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For years I have had the same reoccurring nightmare. There is a numb, burning feeling in my throat. I want to scream at the top of my lungs, yet every time I open my mouth, nothing comes out. I’m watching as women with skin like mine cry out for help before being silenced, but I can’t move, I can’t help them. […]

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When you think about the Black Lives Matter movement, how many male victims come to mind? Now how many females? If you have less females than males it doesn’t mean that women have less cases, it just means we are not spoken about as much. In this fight for black lives, I challenge you to educate yourself on the black women who have lost their lives and protect the ones who are still alive.

Below I have listed the names of just some of the women whose names should constantly be said and always be remembered.

I will answer the question of “Do You Care About Us?”

The answer is “NO!”

All the emphasis gets placed on the need to protest and march when Black men get themselves murdered by the police, but when Black women get murdered by the police, the same outpouring of outrage never materializes.

I’m going to go here just for the sake of argument, and you can get mad all you want, I don’t care, but if you look up the information on who had rap sheets, ten miles long, chances are, Black men who got themselves murdered by the police will have one, but the Black female victims who have been murdered by the police will not. That is not to say that having a rap sheet, ten miles long is an excuse for the police to murder Black men with impunity, but if there was ever a more deserving victim of outrage and protest, it would be a Black woman. Black women are the victims of ‘murdered by police’ and nine times out of ten, we don’t even have a record, but yet, we will go to the front of every single protest line and screech and wail and holler, “No Justice! No Peace! Stop the racist police!,” in defense of Black men, who more than likely owe us back child support.

And yes, I am going to go here. Let’s take George Floyd, for instance, and even though I stated that I no longer wanted to speak on him, for this, I will make an exception.

George Floyd was a thug. There ain’t no way around that and so get over it! The man had a rap sheet, ten miles long and had been incarcerated for armed robbery. George Floyd and another man broke into a woman’s house. George Floyd put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach and demanded drugs. A PREGNANT WOMAN!

FINAL CONVERSATION George Floyd’s grieving girlfriend Courteney Ross reveals her final words to him were ‘I love you’

Floyd served a five-year sentence for aggravated assault after an armed robbery in 2007, which saw him break into a woman’s home, put a gun to her stomach and comb her house for drugs with another man. According to a police report, they took jewelry and the woman’s cellphone.

All of that has been forgotten because Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck for almost 10 minutes, thus snuffing the life out of him. But George Floyd had long since abandoned the mother of his 6-year old daughter, along with his 6-year old daughter for this!

George Floyd ditched his daughter for ‘Becky’. And if anyone thinks that I would have taken to the streets in protest on behalf of George Floyd, think again. He wanted to open up a restaurant called, “Convict Kitchen” with this! Let this white bitch protest for his dead sell-out ass.

Now, I come to Breonna Taylor:

Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor, her life mattered. All Black Lives Matter, including the lives of Black women! We are no less than Black men and you’d better believe it! We are why your Black male asses are getting some kind of justice while we get none!

Meanwhile, not a peep was heard across Amerikkka outside of Louisville, KY when Breonna Taylor, 26, was shot 8 times and murdered in her home by the police who were in the wrong apartment since the suspect that they were after had already been apprehended. Breonna’s boyfriend shot back in self defense, trying to protect Breonna, himself and his home from invaders and was jailed for doing so. It was only after public outcry, when he was released.

Breonna Taylor was an EMT. She was on the frontlines of a pandemic, carting COVID-19 patients to the hospital while at the same time, she was studying for a degree in nursing. She was trying to help people; her people. She had never been arrested, nor had she been in any trouble with the law in her short life. But we want to fuck shit up over a convicted felon who was sleeping with the enemy, and yet remain stubbornly silent over what happened to Breonna Taylor, outside of Louisville, KY, that is.

If the folks in this shithole had the effrontery to go the fuck off, then folks should have went the fuck off over the senseless murder of Breonna Taylor. But her mother had to appear on “Good Morning America” to ask why was there no one remembering that her daughter’s life mattered. Breonna’s mother had to sit up on “Good Morning America” and wonder why that beautiful soul; that beautiful Black woman, did not garner any outpouring of outrage and anger and calls to de-fund the police and disband the police and some more shit over the senseless murder of her daughter.

Why does it seem that Black women don’t matter? We are dying in childbirth and that does not matter. We are left high and dry when our men leave us with a baby in our belly and he’s off to the next and that does not matter. We are the ones who are told how bad we are for heading to Planned Parenthood because we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. We are perceived as free loading, Cadillac driving welfare queens by some piece of shit dead president when whites are statistically, the faces of welfare. Black women ALWAYS get treated like shit!

