Lynchburg Virginia’s Only Newspaper, “The News And Daily Advance” Caters To Racists



To the staff at the News and Daily Advance, I have a few questions. Why is it that when people like myself write in about the serious issues in Lynchburg like rampant, out-of-control racism, gentrification, mass evictions, outrageous Black poverty statistics, Black people questioned for just walking down the street by the Klan Keystone Kops, a mayor and city council that turn a blind eye to it all, your paper refuses to print those stories? Why is it that people like myself, who call in a newsworthy story, it never gets covered by your paper. I have to call OUTSIDE of Lynchburg, Virginia in order to get my story heard and quite obviously it was some story because I was another news stations HEADLINE? So, what does that say for that rag you call a newspaper and yet have the audacity to want someone to pay for the online version if they are not receiving the paper version? I wouldn’t take that rag of a paper for free.

And folks, don’t bother trying to view the online version of the News and Daily Advance because they want you to pay to see fluff stories about doily making in Lynchburg. They write stories about the latest flower show at the market on Main Street. They write about the upcoming blue grass festival showcasing Ed and Ned and the Bungle Brothers. But never will those racists print a story that deals with the abject racism that can be found throughout this racist burg. Not a story will you see that pertains to how Lynchburg’s Black citizens are faring because no whites give a shit about how Lynchburg’s Black citizens are faring. Not one time have I ever heard mention that the News and Daily Advance quoted the mayor of Lynchburg as being concerned and about to do something about the state of Lynchburg’s Black poverty stricken citizens. I have yet to hear of a story out of the News and Daily Advance about the fact that Centra Health should not have a monopoly on ‘health care’ in this racist dead ass burg. Where is the incentive for good, quality health care if there is no competition? And the only reason the News and Daily Advance covered the scandal on Jerry Falwell and the subsequent fallout is because it garnered nationwide coverage and so it would have looked funny if that newspaper had remained completely silent.

Don’t nobody want to read your fluff stories about rainbows, pansies, petunias and azaleas when there are serious issues going on all across this racist burg and the staff at the News and Daily Advance are completely aware of that fact but conveniently turn a blind eye. Let me tell you motherfuckers something. In all actuality, this blog of mine probably gets more views than that garbage you put out. The shit that goes down in this racist burg is going to get plastered all over this blog because I want everyone to know what you damn depraved, debased racist shits are doing in this damn burg. The racist shit that you think stays covered up because you refuse to report on it is going to be laid wide the fuck open on this here blog because I’m not about to worry about what you vile racists attempt to do to me. No one will ever completely understand or have knowledge of ALL that you racists have done to me and someone I love, but I am going to continue to make sure that you Lynchburg racists are shown for exactly what you are; stomp down, hypocritical buybull toting, scum sucking, bottom feeding racist slugs. And what’s more, ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.

The only reasons your asses are still sitting over on Wyndale Drive is because either some rich racist piece of shit is fronting the money to keep that rag from going under or either that rag is owned by a corporation with a portfolio. Oops! The latter. I was right, owned by a corporation stating lies saying, “a leading provider of high quality, trusted local news and information.” What? Lucy Pendleton is the goalie for the Hillbilly Hollow lacrosse team? Or that Big Jack rolled the biggest log at the log rolling contest? Yeah! That is most definitely ‘high quality, local news and information.”

Lee Enterprises is a major subscription and advertising platform and a leading provider of high quality, trusted local news and information, with nearly 350 digital platforms and print publications serving 77 markets in 26 states, and innovative marketing services for advertisers nationwide.

Ain’t shit high quality or trustworthy about that rag, the News and Daily Advance, when it refuses to report the truth of what is going down in this dead ass racist burg. There is no in depth reporting, nor any digging into shit and finding shit out and reporting it going on on Wyndale Drive. Like I said, just fluff pieces; what the racists whites can agree on in that their shit stays covered because the News and Daily Advance got their assignment which is “don’t print shit that makes us racists look bad,” and it does NOT.

