Ebola! Ebola! Ebola!


Here we go again!
It’s now Ebola’s turn!
The CDC, the WHO?
When will we ever learn?

Vaccinate me now!
If I wait, I know I’ll die!
So save me with a shot,
’cause Ebola’s in the sky!

Big pharma, do your thang!
We’ll pay you any price.
Just clear up this Ebola!
Do you have a cure for lice?

We’re all going to bleed
from our ears, nose and ass!
If they don’t find a cure
then there’ll be no middle class.

Who then would help the poor
and the homeless catch a break?
They need my clueless ass
because I give, I do not take!

Let the poor get Ebola.
It’s a way to weed them out!
You need my expertise.
I’m the one with all the clout.

Just ask me who should live.
I’ll tell you what I know.
If you’re high on the totem pole
then you are good to go!

Don’t breath the air with me,
’cause Ebola’s in the sky!
Why vaccinate the poor?
They’ll be fine, just let them die!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

If you fucking get Ebola, then you get it! Shit! People are dying all the goddamn time! Just like you do with the flu, stay away from anybody who looks sick. Stop flying! I know, can’t do that! Well then, that person who is sitting beside you coughing up blood, oh well, just think of it this way. You could have a long, lingering illness but instead you get to bleed out for a few days and then drop dead. End of fucking story! Geesh!!!! You motherfuckers just build up a goddamn crisis!

Oh, and one of my readers is selling ‘underground bunkers’, head on over and purchase one and hunker down, you scared ass shits!

You never heard? “Fucking LIVE before you die!” Everybody sitting some goddamn where scared of Ebola. Something’s gonna cart your ass on up outta here. Don’t think so? Wait for it!

16 thoughts on “Ebola! Ebola! Ebola!

  1. With every breath you take…
    Has a whole new connotation. Just you wait until the CIA/CDC/DARPA unleashes the contrail pig flu ebola hemorrhagic legionnaires vapor trail leprosy spray on our unsuspecting world. Shit gonna get real then.


    1. Skulz, I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t give a flying fart anymore. There isn’t any point really. When all is said and done, we are now at just another crossroads in time. If there’s to be another plague, another pandemic, then it will. It won’t be the first time. Will it be the last? I don’t know but with all that’s going down all over this planet, hope is dying along with all the innocent people that are getting bombed to smithereens as I type this. They ain’t had time to worry about Ebola in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Pakistan, Yemen and on and on it goes. But some of us ain’t in some war zone or another and so we’re sitting fearful over Ebola. I for one am not going to live my life afraid of every goddamn thing, Ebola or otherwise. If it fucking happens, it happens. Shit happens every goddamn day that I ain’t hardly happy about and as far as I am concerned, it’s business as usual in this fucking shithole.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. This is classic fearmongering and all out bs. I have a friend that’s from Sierra Leon and he calls home at least twice a month and they had no idea this was going on until recently. The only preventive measure that was enacted as of late was limited mobility. Not Ebola zombies running around in search of brains and shady places.

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    1. “Classic fearmongering,” is right! And we here in the blog world are perpetuating it. On my tracker is nothing but Ebola, Ebola, Ebola! And that is exactly what the elite shits want. They want us to be so wound up over some Ebola shit so that when a vaccine of some sort comes out, big pharma’ll get even more hefty chunks of revenue coming in just like with the flu vaccines. I don’t get a goddamn flu shot and I ain’t had the goddamn flu. When I was sick last year, I had sinusitis, but it wasn’t no goddamn flu and these dumb ass quacks over here couldn’t even fucking figure out that I didn’t have allergies and that what I had was sinusitis and that’s why I suffered for so long. And they have the nerve to tout AmeriKKKa’s health care system as though it’s the best in the world when they can’t even diagnose sinusitis. Goddamn worthless, useless fucks!

