The Beast Must Feast!


She has a soul as black as coal.

And even in twilight, she is midnight.

She has a smell like the stench of hell.

And on the East that beast must feast!

She lays waste to a world that pays.

Her hunger is a never ending wonder.

She takes and never learns from her mistakes.

Such a beast is the vilest curse of peace!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

3 thoughts on “The Beast Must Feast!

  1. – The Fifth Horseman of The Apocalypse –

    I saw, and behold a huge black bison,

    And he that sat on him crooked his finger,

    And spake, “I saw the enemy , and he is US”

    And a Star Spangled Banner was given unto him,

    And went he forth east, conquering, and to conquer . . .


    1. Thanks Uncawiggly! That about sums it up!

      All I know is that the ravenous beast called, “America,” must be stopped. Those of us who live in America are of no account because we’ve been beaten and not a whimper can be heard from us, but the rest of the world deserves a chance and will get none if this shit that America is ramping up continues to go unchecked.

      I hope like hell that something will stop the reign of terror!

      Thanks again for stopping in Unca!


      1. Perhaps the tricoteuse Madame Defarge might stop it?
        … or Maximilien Robespierre, “Liberty cannot be secured unless criminals lose their heads.”


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