Taye Diggs Is Now ‘Tanya Diggs’!


Unfortunately, Stella, you cannot get your groove back AGAIN with Taye Diggs as the co-star because Taye Diggs is now playing a transgender role in the broadway show, Hedwig And The Angry Inch. And according to ‘Tanya Diggs’, he has ‘a flaming gay man’ inside of him.
The claim is that his son, by a white woman, is “cool with it,” even though he is only five years old. Quite frankly, I think that ‘Tanya Diggs’ five year old son is really cool with all the colors that have been painted on his daddy’s face. I mean, the only thing I can remember at age five was reciting the colors when my kindergarten teacher held them up. In a few years, I wonder will his son remember to be “cool with it” when he realizes that his daddy had his face painted and was tarted up to look like a really ugly woman…uh..I mean, transgender.

It would appear that every man is being bitten by the transgender bug and Hollywood is certainly hell bent on glorifying the truly ludicrous. Yes, I know, each to his or her or ITS own, however, I cannot help but wonder at the sudden explosion of LGBT in every direction from the Supreme Court to Broadway to the Espy Awards. It would also appear that roles for heterosexuals will soon be on the decline and quite obviously, by design. I suppose it is a good thing that I had no aspiration of becoming a star because if I did, I would have to play the role of a dyke in order to get a part.

We have certainly come so far from the days of watching movies in black and white when married couples slept in separate twin size beds and the love scene consisted of a quick peck on the cheek. Sigh! How I wish for days long gone! Oh, the Victorian in me recalls the quaintness of courting, waiting for marriage before engaging in sex and the refusal to expose our children to pageants and make-up and magazines that inspire them to emulate the obscene, the deviant and the perverted; not to mention, the look of starvation and the introduction to STDs and pregnancies as early as nine. But they tell me that this is progress. Well, I guess ‘they’ know better. However, when I look around, ‘they’ apparently, really don’t know what ‘progress’ really means. And again, someone once asked the question, “Does God owe Sodom and Gomorrah, an apology?” I would hazard a guess that ‘God’ does indeed, owe Sodom and Gomorrah, an apology because if this is considered ‘progress’, then I cannot see how we are all the better for it!

30 thoughts on “Taye Diggs Is Now ‘Tanya Diggs’!

    1. As many may know, from reading past posts of mine, I don’t own a TV and therefore, I am just ‘not with it’ when it comes to what’s what with as you say, ‘hollyweird’ and that is an excellent analogy. I did not know that ‘Tanya Diggs’ had shoved manhood aside in favor of queering it, loud and proud. I hesitate not to offend anyone since it would seem that to offend is the intent if what I see on my computer is anything to go by. So, it is quite apparent that not many people take offense at anything anymore. Apparently, obscene, nasty, lewd, perverted, queer; what with men claiming to be women and women claiming to be men is the new ‘norm’ and we have the nerve to look back through the annals of history and consider certain periods in time to be filled to overflowing with lasciviousness. Me thinks, this century takes the cake and it is quite obvious that since the horses have all bolted from the stable, tis too late to close the barn door. And damn! Before the barn door was closed, I’d swear I saw a man giving it to a cow. Oh well, this is all considered to be, AGAIN, ‘normal’ behavior, just not in my book.

      I thank you for your comment HLJ!


  1. Like hunglikejesus said, we lost him a long time ago. I never saw him as a team player so this doesn’t really surprise me. And my sister said long ago that he was gay.
    And I’m seeing an influx in interracial [mostly Black + white] couples and homosexual couples on commercials. ‘They’ are really trying to make this the norm!


    1. Kelley, when I am over my cousin’s house, he has the TV turned on ALL the time and I cannot help but see that as HLJ says, ‘hollyweird’ has certainly been hell bent on partnering Black women with white men. I even saw a commercial with a Black woman acting as a white man’s wife. Even sell-out Halle Berry was in a commercial slithering all over a white man, but hell! She even does that in real life, so that wasn’t surprising. That is why her sell-out ass is having child support issues because that white Canuck she fucked and got pregnant by is using her big time and I am SO goddamn glad, it’s unreal. That’s exactly what her bitch ass should get, taken to the goddamn cleaners. But did she learn? Hell no! Because now, she’s married to some French motherfucker and has had a second child and yet as much sex as she claimed Eric Benet wanted, she refused to conceive a child with a Black man, but had no problem producing ’em for the white man.

