All Hail British Parliament! Awwww Hell!!! America’s Corrupt Congress

Taking the 'common' sense approach. If only 'common' sense was catching!

Taking the ‘common’ sense approach. If only ‘common’ sense was catching!

Today, I a flying this flag.

Today, I am flying this flag.

British Parliament Votes Against Military Intervention In Syria
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the sensible Brits for deciding not to engage with the U.S. in military action against Syria.
“Britain’s Labour Party opposed military intervention in Syria despite Prime Minister Cameron’s concessions to giving the UN inspectors time to make their report.”

To the Labour Party, I love you!!

It has also been stated that there is “not a lot of” public support for British military activity in Syria. So, at least it can be said that this time around the British government is listening to the voice of reason and to its citizens. Not the same can be said for their cousins across the pond. The majority of congressional ‘leaders’ on both sides of the aisle have been shouting for military intervention in Syria. Fine, you go. Have them drop your ass inside a missile and project your worthless asses on over to Syria and then you can find out for yourself just what the hell is going on over there since Syria’s problems interest you more than the problems of the people of this country.

We have a devastated economy over here despite what the economists say to the contrary, but let us not focus on that. Let us focus on what is going on in Syria. Let us engage in more military action and claim that it would be short-lived versus what happened in Iraq(that was supposed to be short, swift and sweet)and Afghanistan. If I remember correctly, the word from Washington was that Americans would be greeted with ‘rose petals’ for ‘liberating the people of Iraq from their dictator. Did this ever occur? Anybody? Hello? Congress? Dick Cheney? George Bush? Can you tell us? Never mind, I didn’t think so.

Now we have Secretary of State, John Kerry trying to be most persuasive by screaming loudly, but not convincingly that “make no mistake President Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world’s most heinous weapon against the world’s most vulnerable people. Nothing today is more serious, and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny.” Kerry also said that regardless of the outcome of the UN weapons inspections, the US had already concluded that Syria had used chemical weapons. “Anyone who could claim that an attack of this staggering scale could be contrived or fabricated needs to check their conscience and their own moral compass,” he said. “What is before us today is real. And it is compelling.” Wow! I almost believe his sincerity if it weren’t for the fact that the US did not have a ‘moral compass’ or a ‘conscience’ when it came to using chemical weapons against its own citizens and those of other countries. I have already delved into the use of chemical weapons in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places by the U.S. government. So, John Kerry sit the hell down and shut the fuck up! Because when you live in a glass house, you can ill afford to throw stones. I shall state this again because those in congress just aren’t getting it. We have an economic crisis going on in THIS country. We have millions of citizens in THIS country who are dying because of your sequestration, program cuts and flat out contempt and disdain for America’s most ‘vulnerable’. What are you doing to cease “an attack of this staggering scale that could ‘not’ be contrived or fabricated ‘and doing nothing to stop it’? Those in congress need to check their conscience and their own moral compass.” There, I fixed it for you! So, just when are those in congress going to ‘check their conscience and their own moral compass’? We are very much aware that ‘nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny’ than wanting to bomb the hell out of Syria. We already know that. All we have to do is take a look around at the effects of austerity.

The reality is that the United States has to be in a perpetual state of war because we spend so much money on the military to the detriment of all else. So, we’ve just got to put our military might to use. We cannot idle those missiles for long. If not Syria, it would be another country. We will fabricate information, we will make shit up just to constantly be engaged in war because we cannot have an idle military. We have got to be ‘outraged’ by the goings on in some other country because why should we let all that money go to waste that we spend on the military? Why do you think we are constantly claiming to be threatened by someone, ANYONE? We have declared ourselves to be the ‘police’ of the world. Even when we know for a fact that what another country is doing, is not impacting us and is not going to impact us, that does not matter. We have got to stick our military’s nose in their business. We could give a rat’s ass about whether or not the people of Syria had chemical weapons used against them. We’ve just got to keep our military in action. If we cared so much about the use of chemical weapons, then why do we have no problem using them? Why do we have no problem drone striking people all over the world? Why is one weapon okay but not another when they all kill? We certainly know that drone strikes are killing civilians, but that hasn’t stopped the U.S. from continually using drones to kill people. But now, we’ve got a ‘moral compass’? We’ve got a ‘conscience’ over the situation in Syria? Hell if we do! We just need to be at war!

