those of us who are tired of war, into action. I wrote that poem because we are being literally scared to death. Many of us are terrified of even protesting. Why? Because we have seen the brutality unleashed by our government’s mafia brutes, otherwise known as the police force and let us not forget, the military. The people who ARE the police, who ARE the military are our relatives, our neighbors and yet, they would ‘put us down’ without hesitation when commanded to do so. Without them onboard, we are doomed. That is the truth.

Another sad truth is that corporations and our government know us so well, because our every move has been monitored, everything from what we purchase, to where we eat, to where we sleep, to even our health care providers. This was not some spur-of-the-moment decision. This was a thoroughly well crafted and well executed, years in the making, grand scheme to get us to where we are now. Despite the technology at our finger tips, there is no way that we can galvanize the worker bees, the drudging drones, the abject poor, the broken and weary masses to do what needs to be done because many are just too weak and too far gone to even raise their voice in protest. The ‘lords’ have done their homework and it is paying off, big time!

I realize that there are those of you who want to believe that at this point in time, we are going to strike back and take back what has been stripped from us while we were looking elsewhere. Please, take a minute and look around you. People are doing the same thing today that they did yesterday and they will continue to do this until they exist no more. They have accepted that things are as they are and that is the way they are going to be. Meanwhile, our government, run by corporations, is showing us that there is a lot more suffering and anguish ahead and what’s more, they are telling us in no uncertain terms, that there is not a goddamn thing that we can do to stop them because they know that THIS time, things have gotten too bad for too many and the will to thrive and not merely survive has been crushed.

Many people have been deluded into think that we have stopped the bombing of Syria. No, we have not. It has been postponed. Make no mistake, another reason for blowing up Syria will be contrived. The same was done when this government wanted to control the oil rich Middle East, and it was contrived by blowing up the Twin Towers and to this very day, a majority of Americans hate the Muslims and anyone who even remotely has Middle Eastern ties. Those people did us no harm, you can thank your government for the deaths of those 3,000 people. If you look through the annals of history, you will find that this government has never flinched when it came to inflicting torture, never flinched when it came to mass killings, never flinched when it came to using chemical weapons on its own citizens, so why do you think that this government would flinch at killing 3,000 of its own citizens to further its agenda? Who benefited from the invasion of Iraq? Who benefited from the invasion of Afghanistan?

How many of us seriously and truly believe that we will one day wake up and collectively say, “enough is enough!” My vote is on the twelfth of never because right now, those who do not care about each other far outnumber those who do and I just read yesterday that a ‘white supremacy’ group is trying to purchase every building in a small town in North Dakota to set up a ‘white’s only’ town. Really? With this much hate, we are going to speak as one against those who would destroy us all? We have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting people to put aside their differences, their biases, their hatred of one another to come together for the good of all people. That snowball doesn’t stand a chance when people hate each other more than they hate those who are trying to destroy each and every one of us, one by one. We fail to realize that when one of us dies, it is then time for the ‘lords’ to turn their attention onto the next until like a puff of smoke, another one, gone. We are ‘tribal’ by nature as some would say and when we see one tribe wiped out, that does not dismay us. We will simply take what was once theirs, that is until another more powerful tribe swoops in and claims it for themselves. History has shown that those who are weakened are easily overcome. History has also shown that those whose weapons are inferior are easily overcome. Remember the people who are native to America? Remember the slaves who were dragged from Africa? We have been weakened to the point where we are for the most part, broken. How many homeless people can stand up and face down government forces? How many hungry people have the strength to even play a pretend ‘Hunger Games’? How many of us are willing to go the distance, do whatever it takes to put an end to the ‘lords’ rule over us? Who will put their needs aside for the needs of the many? Who will pay the ultimate sacrifice? Yes, I realize that there are people like Chelsea Manning who is sitting in a prison cell at this very moment for exposing war crimes, torture, hypocrisy and lies done in our name by the United States government. Edward Snowden is in exile in Russia because he exposed the massive secret surveillance system, the NSA that our government has been using to monitor our every move. The problem is that even with this knowledge we now have about what our government is capable of, we have only murmured and grumbled among ourselves. We have not roared our outrage. We have done nothing. Millions of us should be outside the prison where Chelsea Manning is being held, demanding her release. But we’re not. So, what good did it do Chelsea Manning to sacrifice herself so that we would have the knowledge that we have and yet, do nothing. Oh, we preach about the wrongs and we preach about rising to the occasion but, it always ends with the question. When?

Do we not have our computers, our smartphones, our huge high definition televisions, our vehicles that can anticipate an accident before it even happens. Now that last one might just blow your mind when you realize that since the ‘lords’ have this technology, the technology to ‘anticipate’ what is going to happen BEFORE it even happens, who then holds the ‘trump’ cards, certainly not ‘We the People’.

If I thought that it would do any good or be of any use whatsoever, I would write a million poems urging a call for action, to ‘join the movement’, but would it do any good? Actually, I think that I have answered my own question and THAT is the sad, but undeniable truth!

A 35 Year Sentence Took Me From ‘Brazen’ To Religion


Bradley Manning’s sentence: 35 years for exposing us to the truth

This was never a fair trial – Obama declared Manning’s guilt in advance.

How could Bradley Manning have ever stood a chance? His Commander-in-Chief is a lying hypocrite. The judge who sentenced Manning was also an employee of the Commander-in-Chief, so was there ever really any reason to hold this mockery of a trial in the first place? Manning was guilty before the verdict was even handed down. His crime? He exposed the truth. He exposed cover-ups and lies. He exposed torture and crimes that would make the devil blush. So I ask, where were all the Christian supporters of Bradley Manning? After all, does not the Bible state:

King James Version: Proverbs:11:9 An hypocrite with [his] mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.

Christians, did you get that? Obama is the hypocrite. He ordered the killing of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan. Obama ‘destroyeth’ his neighbors, his INNOCENT neighbors and Bradley Manning exposed Obama for the hypocrite that he is and yet, the hypocrite destroyeth his neighbor again by incarcerating him for 35 years for telling the truth. Why are you not up-in-arms over this? What is happening to Bradley Manning goes against practically every verse in ANY bible. The ‘just’ is not being ‘delivered’. The ‘just’ received 35 years for exposing the ‘unjust’. You’re not convinced yet? Okay!

King James Version: James:3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, [and] easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

Let’s make an analogy here. Obama is the wisdom from above because he was Bradley Manning’s boss, so in essence, if we apply James3:17 to Obama and Manning, wouldn’t it have been on Obama to eschew the sanctioning of mass killings of civilians and to not throw the book at the one who exposed it? Is this not Obama’s hypocrisy? Is this not Bradley Manning’s pure, peaceable and gentle moment? So, why are you then in collusion with the hypocrite?

King James Version: Psalm:55:21 [The words] of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war [was] in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet [were] they drawn swords.

Christians, can you apply this to Bradley Manning? No, I didn’t think so. Psalm:55:21 has Obama written all over it because he is a lying, murdering, depraved hypocrite who is without a glimmer of a conscience. Still not convinced?

I Timothy 4:2, “Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.”

Again, the above verse speaks directly to the Obama Administration and the attempts to cover-up war crimes. To continue to tell lies, to continue to wallow in hypocrisy leads to a conscienceless state, thereby, having no qualms in condemning a man to 35 years in prison for standing up and doing what the Christian’s God states in the Bible is what he should have done. As I’ve stated before, the laws of God and man are not so easily defined when a man can speak the truth against the hypocrite and be punished. Christians, where is your outrage? What crime against God did Bradley Manning commit? What moral code did he break? Why should exposing the truth be criminalized simply because it interferes with the immoral crimes of a despot? Make no mistake, there will be others like Bradley Manning who will witness unspeakable crimes committed in our name and they will be silenced by whatever means necessary because the hypocrite is not shackled by a mere conscience. Are you a hypocrite or are you a Bradley Manning? It is not enough to merely go to church, sing your hymns, pay your tithes and exit your house of worship thinking that you have accomplished something. If you believe that you will be judged by your deeds, then exactly what have you done that warrants you a place in heaven? Did you speak up against tyranny and oppression? Did you watch the criminalization of an exposer of the truth and do nothing? Being a Christian is not to remain silent when God’s commandment of “Do Not Kill,” is tossed aside, because that is exactly what Obama is guilty of, killing. He has the blood of innocents on his hands, the same as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and crew. By your deafening silence, you are a willing accomplice to a liar and a hypocrite and you condone torture and killing and as such, you are displaying a singular lack of ethics, morality and Christian behavior.

No Truth Will Set Me Free


I told what I should not and went against the grain.
The truth I did expose. What would I stand to gain?

A loser I am called with no fortune and no fame.
I wish that I could hide my deep, abiding shame.

Cloak me from the prying eyes to hide my misery.
Why I so desire the dark, can be no mystery.

Each test, yes I did fail; there is punishment in store.
They’ll hold me in contempt and shun me evermore.

I melt into the shadows, become one with the night.
There is safety incognito, not found in morning light.

What waits for me down yonder road?
I broke no moral code.

I thought the truth would set me free.
Why is that not to be?

The laws of God and man are not so well defined.
When a man can do what’s right and still get left behind.

There! On the horizon. Behold, what do I see?
Endless nights of pacing in a prison built for me.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland