Michelle Obama Slanders Black Men in Her Book, Adds to the Obama Family’s Long Anti-Black Tradition Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report Contributor


Once again, Danny Haiphong, tells it like is.

Nowhere is this clearer than in the very words that have come out of the mouths of both members of the Obama “power couple.” At a recent speaking event at the Barclay’s Center in New York City, Michelle Obama had this to say about Barack Obama:

“I had never met a black dude like Barack Obama. Not only his background and where he had traveled and who his parents were and he was always very introspective and he had been a community organizer. I hadn’t met a Harvard black dude who had been a community organizer in neighborhoods on the far south side where most people in the firm didn’t know those neighborhoods, he had been all up in those neighborhoods and those churches. So he understood the community in a full way but he was not arrogant, he was humble. I also liked the way he treated others.” – Michelle Obama

Her father and her brother are both pieces of shit? So, she was finally impressed by meeting a Kenyan born asswipe whose mother was a pasty-assed parasite and whose father was a black-assed motherfucker from Kenya who traveled all over the place whereupon it has been reported that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and since there are hardly any descendants of slaves born in Hawaii, this coonhead bitch sat up and took notice of what was to become a drone striking, warmongering, criminal piece of filthy, dirty shit?

Why doesn’t this bitch ask those whom her husband drone struck over in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Libya and Somalia if they’ve “ever met a black dude like Barack Obama?” Because I am quite sure that the people who were introduced to drones by Obama did not get that “he was humble” as opposed to an arrogant, conceited, war criminal who should be behind bars for the war crimes that he has committed for the eight long years his criminal ass sat in the Oval Office.

Obama dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to Obama’s reign

 The US dropped nearly three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day. The Obama administration dropped at least 26,171 bombs. This means that every day last year, the US military blasted combatants or civilians overseas with 72 bombs; that’s three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day. 

While most of these air attacks were in Syria and Iraq, US bombs also rained down on people in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. That’s seven majority-Muslim countries.

One bombing technique that President Obama championed is drone strikes. As drone-warrior-in-chief, he spread the use of drones outside the declared battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, mainly to Pakistan and Yemen. Obama authorized over 10 times more drone strikes than George W Bush, and automatically painted all males of military age in these regions as combatants, making them fair game for remote controlled killing.

That bitch, Michelle Obama, is lauding a murdering piece of filth that should not even be able to lay claim to having been the first Black president. He is not of ‘descendants of slaves’ and that is what should qualify him to be the first Black president and since he was not a ‘descendant of slaves’, then he was not the first Black president. That Afrisite, which is the product of an African and a pasty-assed parasite, does not have our slave heritage. There has been no first Black president. Just because whitey pasty ass says so, does not make it so and it ain’t so!

An old dog has trouble learning new tricks, especially if that dog is on the leash of the monopoly capitalist class. Michelle Obama continues to insult Black men because it is advantageous to the family. Barack and Michelle Obama are raking in hundreds of millions from books, speaking tours, and investments in gentrification in cities such as Chicago. When it comes to imperialism, it pays to be anti-Black. Ant-Black tirades are profitable, especially for a family currently building a post-Presidential fortune for diligently serving and directing the forces that incarcerate, murder, and impoverish Black Americans across the nation.

Descendants of slaves are actually buying this bitch’s book and lauding the hell out of it as though she is some sort of saint that walks on water. This bitch despises, loathes, hates and has nothing but contempt for descendants of slaves and they don’t even have the sense god gave a goat to see that. You fools will take up with the devil if he has a Black complexion. You fall for any and everything and why I waste my time on you ignorant assholes, I’ll never know because it really is a waste of time trying to get through to you and yet there are people out in the trenches daily trying to undo the shit you get yourselves caught up in because you are just too stupid for words. You will pick up what your enemy has put down before you because you cannot see anything beyond the color of the skin of the piece of filth that whitey pasty ass has placed before you to bamboozle your stupid ass!

The book this bitch put out is titled ‘Becoming….a white man’s warwhore and loving it’! That should be the goddamn title. And as for Barack Obama being humble? Seriously? She done got that fucking shit twisted! Obama is why we have Trump sitting somewhere racist and crazy as hell because people of ALL stripes took a chance and voted for what they thought would be change and look at what they got. People want to claim that whites did nothing to usher in Barack Obama, but that would be a lie because 13% of the population cannot a president, elect. Whites put aside their prejudices and voted for this pile of shit and when he spit in their face just as he did in ALL our faces, Trump is the result. Yes indeed, Michelle’s ‘humble, black dude’, fooled us all!


Behold, The Face Of Evil!

They picked him very carefully as all the world can see.
He’s easy on the eye and with a great personality.

Those who went before him set the stage for what would come.
He’s like a phantom in the night; we ask, “Where is he really from?”

Oh how little did we know, he’d bring destruction in his wake.
No Robin Hood he is, from the rich he does not take.

He’s a banker’s friend; a corporate tool who’s sent us spiraling down.
He hails from a gangster’s paradise in a city called, “chi-town.”

He’s led us straight to hell and he’s smiled the journey long.
We crashed upon the rocks as though he’d sung the siren’s song.

What’s left is barren land and the poor are all but dead.
Those who could not lose, put a bullet through their head.

The serfs are drudging painfully as they keep the rich afloat.
They’re scared to make a sound; they dare not rock the boat.