Finally, if only the sanity and good sense that ruled the day in Parliament could find its way over here. But then, that would be too much like right and that is just not what the U.S. government is all about As far as the U.S. government is concerned, more military ‘might’ IS right.



Inner city grime.
Gang violence and crime.

Blood in the streets.
No justice, no peace.

Children malnourished.
An everyday occurrence.

For profit prison.

The poor, dead broke.
The homeless croak.

Money for missiles
and other projectiles.

Corporate greed.
Worker’s need.

Wall Street bailout.
Main street fallout.

Secret whispers.
Political prisoners.

Freedom denied.
Strategy devised.

Divide and conquer,
from a teleprompter.

Genetically modified.
All cut and dried.

Status? Obsolete.
Annihilation: Complete!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

For Shame!

Once, I would have said that Bradley Manning deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but since Obama has one, quite obviously, it has no meaning anymore. Therefore, I can only state that Bradley Manning should be FREE!!!!

Once, I would have said that Bradley Manning deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but since Obama has one, quite obviously, it has no meaning anymore. Therefore, I can only state that Bradley Manning should be FREE!!!!

Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for torture...and what's more, he's proud of it!

Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for torture…and what’s more, he’s proud of it!

I awake, screaming in the night,
knowing where I am and paralyzed with fright.

Eyes wide from terror, body drenched in sweat.
My tormentor’s coming back, I know what to expect.

I hear the cell door clang; I am thrown to the floor.
He kicks me in the gut; where I am already sore.

Will the torture never end? My body’s had enough.
Yes, these are Americans who are treating me this rough.

A gun put to my head, the trigger is released.
They do this every day and then call me, “the beast!”

Obama’s in control; the commander-in-chief,
who promised us transparency, then stole it like a thief.

Deception and transparency do not go hand in hand.
Horrific acts of torture can be found throughout this land.

The leaders of this country are corrupt right to the core.
People need to know just what they’re paying for.

I am tortured every day for exposing all the lies.
Did Obama not receive a Nobel Peace Prize?

What does it mean to him? Not a thing and that’s for sure!
If he ever had the truth disease, I see he found a cure.

I’ll spend my life in prison; unlike others I could name.
Those who order torture are the ones still in the game.

I was young and so naïve when arrested in Iraq;
for leaking secret documents and I take nothing back.

Torture is the shame; not sharing what I knew.
I’m at peace with myself; the shame belongs on you.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Under the Obama administration, seven Espionage Act prosecutions have been unleashed – more than all those initiated by previous presidents combined. Of those that have been completed, prosecutions have either failed – as in the case of Thomas Drake, a former NSA official against whom all 10 charges were dropped – or led to a prison term for non-Espionage Act charges, as in the case of John Kiriakou, who is serving a 30-month sentence for disclosing classified information about a fellow CIA officer.

“The Manning verdict takes us to a whole other level,” said Liza Goitein, who co-directs the Brennan Center for Justice’s liberty and national security programme. “The government has done a poor job in thinking through the potential effects of this prosecution.”

Though Manning was found not guilty of the most serious charge, “aiding the enemy”, Goitein suggested that multiple convictions under the Espionage Act are certain to have a chilling effect across public information. “This will discourage the average whistleblower, an official who maybe has just a few classified documents that reveal corruption or wrong-doing and who ensure[s] accountability in the system. This will shoot down the least offensive, and the most valuable leaks.”

If the Obama Administration was all about ‘transparency’ then why has this administration prosecuted more ‘whistleblowers’ than all other presidents combined????!!!! This speaks volumes about the corruption that is rampant in this administration to the point where they are hell bent on attempting to prosecute those who have exposed their spying and their filthy war crimes, and then try to make an example out of them to discourage others from shedding light on their crimes and depravities. We have sunk to a new low in America when a corrupt government can point to a man and say “you are guilty because you exposed the truth that we did not want exposed and laid us open to claims of hypocrisy even though that is exactly what we are,” and many of us jump on the bandwagon. We do not care that this man is being subjected to torture and will most likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. I am so terribly sorry that unlike Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning was unable to seek sanctuary.

There is something terribly wrong in America when Russia is granting asylum to someone seeking asylum coming FROM America! America was supposed to be a beacon for people seeking relief from persecution and now the roles are reversed. We are the persecutors!…but then again…haven’t we always been?

