“VA Suicide Hotline! Hold, Please!”

VA suicide hotline

Exclusive: VA suicide hotline workers ripped for failing vets

The VA, has been swamped with calls since opening in 2007. The volume increased from fewer than 10,000 in 2007 to more than 500,000 last year, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

A 2010 calculation by the VA estimates that 22 veterans kill themselves each day. The VA, which has not updated that estimate, says the hotline “rescues” 30 veterans from suicide each day.

Wow! The VA is swamped with calls from veterans who need help in dealing with their many issues relative to having been deployed to warzones. The report goes on to say that many VA workers are leaving their post early.

Some workers handle only one to five calls each day and leave before their shifts end even though phone lines have gotten busier, the emails say. As a result, 35% to 50% of the calls roll over to back-up centers where workers have less training to deal with the emotional problems of former service members.

So, the people who are trained to deal with potential suicides handle only one to five calls a day? For real? And after having listened to one suicidal former service member, they are out the door and oh what a great day it is, eh? Then, those who are on backup are sitting somewhere looking cross-eyed for lack of training or know-how in dealing with the ’emotional problems’ that they are hearing from the former servicemen. Go figure!

In February, an Inspector General investigation revealed that some of the in-coming calls early last year had rolled over to back-up centers and gone to voicemail.

Suicide calls of former service members went to voicemail???!!! Get the fuck outta here! They are actually saying that someone who we all ‘thank for their service to this country’ was in desperate need of some anti-suicide help and their plea for help went to voicemail? Surely, they jest?

I guess the calls went something like this!

Former service member to VA suicide hotline: “Sob! Sob! Hello! My name is John and I just cannot take the fact that I pissed on dead Afghan corpses(dead because I killed them) again and again when I was deployed in Afghanistan and now, my mind is a mess. I realize that I became a military whore for the express purpose of making warmongers ever more richer and I am just not down with that anymore. I’d rather kill myself. And I, uh……what’s that?”

VA  suicide hotline voicemail: “Hello! You have reached the Department of Veterans Affairs Suicide Hotline and while we ‘thank you for your service’, your estimated wait time to speak with a suicide hotline representative is 72 hours. So, kindly hold that suicide thought and call us back when we are less busy.” Click!

Here is an idea, forward the calls to the White House! Veterans, if you are feeling suicidal, call your ex-Commander-in-Chief, Barack Insane Obama, he is the reason you are feeling suicidal, he and John McCain, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Lindsey Graham and all the other warmongers and war hawks that insist that  continuous wars lead to peace. No one should have to listen to your mental problems because you chose to sign on the dotted line to go fuck people up who had done you no personal harm. Now, even the VA is telling you to take responsibility for your own actions. The employees that are walking away from their posts early are telling you that they don’t want to hear you whine and complain about your PTSD, your night terrors and your bouts of depression. I would not want to hear them either. If you called me, I would tell you to go to hell, which is the same thing the VA is telling you to do. When they don’t answer your calls for anti-suicide help, they are telling you to stop bluffing and just ‘do yourself in’ already. They are not your priest and so therefore, have no reason in the world to want to hear your confession before you suck on a shotgun or hang yourself. You should have thought about what it would mean when someone put a loaded gun into your hands. What did you think they wanted you to do with a loaded gun? Sell it at a gun auction? You went through basic training and so you knew what was expected of you and you had every opportunity in the world to disengage yourself from the military before being shipped out to kill or be killed.

Those who you whore yourselves out to don’t give a damn about your mental disorders when you come back for if they did, do you really think that what is going down at the VA would continue to go down? Hell no! It has been stated by the head of the VA that wait times for former service members to receive necessary medical care has been likened to lines at Disneyworld and still you think that someone gives a shit about your problems? Get real! You were just expendable cannon fodder to the warmongers who were only too glad to have you get fucked up to keep the war machine revved up and when you are of no further use to anyone, including yourselves, why, the warmongers want you to just die already. They know what goes on at the VA and yet despite all hell, the VA is synonymous with outrageous wait times, indifferent medical services and unmanned suicide hotlines.

