Happy Memorial Day To ISIS!

ISIS flagHappy Memorial Day to ISIS!
May you continue kicking ass.
I fly your flag on my front porch
and Uncle Sam can kiss MY ass!

The bombs are raining down
and here we celebrate our dead.
It’s now your turn to feel our wrath.
I’m why Middle Eastern blood is shed.

This here day is for the whores
that died on foreign shores
so that I can sit back
and watch parades and eat some chocolate s’mores.

We have learned not one damn thing
or so to me it would seem.
We’re in Iraq and Afghanistan
trying to spread America’s dream.

Don’t kid yourselves that you hate war.
If you did, where would you be?
Would you be in Iraq and Afghanistan
or would you be home with me?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Yeah! I know, I am SO disrespectful! Bite me! What’s more disrespectful and hypocritical is the fact that the flag waving morons in America will set aside days to honor the ‘war dead’ but refuse to actually HONOR the ‘war dead’ by refusing to add to their numbers. So, while you wave your American flag, I’ll be waving the flag of ISIS. While you are downing apple pie and hotdogs, I’ll be sipping champagne and toasting ISIS! Kick ass ISIS! Kick ass! Oh and head on over to Saudi Arabia, they just love beheading over there since they’re the supreme beheaders. You’ve got to up the ante if you want to reign as the champion of all beheaders.

“Allahu Akbar!Death to the West!”

16 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day To ISIS!

  1. Shelby because the U.S. created ISIS we all should have their flag on our front porches. And as the “real” tradition of Memorial Day is really all about retail SALES we here at TUBULARSOCK INTERNATIONAL EVERYTHING, LTD just happen to have ISIS flags in all you favorite colors ON SALE this week only.

    Now put on your burka and race right down to TUBULARSOCK INTERNATIONAL EVERYTHING, LTD and get your ISIS flag today! This SALE will end but not until we sell all of these great ISIS flags that we have had custom make in China especially for YOU!

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    1. Extremely great news for me Tubularsock since I have changed religious affiliations, hung up my ‘reverend’s robes’ for a burka and some cretin with misplaced patriotism, no doubt, tore down my ISIS flag and erectioned, I mean…erected a confederate flag in its place. So, it would seem that this is going to turn into the heated ‘battle of the flags’ and so keep ’em coming. I’m sending a blank check to TUBULARSOCK INTERNATIONAL EVERYTHING, LTD! I don’t care what the cost, just fill in the amount until you get a status of NSF. Then I’ll try and sell some stuff; vibrators, porn movies I’ve made and such like to pay my bill in full!

      I was quite sure that the little tag would say, “Made in China!” How ‘patriotic!” But why should you care, you’re engaging in that great American pastime called, ‘CAPITALISM’! Rock it Tubularsock, rock it!

      Thank you for your comment!

      “Allahu Akbar! Death to the West!”

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  2. Oh Shelby, I don’t know! Loyalty and um, religious fervor are all well and good. But … sending a blank check to one of Tubularsock’s enterprises? I mean, I’m sure we can trust him in most things. With $$$$ … well, you know it’s generally best not to tempt most of us too far! Do you feel that lucky? Fine post for memorial day, thanks! – Linda


    1. Linda, you are so right! What was I thinking? I forgot all about Tubularsock’s known affiliation with your cousin Vinnie of the Concrete shoes and all. I mean if he hangs out with the ‘M’, well now, just what could Tubularsock get up to? Too much and my poor, poor bank account would be depleted and what would I do if I could not afford the most excellent fermented grape, I ask you? I owe you a debt of gratitude for making me come to my senses and get real. Send Tubularsock a blank check? Uh…NO! Even though I’m voting for him and all, I must be realistic here. Knowing Tubularsock’s love of ALL things of capitalism and faced with a blank check, the world would indeed, be his oyster, at least up until my funds were depleted.

      Thanks again Linda! IOU big time! LMAO!!!!

