Opinion: If Elected Democrats Are Afraid to Impeach Trump, They’ve Already Lost 2020 — Kreb Talk

With Robert Mueller laying the full argument and invitation for democrats to easily impeach Trump, if Nancy Pelosi and the other House democrat leadership can’t find it in themselves to impeach Trump for obstruction of justice, there’s no doubt that they have already lost the 2020 elections. Robert Mueller basically beat Trump down to the […]

via Opinion: If Elected Democrats Are Afraid to Impeach Trump, They’ve Already Lost 2020 — Kreb Talk

Listen, Trump hates Black people and we hate his ass. We want him impeached and we don’t give a damn how hard it is for white democrats in the middle of the country to stomach seeing this criminal impeached. We know how easy it is for these same white democrats to watch young Black men getting assassinated by cops on television almost daily. We have watched this man denigrate and disrespect our Black women, Black athletes, Black politicians, and totally ignore our people, our concerns, and our causes since he was sworn in. Now we are presented with an opportunity to impeach him and the white, female leader of the democratic party is hesitating on this opportunity. Be careful. Ignore us as your political base at your own damn peril.

Whites can overlook a lot in order to keep the status quo alive and kicking; their white privilege. The Democratic Party would throw itself under the bus in order to do so since that hag, Nancy Pelosi continues to make no bones about the fact that the Democratic Party is just not interested in trying to impeach Donald Trump, who in my opinion, is just as criminal as Richard Nixon and yet he was impeached.

Damn near everyone that has ever even breathed the same air as Donald Trump, has been indicted or is sitting behind bars or is headed to prison and yet, somehow, Trump not only remains unscathed in the face of all the investigations into his criminal shenanigans, he seems to have no known kryptonite.

The Democratic Party has long taken the Black vote for granted and even though Black people have pulled away from the Democratic Party in droves since Pantsuits Hildabeast Clinton lost to Donald Trump, the Democratic Party has not learned its lesson or it is even more useless than I thought. It quite actually is useless as far as Black voters are concerned since the Democratic Party has failed Black voters, miserably and it will continue to do so. The Democrats are not our friend. They are just as bad if not more so than those who make up the GOP because at least we know where we stand with the unapologetic racists who make up the GOP.

Don’t assume for a nanosecond that the Democratic Party could give a rat’s ass about the plight of Black people in this shithole because they show you every single time they get elected that they don’t. Thanks to Bill Clinton, millions of Black people are still sitting behind bars because of the implementation of his ‘mandatory minimum sentencing’ guidelines which included stiff sentencing for those who were caught with even trace amounts of weed on them and we all know that kkkops stop Black people at a much higher rate than they do whites; that racial profiling thing which conveniently gets overlooked by all whites since they are on some “Only Black people commit crimes” shit!

Before you even think about casting a vote, do your research. Think long and hard before you become so complacent that you will cast your vote for a so-called ‘democrat’ just because you think that a democrat is more likely to have your back than a republican. Neither are any good, nor are they worth your vote. But if you must vote, choose as wisely as you possibly can among a field of the most unworthy candidates to ever slither across AmeriKKKa!

6 thoughts on “Opinion: If Elected Democrats Are Afraid to Impeach Trump, They’ve Already Lost 2020 — Kreb Talk

    1. I don’t care what the media says and I would NOT vote for Biden if he was the only Democratic candidate. I just read that he apologized to Anita Hill and she basically told him to “Suck it!” He would not have done that if he was not running for president. Fuck him!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


  1. I’m waiting for Biden to get behind a repeal of the 13th Amendment, a vehicle that has never addressed the war criminals who had already committed to ethnic cleansing in the 16th Century.

    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude” means “let’s just call it even.”

    “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted” means “let’s deflect attention from the actual war criminals and start to kill/imprison the victims of slavery.

    “shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction” means “the whole damned planet belongs to US.”


    “Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” — Biden (and *all* his fellow war criminals) have only added more blood to already-bloodied hands). Change the word “legislation” to “reparation.”

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    1. Bill, the day descendants of slaves in this shithole receive reparations is the day guns will be outlawed in Amerikkka! That ain’t happening and neither are reparations for descendants of slaves in this shithole. White Amerikkka has danced around the issue of reparations for centuries and never signed on for reparations despite numerous calls for them to do so, even worldwide.

      And just because Biden was Obama’s VP, neither were/are shit and I make no bones about that fact. Yes, I was bamboozled just like millions of other Amerikkkans who voted for ‘hope and change’ and all we got for our efforts was hopelessness and cups in our hand begging for some ‘change’. Millions of people are homeless and Obama did nothing about that fact when he had an opportunity. Millions earn wages that would not even keep a hamster in feed and this was going down when Obama’s ass was inside the White House alongside Joe Biden’s depraved, barbaric and filthy ass and nothing was done about any of that and so we are to believe that Joe Biden would be any different from that lying warmonger, Barack Obama? Hell if that is so! And it matters not to me if they ‘repeal’ the 13th Amendment because Black-assed as I am, I am still a slave. The slaves were not freed. That’s the biggest lie of them all! And the plight of every so-called descendant of slaves in this shithole bears witness to that!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.

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