I have some advice for the former service members who are thinking of killing themselves. If this is the route that you feel you must go, then try not to take out innocent people when you kill yourselves. It is the least you could do seeing as how the predicament that you are in, lies squarely on your shoulders. And though it may seem as though I am not sympathetic to your plight, it is because I am not sympathetic to your plight because I have enough sense to know that if I pick up a weapon, that means that I intend to use it. If I don’t pick up a weapon, then I don’t intend to use it and if someone tells me to suit up and board a plane, after having put a gun into my hands, then that means that I expect to kill or to be killed and that is not something that I am willing to do. You refuse to give ‘peace’ a chance and then you wonder why you can find no peace within your own mind? When have you ever known peace and a gun to go hand in hand?

So no, I am not at all upset with the Department of Veterans Affairs for not coming through for you in your time of need because you would not be in need if you had not already lost all of your ‘humanity’ when you decided that the only way to effect peace was to launch a missile, a drone or by using a gun! Deal with the consequences of your own actions…or not!

12 thoughts on ““VA Suicide Hotline! Hold, Please!”

    1. It is sad for those whose conscience actually bothered them over killing people they did not even know. As extremely critical as I am of AmeriKKKa’s military whores, I am more critical of those who start the wars that young people, in their prime, btw, sign up to fight and then their mind becomes a paralyzing foe. And they don’t even seem to be able catch the disdain in the voice of that piece of shit commander-in-chief, Barack Obama when he drones uselessly on and on about how he is making sure that our veterans are receiving topnotch medical care, housing and other veteran’s benefits, when nothing could be further from the truth as to what veterans actually receive. The troops mean nothing to those warmongers and war hawks who spout useless rhetoric every Veterans Day and Memorial Day while continuing to add to the numbers of deceased soldiers.

      I just wish that Americans would get a clue and realize that they are not fighting for anything at all that is honorable or is about freedom and democracy and understand that those who send them to war, think of them as something underneath shit!

      Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited.


  1. For 5 years ago, Congress has repeatedly cut the VA funding to provide these and other services. Presently the main source of manpower in the military is the poverty draft – with youth unemployment so high, for many young people, the only alternative to joining the military is living on the street. There seems to be a kind of arrogance in the Congress and the White House right now – it’s okay to pass laws denying poor people jobs, food, housing, health care because it’s considered their own fault if they had the bad luck to be born poor.

    This arrogance clearly extends to poor folk who were suckered into enlisting to serve in the wars in the Middle East. As far as I can see, hardly anyone in Congress really gives a fuck what happens to them.

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    1. No one gives a fuck about what happens to these young people. And I for one, am hopping mad over the fact that the warmongers take people who are in the bloom of youth and fuck them up, eight ways to Sunday and then don’t even give a good goddamn about those poor young people.

      But I feel the need to re-state again, that though poverty may prompt many into signing on the dotted line, I cannot lay the blame entirely at poverty’s door. I have posted over and over again on this blog about the fact that newly enlisted grunts and their families receive $18,000-$20,000 annually, thus qualifying them for food stamps. In addition to that, an organization was founded to help soldiers who live on the base, supplement their food stamps with a food shelf because the shits that run the military base raised the cost of food at the stores that the military families grocery shop at.

      Not to mention that there are so many homeless vets walking the street, it is unreal. I, myself took pictures of homeless vets when I first started blogging and one is featured in my post titled, “Am I Not Human?” Many young people don’t seem to understand that the way out of poverty is not to join the military because they are still living in poverty circumstances while at the same time, are facing overseas deployment which could result in their death. And for $18,000 or $20,000 and some food stamps???!!! Somebody is not using their brain. And I do understand that the very young obviously don’t think much, but it does not take a whole lot of thinking to figure out that while a soldier is still living in poverty while in the military, at the same time, those who start these wars that these young people get sent over to fight, don’t live like this, not at all. By now, everyone should know who gets rich off wars and why and it is not the military grunts who have signed over their bodies and minds for what? $18,000 a year, some food stamps, a gun, a uniform and in the end, a flag-draped coffin and a worthless ass salute at their graveside. No fucking thank you!

