Why Such An Uproar About The Supreme Court Leak On Roe v Wade?? Because Nothing Gets White Women’s Fake Ass Outrage Going Like Abortion, Abortion, Abortion!


Here we go! The stupid Americans are all up in arms over the wrong thing AGAIN!

U.S. Chief Justice Roberts calls abortion draft leak ‘appalling’


ATLANTA (Reuters) – U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday decried as “absolutely appalling” the leak of a draft decision indicating the Supreme Court is poised to overturn the constitutional right to abortion in his first public appearance since its disclosure on Monday.

The leak prompted an internal crisis at the nation’s top judicial body and ignited a political firestorm, with abortion rights supporters staging rallies outside the courthouse and at various locations around the United States.

“A leak of this stature is absolutely appalling,” Roberts told a judicial conference in Atlanta.

“If the person behind it thinks that it will affect our work, that’s just foolish,” Roberts added.


The shits at the helm of this lopsided, stinking sinking shithole know just what to do to get the stupid Amerikkkans to fall for their shit. Just leak something that has caused abortion clinics to be bombed and has been known to get reactions off the scale and voila, you turn the stupid Amerikkkans away from what they should really be focused on.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are sinking faster than a boat full of holes, the Dems got nothing coming up onto the midterms since people were grumbling, whining and complaining on social media about how fucked up their situations are as they pertain to skyrocketing rents/mortgages, inflation, high cost of food, gas and every damn thing else and not to mention, the Biden Administration with the blessings of congress has been throwing billions of our tax dollars at Ukraine while we head to the food bank and try to locate an empty sidewalk to set up a tent.

But now, the Dems claim to have something to drum up voters for their base come midterms; ABORTION RIGHTS. Seriously???!! You people fall for this shit every single damn time and it’s a damn shame that you have a hive mentality; you’re nothing more than trained circus animals.

Why are you not on the streets screeching and wailing over the fact that you are standing in a long ass line at the food bank? Why are you not on the streets screeching and wailing over the fact that gas prices are ridiculous and you’re being price gouged due to GREED? Why are you not on the streets screeching and wailing over the fact that you are being put out on the street thanks again to GREED because corporations are buying up every piece of housing in sight, raising the rents above levels never seen before, blaming it on taxes and maintenance when that is a lie, but because its a corporation, they can get away with that shit? Why are you not on the streets screeching and wailing over the fact that the congress and the Biden Administration keeps sending billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine while ALL of the aforementioned is taking place???!!!!! What is wrong with you???!!!

This abortion mess is just a ploy to distract you from what you should be concentrated on and it is working. Why must you make their job so easy for them? Why do you continue to fall for it? The shits at the helm of this cesspool know exactly what buttons to press to send you howling to the courthouse steps in protest, but nary a word out of any of you about the state of the economy and your finances.

If you are so fucking concerned about abortion, keep your fucking legs closed. End of story. Because why would ANYONE want to bring a baby into THIS world? Have you stupid shits taken a good look around? Everything is fucked up! The world is on a downward spiral that’s not going to stop. There is nothing that is going to come along and right this shit! Each year, this earth gets warmer, the oceans are rising and if that is not bad enough, look at what the majority of the world’s people are going through. There are some rich shits, yes…but the majority of the people on this planet are fucking dirt poor and getting poorer. What is there to bring a child into this world for? There is nothing but chaos, pandemonium, bedlam, insanity, crime, war, hatred, depravity, evil, misery and suffering.

And if abstinence is not something that you can practice, then make that man get a vasectomy because he damn well should. It is about time that men are the ones to be responsible for contraception if women cannot keep their legs closed and don’t want to make use of contraceptives. Since it takes two to tango, then there is no reason in the world to expect that women should bear the sole responsibility of using contraceptives. This shit has been going on for too damn long and it should not still be a point of contention, this abortion mess. There are far more worthy battles to fight like the fight for YOUR existence because if you cannot exist in this world because of all the shit that’s going down, then certainly, no innocent baby can or should be expected to. Put that goddamn smartphone down and use that gray matter between your ears. You are being controlled by some vicious, corrupt criminals who should be in front of a firing squad and who have gotten you to get your ass all bent out of shape over an intentionally linked document that was meant to do just that. This shit is all staged; planned and some more shit. Don’t keep falling for the bullshit from criminal politicians and their fucked up shenanigans. The Supreme Court ain’t about shit. No one was all up in arms when the Supreme Court got rid of key provisions of the Voting Rights Act and we ALL know why that was because of who it impacted.

But what I cannot understand is why are white women all up in arms about abortion since it has been stated that Black women are the face of abortions? So why is an abortion ban bothering white women? Black women are being murdered during childbirth, their babies are being murdered and Planned Parenthood clinics are set up in Black neighborhoods and so, AGAIN, why are white women so fucking upset about an abortion ban???!!!

White women, when will you get upset about gentrification? White women, when will you get upset about the school-to-prison pipeline? White women, when will you get upset about mass incarceration? White women, when will you get upset over mass homelessness, income inequality, extreme poverty among non-whites, Black women being murdered during childbirth, Black women’s babies being murdered during childbirth? And the list is fucking endless.

I would really love for any white woman to come all up in here and tell me why they are pissing mad over an abortion ban. I’d really love to hear it!

Taking A Common Sense And Educated Approach To Birth Control


There was a discussion on another blog about a controversial birth control method, the Essure system.

“The Essure system is a type of permanent birth control for women. The Essure system includes two small metal and fiber coils that are placed in the fallopian tubes. They’re inserted through the vagina, so no incision is required.

After insertion, scar tissue forms around the coils, blocking off the fallopian tubes and preventing sperm from reaching the egg. It takes time for this to happen. So you must use another form of birth control for the first three months. You’ll then have an X-ray (hysterosalpingography) to confirm that your fallopian tubes are blocked.
The Essure system doesn’t offer protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and isn’t reversible.”

Seriously? I am going to be fool enough to let someone insert a METAL coil into my vagina, place it inside my fallopian tubes, wait around for three months for scar tissue to form, meanwhile using yet ANOTHER form of birth control. Then go and get x-rayed to check to make sure that the fallopian tubes are indeed blocked and all the time, I am not going to expect ANY complications at all. Not at all. Are they fucking kidding me? Only women would go for this because let me put it this way how many guys do you think would put up with this?

Guys! How many of you would lie back and have a doctor pry open the tip of your penis, insert a METAL coil up in there, tell you to wait three months before having sex because it’s more than likely going to hurt like hell while the coil is causing scar tissue to form to prevent sperm from finding its way out of your penis? You wouldn’t need another form of birth control while you wait because you would be in no position to perform a sex act using your penis. And don’t even get me started on what sex acts you can perform without the use of your penis as we don’t even want to go there.

The point that I am trying to make here is the fact that birth control in the form of torture is always touted out for the female while the male gets off. No one has yet had a thought to put an implant in the arm of a man as a contraceptive. No one has developed a pill as a contraceptive for a man. No one has invented a diaphragm or a sponge to fit a male’s penis to aid in contraception. Men are told to either use a condom or get a vasectomy and many refuse to even go the route of the vasectomy. They don’t want anybody snipping anywhere near that precious appendage. And yet women will lie down and have every complicated, dangerous and outlandish procedure performed and then get up and wonder why they’re finding themselves fucked up somewhere down the road. Women, stop being a goddamn guinea pig for every device that comes down the pike because once you stop being a willing participant of tortuous devices for birth control, then maybe they’ll figure it out and stop concentrating on birth control aimed solely at women and actually come up with more birth control options for men. We have got to stand up for ourselves and that means not falling for all the shots, implants, inserts, pills and sponges that are constantly being shoved at us because contraception is considered to be our problem and our problem alone, and “put yourself on this here table and get a ‘metal coil’ inserted already!” Hell nah! There is no way in hell that I would allow myself to be tortured over some goddamn birth control and to say that you had no other option is beyond ridiculous. You have options and you have choices as it takes two to tango and make a baby.

Start demanding that birth control is not just a woman’s issue but a couple’s issue and tell those motherfuckers who think that it’s all about the woman taking responsibility for contraception to “Fuck off!” Educate yourselves and assume some responsibility for what happens to your body. Unless you have been declared a, vulnerable adult, then you should have the brain cells connected that will tell you, “Fuck no, this shit ain’t right and I’m getting the hell up off this goddamn table before you motherfuckers wreck my goddamn life. Bring a goddamn man all up in here, put his ass on the table and see how far you get with trying to insert a metal coil in his private parts, why doncha?!!” A man ain’t going for that shit and neither should you. So, don’t bother coming here talking about how you didn’t know that metal inside the body is not a good thing. I do understand that people have hip replacements and metal parts have been used. Well, ask many of them how well that’s working out for them? Not bloody well, is my understanding.