      I wish to piss some white man would look cross-eyed at me, attempting to woo me with some bullshit. He’d get the cussing out of a lifetime. My bad! They have! I’m out here in the Midwest and the white men are falling all over themselves trying to get with Black women because word is, they’re sick and tired of the ‘vanillaness’ of the bland ass Scandinavians out here. And people have the nerve to wonder why I cuss so damn much! I got to put this shit in check, DAILY, because I’m fucking having none of it!

      Kelley, thank you for your comment and as you can see, I’ve gone off the deep end again. Yeah, like that’s something new. It’s the ‘norm’ because of all the shit that IS now ‘the norm’. Thanks again, Kelley!

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      1. lmao o geez, forgot about Halle. She had me feeling a little sympathy just after Eric. But it’s clear that she’s lacking love for herself and her people, so she’s getting what was coming to her.

        Vanillaness! Bland ass Scandinavians! I really don’t see the appeal of a white woman, especially when being compared to a Black goddess, so you can’t blame em haha! I love your combination of humor and FACTS, Shelby! I appreciate you and your viewpoints.

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      2. “I really don’t see the appeal of a white woman, especially when being compared to a Black goddess,”

        It would appear that the white fucks out here agree with you and I can assure you that the ones that have approached me have lost their hearing in one or both ears.

        Yes, some of the Black women out here fall for that shit, but that’s on them because a white motherfucker will never be on ME, that’s for damn sure!

        One of these days, I’ll find me a Black man that’s not been emasculated. If Prince and HLJ can stay true to themselves, then I am quite sure that there are other strong Black men that ain’t running around somewhere with more make-up on than Maybelline and Cover Girl can sell.

        And I do so thank you for that comment. It made my day! Much appreciated!

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    1. Leslie, your comment is SO true! Nowadays, the problem is, there is NOTHING left for the imagination because with porn of every kind available, with everyone’s wildest perversion on display, who needs an imagination? All I have to do is turn my computer on, enter a search term, and voila, there it is, every perverted act, every obscenity and every deviant has crawled out of the woodwork to ‘entertain’ us. Children are not only exposed to this mess, they are forced to take part in it. Almost daily, we hear of some politician or corporate CEO sitting somewhere staring at child pornography. And yet, we call what we have, progress. Well, I beg to differ.

      I understand that everyone is not me, but goddamn! Must we continuously attempt to outdo one another in perversion, debauchery, depravity and so forth and so on? Quite obviously, yes. We have certainly opened ‘Pandora’s Box’.

      Thank you for your comment Leslie. It was spot on!

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      1. And that is the main reason that I get upset by this because innocent children are getting seriously hurt and damaged by man’s demand for the kinky, the depraved, the nastiest of fantasies and for many, only children will do. And oh how the little children suffer due to the vicious disgustingness of man’s perversions.

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  2. Unfortunately there is a clear pattern of aiming transgender stuff at black men. Laverne Cox, the celebrities being caught with transsexuals always being black, the movies and how they portray blacks, etc. Though black men for now probably have the lowest participation rate in this stuff, there is a big push to get us to accept it. A lot of us and hopefully most of us remain against it, but with a certain man that many of us look up to doing everything to can to promote it, who knows…


    1. If you are speaking of that piece of ‘presidential’ filth that lit the White House up in rainbow colors, that just goes to show that Black people seriously need to stop looking up to that Uncle Tom sell-out. Since Obama has been president, child poverty has increased by leaps and bounds. He did nothing to rein in Wall Street, nor did the Obama Justice Department so much as slap one criminal banker on the wrist for dragging an entire economy into a deep DEPRESSION! He has pardoned more goddamn turkeys than he has Black non-violent inmates that are cooling their heels inside For-Profit prisons on some bullshit charges. In fact, he is aiding and abetting in feeding our children to the prison industrial complex. I have long since taken off my rose-colored glasses and stomped the shit out of them and I no longer view Obama through a rose-colored haze as though he can do no wrong simply because he just so happens to sport a permanent tan.