America:Creator of Terrorists and Exiles

committed war crimes but are not imprisoned, nor in exile

committed war crimes but are not imprisoned, nor in exile

in exile for leaking the truth

in exile for leaking the truth

Dismantle Lady Liberty and send her back to France.
The poor and the homeless never stood a chance.

Edward Snowden is in exile, but not where you might think.
Bradley Manning did no wrong and yet he’s in the clink.

The Russian President has said he’s sick and tired,
of cleaning up our mess in which his country’s mired.

Obama’s throwing a fit; he did not get his way.
He is quite upset at what Putin had to say.

The ‘terrorists’ are gleeful since we are on alert.
The power of the government, again they did subvert.

As all of this plays out; it really is absurd,
if you can’t figure out why all of this occurred.

Ask Bush and Cheney, they are the reasons why.
A senseless war was started because they told a lie.

But are these two in jail? Are they not walking free?
If I commit a crime, the jail has room for me.

Even Ronald Reagan had a nice affair.
That Iran-Contra thing did rearrange his hair.

Did he not ‘arm’ Iran, bed down with Noriega?
And smell just like a rose all over Nicaragua.

History played this down, to hide our dirty deeds.
We fund terrorism when it fits in with our needs.

This country has no claim on morality and such,
when we prosecute the innocent, but the guilty? Not so much!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

The Reagan administration had been negotiating with terrorists (despite Reagan’s repeated public position that he would “never” do so). There were illegal arms transfers to Iran, flagrant lying to Congress, soliciting third country funding to circumvent the Congressional ban on financing the contra war in Nicaragua, White House bribes to various generals in Honduras, illegal propaganda and psychological operations directed by the CIA against the U.S. press and public, collaboration with drug kingpins such as Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega, and violating the checks and balances of the constitution.

“If ever the constitutional democracy of the United States is overthrown,” the leading political analyst of the scandal, Theodore Draper wrote at the time, “we now have a better idea of how this is likely to be done.”

Despite the gravity of the scandal, and the intense political and media focus it generated in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Iran-Contra has been largely forgotten.

The United States government has made a ‘business’ out of terrorism since the so-called founding of this country. So really, just who are we on ‘terror alert’ from? Ask the American Indians.

…..and the beat goes on…..

We Are The Terrorists


What rights do we have left? We have watched them fade to black.
There are those who tried to warn us. They’re on the torture rack.

They dared expose the truth; shed light on all the lies.
So many people dead, so many lost their lives.

The West destroyed the East; just look what we have done.
We always cross an ocean to take from everyone.

Wherever we have gone, the people always lose.
There is something that they have; there is something we can use.

We must control the world and all who live there in.
And every place we go, the killing will begin.

Not many we let live, our bloodlust’s never sated.
We will never stop, we’re loathed and we’re hated.

The innocent are the guilty. You’re so easy to deceive.
The truth is hard to take and so you won’t believe.

Do you understand how expendable you are?
Just ask Bradley Manning, he was a rising star.

He exposed our depravity, let the world know where we stand.
Liberty and justice and freedom have been banned.

Look at what we’ve done to him; we’d do the same to you.
Never doubt it for a minute. Our course is tried and true.

The dead did see it coming; they could not avoid attack.
Children cry for their mothers who are buried in Iraq.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Terror Alert:Closing Embassies in the Middle East

fake terrorism
The state department is closing embassies and warning tourists traveling to the Middle East of potential ‘terrorist’ activities aimed at U.S. consulates, embassies and tourists.

Apparently, ‘al-qaeda’ or ‘al-quaida’ (depending on what news source you’re getting this story from) is vamping up its ‘Anti-American stance and to make sure that another Benghazi incident doesn’t unfold, the U.S. is taking precautionary measures by closing its embassies.

I shall pick a spelling of ‘al-qaeda’ and go from there. It is quite obvious that those who live in the Middle East are sick and tired of being dictated to by a bunch of hypocrites from the West. Maybe, they are fed up with the U.S. sticking its dirty and depraved nose into their business. Maybe, they have figured out that the U.S. does not have Middle Eastern interests at heart when the U.S. is constantly hell bent on honing in on Mid East oil. Maybe Middle Eastern countries have decided that the U.S. with its recent public airing of spying on its own citizens, not stopping there, but also spying on other countries is, in no position to dictate anything to anyone.