Read this and weep!

Several joint manufacturers recalled their metal hip implants, but the recalls came too late for tens of thousands of people who had already received these problematic devices. Many of these patients filed lawsuits.
Hip replacement devices have increased in popularity over the past two decades. This is because new innovations, especially metal-on-metal designs, have promised increased mobility. But in 2010, Depuy Orthopaedics’ hip replacement recall brought attention to potentially serious injuries from these devices. The company reportedly spent $800 million on the recall.

Unfortunately, thousands of people had already experienced injury before the company acted. Perhaps even more troubling is that recalls like Depuy’s do not necessarily compensate injured people adequately for their pain, suffering and medical treatment.

Device Recalls Are Usually Too Late

So, do you still think that having metal inserted into the body is a great thing? And if metal hip replacements have been recalled for being ‘problematic’ to put it mildly. Just what do you think could happen to an area as delicate as a woman’s reproductive system? Yeah, now you’ve got a fucking clue!

Here’s yet another clue while you’re waiting around for three months for the scar tissue to form from the coil inserted in your fallopian tubes> These are other forms of birth control for you to consider.

Birth Control Implant (Implanon and Nexplanon)A matchstick-sized rod that is inserted in the arm to prevent pregnancy

Birth Control Patch (Ortho Evra)A small patch that sticks to your skin to prevent pregnancy

Birth Control Pills-Take a pill each day to prevent pregnancy

Birth Control Shot (Depo-Provera)A shot in the arm that prevents pregnancy

Birth Control Sponge (Today Sponge)A foam sponge inserted into the vagina to prevent pregnancy

Birth Control Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)A small ring you put in your vagina once a month for three weeks to prevent pregnancy

Cervical Cap (FemCap)A silicone cup or diaphragm inserted into the vagina to prevent pregnancy

Female Condom-A pouch inserted into the vagina to prevent pregnancy Reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infection Can be used for vaginal and anal intercourse

Fertility Awareness-Based Methods at a Glance Charting your fertility to help prevent pregnancy

The IUD at a Glance Small, “T-shaped” device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy

Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception) at a Glance
Birth control you can use to prevent pregnancy up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex
Two kinds of emergency contraception — morning-after pill and ParaGard IUD insertion

Outercourse – Sex play that keeps sperm out of the vagina to prevent pregnancy (What the fuck?!)

Spermicide – A substance that prevents pregnancy by stopping sperm from moving

Tubular Ligation – Cutting and tying of the fallopian tubes

Vasectomy is a form of birth control for men that is meant to be permanent. During vasectomy, a health care provider closes or blocks the tubes that carry sperm. When the tubes are closed, sperm cannot leave a man’s body and cause pregnancy.

Withdrawal is also called coitus interruptus or the “pull out method” Something you can do during vaginal intercourse to prevent pregnancy

Quiz time! How many methods of birth control are aimed at men? All are considered safe and effective and most have been considered anything but. You do the math. And again, ladies, how many men do you know of who would go through this much trouble to prevent conception? Either you pop a pill each day, get an insert of some sort, get an implant, get a shot, become ‘fertility aware’, put on a patch, take a ‘morning after’ pill, consider ‘outercourse’ which is probably some ‘outer limits’ type shit, apply spermicide, get your tubes tied or get a coil inserted and the ‘no option’ at all is to practice abstinence. Now, do you see the extent of which contraception is aimed at women? A man has two options, put a condom on that thing or get a vasectomy. You, on the other hand have a wide range of options, most of which come with severe risks to your health. Stop the madness! Abstain from continuously buying into the bullshit that contraception is all about you, ladies! Because goddamn it! It takes two to fucking tango! And since we’ve got a ‘morning after’ pill. Show the motherfuckers the night before sex, a chart showing how much a child is going to cost them in glaring detail from the moment of conception to graduating college and if it’s a girl, how much the cost projections for the wedding is going to be in 20 some odd years. Show him the coil that you want him to attempt to insert into the head of his penis. Show him the needle that will be used to give him a birth control shot. Show him the birth control implant ‘rod’ that is going to be inserted into his arm. See how fast his ass is out the door then. Now that’s birth control like you mean it! And if that doesn’t work, put the goddamn chastity belt on HIM!

Consider yourself educated and tell your doctors to take the Essure coil and stick it up their ass! They can then tell you how well a metal coil and some scar tissue feel all up their ass!