It Took Congress Nine Months To Approve $600 Stimulus Checks For COVID Struck, Broke Americans And Only SEVEN Days To Impeach Trump!




Shows you how worried congress is about the American people, when they care more about some whack jobs breaching the state capitol building than they do about seeing that millions of unemployed, damn near homeless Americans are suffering due to a PLANDEMIC that is not their fault. As you can see, for what our so-called congressional representatives want, they get, and in record time. But when it comes to doing what they should for those who pay their damn salaries, they cannot ever seem to reach a general consensus, but yet, it took them no time to impeach Donald Trump for the second time as though he was the one who led the charge and stormed the capitol.

Whatever reason those people stormed the capitol, regardless of what Donald Trump said, they would have gone ahead and went in there anyway since it has been stated that they were given a tour of the capitol the previous day and so how is it Trump’s fault that some fed up whack jobs stormed the capitol? But either way, it is quite telling that Nancy Pelosi and crew are well aware of the fact that millions of Americans have already been evicted. They know all about the lines that have formed at food banks all across this country and they are well aware that millions have joined the ranks of the unemployed. And yet, knowing ALL of that, it still took congress NINE fucking months to put together a stimulus bill that mainly handed money to foreign governments while stingily handing American taxpayers, whose dollars, are being put to use to aid others in foreign countries, a measly $600 of their money.

Second Trump impeachment trial takes U.S. into uncharted waters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – America will be in uncharted territory when the U.S. Senate meets as soon as next week for the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, a case against the outgoing president that one Democrat preparing for arguments called “shockingly evident.”

At first Mitch McConnell claimed that he was not calling the senate back early for an impeachment trial, but I guess all that has changed. Someone wants to make damn sure that Donald Trump never has a chance to run for president, ever again. In fact, it is so blatantly obvious that the purpose of the capitol riot was to add further fuel to the flame to roast Trump’s ass and roast it good. It was not good enough that the election was stolen from him, someone had to make sure that Trump would never, ever get the chance to even step near the Oval Office, much less enter it.

This speaks to what I have been saying all along in that there were no lengths at which someone was not willing to go to make damn certain that Trump not only ‘lost’ the election, but also will never be allowed to run for office of the presidency, ever. To say that I have never seen anything like this, is to put it mildly. Never in the history of my time on this earth, have I ever witnessed a take down of a sitting president of this magnitude and along with that, even more, the erosion of any rights we thought we had left. Censorship is at an all time high and with just a couple of corporations owning social media platforms, free speech has been effectively shut down and yet they tell us that America is a democratic republic. How so? Because it is resembling a dictatorship, more and more each day. There is no such thing as “fair and balanced reporting.” The talking heads just parrot, day after day what has been put before them by those who control all our lives and we call this living? Who the hell is happy? Who the hell is not sitting somewhere high, drunk and zoned out? Is anyone wondering why America has a big, huge drug problem? Seriously??!! Look at the shit that we are exposed to everyday and tell me, how on earth are we supposed to remain sane and drug and alcohol free? Ain’t no fucking way unless your ass is already too zombiefried to know what your reality is.

What I fail to understand is why no one seems to have had a clue that we would end up here. How could we have failed so miserably to see where we were headed? I mean, the signs were everywhere. When this ‘new technology’ was touted as being the wave of the future and how connected we all would be via devices that could make it so, why did we not question this? We just blindly stood in line for smartphones that have taken the place of our brains. When once we used to flip open a book and find the nearest coffee shop or vacuum repair shop, we now click on Google and search via that route and not only has Google taken over as a search tool for whatever we are looking for, but Google has also taken over the means by which many people try and get their voices heard, via Youtube. Then we have Facebook that has been stealing and selling peoples data all over the place. Twitter has shut down a sitting president’s account, claiming that he went against their TOS, and that changes on a whim. And if the president of the United States cannot even get his message across to the people whom he is presiding over thanks to the fact that the mainstream media is owned by a handful of rich white men, then what does that say for the rest of us? We are in too deep now. And they know it. “Who are ‘they’,” you ask? They are not ‘us’ and that is all you need to know because ‘they’ are why the police force has been militarized. They are why we have been hearing about ‘curfews’ and being put on lockdown, for our own good of course. It is not for our own good, but for the good of those who are our mortal enemy, but since we were too busy staring down at those devices they sold us that further enriched ‘them’, we are now at the point of no return.

We are coming to the next phase. It’s called, “Papers, please!” Does that sound familiar? It should. It was, reportedly, heard throughout the reign of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Quite actually, we were already there, what with a National ID and next, we are going to have to present a “vaccination card.” So yes indeed, we are in the phase of “Papers, please!” Hell, we need papers for everything from our birth certificate, to our social security card, driver’s license or state ID, vehicle registration, insurance card, car inspection papers, passport, marriage certificate, divorce decree and don’t forget the information that the various credit reporting agencies have on us. But when you look around you, do you see any signs of freedom, democracy or justice? Get back to me on that, will ya?

12 thoughts on “It Took Congress Nine Months To Approve $600 Stimulus Checks For COVID Struck, Broke Americans And Only SEVEN Days To Impeach Trump!

  1. Capitalism is a tool of white-supremacist imperialism, the billionaires are effectively all white — a club that keeps ADOS under tight monitored control. The leaders and legislators work within a right and left deviance that never departs significantly from an acceptable and profitable status quo. Biden has spent half a century as a puppet, Harris isn’t remotely ADOS, but gets handed the black card in the same way that Obama obtained that personally useful bard. Trump is a con artist who works for wealthier con artists, Pence is a parrot who has not entertained original thoughts since ever. They are all jailers domestically, ethnic cleansers internationally, and stock market manipulators. Popular culture accepts a token number of celebrities at any given time. The arts and entertainment industry keeps the continuous set of lies churning together with billion-dollar enterprises that keep the populace engaged in bread and circus diversions from what actually is happening inside the machine.

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    1. “Biden has spent half a century as a puppet, Harris isn’t remotely ADOS, but gets handed the black card in the same way that Obama obtained that personally useful bard. Trump is a con artist who works for wealthier con artists, Pence is a parrot who has not entertained original thoughts since ever.”

      Hence why I abstained from voting and never will I vote again. I am under no illusions about Trump, especially since he is just as pro-Israel as the rest of the lot and has no problem displaying that fact. My serious fucking problem with a Biden/Harris theft of this election is the fact that they have been busy locking up American descendants of slavery their entire career, but yet want to go to bat for some damn illegals, who by the very definition of “illegal” is a crime. They want to give them a pass, but ADOS NEVER, EVER get a pass. People have been living here, ILLEGALLY for decades and that’s fine while those of us who are LEGAL citizens of this shithole are incarcerated by the millions for simply breathing while Black. But, all of a sudden, Biden/Harris has found some empathy for some shits that threw themselves across the border, broke multiple laws and still don’t get to see the inside of a jail cell while our tax dollars are going to prop up their fucking countries. Not to mention the fact that those shits in congress couldn’t give a rat’s ass about LEGAL Americans because they damn well made sure in this last stimulus package to include MORE money for ILLEGALS than they did for those of us who are LEGAL citizens. I’m damn tired of that shit!

      My ass ain’t over here because I want to be, my ass is over here because my ancestors were dragged the fuck over here and yet some damn illegals are having the fucking red carpet rolled out for their goddamn convenience. At least Trump made some sort of effort to rein that shit in while Biden/Harris have been publicly declaring their support for those fucking criminals.

      And though we may be indulging in bread and circuses, that is what this blog is all about; the fact that we have been doing that to the detriment of our own ass! I am not blind to the fact that a goddamn circus act is being performed right before our very eyes while people sit around in desperation and misery, suffering and some more shit. Do you seriously think that I’m immune to this shit???!!! I’m not having a good fucking time of it because I saw this shit coming from miles down the damn road, but what can one person do? No one can wake the dead and that is why we are where we are; being played…and badly at that. I even stated that the lamestream media is busy parroting lies all damn day and night; we are bombarded by that shit, 24/7. And some people are still sitting somewhere believing the shit or are in denial of their reality. I didn’t make this disaster, I’m just as fucked as everyone else, but at the same time, I am not going to pretend that I like the shit.

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      1. Thanks for the clarification, Shelby. I appreciate all that you do and the verve of your voice. The bread and circuses crowd are white-privileged gentrified fools who fly in on private jets to partake in the sport of tailgating gatherings where ADOS are notably absent, the lynching apologists.
        A link to such genteel gentry:


      2. I clicked on the link and read what the author had to say and he was going on and on about how the majority of those who stormed the capitol were upper crust whites from the suburbs who are antsy that their “white privilege” card would be revoked. I don’t know how it could because this entire fucked up, stolen nation was built on theft, genocide and enslavement and that continues to this day. According to the article’s author, upper crust whites are still suffering from “Obama Derangement Syndrome,” even after the man has long since shown a clean pair of heels to the Oval Office and who did not a goddamn thing different from wholly white presidents. Obama certainly did American descendants of slavery no fucking favors and so why whites are in an uproar about the possibility of losing their “white privilege” is a complete and utter mystery to me especially seeing as how ADOS are faring almost as badly as our ancestors. The only group that is making progress over here are the illegals, and that is by design. So, if they want to be mad at anyone, then they can just get pissed off over the words of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who have both stated, that they intend to give the illegals, ‘carte blanche’ over here and just what the fuck is anyone going to do about it? That’s how they roll.

        But if Susie and Dan want to come up out of the suburbs and descend on Washington, take selfies while breaching the capitol, then that’s on them when they get arrested for doing so. Their “white privilege” is not going anywhere even with Biden/Harris calling for a massive influx of illegals that they intend to grant legal status to. The “newly made legal” who were formerly “illegal” will still continue in their present jobs as roofers, yard workers, veggie pickers, housekeepers, taco truck owners and burrito makers. So what the white upper crust is worried about? I don’t know. It is those who look like me who need to do the worrying because our asses are grass and about to become even grassier thanks to the policies that Biden/Harris intend to implement.


  2. Hi Shelby, I am alive and feeling much better now. I don’t wordpress. Not any longer. toggle up skulzfontaine and you should be able to find my site on google.


  3. Oh I am so sorry. Shelby, the web address is dang tech crap just grates on my existence no end.


  4. @Shelby, how are you? Long time, I don’t see your post on your website. I hope when you will read my message, it will find you safe and unharmed!
    I know you are strong and fearless but don’t forget that you are a still woman. Please don’t get my words wrong, it’s just that sometimes we BW forget that we are also women, and we aren’t made of steel!
    If we BW don’t look after each other who will do? Please take care of yourself and becareful out there!

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    1. Thank you for asking about me qnubian, but I have quit blogging. I mean, what the hell for? Because it is quite obvious that Black people are on some dumb, stupid shit and so I was tired of blowing gasket after gasket when Black people are hell bent on enabling their enemies to continue to fuck them over and fuck them up. I’m done. Stick a goddamn fork in me, I am SO fucking done.

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. I certainly do not question your decision at all, Shelby. I am just about ready to have that proverbial fork stuck in me too. It seems to me as well that I have not convinced a single person in all those blogs. Racists refuse to yield a single step in the damned 400 years that they have enjoyed their little evil traditions. It’s like that god-forsaken turkey on the Norman Rockwell table, you can stick a fork in that as well.

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      2. Bill, at this point, I would just be repeating myself. I’ve said it all and yet, what has changed? Nothing. People have told me that what I write does make a difference. Well, what is going on in this world proves otherwise. I am not going to continue, as I stated in another comment, to blow gaskets, screech, wail, scream, cuss and throw fits when I see the fucked up shit that continues to go down and no one is listening or even looking up from fighting on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and whatever other shit is out there. It is all just SO pointless because there is no turning back. That ship has sailed. These shits in this world today are too far gone and that is a fact. We tried and it got us where? AGAIN….nowhere. I appreciate your efforts…and believe me, you put much effort in, but no one even appreciates the effort you’ve put in, much less will anything change.

        Take care, my friend.


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