His Light Has Ceased To Shine!






He may not be from your body,
nor is he from mine.
But I cry as though he was
because his light has ceased to shine!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

13-Year-Old Boy Who Lived In Fear of US Drones, Killed by CIA (DRONE) Strike in Yemen


‘In their eyes, we don’t deserve to live like people in the rest of the world,’ said the victim ahead of his ultimate death, ‘and we don’t have feelings or emotions or cry or feel pain like all the other humans around the world.’

Read it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! Read what he had to say and then call him a conspiracy theorist because what did he know? He knew enough to be afraid, very afraid because what he feared would happen, did. He lived in constant fear that he too, would be killed by a drone just as his sisters and brothers and fellow countrymen live in fear each and every day that what happened to Mohammed Saleh Tauiman, will happen to them. Are you living in mortal fear that a drone is going to strike you while you pump gas into your SUV? Are you living in mortal fear that a drone is going to strike and kill you while you are shopping? Are you living in mortal fear that a drone is going to kill you just as you are about to enter the tanning salon? Are you living in mortal fear that a drone is going to kill you because you are driving home from the bar, drunk? Are you??!!!


The child in the picture was thirteen years old when he was killed by a drone. Look at him! He was a human being that was just trying to live in HIS country and a drone operator paid by our tax dollars here in the United States of America, home of the free, land of the brave, punched a button and killed him because he was suspected of being a terrorist. Again, his name was Mohammed Saleh Tauiman! Yes, he had a name and again, it was Mohammed Saleh Tauiman. Look at his picture and remember his name and that he was afraid that he would be killed by a drone and wouldn’t you just know it, he was!

What makes your child more important than thirteen year-old Mohammed? Why do you matter more than thirteen year-old Mohammed? What makes you more special than thirteen year-old Mohammed? Why is it that you get to live free from worry of drone strikes but thirteen year-old Mohammed could not? And guess what! His father was killed just as thirteen year-old Mohammed was killed, by a drone paid for by American citizens. And guess why he was killed! He was herding camels!!! One of Mohammed’s brothers and their father, Saleh Tuaiman, were also killed by a drone strike in 2011 while herding the family’s camels. So, I guess that ISIS and IS turned themselves into camels and that is why thirteen year-old Mohammed’s father and brother were killed because the camels were suspected terrorists??!! How unfortunate for Saleh Tuaiman, Mohammed’s father that he was herding camels as opposed to herding customers inside his Lexus car dealership for the bargain of the year! Too bad that Saleh Tuaiman was not herding the American sheeple inside a synagogue for prayer service because maybe he would still be alive. Too bad for Saleh Tuaiman that he is not a Wall Street banker because even though the Wall Street thugs brought world economies to their knees while engaging in criminal acts, they were too important to jail, much less kill. Oh yes, they would have been SO missed! Too bad that Mr Tuaiman didn’t bilk tens of thousands of people out of their investments with a Ponzi scheme like Bernie Madoff did because then he would have just gone to prison for 150 years and been fed, clothed and housed by the American taxpayers as opposed to getting drone struck for simply herding some camels. And too bad for Mr. Tuaiman that his camels were not equipped with tracking devices but you see Mr. Tuaiman was not a hedge fund manager or even a venture capitalist, they’re the terrorists; Mr. Tuaiman was not, but he is still dead as is two of his sons. And why should we care? We should care because they were human and they did nothing to deserve death by drone strike. That is why we should care because their death by drone strike was paid for by us and an American hand guided that drone and that makes us complicit in the deaths of everyone that gets killed by a drone strike. Someone that is lying next to you right now or is sitting down to breakfast, guided that drone with the same hand that he/she is using to spoon baby food into your baby’s mouth. Now how sick is that??!!!

Take a look at the picture of Mohammed! How is he any different from you? Is it because his skin has a tan? Is it because he doesn’t live next door to you but was in fact in the Middle East? Why does that make him different? Take a look at this thirteen year-old child that is now dead from a drone strike! Take a good long look because if you live in America or the UK or Israel, you ARE responsible for his death and the deaths of thousands of others that were just as innocent as Mohammed, his brother and his father! I cannot imagine what his mother is going through now that her husband is dead and two of her children as well and still, the drones rain down!

I swear that I have never been more ashamed at calling myself an American citizen and I am going to do everything that I can to continue to speak out against these atrocities that are committed in my name by the very fact of my citizenship. I will never salute the American flag. I do not pledge allegiance to barbarity. I refuse to acknowledge the dubious ‘leadership’ of this hated country. I refuse to play the fool and I refuse to worship at the feet of liars, hypocrites and snake oil salesmen! I condemn America to hell!! May she reap what she has sown!

18 thoughts on “His Light Has Ceased To Shine!

    1. Tube, after reading what happened to Mohammed on your blog, I had to post this. I have not stopped crying yet. I know that this will not bring Mohammed back and I have to force myself to look at his picture because I don’t want to. I want to know that Mohammed is doing what a thirteen year old should be doing and that is living. And yet, I know that he is dead and I am in part to blame. My heart is so filled with sorrow, the pain is immeasurable.

      Thank you for your comment Tube.


    1. Thank you Tube! You made it clear enough and yet, today, we woke up without the fear of drone strikes while they continue where Mohammed lived. How many more of his sisters and brothers will The United States kill? When there is no one left to kill?

      When will you stop killing me?
      I die a thousand deaths each day.
      You kill me over and over again.
      And then another me, you slay!”

      When will the killing end???

      Again, I thank you for the reblog Tube!


  1. Muslims are the new black. I worked at DQ for 2 years for a Muslim lady and her family. They are very nice the husband called me his daughter. They were good people they prayed and loved their families just like normal Americans. I refuse to believe all muslims are terrorists that need to be exterminated. We need to quit trying to police the middle east and worry about our home that is on the decline. I just wonder why Africa has not been able to receive our “aid” after thousands of Nigerians were slaughtered by Boko Harem. Could it be that we “help” brown faces only if oil runs abundantly through their lands? In the words of the controversial Reverand Wright “Goddamn American!” If we truly stand for freedom we need to stand for everybody.


    1. Thank you for your comment Lashaun620. The U.S. has much to answer for and one day, we will. But how many people will we destroy before this country finally get what’s coming to it? The U.S. has decided that everyone walking in the Middle East is a terrorist and just like that piece of shit filth named Dick Cheney that knew how much torture was taking place in Guantanamo and in other facilities just like Guantanamo, still said that he would do it all over again because of 9/11 as if that excuses everything from that day forward that the U.S. has engaged in; including more torture, war crimes, drones strikes of innocent civilians, detaining people without due process and lying about it. The U.S. is insisting that thirteen year-old Mohammed was a terrorist and therefore, his being killed by a drone was justified. What is at the helm of this lopsided, sinking, stinking shithole barge is neither human nor sane and yet we sit here in silent complicity and let this shit continue. I am so filled with despair, I fear that I too will become unhinged!

      Again, thank you for your comment.


    2. I wish we could broadcast Shelby’s post, your wonderful comment here, and all the other comments to these people who are suffering at the hands of this government, so they would know that many of us not only don’t condone these atrocities, being committed by this government, but despise them deeply.

      Ultimately, it is on us who know the truth to do as much as we can to end this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Sojourner! I wish that I could broadcast it on all major networks but alas, this wouldn’t even make the late, late, late, late show much later than the latest of the late shows.

        But so far, it has been viewed in the United States, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, India, Angola, United Kingdom, France and Kyrgyzstan and so for those that have viewed it who are in the U.S., take another look and for those of you that have viewed it and are in foreign countries, there are many, many other Americans that feel as I do and we would stop this atrocity, these barbaric acts if we could but we do not have enough backing of the populace as they are sitting up in church listening to propaganda, lies and fairytales. Even the so-called ‘clergy’ has blood on their hands because they are not denouncing what is taking place in Mohammed’s country and in many others.

        Just when I think that I can cry no more, the silent tears still stream down my face.

        Again, I thank you Sojourner!

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  2. Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    This post is for all the Mericans who feel superior to every other human being in the world. This post is for all the Mericans that are too ignorantly whipped to this government to realize that 9/11 was perpetrated the U.S. Corporation and Zionist Israel’s Mossad, not Osama bin Laden and the Islamic people. This post is for all the Merican uninformed ignoramuses who still don’t understand that Al Qaeda, ISIS and ISIL are all part of the CIA war-creating machinery.

    Mr and Ms Merica, you live in a country that makes Zionist-created Hitler and his henchmen look like choir boys. And you are as guilty of the atrocities in this article as the elite-pigs and their stooges who have perpetrated them!


    1. I sincerely appreciate the reblog. Was it only yesterday that we were trying to spread Tubularsock’s post on this, far and wide? And here today, we are at it again! For the love of …….!!!!! I am sick with anguish, but unlike Mohammed, I am still alive.

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  3. Tubularsock is right, ‘poignant’ is the word for this post!

    I just reblogged it.

    If you don’t stop, I may never have to write another post;-)

    You have a heart that all of us should have, Shelby. You are one of a kind, and we (I) are thankful!


    1. Sojourner, your words always touch me and as touched as I was, your words touched me even more. I just wish that we could stop the madness so that Mohammed’s sisters and brothers can grow up and so that they can be as children should be, playing without fear of being killed by drones paid for by us to kill them and for nothing! I wouldn’t even begin to know what to say to his dear, dear mother. I wouldn’t know!


      1. Nor I. How could we know? I would drop on my knees and beg her to forgive me, for not standing against this evil sooner. I am as guilty as any other Merican!

        I don’t know how everything came into being, including humanity. But I find it hard to believe that this universe and we the people of this world are just a byproduct of a chance occurrence that happened billions of years ago. I wish I could believe that, at least I could rest in that, but I am yet to be convinced. And so I also believe, as hard as it is some days, that this is not the way this world and we the people were meant to be. What happened to this family, and billions of others, should not have happened, and yet it has and still is.

        Some where, some how, and at some time, the corrupt and evil few seized control of everything that is. And what the majority of us are experiencing today, is the culmination of this perverse, abnormal control-system that has been raping and pillaging the earth and its peoples for thousands of years. What it is, where it came from, and why we, the billions, are so controlled by it and its evil, few creators, I have no idea! I’ve heard all the esoteric bullshit, about this way and that, but I can’t buy into any of them, nor do I want to!

        God damn it, it shouldn’t be like this! And I never am able to shake that sensation, or whatever it is.

        I know one thing for certain, Shelby, and that is, I know nothing for certain! When I was young, I thought I had pretty much everything that I needed to know figured out. But since that time, I have come to the same conclusion as Bob Dillon, “I was so much older then, I am younger than that now.”

        Thanks for writing this, Shelby. I know what writing something like this is like, something that tears your heart out, and you struggle for the right words to express what is eating you up: it’s draining and gut-wrenching!


    1. You are so right about that Dr. Bramhall! What is there really to say? It all seems so meaningless and pointless because mere words can’t do what I feel, justice.

      Thank you for your comment. I had to pull myself together and that is why I am so late in responding to your comment.

      But I do thank you!


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