Congratulations America. You’re #1! — United States Hypocrisy

Congratulations are in order for the United States of America for managing to be #1 in all the areas that count. It truly is the exceptional nation.

via Congratulations America. You’re #1! — United States Hypocrisy

Congratulations America. You’re #1!

Congratulations are in order for the United States of America for managing to be #1 in all the areas that count. The rest of the world could only dream of reaching such levels of accomplishment. The United States is:

  • The world’s #1 weapons exporter, exporting mechanisms of death to nearly 100 countries in only 5 years.
  • The world’s #1 possessor of weapons of mass destruction, among them a mind-boggling 6,200 nuclear warheads.
  • The world’s #1 spender when it comes to its military budget, with a true cost of $1 trillion a year and counting. That’s almost as much as the rest of the world spends on defense combined.
  • The U.S. is #1 when it comes to caging human beings behind bars, with its incarcerated population dwarfing the rest of the world’s. Despite having just 5% of the earth’s population, it holds an astonishing 25% of the earth’s incarcerated population.
  • And now, with the government’s complete and utter failure to respond to the coronavirus pandemic it was warned about as early as January 3rd, the US has more COVID-19 cases than anywhere else in the world. As of this writing (April 2), a staggering 201,312 of the world’s 694,343 active cases are in the U.S.A. But don’t worry. U.S. “Intelligence” agencies (the same people who brought you that story about WMD in Iraq) are coming up with creative new ways to blame the Chinese government for America’s unenviable predicament.

America truly is the exceptional nation.

So how is that great American ‘exceptionalism’ going for everyone? With income inequality at an ALL time high, who in their right mind thought that a virus crisis of this magnitude would not get out of hand?

You cannot keep a huge segment of the population so poor that they are either homeless or are one paycheck away from homelessness. Even those who are in the middle class are stating that they, for the first time, are having to make their way to food banks. They are having to hash out rent payment arrangements with landlords who will go for that as many want ALL of the rent, bar no excuses.

The US is busy exporting weapons to kill people, not to mention having a trillion dollar war chest, to go to war with whom?, because I don’t know since NO other country or nation or ant farm on this planet has threatened this corrupt shithole AT.ALL. But yet, there is not enough medical equipment to go around to treat people who have contracted a lethal contagion. Doctors and nurses are begging for masks, order to protect themselves from contracting this virus so that they can continue to treat the sick.

And that leads me to the next problem, the coronavirus sick are now incarcerated and this shithole incarcerates more people than ALL other countries, nations and ant farms, COMBINED and that is totally ludicrous seeing as how this shithole accounts for only 5% of the world’s population while incarcerating 25%. How does that even make any sense? And yet, thanks to coronavirus, some municipalities have been opening the doors of jails and releasing some inmates early who were scheduled to be released within 60 days anyway. They could have been doing that shit all along. The majority are only in there because they were too poor to make bail or were still awaiting trial since there is no ‘right to a speedy trial’ anymore. But now jails and prisons are breeding grounds for coronavirus and with both jail guards and prisoners contracting coronavirus, what in the world do you think is going to happen next? Whatever it is, it ain’t gonna be good, that’s for damn certain.

Also like the article intimated, with so-called spy agencies working around the clock, why didn’t those dumbasses clue us in on the fact that coronavirus was headed over here? Instead, they are starting the blame game when it is far too late for that shit now. We need solutions, NOW. We need face masks, PPE, ventilators, isolation rooms and the situation is becoming more dire by the nanosecond while those assholes in congress continue to engage in Quién es más macho. No one has time for that shit especially those who have not been able to pay their rent this month. There has, supposedly, been some relief for certain home owners, but not for renters. And many landlords are not going to look kindly on tenants who don’t pay their rent because many of them are complete assholes and are screaming, “Broke!”

What we have is a tsunami of shit that’s about to crash and make the Great Depression seem like a mere ripple in the pond. But know this, now is not the time for apathy or complacency. It is not the time for kicking back and simply waiting for this virus to pass especially seeing as how the current ‘stimulus’ package only helps corporations. And if there is to be a next stimulus package, guess who is going to get helped out again. It won’t be us, that’s for damn sure.

So yeah! We are number one alright. We are number one for all the wrong reasons. Still feeling that ‘exceptionalism’, they’ve been screeching about? I didn’t think so!

25 thoughts on “Congratulations America. You’re #1! — United States Hypocrisy

  1. And it has been that way since the first “whiteman” (auto-correct suggests “Whiteman” but I do not see anything proper about that noun) appeared at this hemisphere. The Machiavellians who stole the land, killed the former land-dwellers, brought slaves from Afrika because New Europe “needed” free labor. That free labor was also conveniently justified in their holy scripture and the Semitic peoples of the “Holy Land” suddenly whiteified (gentrified). So what has happened to Trump’s approval rating? It reaches its highest point ever, certainly completely unrelated to white Supremacism. Of course not?