Perhaps, the U.S. is selling ‘wolf’ tickets in the hopes that we will buy them, especially since the closure of embassies and warnings come directly after Russia has granted Edward Snowden temporary asylum and has offered Snowden a job. It begs the question, just what is the U.S. government up to with regards to this latest high alert terrorist activity alarm? I don’t have my nose stuck in the Middle East, so I am not worried. I have harmed no one with my hypocritical policies. I have not screamed to all and sundry that the U.S. is a beacon for democracy, human rights, civil rights and liberty and justice for all while backing dictators as long as they play along with what the U.S. government wants them to and if the U.S. government has no further use for them, they are quickly dispensed with.

The threat is from the U.S. government and not from the Middle East. The Middle East is simply sick and tired and fed up with the U.S. government dictating and brandishing their weapons of sanctions, withdrawal of aid, and outright blackmail. But it is not just the Middle East that is fed up with the U.S. government’s blatant disregard for other countries, South America seems to have nothing but contempt for the U.S. government and for good reason as countries in South America were also threatened. If the U.S. government is writing a book on how to treat other countries, it will never make it on the best seller list.

According to the U.S. government, the sky is falling. Meanwhile, do not concentrate on what Bradley Manning exposed about the U.S. Do not concentrate on what Edward Snowden exposed. Do not concentrate on the fact that the U.S. sponsored so-called ‘terrorists’ in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and so forth and so on. Exactly where is this ‘credible’ threat coming from? Why now? When the U.S. government has basically ‘fallen out’ with Russian President Vladimir Putin who has thumbed his nose at the Obama Administration and rightly so and of course the president has threatened to refuse to attend a planned summit in Moscow. Oh, well…I am sure that President Vladimir Putin will not lose any sleep over it.

To the American citizens who work in the Middle East, prepare yourselves. It is the U.S. government that will initiate ‘terrorist’ acts because the government has funded ‘al-qaeda’ from the beginning of its inception and all American citizens are expendable and have the potential to become ‘collateral damage’ and I am sure that you have heard of ‘friendly fire’.

We Do NOT Come In Peace!

no peace

We smile and we grin when we look you in the face.
We are evil and depraved and we left the human race.
If you have what we want, we will not be denied.
When we said, “we come in peace,” quite obviously, we lied.

Give us all your land, we’ll make it worth your while.
We’re slick and oh so smooth, how glibly we beguile.
Underneath this polished exterior, we’re covered deep in slime.
We now demand ‘black gold, pure Middle Eastern prime.

The 5th fleet is on standby, awaiting direct orders.
Assessing every conflict and watching all the borders.
They’re there to do our bidding, should oil production cease.
We own all the rights, there’ll be no Mid East peace.

We are the controllers with no need for alibis.
We took over North America, killed so many native tribes.
Free labor we did gather from the shores of Africa.
To build this once great nation, we now call America.

This here is the land of the free and of the brave.
All who do not bow to us will end up in a grave.
Our suits of body armor and our missiles and our tanks
will protect for us our interests. Oh yes, we are the skanks!

If you see that we are coming, you’d better run and hide.
There is naught that you can do as many have thus tried.
We torture and we kill, it’s nothing new to us.
We’d even throw our mother underneath a greyhound bus.

Once upon a time, a spy was in our midst,
we tortured him real good; his balls, yes we did twist.
He’s locked up in a cell, confined both day and night.
He committed quite the crime. He did what he thought right!

There’ll always be a soldier to get our bidding done.
So many without conscience, we’ll always find someone.
The training here starts early. At age three, they know the drill.
By the time they come to us, they’re all ready for the kill.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

On 'Combat missions' at age 3? Wow,!

On ‘Combat missions’ at age 3? Wow, just…wow!

If this is supposed to be cute, it is anything but!

If this is supposed to be cute, it is anything but!

Are We Really Free?

"Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"...from spying and collecting our data.

“Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”…from the government spying on us and collecting our data.

Progression to transparency? Guess not!

Progression to transparency? Guess not!

Why is my government spying on me?
Am I not in the land of lady liberty?

And what about ‘freedom and justice for all’?
That’s long gone, there’s been a recall.