      And believe me, I am not sitting on my ass swilling champagne while denigrating people who sign up who feel that that is the only course of action available to them. I have worked two jobs and never did see my bed because I was up in the morning at 5:30AM heading to my first job, left that job at 4:30PM and went home long enough to shower and change into my uniform to work my night job from 6:00PM to 10:00PM and sometimes up until 1:00AM.

      When I left my home state and moved to a different state because of an abusive husband, I was so poverty-stricken, I had to walk to work with the soles of my shoes gone and with my feet touching the pavement. The frig was empty and the freezer even emptier. My first bill from the electric company was a shut-off notice. I did not even have a winter coat; only a thin jacket and never had bus fare, so I was walking like that to work. I caught the flu and could not even take a day off. I sat at work and suffered. But never did it dawn on me that a way out of that was to pick up a weapon and kill someone who I did not even know and who had done not a goddamn thing to me.

      And so I refuse to excuse the young who sign on the dotted line and their excuse is, ‘they are escaping poverty’. That don’t cut no ice with me!

      I thank you for your comment.


  2. I am speechless, Shelby – I can barely keep up with your posts and this one is magnificent – I have never heard another person lay out this reality like you have except my husband (also magnificent).


    1. Tosca1953, I am quite humbled by your wonderful compliment on this one! I cannot thank you enough for it. I just call it like I see it and I get so tired of people making excuses for why others will sign up to kill or be killed. No one in this day and age is that innocently naïve that they have no idea what they are doing. And it most certainly cannot be stated that those who re-enlist have no idea what they are doing because that would be a lie. They have the killing fever and quite obviously, like what they are doing or they would not continuously sign on the dotted line to kill. Personal responsibility seems to be a thing of the past what with everyone finding excuses for their bad behavior and for the choices they make.

      As you can see, I am having none of it. I don’t make excuses for what I do. If I do wrong, I accept the consequences of my actions, try and learn from what I did and not do it again. There is nothing hard about it, but I will not attempt to downplay what I am responsible for and basically blame it on the rain or whatever, when I am responsible for my actions. And so again, those who sign up to kill or be killed know what is expected of them and yet, they do it anyway and then want us to feel sorry for them when they find themselves needing a wheelchair or prosthetics and the Veterans Administration ain’t hopping to it. They knew the consequences of gun violence and they accepted all that comes with it. And so, excuses for them don’t cut no ice with me, that’s on them.

      And again Tosca1953, I sincerely thank you for the compliment on this one. It is much appreciated!


  3. U may know that increasing #s of amerikkkans who never became cannon fodder r hurling themselves off bridges & overpasses. “Deaths of despair”, as it’s been termed. The chickens have come home 2 roost

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    1. Oh yes, there are many “deaths of despair” and they will continue because there are certain segments of the population who cannot become poor and destitute. That is a fate not to be endured; not to mention the young people who have everything that money can buy and yet, many of them are caught up in the “Deaths of despair.” There is nothing but despair everywhere and even farmers are committing suicide because they are losing everything thanks to climate change, global warming or whatever they want to call it. I actually posted a blog about “A Tale of Two Amerikkkas” and it is ever so spot on if I do say so myself. Please feel free to check it out here.

      And welcome and I sincerely thank you for your comment!


      1. I just read the aforementioned piece yesterday; such gold:) It reminded me of this: https://shelbycourtland.wordpress.com/2017/05/17/there-is-a-simple-solution-to-ramsomware-but-you-dont-want-to-hear-it/

        Not sure what music you’re into, but a band I used to listen to lost its frontman 2 summers ago. Does the name Chester Bennington ring a bell? Dude hung himself in the house he just got 2 mos. prior, was known to b depressed & had tried to off himself in the past. All this despite supposedly “having everything”.