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      1. Yeah to the ‘white supremacists’, he is their ‘God-Emperor’, but is he going to save them from themselves? That would be a resounding, “NO!”

        Shit is hitting the fan so fast, I cannot even keep up. But one thing I do know, Amerikkka wanted Trump. Amerikkka deserved Trump. Amerikkka got Trump and now look at Amerikkka. Be careful what you ‘vote’ for. And if you do it again, there will most definitely be NO one left standing or sitting because we will all either be six feet under or in an urn.

        Thanks for your comment Bill.

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    1. So in other words, Trump really can walk down the middle of Park Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it. The ‘white supremacists’ don’t care how many of them have to die due to the irresponsibility of the Trump Administration because he stands to make sure that white rule is never in question. A lethal virus has no impact on these rabid, hate filled racists who claim some bullshit ‘white supremacy’. The only thing they want is to make sure that everyone on this planet is aware that they are ‘superior’, when in reality, they are just pure filthy, stinking ass shit with no redeeming qualities whatsoever and they need to die already. They’d better be glad that my ass is not on the front lines in some hospital working on their asses; they’d better be glad.

      And people of MY complexion are expected to stand on some Amazon warehouse floor and continue to fill NONESSENTIAL orders for those shameless shits and to come down with coronavirus while doing so. I would have long since walked the fuck out. Some have and the others need to follow suit. Hell if I would put my life on the line and that of my family members to get some nail polish, toys and games to some filthy whites who are SUBPRIME Amazon members so they can entertain their fucking brats. But you watch, Bill, this enforced ‘family’ stay at home situation is going to start getting to some. I just read that in Minnesota, the number one calls that police are dealing with are domestic related. Only after a few weeks, these shits are starting to get on each others nerves and it’s only going to get worse.

      Dumb ass Trump even called it when he said that soon, there will be mass suicides. He ain’t off base because he know his base is off. That is why he wanted people up and moving about come Easter. He knows these shits are getting antsy and he knows what the result is going to be. I can’t wait! They can consider themselves to be ‘white supremacists’ all they want, but this lockdown shit ain’t something that they can put up with for long. And ain’t no games to go to or watch? HA! I’m just waiting for the shit behind that to hit the fan.

      Bill, thank you for your comment.

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      1. And how about this one.

        French Doctors Want to Perform COVID-19 Vaccination Tests on Africans First

        Two esteemed French doctors have openly stated on French television that any new vaccine created to combat COVID-19 should first be tested on impoverished people in Africa.

        JEAN-PAUL MIRA: “If I can be provocative, shouldn’t we do this study in Africa where there are no masks, no treatment, no intensive care? A bit like we did in some studies on AIDS. We tried things on prostitutes because they are highly exposed and do not protect themselves.”

        CAMILLE LOCHT: “You’re right. We are actually thinking of a parallel study in Africa to use with the same kind of approach with BGC placebos. We will in fact think seriously about it.”

        And people wonder why I’m going the fuck off ALL the time, this would be why!

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      2. Our great minds gravitate to the grand sites, Shelby. 🙂 I am now also following Caleb’s *United States Hypocrisy* and just read it about it there. You cannot find truth on the media sources that serve the white-supremacist system’s agendas.

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    1. I am so glad that is happening, you have no idea, but then again, you’re glad as well and so you do have some idea! About damn time the rest of the world recognized and realized that this shithole ain’t about shit! Did you read about the engineer that tried to send a train into the so-called ‘hospital ship’ over in California? Apparently, his intentions were to get the people to understand that there was something fucked up, even more fucked up than coronavirus going on. Of course they arrested him and stated that he could get 20 years in the federal pen while some congressman that was engaged in ‘Insider Trading’ had his sentence stayed until July so he won’t get coronavirus inside prison. Too damn bad, send his ass on inside. He’s the very type that needs to get the fucking virus.

      But I digress. I think dude that tried to send the train into the ‘hospital ship’ was onto something because why is it that Florida did NOT want two cruise ships coming into their state and Trump had to intervene, but yet Trump just fired the captain of a warship sitting in Guam because the captain had tried to get some help for his coronavirus sick crew and Trump and the rest of the military were ignoring him and so he wrote letters to the media about the shit and when it went public, he got fired? So, why is it that to ‘cure’ the coronavirus sick, they are going to put them on ships when they’ve already likened ships to petri dishes and anything ‘military’ is such close quarters as to be a breeding ground for a virus? Something does not make sense and so AGAIN, something smells rotten in Denmark.