      And if we fucking get Ebola, ain’t a goddamn thing these worthless quacks gonna do about it but shoot you up with some bogus shit that’ll give ya something else to worry about down the goddamn road! I’m just sick to pieces of all the fearmongering and the reading of the whole scale Ebola riot act! We’ve got millions of fucking brain dead zombies as it is. How would we even know the goddamn difference? Enough of this stupid shit already!

      Thanks for a great comment HLJ! At least one other person has their head planted squarely above their shoulders!


      1. LOL! Tube, I gotta hand it to ya, that’s a good one! There’s only gonna be a few straggling ass zombies if they feed off ‘brains’ ’cause like you said, ain’t hardly a brain to be found among the millions of ‘dead head zones’ in AmeriKKKa!

        A goddamn zombie apocalypse in AmeriKKKA?, not fucking hardly. Gotta have something to work with and we got nothing! …and I ain’t braggin’, I’m just sayun! LMAO!


      2. You got that right Tube — the US is safe b/c 90% of this country doesn’t have a brain to eat — you say you want proof? We’ve got Big fucking Brother on 4 different channels; we’ve got Pawn Stars + a spin-off; and then there’s the ever popular Dirty Jobs! I won’t even go into Hoarders, Sons of Hoarders, and the Kardashians! In the words of that outstanding bad guy: “i wake up surprised that I’m forced to spend another day in this pisshole world!” 🙂

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    1. The doctor is all up in DA house! Now, all you scared ass shits out there, read up on some Vitamin C and run out and get yourself dosed up. Half of you probably got scurvy already and don’t even fucking know it. Gums bleed much? You’re already three-fourths of the way to getting Ebola. Don’t wanna scare ya! Ooops! Too late for that as you’re already shaking and trembling and some more useless ass shit over some damn Ebola scare. You’ll more than likely get accidentally drone struck before you come down with Ebola or get poisoned by toxins in your goddamn drinking water.

      You got so much else that you can be worried about and you wanna pick on Ebola. Ebola ain’t fucking thinking about you. And Dr. Bramhall has gone and helped you fearful motherfuckers out BIGTIME and you ain’t got to take out a loan or a credit card for the cure. Now give Dr. Bramhall a round of applause for coming to your assistance, fearful motherfuckers!

      Dr. Bramhall, as always, you are right and right on time! My cyber hat is off to YOU!!!


  3. They’re calling it the WORST EBOLA OUTBREAK IN HISTORY.
    WHITE SUPREMACISTS are testing out their new strain of EBOLA on the Africans.
    There is no cure and little treatment for the deadly virus, which has killed at least 660 people in several African countries. In Liberia, however, one of its leading Ebola doctors has died after three weeks battling the virus. Samuel Brisbane, a one-time medical adviser to former Liberian President Charles Taylor, has become the first Liberian doctor to die in the outbreak. Now, two American health care workers have died. The first, Nancy Writebol, was working with a Christian group in Monrovia, Liberia. The second, Kent Brantley, was a medical director for a group working in conjunction with the Christian organization.
    Don’t be AFRAID! Listen, find out and share information. They will be testing it on blacks in America one day. Will you be ready? The ratchet whores on Love and Hip-Hop can’t help you. Little Wayne can’t help you. Nicki Minaj is not going to warn you. The battle continues,we must link up with other like-minded people and keep researching and sharing valuable information.


    1. Thanks for posting the video Prince! I never get vaccinated and I am not about to start now, I don’t care what happens and I will not be forced to get vaccinated. If I want to take my chances, then that is my right. To be perfectly honest, I’m not worried at all. Scare tactics are used all the time to get people to line up to get who knows what. When they touted the need to get vaccinated against the H1N1 influenza virus, claiming that people would die if they didn’t get it, I never got the vaccine and I’m still here to tell about it today. So, their fear mongering won’t work with me. They’ll get many takers as usual, but they’ll get no takers here.

      …and again, thanks for the video and for your comment. Keep spreading the word. Many people need to be woke the fuck up!


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