Black women, I am begging you, don’t continue to cape for these no account Black men who garner all of the support, tears, protests, marches and some more shit when they don’t care what happens to us. The Black man is an emasculated, self hating bitch that’s trying to cuddle up with a ‘Becky’. They don’t deserve our respect, tears, tired, aching feet or our support. We deserve better than what we have been getting from Black men who could not care less what we do FOR them; that is quite obvious.

I can honestly state, that the reason I don’t date to this day is because I got sick and damned tired of Black men beating my ass six ways to Sunday. I got sick of it! I got sick and tired of paying the bills while my Black ex-husband played the goddamn lottery, played cards for money and then needed me to give his ass gas money to get to work. I got tired of that shit and vowed that I would never mess with another Black man. I stepped back on my own promise and tried it again, this time, dated a Black man, only to get mistreated again. I’m done. I’m through. Stick a goddamn fork in me. Am I down with the swirl? Hell no! Nor am I gay. I’m fine all on my own and I would have it no other way! But I will not tolerate getting my ass beat or being disrespected by a piece of shit Black man. That’s not going to happen. And so hell no! I will never march down the goddamn street in defense of your Black ass when I know you, Black man! And you can call me ‘hating’ if you want, I don’t give a damn and you can bank on that!

I sincerely hope that no other Black woman gets murdered by police, but if she does, then and only then, will I even bother posting about it. Black men, as far as I am concerned, you are on your own. Until you wake up and recognize that Black women matter, your ass won’t matter to me! And fucking know I mean that. Now come on up in here with some bullshit about this here post and I will be more than happy to mop the cyber floor with your self hating, punk ass bitch, Becky loving ass! And you know, I don’t play!

21 thoughts on “Do You Care About Us? — Cleo Blue

  1. Misogynoir is the term coined by Moya Bailey to identify the dynamic that, as you have so well documented, gets played by the guilty to deflect attention from their crimes. The criminals go all the way back to 1519 and they include the slavers who have garnered all the plunder during all those 400 years. The words “founding fathers” should be banished the language. Being a liar, a thief, and a rapist qualifies you for the most powerful of the patriarchs — and all the patriarchs are white: every single one. Trump is only notable as the exceptional one who doesn’t lie about being a liar, thief, and rapist. The police do their best to keep the white supremacist system protected and esteemed through it all. Derek Chauvin is now the scapegoat for ALL the police murderers, the Jesus who is foisted as the one who absolves the whites of their “original sins” in the Western Hemisphere by the Chauvinists from Europe.

    “…for decades, their stories have been sidelined in public discussions about policing. Many scholars point to misogyny to explain the continued marginalization of black women in mainstream narratives on police violence. As Andrea Ritchie, one of the authors of the groundbreaking #SayHerName report, explains, “Women’s experiences of policing and criminalization and resistance [have] become unworthy of historical study or mention, particularly when those writing our histories are also men.”


    1. Bill, thank you for going all the way back to the ‘founding fathers slave owning rapists’. Those who were raped, for the most part were women who look like me. When I tell you that I turn red when I become enraged to the point of apoplexy, I am not bragging. When men have told me that I am NOT Black, but yellow, that is NOT a compliment to me. When I was not ‘light’ enough for my mother, she let me have it. On the one hand, I am too light for some and too dark for others and yet, I have had to bear the brunt of that for my forty odd years on this planet.

      When I was giving birth to my son, I died because of the white medical system. I was declared dead because their heart monitor did not work and so they deemed it necessary to perform a caesarean section on me and they cut me from stem to stern. I did not know this until I awoke from death. I did not see a tunnel, nor did I see a light at the end of it for there is no light at the end for Black women, as you can plainly see.

      It has been stated that throughout slavery, Black women have been used as guinea pigs for experimentation in the field of gynecology and that continues to this day and that is partly why Black women are still dying in childbirth when we should not be. There, is where I also went, but for some strange reason, returned to the land of the living. The whites are denying to this very day, that it happened. But I know it happened because I remember waking up and a white nurse was sitting beside me and there were all of these machines next to me and they were bleeping and clicking and making all sorts of sounds and the nurse said, “Ah, you’re awake! We lost you there for a bit. But we brought you back. Your heart stopped beating and you stopped breathing, but we brought you back.”