      I don’t think we seriously know the truth as to what’s really going on, I really don’t. I don’t think we know the half of it because too damn much shit just don’t make sense. But whatever is going down, I fervently hope that what we are witnessing is the “END OF U.S.A. HEGEMONY IN THE WORLD!”

      Thanks Caleb.


      1. I had heard that and if it’s true, looks like the joke’s on US especially seeing as how there is a U.S. warship docked at Guam loaded down with coronavirus. I guess Trump didn’t want that fact made well known because we are supposed to have the biggest, baddest bad ass military on the planet. How the fuck can that shit come down with coronavirus? HA! That’s hilarious!

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      2. It seems as if the US was hoping this would somehow make the world turn against China and back towards the US, but in reality the exact opposite is happening. People are looking at China’s rapid response and ability to get this thing under control as something to aspire to, while the US has been scrambling to contain this thing, the virus keeps spreading, a thousand people are dying a day, and the government can’t even provide us with as much as a mask! The world is looking at our system and saying, “nah. I’ll pass.”

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      3. And as usual, Trump is lying. He was lying when he said that he was left with an empty stockpile of supplies and there was a picture of stockpile of the very supplies he claims we didn’t have. Every single time he opens his damn lipless mouth, a lie comes out and the thing about it, the lie can be invalidated with irrefutable proof and that fool can’t even comprehend that fact. Why is he still the president? It is obvious that he is incapable of acting presidential and therefore, should have been replaced because people are dying while he ‘tweets’ and looks foolish and spouts foolish shit. But since these racists over here would have it no other way, then the dying is going to continue as their inept and clueless ‘leader’ looks worse by the nanosecond as the deaths pile up. I tellya, racism vs. coronavirus? It would seem that racists expect racism to win against coronavirus. We shall see!

        Thanks Caleb. And yeah, the world should give US a pass, pass right on by our ass because we are the face of what NOT to do in the event of a pandemic. If the world had no clue as to how clueless and insane this shithole’s ‘leaders’ are, they do now.

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      1. Well, as I am sure you know, other countries are completely ignoring this “I am going to sanction you” shithole and are sending supplies to those countries as they attempt to fight this pandemic. This shithole is going to continue to devolve into much more chaos, bedlam, pandemonium and coronavirus diagnoses because of the fact that it is trying to kill as many in other countries by sanctioning them as it can. Like is going to be met with like. You don’t visit that shit on others and then not expect it to come back and bite US on the ass. It don’t work that way. And we are finding this out. So, for those Amerikkkans out there, with their racist and hating asses, who voted for this piece of shit, they are going to find out that racism and hatred does not go far when a pandemic is striking damn near every ass over here. Their racism and hatred and fake ass assertions of ‘white supremacy’ is not going to cloak them from coronavirus. And Donald Trump’s stupid, negligent, irresponsible ass is making damn sure that many of his base, perish and yet they still worship at his feet because he still stands for exactly what they do.


      2. I too, am glad that they are being ‘bypassed and ignored’. About damn time. Can you believe that that asshole was trying to start a war with Iran simply because Iran’s defenses were down while they were dealing with this pandemic? This shithole was about to rage war on a people who are pandemic struck and then have the nerve to wonder why we can’t get a handle on this pandemic ourselves? Seriously??!! Sometimes, I just want to scream and never stop!

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      3. A few weeks ago the US military was bombing Iranian targets in Iraq when they should have been using resources to fighting a global pandemic. By the end of this the world will all be saying in unison, “fuck you america.” 😄

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      4. There is not a square millimeter on the planet that the US Empire does not consider in the “national interest” and that needs to be “saved”: preferably by military force. If you don’t sign on to the hegemon from hell you are an enemy that needs a puppet regime, Mission Impossible kind of stuff.

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    1. Shanequa, that happens every single time there comes along a blip. Congress will bail the post office out and the mail will continue because some people, apparently, still want mail delivered. I don’t use the post office. I can’t even recall the last time I saw a postage stamp in my hand. And believe me, the shit I get in the mail, I don’t want anyway. I hate to even check the mailbox and so for all I care, the post office can just close. Ain’t nobody sending me no package and I don’t order shit and so as far as I am concerned, UPS can go out of business as well as Fed Ex. This whole entire shithole needs to collapse from one end to the other and I anxiously await that event.

      Thank you for posting the link. I had read of that.


  2. So I just learned there was a new poll taken showing that 54% of Amerikkkans believe China owes them reparations. I l literally threw my phone when I read it. These are the same Amerikkkans who won’t pay reparations for centuries of Black and Indigenous oppression, yet now they are first in line saying they deserve payment.

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