Scars From History We Don’t Teach

Searingly on point!

Musings Of An Autistic Mind

Razors are annoying
Cutting too much
Too little
Scarring the face, lost in the race
To achieve something
Four ugly scars on one side
Two on the other
It’s quite shameful
What could they say? Nothing?
Or everything?
The in between is the disaster
Politics are annoying
Cutting out too much of the poor
Cutting in too many rich
Scarring the face of the nation
Lost in the race for supremacy
We’ve become supremely decadent
Scars for the aborted, scars for the forgotten
Scars from the history we don’t teach

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2 thoughts on “Scars From History We Don’t Teach

    1. What you wrote is so true Dr. Bramhall and that is why the U.S. grants so many H-1B visas, which many people from India obtain. Schools are churning out nothing but dumb American students and many of them cannot even perform basic math equations, nor can they locate many foreign countries on a map, much less speak other languages. We are a country of stupid, insular, clannish, obtuse degenerates who have been deceived into believing that this somehow equates to ‘exceptionalism’ when it so does NOT! Other countries have left U.S. in the dust with regards to a well-educated populace. And not knowing about other cultures or even caring to know about other cultures is certainly not in our favor and the sad fact is that many Americans have never ventured beyond America’s borders. Americans are lacking behind even so-called third world countries in many ways and as disgraceful as that is, it seems to be what the ‘ruling elites’ want because that is how it is.

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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