Their fate would be just like the rest; that’s not to be endured.
The Black man lent his face and the white man was assured,
that all would be as he declared; no detail left to chance.
The white man pulls the strings of the Black man in the manse.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

The white puppet masters pulled the strings behind the charming, smiling, engaging, false, fake-ass face of Barack Obama, a puppet bought with blood money. He was a willing tool for those who consider themselves to be the elite. They are nothing more than worthless scum; depraved, lying, greedy, deceitful crooks with no compassion or morality. They are why we are constantly at war. They are why people are working for poverty wages. They are why we have homeless, hungry and uninsured people in this world. The hopeless, sunken eyed, gaunt people of the world watch and they wait……and they die because billions of people, as far as the elite fucks are concerned, are expendable and don’t deserve to live. If you are reading this, then you are just as expendable to those nasty bastards as I am and they will soon make a believer out of you! Don’t think so? Wait for it and I feel that you will not have long to wait! But while you wait, go out and buy this bitch’s book and see if it will warm you on a cold winter’s night when you’re out on the streets because whites don’t have any use for you. You can’t play baseball, football, nor can you jump and play basketball. But call fucking Michelle Obama and see if she’ll help your ass out. Yeah, good luck with that! Attend her book signing and ask for her assistance, you’ll find yourself behind bars so fast, your head’ll be spinning. But she’ll be saying that she found a nice, warm spot for you to lay your fucking head, in jail!


5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Slanders Black Men in Her Book, Adds to the Obama Family’s Long Anti-Black Tradition Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report Contributor

  1. I believe that being a “good american” means that you must be willing to demean “so called negroes. Descendant of slaves” or US as a whole. For DOS to ascend the to be an american debasing the blackness you came from is standard MO. Unfortunately a lot of us do not have criterion to see ones spirit, so we are subject to the trojan horse paradigm as long as it has a little (faux or real) melanin, blackfishing is in fashion don’t we know.

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    1. Well, I don’t consider myself to be an “Amerikkkan!” PERIOD! They can take my birth certificate and rip it the fuck up because this shithole don’t mean shit to me. I would never take up arms in defense of MY fucking slavery. And for those who did, “What the fuck was wrong with them?”, is the question I pose. And as a descendant of slaves, if I do get the shit wrong, I know when to admit to it, but these assholes won’t even admit when they’ve been had. They continue to beg for more. That is insanity!

      And just as you point out Yele66, we never learn. We know about ‘trojan horses’ which is exactly what Barack Obama was and we were all bamboozled. We failed to realize that we were all being had, but now that we know we were had, we are still hanging on to this warwhore’s every word and screaming and jumping for joy when she waltzes into a fucking room, darkening it with her demonic presence. That doesn’t even make any sense in that we will worship what has kicked our asses from here to kingdom come and paved the way for an even worse ass kicking. Again I state, I don’t even know why I bother. I guess I’m insane as well, doing the same things over again and expecting different results.

      Yele66, I thank you for that spot on comment. It is much appreciated.


  2. Good eye, once again, Shelby.

    Thank you for getting this out to the masses.

    Obama didn’t have to deal with the legacy of “blackness” in terms of African American Descendants of Slaves sense. He and his lineage didn’t have to deal with chattel slavery, redlining, Jim Crow etc. and the chronic detrimental effects these forms of white supremacy have had on the #AADOS.

    That is why he was unlike any black man she’d ever met. His Kenyan daddy and white mom didn’t have that same type of cost to bear that we, #AADOS, have to contend with, and they didn’t have to deal with the brokenness that comes with that.

    I had a feeling there would be some black men bashing in this book, and you confirmed it.

    Thank you for posting this, Shelby, and thank you for all of the hard work you put in.

    With Best Regards,

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    1. That Afrisite is the first of ITS kind alright! No other Afrisite had descended to the U.S. presidency. And you are absolutely spot on in that Obama’s ass did not have the baggage attached to it that male descendants of slaves tug around. Obama had nothing in common with us and that is why he said, time and time again that “I am not the president of BLACK Americans, I am the president of ALL Amerikkkans.” He fucking knew from the gitgo that he’d throw us under the goddamn bus. And he did! Big time!

      He knew who he had to thank for his place in history. He knew who he had to thank for the money that would cushion his criminal, warmongering ass after he showed the back of his heels to the Oval Office. I stated long before he exited the Oval Office that he would not be moving back to Chicago and I was right. But if he was so willing to go into areas in Chicago that others would dare not tread as Michelle Obama suggests, then why wasn’t that the first place he headed upon completion of his terms as president? He got what he needed from Chicago and then it was to hell with Chicago. The only reason his library is going to be set down in that city is to assist in the gentrification process. That Kenyan born asswipe is nothing to laud. Nor has he ever even pretended any solidarity with those of us whose history is filled with chains, shackles, whips, lashes, rape; all things of slavery.

      That nasty warwhore, Michelle Obama, was impressed because Barack Obama was no descendant of slaves? Like that shit is on us! And yet descendants of slaves practically swoon when that filthy warwhore enters a room. I no longer despair FOR us. I despair OF us because we never learn. Despite so much information at our fingertips and despite the blatant, “in our face” shit we see, we still never learn! I don’t know why I keep at it, because it should be crystal clear to a blind man’s that’s been planted that I am preaching to the choir.

      T.S.P, I thank you as well, for a spot on comment! Your support of my insanity is much appreciated.


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