This Is Not Africa’s Greatest Prize!

this does not make sense

Empty bellies and wide staring eyes;
this is not Africa’s greatest prize.
Why is she still drenched in blood red tears
and her riches are sold by white auctioneers?

Where are her kings from days of old
who sat upon thrones engraved in gold?
And what about her queens, so regal and proud?
And with grace and beauty, they were endowed.

What happened to this Africa of which I am told?
Just like her people, was she enslaved and sold?
An entire continent is under fire
because Africa is all they desire.

She is not poor, nor is she destitute.
She is not some worn-out prostitute,
to be used and discarded by Johns and pimps
and yet into the future, Africa lurches and limps.

This bounteous motherland is filled with oil
and with deep, rich and fertile soil.
Protect this land of wondrous beauty.
It is your obligation and it is your duty.

Her children are starved, why is this so
when Africa is rich and this we all know?
Not one child should be dying in poverty,
this makes the richness of Africa, a mockery.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland