WordPress, About This ‘Gay Day’ Banner Shit….

same sex marriage



…..would you be so kind as to take the symbol that has been co-opted by the ‘gay community’, the ‘rainbow’, off my goddamn blog. I am in no way, running around shoving rainbows up in everybody’s face, proclaiming my joy over the Supreme Court’s ruling in regards to ‘gay marriage’ If gays want to join in the marriage misery with heterosexuals, they are now privileged to do so. Since gays have co-opted the rainbow, I have no desire to have that shoved in my face. And since the rainbow, quite obviously, stands for ‘gay pride’ or some such nonsense and I don’t, would you, again, kindly take that unsightly shit off the goddamn site???!!!

And since I am on my soapbox, I may as well continue. I was brought up to be a good Christian and even though I no longer concern myself with what Christians think of gays, I have my own opinion of them. They are truly disgusting and their public displays of deep-throating each other is an offense to my eyes. To see a man walking in front of me with his hands on another man’s ass is disgusting to me. To see two females stand in the doorway of a restaurant, deep-throating each other is an assault on my delicate, Victorian sensibilities. It is a goddamn shame that even though I do not own a TV, I am bombarded by merely turning on my computer, by the sight of gays hugging and kissing and parading down the goddamn streets, prideful in all of their nastiness, filth and indecency. Call me a prude, I don’t care, but I do know that a lady always conducts herself in public, in a most demure fashion. She does not engage in promiscuous and lascivious acts in public and women who do, should be ashamed of themselves. There is a time and a place for everything and in public is definitely NOT the place. Just as the ‘rainbow’ on every blogger’s main WordPress screen is not how WordPress should conduct business by making it appear that my blog is representative of my happiness for the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage when I am SO on the dissenting side.

Oh yes, it appears that gays are wildly happy over the fact that they can now express their particular revolting abomination, uh…I mean, version of ‘perverted love’ to each other in the form of marriage, but that is not what all the fuss is about. The fuss is about the financial or monetary and materialistic aspect of marriage; that which pertains to divvying up the marital assets and about having the ability to apply for a spouse’s Social Security and pension when said spouse is deceased. The ‘practical side of ‘gay love’ takes front and center stage because when all is said and done, it ALL boils down to M-O-N-E-Y! Anybody that thinks otherwise is a fool, plain and simple.

Gays are no more capable of being true, monogamous, loving partners to each other than heterosexuals are. When there has been enough time to gather statistical data on gay marriage AND divorce, the true picture will unfold, but until then, gays get the benefit of the doubt since heterosexual marriage has been front and center and focused on for centuries, with fucked up statistics to prove that the institution of marriage is an abysmal failure. The results will be no different with gay couples. As confused as children are now, mom and mom and dad and dad is not going to help. I would honestly be ashamed if at Parent-Teacher conference night at school, two women showed up with me informing the teacher that “I am her mom and I am her ‘butch mom’ or in other words, I am the ‘male figure’ in this ‘marriage.” Geefuckingwiz! I’d blush to the roots of my black hair and haul ass the hell out of there in outraged shame!

So, once again, I ask Wordpress to remove that offensive ‘rainbow gay pride marriage-approved by the Supreme Court’ banner heading bullshit off my goddamn blog! I should NOT have to be subjected to THAT shit, whether I want to or not and I do not!

We Don’t Speak From Our Own Heart!

speak from heart

Must we despair and give into gloom
when fortune’s smile turns sour?
We have raised a flag that’s white.
And from their wrath, we cower.

We copy and paste so many words.
And we pass them down each day.
We don’t speak from our own heart,
instead, we quote whatever they say.

How can our voices ever be heard
if we don’t send them down the line?
We blog because they have silenced us.
They have silenced your thoughts and mine.

If I quote from you and you quote from me
then our story, we shall tell.
There is someone wanting to know
that in fact, we are not for sale.

Who will hear your thoughts or mine
if we allow them all to die?
And when history tells our story
they will hear it from those who lie!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote this because I think it’s a shame that all of us have a brain and we have eyes and we can see what is going on. But instead of spreading each other’s thoughts around, we simply post articles by Michael Snyder or Paul Craig Roberts and a host of others who are purported to be experts on the happenings of today. They already have a wide following because if the blog world is busy re-posting their articles, I am pretty sure that they’ve got their own website that gets loads of attention.

What people need to see, I think, is for those of us who are not paid writers with established websites to post our thoughts. People from all over the world come to our site, not to re-read something that they’ve seen a thousand times over, they want our perspective. But instead, what they get is the perspective of someone else and we are taking their position, even if we agree with it and running with it at the expense of all the other unsung heroes out there. There are so many of us who are gifted and talented with words and poetry and photography and we should desire to spread our thoughts and what is in our hearts all over the internet. How else are we going to counter all of the propaganda that is put out by the ‘lamestream’ media? How else are we going to become a viable entity instead of continuing to enjoy obscurity and in some cases, bemoaning it?

I quite often find myself moving on past those who simply post a short bit from some article they found somewhere and instead, I focus on reading the blogs that are posted by people who tell the story from their own perspective; from their point of view. It is always most interesting and eye opening to know that there are indeed, many of us who are in tune to what’s what. We just have a different way of saying it and yet, when we say it, it never gets heard.

In short, support each other. We all know that things are looking pretty bleak and everyone wants an audience. And for those who say, “I just write for myself.” If that were the case, you’d keep a journal beside your bed and not post it online. But be that as it may, try re-blogging someone else’s post other than Paul Craig Roberts. Re-blog the guy’s blog that you just read and found his point was solid, right on the mark or struck a chord with you. It just may strike one with someone else and so on and on it goes.

Today’s Search Engine Terms

search-engine-optimiizingis the government cleaning up vladimirs putins mess 1
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nigger obama failed again today 15th. october 2013 1

United States 7
Ireland FlagIreland 3
Australia FlagAustralia 1
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 1
Mexico FlagMexico 1
Canada FlagCanada

known search terms

Who can say from which country this cretin who used that search term is from? And with this kind of mindset, some people have the nerve to claim that we have evolved? Some people have the nerve to claim that there is hope for shit that would type that in as a ‘search term’?  This only reinforces what I wrote on “A Worldwide Hostile Takeover.” Just once, I would dearly loved to be proved wrong, but that is just too damn much to ask! As you can see, we really care about each other, don’t we?  I should have titled this, “The Ugliness Of Racism” because I have to look at shit like that when viewing my blog’s statistics.

Oh yes, I am well aware that I am on the internet and that anything and everything is to be expected, but there are some things that I can shrug off and then there are others that piss me off to no end, this being one of them. Shining examples of humanity are on display on any given day and this was just an anomaly, right? Well, wasn’t it? Oh, don’t bother, I’m not THAT naïve!