You Need Another Plan!

'Firearms sales rise with weapons a popular holiday gift'. "Another example of the charade of 'Christ'mas!
‘Firearms sales rise with weapons a popular holiday gift’.
“Another example of the charade of ‘Christ’mas!

He came, he saw and then he wept.
Jesus bowed his head and then he left.

The sadness struck deep, he’d given his all.
No one ever saw him; they were shopping at the mall.

He is the star of the show, but not in the parade.
Christmas is a farce; an expensive charade.

The birth of the savior was a savior ignored.
Just like the homeless, Jesus is abhorred.

Think not of others, keep doing what you do.
Go to your church and fill up the pew.

God loved the world and he sent his own son,
so that you can go out and purchase a gun?

Shoot your way to heaven, is that your aim?
If you find yourself in hell, who will you blame?

You love God, but you hate a homeless man?
Better do some thinking ‘cause you need another plan.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

13 thoughts on “You Need Another Plan!

    1. ….and Robin, here’s the proof that they are now attempting to ‘shoot’ their way into heaven!

      Gun goes off inside Rankin Co. church, man arrested

      Churchgoers got quite a scare at Pinelake Church in Rankin County Sunday morning.

      Flowood Police say a man’s gun accidentally discharged as he was sitting down.
      “Here in Mississippi, open gun laws. People don’t understand that you don’t need to bring it in churches and stuff,” says church member, Benny Hubbard.

      Officers took Joseph Edgar Ray into custody. He was in possession of a 9mm handgun.

      According to police, Ray’s gun was in his front right pocket and went off as he sat down.

      The church released this statement, it read in part, “As always, it is Pinelake Church’s highest concern and priority to provide a safe environment for our church family to worship. We are thankful for your prayers and we are thankful for god’s grace and protection…”

      Flowood Police tells us, the bullet hit concrete and the shell hit a woman in the leg, but barely broke skin.

      Ray has been charged with Discharging a Firearm in the City. He will appear in Flowood Municipal Court January 9.

      You just can’t make this shit up! LOL And they just keep giving me ‘ammunition’, uh…no pun intended!


      1. I can see a market for “Don’t bring your gun to church” signs, you know those red circles with a line through them, picture of people praying and some freak waving a gun. Maybe they could have a special gun bucket at the entrance, like the collection plate at the exit, “Deposit guns and ammo here, the Lord will protect you…”


  1. Yep — god, guns, and greed. Pretty much the big three, but not necessarily in that order.

    But now I have “I want my own Kalashnikov for xmas” stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, Shelby and Robyn! – Linda


  2. Robyn, we have NOT progressed from the days of the Wild, Wild, West! I remember watching those old movies and when the bad guys rode into town, the sheriff would meet them and demand that they deposit their guns into his safe keeping so as not to shoot up the entire town after visiting the saloon. Apparently, they need to bring that practice back. Only this time, they need to stop them at the door of a GASP!, ‘CHURCH’ or is the ‘church’ the new saloon? LMAO!!!! The more things change, the MORE they remain the same.


    1. LMAO!! you are a very funny lady. Church is the new saloon – that’s a bumper sticker slogan right there. Don’t those things come with a safety mechanism? He must have really thought he was walking into a potential shoot-out: “I’m going in to pray now, ma, I’ll release that safety just in case…” Um, I can’t imagine what he thought might happen. Is shooting your fellow churchgoers a sin, even if it was accidental and perpetrated by a member of the congregation who is mentally deficient (unable to use logic)? One thing’s for sure, Joseph Edgar Ray needs a whole lot more Johnny Cash in his life.


  3. Wow!! Very nice poem! I love the wordplay and metaphors! Unfortunately this is a reality of our world today with so much gun violence. This is awesome how you are shedding light on this situation.. 🙂


    1. Thank you Da Write Chick for your comment! I don’t know how I missed out on it. What is kinda, sorta funny is that in the church’s statement, they state that they are “thankful for god’s grace and protection…” What I’d like to know is this, if ‘god’s grace is protecting them, why the need for a gun? *shrug* Ya just can’t make this up!


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