      I had to spend nine, that’s 9 days in the hospital because I had a temperature that refused to go down and no one could figure out why. My son, I was told, could go home, but I could not. I was supposed to have been denied visitors, but they came before the order could be placed. I had to beg to be let out of the hospital with the promise that I would take antibiotics, for what, they did not know. Now, you tell me, was I dreaming this or did it really happen? For why else would my temperature spike and refuse to come down? Why else would they want to refuse me visitors? Why else did they want to keep me in the hospital while sending my son home? But yet, when they get the records of that event, they have been wiped clean. Even my mother denies that she was informed that I had ‘died’. And I distinctly remember the nurse telling me that they had apprised my mother of what had happened to me, but only after it was over. My mother never cared for me and so I don’t wonder at her obvious lies about what happened and since whites have always been liars, I don’t wonder at their attempts to tell lies that what I know happened, didn’t happen according to them. They didn’t want to be sued. So of course, it didn’t happen.

      So I guess, what I am trying to say is that, the criminals are still at it to this day since Black women are dying in childbirth in a so-called, “First World Nation.” That makes no sense. Top it off with the fact that no one becomes unglued when our lives are snuffed out at the hands of the state while Black men garner ALL of the attention even as we are front and center at each march and protest against police murdering Black men.

      From now on, my focus will be on Black women since no one else cares about our plight and just takes us for granted; white and Black, alike.

      “Derek Chauvin is now the scapegoat for ALL the police murderers, the Jesus who is foisted as the one who absolves the whites of their “original sins” in the Western Hemisphere by the Chauvinists from Europe.”

      I said something similar on a different blog. For some strange reason, Derek Chauvin has been thrown under the bus, even by some members of the police force that he was a member of. I hear tell that some members of the police force of Minneapolis that Derek Chauvin was a former member of, published a letter, distancing themselves from the police union and from Derek Chauvin and have denounced what Derek Chauvin did.

      “Women’s experiences of policing and criminalization and resistance [have] become unworthy of historical study or mention, particularly when those writing our histories are also men.”

      And that is why, Bill, that from this day forward, I am only going to focus on “women’s experiences of policing and criminalization,” since no one else wants to do anything about it including Black men.

      Bill, I thank you for stepping into this hot ass kitchen. As you can see, hardly anyone dare step into it, but you are a brave soul.

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      1. The vast majority of white people do not participate in their own lives, preferring to live a self-whiteous existence established under a white-supremacist “natural law” that places them in control of everything and everyone. Whether as commanded by the chosen beings that obtain favor from a white god who created a white Adam and a white Eve or a Western Civilization that I prefer to call Western Evilization that was tempered by the blood of those who were subdued and ethnically cleansed to further the arts and sciences of the “culture” of The West. Their art museums still house the plunder stolen along the great white way. The names of places, the borders created by white overlords drawn by the various European military commanders, the geopolitical control that decides the fates of every square inch of the planet, the millionaires become billionaires become trillionaires — all white of course.
        As you know, I can clear a room faster than anyone. Thank gawd for your hot ass kitchen. 🙂


      2. Someone gave me a compliment and told me that I was more than likely “too savage for WordPress.” They wondered why WordPress had not shut me down. WordPress has not shut me down because I don’t have the ‘followers’ that would make a damn bit of difference. If I was ever truly perceived as some sort of ‘threat’, WordPress would indeed, shut me down.

        And surprisingly enough, I just ordered equipment to start my own podcast(not from Amazon, of course)and initially, it was supposed to take 3 days to reach me. Now they tell me that my equipment will not get here until July 2nd. But get this. My cousin ordered something from Istanbul, Turkey and it’s going to get here in 3 days. We were both supposed to receive our shipments on the same day; Friday. Like I stated, his is coming from Istanbul, mine was coming from Dover, Delaware. Now you tell me how it is that something that is being shipped from Istanbul, Turkey is going to get here before a shipment that is already in this shithole? Doesn’t make any sense and I have been on the phone screeching and wailing about THAT shit! Someone knows what’s up because as soon as I get that equipment, explosions are going to start going off. And I am so NOT kidding!

        But yes, I do know that those white colonizing parasites, not only stole people, but also stole artifacts and to this day, they refuse to return them to their rightful owner and will only ‘loan’ them back to the original owners. How ‘thoughtful’ of them.

        And haven’t you heard, Quaker Oats just now found out that Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are racist stereotypes and have decided to do something about that now that almost everyone and their uncle is jumping on the “We have been racist towards Black people” bandwagon, which apparently, just started up thanks in part to George Floyd and Derek Chauvin.

        Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s Rebranding After Years of Criticism for Racist Imagery

        The Aunt Jemima news broke Wednesday morning, with parent company Quaker Oats, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, issuing a statement saying that the image of a smiling African-American woman would be removed from the packages of maple syrup, pancake mixes, and other prepackaged foods by the end of this year. A name change, yet to be announced, will happen in early 2021.

        Understandably, many pondered if the Aunt Jemima news would inspire other brands to update their images, such as Uncle Ben’s Rice and Cream of Wheat, both of which use smiling black men as their logos.

        Cream of Wheat, the porridge mix brand owned by B&G Foods, was founded in 1893 and originally used a similar minstrel show-inspired character named “Rastus,” a name that itself became associated with racist stereotypes.

        Aunt Jemima

        And this one!

        racist mess

        So it took ‘them’, 127 years to determine that those characters on those boxes were “associated with racist stereotypes.” The hypocrisy should amaze me, but I am so far beyond that, it ain’t even funny. For some strange reason, it is now a problem to continue brands with racist associations when this shit has been going down for hundreds of years in this shithole and so as far as I am concerned, “Something is rotten in Denmark,” because when whites start pretending that they are just figuring some shit out that was always racist and should have long since been done away with and now, they are doing just that, I don’t trust them. I NEVER trust whites and I have no need to start doing that shit now.

        Bill, I thank you for another spot on comment. You can always be counted on to bring relevance and not hold back. I like your style.

        “We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype.

        And this one!


  2. Thanks for this post. The black woman burn the cape movement has started because we’re tired of our voices not being heard when we’re not protected. Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau, a 19 year old activist was who was on the frontline protesting for black men was killed by a black man. The sistah was out there protesting for protections of black manhood but end up being killed by the man she was trying to protect. Black women are always putting ourselves on frontline for black men but when we’re attack we are always question or sometimes blame for our on attack by black men.

    P.S. Fuck George Floyd! Him & another man held a defenseless pregnant woman at gunpoint. But when it was time for him to be a man to defend his self against another man he called out for his mama.
    Rayshard Brooks & Eric Garner both have criminal record as well. I strongly feel we need to be careful of these black people we protesting for especially when they do harm to another black person.

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    1. Shanequa, I have most DEFINITELY burned my cape! I burned my cape years ago. The last protest I attended for a Black man was probably in 2013. When those namby pamby, shit their pants, calling for their mama, punk ass bitch, ‘Becky’ loving asswipes start giving a shit about us, then I might say, “too bad, so sad,” when they get their asses murdered by kops. But I’m still NOT taking to the streets for their damn Black ass! Ain’t gonna happen. How the hell can they talk about protecting their queens, which is supposed to be us, while their ass is busy somewhere hugging up on ‘Becky’? Let ‘Becky’s’ ass march through the goddamn streets of this shithole for their Black sell-out asses. I’m done with the shit!

      I am with you there! “Fuck George Floyd!” What the fuck do I look like going to jail for burning some shit down over a lousy thug that had a rap sheet ten miles long and on that rap sheet was a charge for PUTTING A GUN ON A PREGNANT WOMAN’S STOMACH AND DEMANDING DRUGS? Ain’t no way in hell I’m going to go to bat for that shit. From now on, I am only going to bat for Black women, and they had better not be dating ‘Ken’s’ ass! I’ma start checking up on THAT shit as well.

      And I am sure that you’ve noticed that I have not even mentioned ‘Rayshard Brooks’ name until you just brought it up because, like I’ve already stated, I threw my goddamn cape away! It is so long gone, I wouldn’t even know where to begin to search for it if I wanted to, which I don’t!

      But yeah! George Floyd can be a big, tough man when he’s standing over a pregnant woman, holding a gun to her stomach, but turns into a complete punk ass bitch when some skinny ass white motherfucker has a knee on his fucking thug neck, calling for his mama. He wasn’t thinking about his mama when he had a gun on a pregnant woman’s stomach. And newsflash, his mother was at one point in time, pregnant with his ass. How the fuck would he have liked it if some piece of shit thug had did that to his mama? But then since Black men are now emasculated, punk ass bitches, he more than likely would not have cared.

      Look at this shit that Black women have taken to the streets over!

      Joshua Brown, who was the lead witness in the Botham Shem Jean murder case who got himself murdered. Look who the fuck he was fooling with; Becky!

      Joshua Brown

      And look at who Botham Shem Jean hung around with. Hint! They weren’t Black women! And Black women took to the streets over his dead ass!

