Just Like A Robot!


Programmed, just like a robot,
to respond to stimuli,
via mainstream media
and a politician’s every lie.

Four years ago,
there you stood
in the same line.
 Did it do you any good?

Now, here you are
at it again,
expecting what?
 Your candidate to win?

You don’t have a candidate
and you didn’t know this?
Oh, the gullible and the foolish
will forever heed the serpent’s hiss.

You, who speak of your ‘Garden of Eden’
as though you ever learned the lesson.
When it only takes a whisper in your ear
and you will gladly vote for your oppression.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

On November 8th, go forth robots and vote, vote for ‘your’ candidate and then wait for whatever it is he/she has promised you. Let me know when you’ve received it. Because unless you are a member of the Fortune 500 Club and on ‘Billionaire’s Row’, your ass will be in a worse predicament than it is now. But hey! At least you can say that you ‘voted’ FOR the pile of shit ‘your’ candidate heaped on your plate. “Bon appétit!”

17 thoughts on “Just Like A Robot!

    1. Well, unfortunately, Leslie, they don’t have to worry about that because the ‘robots’ shall surely dutifully line up and pretend that they are actually voting when nothing could be further from the truth. The next president has already been ‘chosen’ and ‘We The People’ had nothing to do with it but the brainwashed sheeple will never get a clue.

      I thank you for your comment Leslie.

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  1. And I am telling you, I’m not Voting
    This land’s the worst place I’ve ever known
    There’s no way I can ever vote
    No no no no way, no no no no way I’m voting for none of y’all
    I’m not voting for none of you, I just wanna be free
    So I’m staying, I’m staying out of this
    And You and you, you’re gonna respect me
    Yeah yeah yeah

    And I am telling you
    I’m not voting, even though the rough times are showing
    See there is just no way, there’s no way
    We’re part of the same place, we’re part of the same time
    We don’t have the same blood, And we don’t have the same mind
    Yet time and time we’ve tried so hard to say
    No no no no no way, I’m not waking tomorrow morning
    And finding Donald or Hilary there
    No no no no way, No no no no way I’m voting for none of you
    I’m not voting for none of you
    You see there’s just no way
    There’s no way

    Tear down the mountains, rally scream and shout
    Coons you can say what you want
    I’m not coming out

    Stop all the rivers
    Push strike and kill
    I’m not going vote
    There is no way I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllll
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand IIIIIIIIIIIII Aaaaaaaaammmm Telling You
    This land’s the worst place I’ve ever known
    There’s no way I will ever vote

    No no no no way, No no no no way I’m voting for none of you,
    I’m not voting for none of you
    I just wanna be free
    So I’m staying, I’m staying out this
    And you and you and you
    You’re gonna respect me
    You’re gonna respect me
    Yes you are
    Yes you are

    Respect me
    Respect me
    Respect me

    You’re gonna respeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccct Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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      1. You go with yo bad self! LOL! Truth be told, I’m not at all sweating this nonsense. What the hell for??!!! I got no skin in this game. I’m just a bystander, standing by. Killar E. or Dump, makes no difference to me, it’s ALL the same. They is ‘white’ and that’s ALL I need to know!


    1. Thank you! But what I have here pales in comparison to what I read on your blog and I stated as much. I absolutely was wowed by that most excellent work of yours. You are extremely talented, if I may be so bold as to state that.

      You spit nothing but truth and we can only hope that the truth you wrote/spoke would somehow, get through the fog because it would appear that too many are walking around in a daze of willful ignorance and cluelessness. Millions need an awakening or are they really that blind? I wonder sometimes. But nevertheless, your writing is magnificent!

      Again, I thank you for stopping by, for the compliment and for the follow. It is most sincerely appreciated!

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      1. Thanks my friend! I would not compare the pieces – its about the message. We are saying the exact same thing, just using different words to get there! Your writing is potent, and I am happy Cliff had us link up!

        Sometimes I think that people are getting worse – as celebrity culture is becoming another “opiate of the masses”. But every once in a while, I see glimmers of hope with social consciousness. That is where you and I come in with our writing to try to steer folks in the right direction!

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