        Amerikkkans have been sorely misguided on what constitutes “happiness” & now the wheels r falling off.

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      2. Sarah, I am not into much music these days, books are my thing but if I listen to music, it is rhythm and blues and so, I had not heard of Chester Bennington. But I am not surprised to read that he hung himself since most people think that fame and fortune equates with happiness when it is quite obvious that neither ever does for why would so many ‘celebrities’ need to head to rehab monthly? And why are so many wealthy politicians hell bent on starting wars for no reason? If their wealth brought them happiness, you would think that they would be content to just ‘enjoy’ all that money could buy, but instead, they get their jollies off on seeing other people, miserable as hell. Nothing in this world makes any sense anymore. Nothing.

        And I checked into this Chester Bennington guy and I read this:

        In a Wired article the next year, he revealed that he and his wife had been victims of an aggressive cyberstalker who had gained access to everything from their Social Security numbers to their social plans. The experience was deeply unsettling, leading Mr. Bennington, who was famously open and available to his fans, to withdraw.

        And so I can see why this reminded you of “There Is A Simple Solution To Ramsomware But You Don’t Want To Hear It.” Chester Bennington and his wife would not have been victims of a cyberstalker if everything was not computerized. People and other entities put everything about themselves online and then wonder why some hacker can gain access to their information. The more on us that is online, the easier it is to find out everything there is to know about us. We don’t have any privacy. People post videos and pictures of their babies, toddlers and underage children online and perverts are sitting somewhere able to hone in on their location and stalk them. There are more people online who are predators than are not. The sick and twisted perverts of this world are gaining in numbers and they don’t give a damn over the havoc they wreak.

        But once again, Chester Bennington’s suicide points to the fact that no one, quite obviously, is truly happy even when they seem to ‘have it all’. Look at Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and the list is endless. There is hardly a ‘happy medium’ anymore. We tend to have on the one hand, those who are so broke, they become homeless and then those whose every wish could be fulfilled and yet neither are having any fun or are happy. Both are most likely to use drugs and alcohol to dull the pain of, dare I say, living? What a messed up world we have created and unfortunately, we seem hell bent on continuing in this vein, more’s the pity.

        Sarah, I thank you for your comment.


  4. Reading your replies is always interesting 😉
    Since you’re a bookworm like me, I’ve got a recommendation for u. ‘Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline’ by Morris Berman is the last of a trilogy on Amerikkka’s decline. The other 2 are ‘Twilight of American Culture’ & ‘Dark Ages America’. He also has a blog.

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    1. Sarah, as much as I thank you for recommending that book, I must state, with much embarrassment, that the only books I read are fiction.

      I already know that this shithole is in decline. I see examples of it every single day. There is not a state in this shithole that is not in decline. There are homeless tent cities in every state. Many people are living out of vans and cars and not because they want to ‘explore Amerikkka’. Those who were just impacted by the earthquakes in California, many are now sleeping in their trucks and vans and some are sleeping on mattresses in their front yard. The governor did a photo op there and basically promised those people, nothing. There are people who are still homeless from last year’s hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Florida and the Carolinas. There are people still wondering where they are going to live after the wildfires devastated California recently. People are not just losing their homes due to an inability to pay the rent/mortgage because of job loss, they are losing their homes thanks to disasters and there is nothing that a politician is going to do for them. We were not supposed to have 30-year mortgages, hocking ourselves to death and burning fossil fuels until this planet finally said, “Enough is enough!” This is not how we were supposed to live and so not only is there an Amerikkkan decline, there is a global decline because the shit that was put into play here, was also put into play, the world over.

      I feel sorry for the babies born today because they really don’t have a future. The future is now and like a snowball that doesn’t stand a chance in hell, neither do they or us.

      Sarah, thank you for your comment.


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