They stomped the constitution and the bill of rights to death.
Got caught up in the act of secret, undercover stealth.

“We the people,” have freedoms nevermore.
When government officials are knocking down our door.

We look the other way when the government is wrong.
And never stop to think that we shouldn’t go along.

They play on our ‘terror’ fears to keep us all in line.
Gather data on our phone records; yes, yours and mine.

They say that they’re our savior, but is it really true?
Who are the terrorists? Could it be me and you?

We gave up our rights to keep the ‘bogeyman’ away.
I guess we all did promise to do everything they say.
Never question why. What do we know?
There’s the snooping NSA and don’t forget Guantanamo!

Doubting their intent? That’s not patriotic.
Trust in your government no matter how despotic.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

“Trust in the U.S. government? That’ll be the day!”
Apparently, Ecuador is standing firm against the U.S. government’s threats to cease preferential treatment and trade agreements.
Alvarado, who called threats from the US over trade arrangements a form of “blackmail,” said Ecuador’s government would not only willingly accept the loss of approximately $23 million in trade benefits, but in addition would offer a gift, in the form of an aid package of the same amount, that would be directed to provide human rights training in the United States.
source: Ecuador to Us:We Won’t be ‘blackmailed’ over Snowden

Now, the U.S. government is engaging in what amounts to ‘blackmail’ in order to get Ecuador to deny asylum to the alleged ‘spy’ who spied on the U.S. government spying on its citizens and became a ‘whistleblower’. Ever one to take the high road, aren’t we? “Ecuador, it seems that the U.S. government could indeed use that ‘human rights training’ that your country is so willing to provide, quick, fast and in a hurry.” Not that it’ll do any good. We are talking about the U.S. government you know.

Operation Overkill:In The Name of Keeping U.S. Safe!

The Party Line Is Back! Compliments of the U.S. Government!

We Americans are continually being spied on. Now, it appears that the Obama Administration had ordered Verizon to hand over any and all phone records of its millions of customers( WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is defending the government’s secret seizure of millions of domestic telephone records from Verizon, saying the data collection program “has been a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats to the United States.”,0,4449398.story)A ‘critical tool’? The Boston Marathon Bombing, anyone? So, if the ‘collection program’ did not stop that, then my next question is, why not?
Is everyone who uses a phone, a terrorist? Are we all ‘under suspicion’? When will we wake up and realize that our government and the spying on U.S. is out-of-control? We have lost or given up so many of our rights since 9/11 that I do not even recognize the fact that I live in the United States of America any more. When we decided to go along with the acts of the Department of HomeLand Security, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, did we not realize that by doing so, we were giving carte blanche for each administration to play on our fears of the ‘terrorist bogeyman’? Did any of this stop the Boston Marathon Bombing? The Aurora Colorado Shooting? the Newtown, CT shooting?

It is all fine and good to make sure that America is safe from terrorist activities, but to spy on innocent Americans who are going about their daily lives without a thought in their head of blowing people up or mass killings is beyond ridiculous! I have stated this before and I will do so again. It is my opinion that it is much too late to do anything about what has gotten so far out-of-hand. We cannot turn back the clock and undo every act that we allowed to pass in the name of ‘keeping America safe’. This was used as a tool to get us to relinquish without a whimper any illusions we had that we are a ‘free people’. We have stood silently by while our government has abused any amount of trust that we may have had in it. I have never trusted the U.S. government because people of my complexion have been used as guinea pigs for decades. When nothing was done about that, did others not of my complexion think that the government would confine itself to us? Really? Well now ya know, it ain’t so! The next time you pick up the phone, remember, we have gone back to the ‘party line’. Your neighbor is a terrorist. Your daughter is a terrorist. You may not think so, but it is not up to YOU anymore. YOU relinquished that right and your government is now using it against YOU! Lastly, a word of advice….watch what you say even in jest because you can be detained, indefinitely and Guantanamo Bay has not been closed. Did you really think that the government was done with us when we had to be subjected to radiation or be ‘felt up’ in order to board a plane? So, now we have the ‘secret’ compilation of our phone records. Didn’t this Administration promise ‘transparency’? Secrecy and transparency do not go together no matter how you slice it. So much for promises. They are politicians after all so, what were we thinking???