PESTILENCE Is Already Here!


“The Homeland Security agency responsible for removing immigrants who are in the country illegally will run out of money by mid-August unless Congress approves President Barack Obama’s emergency request for $3.7 billion to help deal with a flood of child immigrants crossing the border illegally without their parents, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says.”

Well, well, well, ain’t that a bitch? “In this country illegally, eh?” Who the hell ain’t here illegally? Unless your goddamn ass is one of the indigenous peoples of America, your ass is here, illegally. Unfortunately, the Indians’ immigration policy was largely ignored as once the Indians realized that the European settlers were hell bent on relieving them of their land, they attempted to put a deportation system of their own into the works, but their deportation system was no match against their conquerors.

And so now we come to this, who can stay and who must go. “You, yeah you! Over there, you stay but you, hell naw, now git! The Statue of Liberty ain’t talking about you! We don’t care how tired, how poor and how huddled you are, we got fucking standards, ya know and you don’t meet ’em, so git!”

That’s some real shit right there and we’re some real shits, we are because this nation is a nation of immigrants and don’t hand me no bullshit about how if they come here, legally then all is well and good because we’re ALL fucking here illegally. I don’t care if you were born here. Somebody in your family came here from elsewhere and most likely got off at Ellis Island and now you want to sit back and point fingers at the dirty, the tired and the poor who cross the border looking for a better way of life or to escape gangs, violence or political persecution. I understand that these are children whose parents have sent them over and that many have relatives who live in America. So, what’s the problem America? This here is the land of opportunity for all, ain’t it? We’ve got lady liberty shining her beacon to welcome ALL immigrants to the shores of America, don’t we? Well? We fucking do or we don’t! If that ain’t the goddamn truth, then fucking lady liberty needs to step the fuck up off her pedestal, why don’t she?

What’s coming beats ALL. I read a quote from some ignorant piece of shit about how the immigrant children from South America have brought PESTILENCE to the shores of Amerikkka! HUH? Say WHAT?!!!! The fucking PESTILENCE is already here motherfuckers! It’s called, VULTURE CAPITALISM! It’s called, INCOME INEQUALITY! It’s called the 1%! Millions of Americans are already suffering from a pestilence. So, clue your stupid ass in, why doncha? And as if that isn’t bad enough, it is my understanding that some of the child immigrants are from Guatemala. Now, do you knuckleheads recall the Guatemalan STD Study? Huh? Well? Of course you don’t want to recall that because that right there was a PESTILENCE that America visited on poor unsuspecting Guatemalans, oh ye christian hypocrites of fake ass faith!

U.S. scientists knew 1940s Guatemalan STD studies were unethical, panel finds

“U.S. government researchers who purposely infected unwitting subjects with sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala in the 1940s.

At least 5,500 prisoners, mental patients, soldiers and children were drafted into the experiments, including at least 1,300 who were exposed to the sexually transmitted diseases syphilis, gonorrhea and chancroid, the commission reported. At least 83 subjects died.”

…and you want to talk about a goddamn pestilence crossing over into America when Amerikkka IS a goddamn pestilence! Always has been and always will be no matter who the fuck crosses over. Just ask the Indians, you know, those who never gave you permission to bring your worthless ass over here to begin with. Ask the Indians about who brought pestilence to them in the form of small pox blankets. Why doncha? Bunch of goddamn chicken shits, sitting somewhere in your cozy air conditioned penthouse most likely nursing your own goddamn pestilence that you got from some ‘high priced hooker’. You’ve got some damn nerve, spouting off at the mouth while you nurse your pestilence called, gonorrhea with the hounds of hell nipping at your heels, hell bound hypocrite that you are!

Amerikkkans seriously make me want to puke over the outrageousness of their hypocrisy. This nation was supposedly founded on the principle that “all men are created equal,” and yet slavery was rampant and the Indians were being indoctrinated into the heathen settler’s way of life after having had their land stolen from underneath them and now that the European heathens are at the helm of this lopsided sinking, stinking shithole barge, they now want to pick and choose who gets to cross into THEIR Amerikkka. You know what motherfuckers! Fuck You!

“Immigrants from Central America, bring whatever the hell you want to bring over here. Escape that Homeland Security shit and fuck up their goddamn day because you ain’t had time to board a boat and get processed at Ellis Island since you’re fleeing a goddamn war zone!”

4 thoughts on “PESTILENCE Is Already Here!

  1. My heart goes out to these innocent kids, can you imagine how scared they must be alone in some detention center? This will end very badly for this administration. The plan is for the gov’t to release an epidemic all over the country and blame the “immigrants” that they ordered to bus in! Then they shuttle everybody infected into FEMA camps, and now they’re opened for business. It’s crazy what’s going on in this hellhole. Sodom & Gomorrah II.


    1. The parents of these children would not willingly send them alone into another country unless there was something so dreadful as to be untenable going on in their own country and for the illegal shits at the helm of this sinking, stinking shithole barge to turn them away and send them back into hell is just absolutely mind blowing especially when their nasty ass ain’t legal themselves.

      If all the dead Indians that got killed by some European settling shits could speak, I am in no doubt that they would want the progeny of that shit the hell up out of their country. But they got no say, they got dead and now this shit comes along and gets to decide who can stay and who can’t when they’re here illegally themselves, fucking hypocrites. It fair makes my blood boil, it does!

      …and Sodom & Gomorrah was a cakewalk compared to what’s going down in this stinking shithole.

      I thank you most kindly for your comment 1Earth United! Much appreciated!


  2. Absolutely. The US autocratic governments in Latin America that throw indigenous people off their lands for the benefit of US corporations. With no way to feed their children, mothers have the choice of watching them starve or sending them north to the US at the risk of never seeing them again.

    In California, social services is placing ads in local newspapers for families willing to foster refugee children:$6000-Per-Month-to-House-Foreign-Minors


    1. Dr. Bramhall, since you were born here in Amerikkka, you know what horrors this shithole has unleashed from here to everywhere. As I type this, U.S. corporations are busy destroying rain forests and fracking and some more shit in Central America claiming that the corporations bring needed jobs to the area when that is a bald faced life as there are protest groups that have loudly denounced what these corporations have been allowed to get away with. They destroy the land, leave toxins behind and the people cannot even farm the land after U.S. corporations are done with it.

      Those U.S. corporations do nothing but foster poverty and bring disease to indigenous peoples everywhere they go and have damn near devastated populations and destroyed villages and towns with their pillaging and plundering of natural resources and when the people have no other options but to turn to sending their children off to enable them to live, the same U.S. government that backed those corporations fucking over the people and their land, then turn around and deny these people the right to come here to live after they have decimated their home.

      And of course as usual, the ‘illegal’ whites are all up in arms here because the refugees needing assistance have a permanent tan of some sort. Go figure! Some things just never fucking change!

      Thank you for your input. You are as always, right on time!


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