      That flaming hypocrite had the unmitigated gall to howl about Amazing Grace over Reverend Pinkney’s dead body knowing full well that a slave trader wrote that song. Clementa Pinkney was murdered by an avowed white supremacist and then that half and half in the White House had the nerve to disgrace his memory even more by singing a slave trader’s song.

      Black people need to wake the hell up and recognize and stop following that rotten shit right over the goddamn cliff!

      Thank you for your comment!


    1. Prince, since Hollyweird is throwing Blacks and whites together, I think that Tanya and Caitlyn should hook up. I mean, why not? They both seem entirely ‘comfortable’ with their ‘image’ and they both have such deep manly voices, they can sing bass to each other before bedtime. I can just hear them now singing Barry White’s “You’re My First, My Last, My Everything!” Then they can engage in wild passionate lewd acts to the tune of another gay motherfucker, Teddy Pendergrass. His song, “Turn Out The Lights,” could be the background music to the manly grunts and moans emanating from underneath the bedcovers. Lawd have mercy! I done wrote the script for Caitlyn Jenner’s first love scene. Call Hollyweird, somebody! I’m abouts to get paid! LMAO!!

      Prince, we are BAD!! ROTFLMAO!

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  3. HLJ is correct! It’s a requirement to do at least one of three things in Hollyweird.
    1. Play a homosexual
    2. Dress as a woman(transgender)
    3. Or get shot by a gun in the ass.
    Getting shot in the ass is symbolic to meaning you’ve bent over and been butt screwed. This is why Denzel Washington got shot in the ass in Training Day. Yeah it’s that DEEP folks. The ruling elite are devil worshipping butt pirates. They also like to have sex with children. This is who you give your soul to in order to become Hollywood elite. Do you think it’s worth it?


    1. HELL NO! It ain’t worth it! Fuck no! It ain’t worth it! I have said, time and time again that the majority of white men want dick in the ass! They got small ass dicks and want the Black dick inserted in asshole. You don’t see no Chinese motherfucker being courted by Hollyweird for his dick ’cause he can’t even find it.

      A white man wouldn’t even stick his dick in a woman, if he could stick it in a man’s ass and produce his progeny. That is the ONLY reason white men get married. We have a City Pages paper here and a section called “On The Wild Side” was all about men wanting secret afternoon sex sessions with other men and of course, they needed discretion because they were married. Now, where I live out here in the Midwest, it is 99.9% white, so who the fuck is looking to get some ass action? Hint! It ain’t the Black men out here! The white motherfuckers are somewhere hoping that a Black man WILL answer that fucked up add. That is why I always say, these married women out here think that they are all safe and some more shit when they don’t know what the hell their husband is really up to. I try to school ’em, but hey! They want those credit cards to not get declined and so they are quite willing to look the other way. They know what’s what when hubby comes home smelling like ass.

      And it was truly disheartening to watch that video and see so many Black men allow themselves to be used in that manner. I would rather be a janitor and then flip some goddamn burgers than put up with that shit! I did however admire Dave Chappelle for sticking by his guns. I tellya, the shit just keeps on coming and money talks and the Black actors bend the fuck over and take it up the ass for that “Mean, Mean Green!”

      I thank you for your comment AND for posting the video. It fit in with this perfectly, unfortunately.

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      1. He’s got a lot of souls to collect! Meanwhile, I’m choreographing a new dance move to “It’s Raining Men” for Tanya and Caitlyn. This is going to be the ‘love of a lifetime, a match made in hell, complete with fire and brimstone. The special effects are going to be beyond amazing. I’m sparing no expense. LMAO!

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      1. He-he. Y r wellcome.

        The text is unstraslateable dirty slang meaning “All went fuking crazy”. =)


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