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    1. And that is exactly why, Dr. Bramhall, that I do not take this shit seriously, as you can see. I have no problem making a mockery of Memorial Day, the war criminals do it every single damn year that’s filled with wars and more wars. They strut up to the tomb of the unknown soldier and ‘gravely’ place a wreath while at the same time, finding ways to add to the numbers of dead and maimed soldiers. Piss on that! And the stupid grunts hop to it every single time they get the call. Instead of a show of continued blind obedience, there should be outright defiance. But never fucking doing, obviously.

      And of course, we have been in bed with the Saudi beheaders club. I certainly have not forgotten all the pictures Shrub took with the so-called Saudi royalty. Excuse me while I spit! $#*$*$*$*$&&^$^#^#& Sorry about that! I got to cussing while spitting! And yes, it probably is longer, who can tell? But we know what we know when we know it and that’s all we know and so what do we really know? Eh? I’m just kidding here. But believe me! We are most definitely some twisted ass shits and by WE, I mean, this fucked up government.

      Thank you for your comment and for the youtube link Dr. Bramhall! I hope that all is well with you!

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  3. No biggie Shelby — it’s so damn easy to get carried away by enthusiasm! Personally, I don’t give my own mother a blank check … but maybe I’ve just learned caution from our um, family businesses. Trust … but keep an eye on that bank balance!


    1. Linda, I appreciate your understanding the fact that I always get ‘carried away’. I’m still in awe that it’s only figuratively and not literally. LOL! Of course I trust Tubularsock, but as you say, “keep an eye on that bank balance!” Bless your heart! You’re always looking out for me. I appreciate it Linda, never think I don’t. Tubularsock won’t! LMAO! But I do! He was probably gleefully rubbing his hands together and dreaming of hundred dollar bill signs and now that ship has sailed. He’s not going to ‘thank you’ for that. Shhhhhh, I won’t tell…It’ll be our little secret!

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  4. Oops. I hadn’t thought that far ahead. And … I know what payback is. Wonder if I could get political asylum in Iceland? (I know, to stay with your post’s theme, I should try for the Islamic State, but burkas are too damned hot this time of year.) Sigh. Someday I’ve just gotta learn to keep my big mouth shut, occasionally. Oh well. Maybe I can say I was only keeping our esteemed candidate out of trouble? No, he’d never buy it!

    Well, it’s been nice knowing you — if I’m still around when Tube takes office, I may find out once and for all whether there really are secret FEMA camps in Idaho or wherever. Stay tuned!


    1. Linda, not that I am trying to ‘one up’ you in any way, but I do believe that if anybody is going to get hauled off to a FEMA camp, it would be yours truly here, first. Like I’ve stated, why they have not yanked my ass up out of here and deposited me in one, is one for the record books because I have been begging for it. I thought that when I posted, “Bin Laden, My Precious Darling,” that that would seal my fate in that direction, but here I sit, still posting. Apparently, I’ve got to ‘up the ante’ as I’m always suggesting to others in order to get the attention of the spies. I am ever the ‘attention seeker’, I am, to be sure!

      So, if I’m not posting, THEN you get prepared ’cause then it’s YOUR turn! LMAO!! When they drag you in and you hear a lot of screaming and cussing and yelling and such like, you’ll know that’s me! Not to mention, I’ll be the one with the really bad case of ‘hillbilly’ slang. I’ll probably still be reciting my lineage when you arrive, it’ll take THAT long! ROTFLMAO! I got to figure out how many cousins I’m related to and how many got married to other cousins that were sister and brother before they became the product of the lawfully married inbred. Damn! I just can’t stop telling my business!

      Linda, shall we say, “We’ll both stay tuned?” LOL!

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    1. Ain’t that THE truth newsfortherevolution and I am going to post why right here!

      Thanks to newsfortherevolution, this explains why ISIS is kicking ass!


      So, tell me ladies and gentlemen of exceptionalism, just who the hell is ISIS/ISIL? Never mind, I’ll tell you! ISIS/ISIL IS U.S.! Now, suck on that!

      Thanks again News!

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