      Botham Shem Jean

      And yes I did read about that piece of shit Black thug that murdered a Black woman who was trying to help ALL Black men and look what she got for her troubles; murdered by this piece of thug shit!


      He murdered that poor woman and he’s sitting somewhere looking like the piece of shit he is. They ought to fry his ass!

      Suspect charged with murder, kidnapping in Oluwatoyin Salau caseSalau and another missing woman were found dead on Saturday, police said.

      A suspect has been charged in the double homicide of two women reported missing this month in Tallahassee.

      Aaron Glee Jr. was charged with murder and kidnapping, the Tallahassee Police Department said Tuesday, a day after the department announced that Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau, 19, and Victoria Sims, 75, were found dead.

      Glee was also recently arrested twice in recent weeks in unrelated battery cases. He was also accused of battery in connection with a May 28 incident.

      And Shanequa, poor Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau did not even have a fixed address. She was sleeping where she could because she just wanted to see justice done over the police killing Black men. Where were the funds from the BLACKLIVESMATTER Movement for these protesters like Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau? Somebody needs to start looking into that group, “Black Lives Matter,” because whatever they are doing with the money, it’s obviously NOT what they’re supposed to be doing with it because if they were taking care of these protesters, Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau, might still be alive. Also, others have been paying to get the protesters out of jail. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Group hasn’t done a damn thing to help in that regard.

      This shit is crazy! A Black woman is murdered by one of the very ‘men’ she is protesting for. The ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ group is supposed to be sponsoring protests, but are not protecting the protesters by making sure they have a roof over their head, nor are they spending all the donations they got on bailing them out of jail and so it begs the question, where are the donations going? Start arresting those motherfuckers!

      All of this shit is why folks don’t want to deal with Black people because Black people can’t get their shit together! This is why I steer clear of Black folks because I can’t deal with them. Hell no! Only by an accident of birth am I Black since there ain’t no way in hell I’d WANT to be involved in this shit!

      Shanequa, thank you for mentioning Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau because she is another forgotten victim in all of this!



    This uncle Thomas went viral in UK just because he saved a white supremacy WM who belong to “FAIR RIGHT” from angry black mob!
    Keep in mind that ”Fair RIGHT” are group of bunch racist wp in UK who are conservative and they don’t want foreigners in their country like KKK!

    This uncle Thomas with his action received a large number of backlashes on YouTube from different black bloggers,because this another insane behaviour that came from BM!
    BM like this man how you said Shelby are cowards,passive,submit men and deep down BM feel envy and jealousy for WM,they want what WM have ”power and privilege!”
    This picture remind me so many things like plantation era ”Massa and his puppy slave” ”America build on the back of blacks” ”WM relaxing no worries my negro will carry me” ”KKK and his BM”.

    You will never see BM carry on their shoulders BW or black kids protect and defend them from racist wp!
    No,BM would rather protect “Becky” or racist WM who they constantly deprive them of their life!
    This what Patrick Hutchinson said to journalists “His first thought was that someone was in danger.”
    He didn’t think, “Oh, this is a black guy or white guy.” He thought someone could die and I have to get involved.
    ‘He wouldn’t stand there and see someone kicked to death’’
    ‘’Patrick just took it all in his stride. All he said is, It’s not black versus white, it’s everybody against racism”.
    Don said he hoped his brother’s actions could help the country to heal, adding: ‘‘It is time that we all set our differences aside and learn to work together”.
    This is the most emasculated speech I have ever read!
    Do you think a racist WM would ever risks his life to save BM from an angry white mobs? Did you ever see a WM save a BM or black kid?
    This Patrick doesn’t know that in the past WM enjoyed kidnapping or dragging by force BM from their houses,
    stripping, and then torturing, killing them and setting their bodies on fire?
    There are still on internet thousand of these old pictures of these WM who were laughing and smiling!
    This is goes beyond of self-hatred,BM don’t want to give up and they don’t want to go against white supremacy
    because they don’t want lose the access to ”BECKY”


    1. I saw a picture of that bullshit, qnubian and I was just too damn enraged to even go there! No white man would EVER do that for a Black man and that is why I call Black men, exactly what they are; a bunch of weak, punk ass bitches! I just left a comment for Shanequa because I am about to put up a blog and I want you to see it too, qnubian. You need to see my next blog because it glaringly points to what I’ve been stating and what you have been stating. Because I am goddamn tired of Black women coming to the rescue of some shits that don’t even give a damn for us, even the ones who claim to while we are more fucked up than Black men are and yet, no one wants to do a goddamn thing about our many plights! And many we have!

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