Well, I’m not owned by Lee Enterprises, Bee Enterprises and nor am I beholden to any damn body or corporation. I print the truth backed up by concrete evidence and can provide even more if I need to. If you claim to be a newspaper, then print the stories that are relevant regardless of whether it makes a burg, hamlet, town, city or village look bad. That is how change takes place, but the thing is, no racist in this burg wants change, hence why there will be no reporting of the serious shit that continues to go down in Lynchburg, Virginia. But just know racists that while you refuse to print what’s going down in this racist burg, I am on a mission to expose the shit that you refuse to.

To my readers, I want to thank you for coming to this blog. If not for you, it would be pointless for me to post these blogs and so I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support. It means more to me than you can imagine and please know that by reading this blog, you are making a difference. This is why I always believe in going public with what is going on because by doing so, it exposes the rot that cannot withstand the exposure. The rotten go into ‘damage control’ and though they keep trying to make things difficult for those of us who lift the lid off rot and expose it, it is just par for the course; something that comes with the territory.

News and Advance Circulation35,600 Weekdays · 41,200 Sundays
I highly doubt even that is accurate. With the way the media lies like a rug, let’s take at least a third away from those figures because I know damn well the worthless News and Advance does not have a big circulation. And if Lynchburg, Virginia is supposed to have a population count of between 79,009 and 84,745, it looks as though almost 44,000 people are not interested in your fluff pieces of pansies, petunias and what the Hokies scored. They know the deal. That rag is a mouthpiece for racists and I know there are not a lot of Black people paying for that garbage rag. But keep trying to hide the truth of this burg and I will continue to print the truth backed up with plenty of evidence.
Aha! I found this to be quite interesting!
Good riddance!

10 thoughts on “Lynchburg Virginia’s Only Newspaper, “The News And Daily Advance” Caters To Racists

    1. You are right, it is outdated, but that’s all they got to make themselves still feel relevant. And the Russians probably do know that hence why Russia’s President said that the west must not have thought through sanctioning Russia since it seems to be backfiring on the west. These stupid yokels over here don’t have a gnat’s ass worth of sense, common or otherwise because if they did, it would show, but it only shows how stupid, ignorant and dumb these sociopaths are. Russia is only playing with Ukraine right now because Russia is not out to kill too many people, but at the same time, it had better be understood by these fools in the west, that Russia could level Ukraine in a few seconds time if they wanted to.

      Thanks for your comment Rotimi! It is much appreciated.

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  1. Racism joins their proud-boy family and Confederate “traditions” of a white-supremacism that did not begin in 1619. It was already instilled in British imperialist dark souls that prowled the planet to rob people and plunder and to drop their cargo into the coffers of a monarchy praised as divinely inspired while insipid to the marrow.
    And you would be absolutely correct to note that it is about damn time I published this on my blog!

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    1. Bill, thank you SO much for that! You are SO right as ALWAYS, this shit didn’t just start here and the British can NOT take the high road and talk about if the slaves would join up with them, they’d be free if they were shipped to jolly racist England if they fought with them during the American Revolutionary War. They are why my behind is sitting up in RACISM CENTRAL not liking it one bit and I’m not just speaking of Lynchburg, Virginia, but of the entire racist shithole stolen and claimed by the same shits that as you say, “prowled the planet to rob people and plunder and to drop their cargo into the coffers of a monarchy praised as divinely inspired while insipid to the marrow.”

