As You Try And Build Up Your Immune System To Battle The Coronavirus, Walmart Is Trying To Break It Down

With news on ALL fronts that the coronavirus is going to kick our asses, the last thing we need to be putting into our bodies is garbage. We need foods that will boost our immune systems to fight off viruses including the coronavirus, but this just ain’t going to do it.

This is what I took a picture of yesterday when I was assisting one of my clients in her grocery shopping efforts. And for those of you who don’t know, I run a van service that transports people who lack cars to do their shopping and to pick up their children from daycare and I also take them to appointments. Volunteers help me in this endeavor. And the reason why I had to start up this van service is because cab service is extremely limited here.

Now, how can employees at this Walmart NOT see this??!!!

If ALL Walmart employees are THAT blind, then they need to be replaced and new hires take those jobs.


More rotten bacon for you to purchase and that will weaken your immune system as it attempts to fight off gastrointestinal illnesses, not to mention, coronavirus.


Oh Jesus, that is gross! AGAIN, how did NO Walmart employee not see this? It was lying right on top in plain sight!

Look at this shit!


As you can see, even the ‘ham steak’ below the middle one is turning.

People, once again, I ask you why on earth are you still somewhere buying this garbage and then sitting somewhere wondering why you’re shitting and puking at the same time? This shit is killing you! The Waltons are not eating this shit! And those people who are your neighbors don’t even care enough about you to get this mess up out of your face! They are telling you, and in no uncertain terms, that you “Can just eat shit!” And that is literally, what you are eating and paying dearly for the dubious ‘pleasure’.

Every single time I go out, I am going to start taking pictures, left and right, in the produce section, the ‘meat’ department and anywhere else I see this shit go down. It won’t shame companies or their employees into doing better, but it will at least give you some idea of what you are up against. The above pictures were taken at the Walmart located on 3227 Old Forest Road, Lynchburg, Virginia 24501 and the store manager’s name is Richard Cunningham and he can be reached at (434)200-9132. Would he feed this garbage to HIS wife and children? Would he shop with HIS wife and children in the Walmart that HE manages since HE has to know that HE is helping Walmart to sell you shit that HE wouldn’t feed himself or his family? And then people have the nerve to wonder why we are being hit with a big ass plague? Look at how people don’t give a damn for what others are paying a fortune for because food is extremely expensive. No one has any money to waste on this damn garbage.

The reason why I am posting this is because of this headline from today’s news.

California patient with unknown origin of coronavirus is in serious condition, officials say

The California patient who tested positive for the coronavirus days after being hospitalized is in serious condition and intubated, California Rep. John Garamendi told CNN’s Erin Burnett. 

The Solano County woman has puzzled health officials, who say they have not been able to trace where she contracted the virus. The patient didn’t have any relevant travel history, exposure to another known patient and wasn’t one of the evacuees repatriated from China, officials said.

“This does appear to be a person who genuinely did acquire their illness in the community,” Solano County Public Health Officer Dr. Bela Matyas said in a news conference Thursday.

The CDC refused to even give the health care professionals any test kits when they requested them for this patient citing that the patient did not fit the criteria for contracting the disease. Oh, we are SO ready for a pandemic! And I am being so damn sarcastic, it ain’t even funny!

The Solano County patient was transferred to UC Davis from a Northern California hospital last Wednesday but wasn’t tested by the CDC until Sunday, after doctors at UC Davis persisted in their request.

Both hospitals said there was no testing initially administered because the patient didn’t fit the existing CDC criteria for coronavirus.

People, this is what we are working with; dumb as all hell assholes with various medical degrees or not! Simply because this patient, who by the way, will most likely die, was not tested for the coronavirus because they had not traveled to a region that was already infested with the coronavirus? Seriously??!! It has already been stated that this virus is LIKE NO OTHER. And so why on earth would you pretend that it is and refuse to test a patient who had the symptoms until the patient is so sick that the patient has to be intubated? And now a second case has been identified meaning that coronavirus is spreading. We are in deep shit!

So do you really think that this useless shithole called, America is in ANY position to lockdown and quaratine millions like China has done? If so, get your head out of your ass because this shithole is done for. With dumb Trump at the helm and ‘rigid’ Mike Pence leading the ‘fight’ against the coronavirus due to his expertise on…on….on…what the fuck? WE ARE FUCKED! A Google employee just tested positive for this virus and his ass was in Zurich, Switzerland. But the Trump Administration and his minions are still trying to downplay this virus due to what its impact is having on the stock market. Some dumbassjust stated, and I quote, “Don’t think about coronavirus and the stock market will be fine.” Seriously? Which one of you out there is giving a shit about the stock market when you need worry about keeping yourself and those you love safe from this virus that is wreaking havoc? Meanwhile, we are to not worry about it because the stock market must remain in ‘bull’ status because that means what to us? Not a goddamn thing. This is why Walmart can get away with selling you bad shit and not take a hit, but you see, Walmart and Target and Amazon and a host of other entities are, indeed, going to take several hits before this is ALL over.

And finally, don’t say that you weren’t warned. Don’t say that no one ever clued you in as to how corporations don’t give a shit about your health and safety and even presidential administrations don’t as well. Everyday people are trying their best to clue you in. So all I can say is, “Stay safe out there!”


14 thoughts on “As You Try And Build Up Your Immune System To Battle The Coronavirus, Walmart Is Trying To Break It Down

  1. Another thing I worry about is that I understand the US doesn’t allow everyone access to hospitals and doctors. So if a poor person contracts this thing and doesn’t have any insurance, there is no way to stop it from spreading. Not that there really is any way to bring something like this under control by burying heads in the sand. The most likely countries to minimise the effects will be those that first took it seriously and responded accordingly.

    That meat is gross, chain stores are the absolute worst for it. Their entire distribution model ensures that no fresh food ever gets to the customer. They buy it all and warehouse it, reducing local supply and serve it back up to you in shiny plastic wrap for top dollar, long after it’s gone so bad that you want to vomit. I am seeing this stuff here in Australia as well, and there is no positive explanation for it.

    Another excellent post, Shelby, and right on point as usual.

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    1. Robyn, I had to highlight your comment because it too, is on point. America is the very last country that is in ANY position to take on a pandemic and come out looking smart about it. This country has always stood for profits over people and since many of us are not even thought of as ‘people’, well then, there you go.

      I just read an article about an American descendant of slaves who went to a hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and she eventually dropped dead because she waited for help for so long at the hospital while suffering chest pains and shortness of breath, that she had to call someone to take her somewhere else and she died trying to get care. I have blogged about this numerous times on here. But these white, racist assholes better know one thing over here, this coronavirus is non-discriminatory. It is going to hit their white asses, hard! It already has! That shit has already ravaged rich whites on luxury cruise ships. It’s closed the fashion capitol, Milan down and has even stopped film production from taking place in several different countries. So, Black people are not going to be the only ones dropping dead in droves over here. The whites will be joining us and that is a fact!

      I read this shit and wept!

      Woman who sat in ER with chest pain left after waiting for hours – and died soon after

      MILWAUKEE – Tashonna Ward, a 25-year-old day care teacher from Milwaukee, died Jan. 2 while trying to find a doctor to help her.

      Ward’s family is seeking answers from Froedtert Hospital, where she spent more than two hours in the emergency department before she left to find quicker care and, later, collapsed. She had reported chest pain and tightness of breath.

      The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office has not determined the cause of death. Its report doesn’t say whether Ward was admitted or seen by a doctor at Froedtert before she left.

      Of course she was Black. But in death, she’ll have plenty of whites joining her thanks in part to coronavirus.

      Robyn, I sincerely thank you for your comment.

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      1. Yes, that is heartbreaking. I just read a couple of articles about Tashonna. Even if there is a long wait at a busy emergency room, her symptoms plus x-ray clearly show she needed to be attended by doctors immediately. Do you just wait at home and call a paramedic if you have an emergency? 911, what’s your emergency? I have a white woman with chest pains and trouble breathing, her face is turning blue. They would be there straight away! Bypass that emergency room bullshit. Fucking outrageous. They do that shit here in Australia, too, but not to the extent and consistency the old slave masters have it going over your way.

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  2. Wow, that meat looks nasty like that Kroger post you did the other day! How is ANYONE still employed at that Walmart?! This is just disgusting with this laziness in quality control.

    You’re right about major corporations not caring about people’s health though.

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    1. Ospreyshire, that is the norm here. No one has any brain cells connecting and working. No one cares about ANYTHING in this burg. They just obediently go about ‘life’ such as it is down here without a single thought of their own in their little pea-brained heads that something’s not right. Like I stated to Bill, you wouldn’t even know if coronavirus blew through here because this shit down here is already, “The Walking Dead.” I’ve never seen this, ANYWHERE! And I am quite ashamed to admit that I was born here!

      As disgusting as that shit is, no one and I do mean, NO ONE ever says ANYTHING about it besides myself and maybe, one other person, that’s it. The rest just accepts that this is the way it is and “ho hum.” And no, major corporations don’t give a damn about our health, but this shit that’s now come down the pike is going to affect corporations in a big ass way as well. In fact, it has already started. We are already in uncharted waters.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. That’s such a horrific status quo with the stores there. I know if I did that, I’d be fired on site (not that I would want to work in a meat department at a store anyway). I wouldn’t trust the chain of command and this could potentially be disease central regardless if said disease is the coronavirus or not. I could see the zombie comparisons and it’s Resident Evil in the supermarkets.

        Well, someone certainly needs to call out these stores for their neglectful nature. It’s just a shame that not more people are doing that. It’s certainly going to be a rude awakening for so many people and companies.

        No problem.

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      2. Ospreyshire, we are officially living in a world consisting of zombies. Why do you think zombie TV shows and movies are so popular? This shit just loves watching what’s depicting them. And if the virus were to reach here, this network of quacks would make sure that there would be NO one left alive because they are clueless. We got medical school rejects down here and that is a fact. Everyone and I mean, EVERYONE who has more than two brain cells connected and working seek their medical care either in Northern Virginia or out-of-state. My cousin and myself included. I go all the way to Minnesota for my medical care and we go to Baltimore for my cousin’s medical care. In fact, these worthless quack shits down here GAVE my cousin a heart attack by prescribing an injection, INVEGA INTRINZA, that causes heart attacks when they knew the man already had a heart condition. And what’s worse, after he suffered a heart attack as a result of being given that drug, they stated that they were going to continue to give him that drug. I said, “Over my dead body.” This shit is worse than anything I’ve ever seen, ANYWHERE!

        Thanks for your comment Ospreyshire.

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      3. Yeah, and one can argue that these zombie movies, TV shows, and video games are a reflection of life itself. I can believe that with Northern Virginia given that’s where the nicest hospitals are and some of the wealthiest areas in the country are there in that part of the state especially in the Virginian DC suburbs (Arlington, Fairfax, etc.). I wouldn’t be surprised if the politicians on Capital Hill go to those towns for their medical care. I’m terribly sorry to hear about the malpractice inflicted upon you and your family. No one should have to go through this!

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  3. The decayed body parts offered in the “clearance” coolers blanch beyond belief, do they not? The stuff that doesn’t even ring up at clearance prices gets tossed in a dumpster for “unexpected” pandemics. The whole Coronavirus misinformation, disinformation, and blatant-lie machine deliberately seek to prevent any and all virus victims from ever being identified. If you do not have the testing kits you shove them all under the rug. 80,000 potential carriers and only 200 kits, in California alone. Without a confirming test, none of them get included in the statistics. I agree with you about all those viruses that are even more threatening than the only one that gets into the news cycle.
    “Oh, we are SO ready for a pandemic!” — without a single doubt.

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    1. Bill, I had to highlight your comment because it needs to be read, again and again and again. It needed to be highlighted for those who claim to be blind as hell.

      I have to force myself to look at this mess when I’m out and about because you have no idea how bad the situation is down here. Elderly ladies have no one, and I do mean, NO ONE to help them grocery shop, pick up their medicines or help them with ANYTHING and I have had to step up to the plate and do what I can. Is it enough? No, but I can only do so much. And so I can no longer tell them that they should not shop at Walmart simply because I do not, I can only point out what I see and these people down here are so far gone that you really wouldn’t even notice if coronavirus came through this burg because these people are “The Walking Dead.” I have never seen such as this, nowhere! The cluelessness; the utter stupidity and lackadaisical attitude of the majority of this brain dead mess down here is just off the charts.

      This mess that I highlighted here can be found in every single store and I am not being funny when I say that coronavirus would be doing these people a favor if it came here because they are already dead, they just haven’t gotten around to digging the holes yet; they’re fucking zombies because who could eat that shit and be ALIVE!!! That was not a question.

      Not to mention that the dumb Trump Administration is going to downplay this as much as possible and that downplaying scenario has already taken place. All across this planet, other countries, nations and rocks in the middle of nowhere are indeed, sitting up and taking notice, but you can damn well bet and rest assured of not losing a damn thing that when the shit hits the fan, for real in this shithole, the chaos, pandemonium and bedlam will be the likes of which we have never seen. No one has seen Amerikkkans completely unglued like they are going to see Amerikkkans completely unglued. They’ve seen some crazy shit from these arrogant assholes, but nothing like what they’re going to see.

      And I am quite sure that you remember me stating that those poor homeless people sitting all up on Skid Row were not going to be the only ones suffering from plagues and shit and as you can see, I did not lie. We already had typhus and hookworm among the poor, homeless people and now it is everyone else’s turn.Turnabout’s fair play. We cannot ignore what a certain segment of society is going through and think that we are not ALL going to go through it because we are. Rich and poor alike are going to be affected by this pandemic and so people had better think on that. Many of us saw this coming. It had to come because what’s been going down is unsustainable. Arrogance, unchecked greed, capitalism run amok, corruption, vice and a lack of empathy for one another is what has brought about the start of our downfall. So there is nothing to do now but to wait and see who this virus is going to take out and who is going to be left standing. The results are going to surprise many.

      Bill, again, I thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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  4. Just in case the spam folder ate my reply —
    “Arrogance, unchecked greed, capitalism run amok, corruption, vice and a lack of empathy for one another is what has brought about the start of our downfall.” Each word rings true, Shelby.
    South Korea has tested 35,000 people. The US, with six times the population, has tested only 426. The US way of “testing”: wait until some guy with severe respiratory problems shows up at a hospital. How many droplets had he shared during the famously long Corona incubation period? What is the probability any of those droplet-sharers will be tested now? With test kits reclaimed from dumpsters and relabeled in a Juul sort of way.

    unchecked greed
    capitalism run amok
    lack of empathy for one another

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    1. Bill, with all of that, in reality, standing for what this shithole really is about; arrogance, unchecked greed, capitalism run amok, corruption, vice and a lack of empathy for one another, is it any wonder that this shithole is going to be hit the hardest? Even now Trump is somewhere trying to downplay this by, at first, claiming that it is a hoax perpetrated by the media and the Democrats to lose him the election. There have been reports from his own Administration that it is in chaos mode over this coronavirus pandemic and no one has a clue as to what they are doing or what they are going to do. Mike Pence is in charge and is standing somewhere looking like a “deer caught in the headlights,” and people are supposed to rest assured that the Trump Administration has everything under control even as they exclaimed that China did not do enough to contain the virus when China built two hospitals within ten days and these stupid shits over here are doing nothing more than playing the blame game?

      Trump is like the dazed captain on a ship that is sinking and refuses to believe it, nor has he a plan to try and save the people who are looking to him for a way off the sinking ship. This is madness and that mad man and his equally mad entourage should have long since been scooped up and locked behind the bars of an asylum for OUR safety. This is ALL just too ludicrous for words! Many people are going to die because what is in control is clueless! Just wait until the mass hysteria hits and it ain’t gonna be long now.

      Read this and weep!

      Inside Trump’s frantic attempts to minimize the coronavirus crisis

      Since Trump touched down from a two-day trip to India early Wednesday morning, the administration struggled to cope with the fallout from the crisis — shaking up and centralizing its coronavirus response team under the leadership of Vice President Pence, floating plans to stabilize the markets and publicly seeking to minimize the threat posed by the potential pandemic.

      Interviews with nearly two dozen administration officials, former White House aides, public health experts and lawmakers — many speaking on the condition of anonymity to share candid assessments and details — portray a White House scrambling to gain control of a rudderless response defined by bureaucratic infighting, confusion and misinformation.

      “It’s complete chaos,” a senior administration official said. “Everyone is just trying to get a handle on what the [expletive] is going on.”

      And Mitt Romney had this to say:

      “We’ve had SARS, we’ve had MERS, Ebola,” Romney continued, rattling off previous global outbreaks. “We should have stockpiled the kind of protective gear that our medical professionals will need and our citizens will need, and we haven’t. And looking forward, the [spending] number that’s being suggested strikes me as being inadequate to the level of risk.”

      Again, we are in deep shit with Trump at the helm and Mike Pence and the rest of those lunatics who are ALL standing around looking like “deer caught in the headlights.”

      Bill, thanks again for another spot on comment.

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