      That racist shit, the British would put chains on little black children and lead them through the streets calling them pets. That is why Black people are British and it has nothing to do with them immigrating from Africa. Of course I am well aware that Africans have immigrated to the UK, but those who share my skin tone, many were born there as a direct result of slavery. The British even called the Black slaves, “Blackamoors.” But when I call whites, racist pieces of shit, I’m the bad guy. Go figure! I am calling a racist for what they are, but Black people are not some “decorated in the blackamoor style jewellery and furniture,” we are HUMAN BEINGS! I am tired of this shit! The British don’t get not accolades from me for trying to get the slaves here in AmeriKKKa to join up with them to fight to keep that tax money rolling into the coffers of the British monarchy. That so-called ‘royal’ shit is anything but, making tours of island nations that are still enslaved today to that British fucked up, inbred shit that is anything but ROYAL. When those inbred reptiles toured those island nations a few months ago, there was a hue and a cry because they still behaved as though those people were their subjects. Oh! My bad! They ARE! I thought this was the year, 2022, but the way they preen and prance, you’d think it was the 1400s.

      What is Blackamoor?
      Blackamoor is a type of figure in European decorative art from the Early Modern period, depicting a black man. Common examples of items and objects decorated in the blackamoor style include sculpture, jewellery, and furniture.

      Bill, do your thing whenever you feel like it. I know you’ve got a full plate and you’ll get to it when you get to it, but meanwhile, I’m a handle it, as you can see.

      Thanks again Bill for another absolute knockout comment.

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      1. I have been gathering comments that have shown up here and will present them in a new blog entry with some annotations to tie them together and connect the dots. Should turn into quite a rantathon.
        Thank you for all the support and for all your important contributions to the cause.

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      2. Bill, please don’t take away from what you do by calling them rants. They are jewels; gems of the highest caliber and I value your contributions to the effort of truth over lies, obfuscation, propaganda and flat out deception that is fed to us on a daily basis by the lamestream media, which thankfully, is obviously on the way out the door with a boot up its ass and rightly so. People are turning to alternative means to get the REAL TRUTH. And I don’t have a problem becoming a target for doing so; getting the truth out, that is. Those of us who keep a boot planted firmly on those who want the public, brain dead, hypnotized, clueless and stupid don’t like our sort. We’re the sort who are about waking the brain dead up, cluing them in with concrete evidence of the shit that’s being fed to them under the guise of truth, which we know is anything but. When a rag of a paper refuses to print the racism and horrors that many who live within that paper’s viewership face on a daily, there is a serious problem. You don’t cherry pick the news. You fucking report it and it matters not if it makes the mayor and the city council look like shit. It matters not if it makes an entire city look like shit. But if you won’t report on what is going on, close the fuck down because you’re fucking worthless and the Lynchburg News and Daily Advance IS all that; fucking worthless!

        Bill, I look forward to reading another gem from you because I will never consider them to be ‘rants’ and I wish you wouldn’t either because it is quite clear that you are a brilliant, learned, empathetic and compassionate human being. Never change.

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      3. A very important piece of advice, Shelby. Rants are drumbeats for blind ragers, used for control by those who spew hate, who scream invective in order to drown out the opposition: us. It is also something you expect at a lynching by “tourists” raging and fully armed in the public square on their way to places where they may proudly display the darkness of their message. Berserker clowns.

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      4. Hi Shelby, the new blog entry is coming along even better than expected. I just keep the truth meter running and the drafting is almost writing itself. Thank you for all the encouragement!

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      5. Bill, I wanted to respond to your previous comment, but I didn’t know what to say. But I am thrilled that you are going ahead with it because I believe that the word ‘rant’ was put into play so that those of us who rage at the system using truth backed up by evidence, they are trying to make what we do appear to be just excessively exploding and that it is partly mental because when you think of ‘rant’, it’s like someone has gone off the deep end and is just ‘ranting and raving’. That is not what we do. I admit that I cuss a lot on this blog and I do rage at the system, but everything I write even when I am angry is the truth backed up by concrete proof that it is the truth. All the mainstream media does is parrot the same script handed to each of them. Check out this video.

        I am seriously surprised that Conan’s show put this together to showcase just how brain dead the puppet masters really want everyone to be and the sad fact is that so many are. Keep putting those GEMS out, Bill!


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